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  1. Here's your answer. From PIA ...... Now that the “green phase” is in our sights, we are pleased to announce our new dates for our 2020 Tryout Clinics! Beginning on June 22nd and running through July 1st, our clinics will be running the same weekdays and times as previously scheduled. If you have previously registered, that registration will carry over. There is limited space still available so feel free to grab your friends and sign-up before it’s too late! For more information or a refresher on dates and times, use the following link... https://pittsburghicearena.com/2020-try-out-camps/
  2. I think the biggest thing is the inconsistency. I was watching a bantam game, and watched a kid for an entire shift and his stick never once touched the ice. He skated all over the place, stick in the air, had 5 hits, 3 of which were way late. Nothing dirty, but he never once even attempted played the puck. No penalties called. A couple shifts later, another kid had his stick on the puck and put a shoulder to shoulder hit on a kid that was just text book perfect and he got a penalty. Probably because it was a hard it and a slight size difference made it look worse than it was. Bottom line is, the kids are confused on what they can and can't do. The worst part is when the 2 refs on the ice call it completely different. The ref that didn't make that call, skated over to the coach and said, "I have no idea what he saw, That was a good check." Then why don't the two refs get together and talk about it?
  3. I know 4 kids on that roster that are legit AAA players, not sure about the rest.
  4. My son played last year, and this what we took away from it. 3 game tournament is just dumb. Should be at least 4 games. The top 2 should play in a championship game then have a bronze medal game. That being said, he would have played again this year if we weren't on vacation.
  5. Ringgold lost their team this year I believe.
  6. Seejay784

    Marlton, NJ

    Just wanted to say good luck to all the Pittsburgh teams heading to NJ for the Rumbos at the Rinks tournament this weekend.
  7. Exactly what sort of thing, and who is it hurting?
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