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  1. Quoting rtruth "Didn't BV's "NEW" board run tryouts this season? I'm glad you didn't put hat under the FACTS paragraph. You talk about posting negative and false posts,your kid must have been the one that didn't make the "Mite Elite Team"! " I'm sure you know this but, here it is for everyone else. I was referring to previous years tryouts. BV's "NEW" board did not run tryouts this year. They had an outside group of individuals (PHA ran tryouts ) so as to end the long-standing BV tradition of hand selecting a certain team, ie the 04 team. Another fact, this group of parents was so upset about there actually being fair tryouts that they asked the rink ownership if they could just put their team together .... a clear violation of USA Hockey rules (closed tryouts) .... you would think the Pahl president would know better. Once again, please feel free to confirm this with the rink management. More facts, I never had a kid play or tryout for any BV team, so there goes that "sour parent" tune you are trying to play. I did have a kid play for Fritz several years ago. Besides his over the top ego, he's not a bad guy. Speaking of sour parents, based on your very few posts, you seem to know a lot about the 04 BV team. Now, your post makes perfect sense.
  2. Quoting dazed and confused aka "rumormill" "Basic, necessary improvements. Certainly not huge improvements. My understanding is that most of the remaining HS teams can't wait until their contracts expire so they can bolt. BV has been shaken down to what, half of what it was before the purchase? Pretty soon they'll have exactly what they wanted which is a rink all for themselves. Just the two of them. Take it away, Grover Washington.................. " Besides you just being bitter because the the new owners all but threw you out of the rink and would not bow to your self-serving wishes. They didn't care you are the Pahl president. No special treatment for you, and you just could not handle that. As to BV being shaken down. Absurd. Maybe the reason BV numbers were down is the fact that most all the board members were from the one special 04 team and that was the only team that mattered ? Isn't this the same board the Pahl president's wife sits on? Also, maybe the numbers were down because that same board was in control of tryouts and cut kids that were much more advanced than their own kids. Ask the past BV president, if he is honest he will admit that. Ask, BV's skating coach Levi, if shenanigans didn't occur and kids were forced out. Good kids. This KILLS an organization. Especially an organization that has struggled to attract talent and field any high level teams. FACTS Here's some facts, instead of all the negative false posts dazedandconfused constantly prints on this site, BV's new board is interested in all their teams, just not one. As such, BV will continue to improve and grow. With the new board focused on growth and their ADM , numbers will increase. With BV hiring a goalie coach and outside instructors, BV numbers will grow. With no ulterior motives, BV will continue to grow. FACTS We need all the ice we can get in Western Pa and for anyone to try and belittle anyone for trying to accomplish that is small minded. Ice is at a premium. School teams (high, jv, and middle) are lined up to play at the Frozen Pond. In fact, so much that there is a waiting list for ice to open up. It's a shame that self-absorbed adults try ruining it for so many kids. Good luck to you and your embarrassing negativity Mr. dazedandconfused. You truly express the spirit of Semper I.
  3. Browsing through the threads, maybe if Butler Valley is done and the Aviators seem to need a new home ? I too have heard the stories of BV. Nepotism at its best.
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