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  1. An assistant coach for a junior team in Minnesota was reportedly relieved of his job after being caught in an alleged child solicitation. Wilderness hockey coach loses job following sex solicitation allegations | www.WDIO.com So troubling and awful.
  2. It's like reading a library book with a few pages torn out.
  3. I am preparing to be underwhelmed. When do you plan to make the big reveal?
  4. yeah understood but several signings are made public and wouldn't it be useful to have one page where all teams tenders were located vs having to visit a bunch different web sites? there are what 29 teams in nahl?
  5. You know what else would be useful? A signed tenders web site. Which of you smart techie guys can get on that?
  6. Look at it on a PC or laptop and not your phone. You'll see birth location and last team, which seem to fall off the screen on a phone. You can also click on the kid's name to get more info on the kid. Agree, the page is not designed very well - seems to be a pre- smartphone relic. I think I see one kid there from western PA, an 04 who played PPE in the past.
  7. Not much love for western PA hockey in the NAHL draft today. https://nahldraft.rinknet.com/
  8. Rock on AMR24. Thanks for putting in the hours.
  9. Sure it does, especially when the perspective is you are the tail and you are wagging the dog. It's not just 18u. Any 16u AA or A Major team has the same problem because most of those kids are playing varsity too. Hey, at 16u/18u, I agree their focus expands beyond hockey. There is social life, part-time jobs, girlfriends, etc. Add to that, you lose a few weekends for standardized tests, a few weekends for homecoming and other dances. There just isn't time in the course of the season for HS teams to hog entire weekends. And there's no recourse for the youth teams - their swim lane is fixed to Saturday and Sunday, and they can't decide to move PAHL games or weekend tournament games to a random Monday Tuesday or Thursday.
  10. NCDC entry draft was published last night. Per the web site, each team was made to keep drafting until they have 70 players protected. Yep, that reads SEVEN ZERO (!) In an attempt to get younger, the league restricted selections to 2005 and 2006s instead of the traditional junior range (2002 to 2006). Peters/SHAHA kid taken in round 28. Congrats. https://www.usphl.com/news_article/show/1225151
  11. and leftover 06s. Including a 06 Baron just now - one of the ones mentioned above.
  12. USHL draft done. 2 Barons, 3 PPE taken. Also within district, 2 Culver. Lots from Shattuck, Mission, Little Caesars, Honeybaked, and many others.
  13. USHL draft underway. One of the Barons kids just taken there too in 3rd round by Youngstown Phantoms.
  14. Well there it is. Icemen announced a team 2 at 2007. Where did they find all the 2007s if it is a shallow birth year? Who is coaching team #2?
  15. Well I didn't win the powerball, but when I do, I promise to build you all a new rink to celebrate. What part of town is in the most need for a new rink? Or what part of the state needs a new rink? I'm location agnostic. Is the South Hills saturated? North and East seem pretty well served maybe. How about west? Seems open to this kind of opportunity. Any smaller towns with a hockey affinity but no rink?
  16. I thought it was in their by-laws but don't see it any more. Their by-laws have a very explicit: THERE ARE 10 PROGRAMS THAT CAN RUN AAA. I thought they used to have a rule that up to 15% of their players could be rostered for tier 1. I don't see that any more.
  17. Jets have been competitive at A major and A minor. Again, sad to hear that they might fold.
  18. It's impressive how they usually acquire talent at 16u and 18u. Beat them all through squirt peewee and bantam and all of a sudden they are national bound and bringing it at midget. How does that happen?
  19. Would be a shame to lose an ice surface and a location with that much history and character. I don't get there often but was there a few months ago. Did NOT notice the typical diesel fuel smell of years past, so ventilation must have improved with the renovations. The place could use a broom, mop, and dusting though.
  20. Some are still going on. There are lots of supplementals going on too. Way more than normal. I guess this is what happens when everyone tries to be first and run at the same time.
  21. depending on the team, the 16u/18u coach will often see it the other way around. HS is the opportunity to "get additional ice time", but the priority is their team, especially if national bound. Again - you fix all of this with a split season.
  22. Who wants to pay to be on two teams and then have to decide which way they are going on the weekend? Hard pass. People who 'clear their schedule' wind up hamstringing their youth team in the process. Seen it time and time again. Ask any of the Central kids and parents who were on Foxes last year. Bad for local hockey.
  23. Until there is split season in Pittsburgh, it's really a bad idea to promote and hold high school weekend tournaments. Weekends are for youth teams around these parts. Let the kids and parents enjoy their AAA, independent, and PAHL teams. Stay in your swim lane.
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