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  1. That A game was ugly. WCE was just superior. The AA game - fantastic! Thankfully it ended on a nice clean goal. Would love to know what the Pennridge goalie said to the ref (during play) to get the US penalty. The AAA game - well the delay in starting allowed the collection of parents to imbibe for another hour. There was a decent size group of Malvern parents that were LOADED before the start of the game. The PT group seemed a bit better. They only had 2 dads who were yelling like crazy though only one of them seemed drunk. Good tight game. PT seemed to be deeper. Malvern's top guys were gassed in the third but they stayed on the ice.
  2. WC and Malvern are very strong teams. Ice at Iceline sucks. Was soft last night with the packed house. Lines are somewhat visible.
  3. I was there for one of the years. Thought it was pretty cool but it was the same as having it in one of the NHL arenas. No atmosphere. Iceline or Iceworks on the east side hold enough for the interest that is there for the state finals.
  4. According to USA hockey who sanctions this game it is on the Referees and the coaches. This is form the Zero Tolerance Policy in the USA Hockey Rulebook Parents/Spectators Parents are expected to be a positive role model by treating all players, coaches, officials and fellow spectators with respect and support. The game will be stopped by game officials when parents/ spectators displaying inappropriate and disruptive behavior interfere with other spectators or the game. The game officials will identify violators to the coaches for the purpose of removing parents/spectators from the spectator’s viewing and game area. Once removed, play will resume. Lost time will not be replaced and violators may be subject to further disciplinary action by the local governing body. This inappropriate and disruptive behavior shall include: 1)Use of obscene, profane or abusive language to anyone at any time.2)Taunting of players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.3)Throwing of any object in the spectators viewing area, players bench, penalty box or on ice surface, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard. USA Hockey strongly recommends that each local youth hockey registered team designate a volunteer to serve as a parent/spectator monitor during all team games. This monitor will, ideally, address inappropriate spectator behavior prior to the situation escalating to the point it has an impact on the game. This designated monitor shall have the full support of the youth hockey association and the arena management to remove any spectator in violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy
  5. It's big time now. It's on Reddit https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/qm4sxh/high_school_students_chant_shes_a_whore_and_suck/ As a referee who has worked HS hockey in all different rinks there is no way in hell the refs didn't hear it. Not a freaking chance. They chose not to do anything and they chose poorly. They should be disciplined.
  6. I'm having trouble seeing the videos. If you would like to email them to hockeybehavior@gmail.com I will put them on youtube
  7. So which side of the Commonwealth will States be this year. Was supposed to be East last year - but obviously didn't happen.
  8. Google search shows their name in the schools hazing report a couple of times
  9. Good to see. There has been almost no HS hockey talk here recently One minor thing to note is that the Flyers Cup schedule has changed so they play their championships the same week as states. Traditionally they have always come in with a 9-11 day break before the state games.
  10. Soooo... none of this fun stuff happened this year?
  11. Sorry, but is the league (PIHL) or the referee association (PIHO) taking the surcharge? If it's the PIHO taking the surcharge as the assignor then that would be normal. Though $15/per official is above the norm for high school that I'm aware of. Maybe $15 per game. Assignors fees are normal. It's a hell of a job. If the league is taking the surcharge then I don't know why that is.
  12. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS SUPER CHOPPY-- SOMETHING MIGHT BE WRONG WITH THE ORIGINAL FILE. IT IS NOT EASY TO WATCH DUE TO THE STUTTERING. I would recommend someone upload a better quality LB cap with no stuttering.
  13. Here is the USA Hockey Parent's Code of Conduct... Parent's Code of Conduct Do not force your children to participate in sports, but support their desires to play their chosen sports. Children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment. Make it fun. Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember, children learn best by example, so applaud the good plays of both teams. Do not embarrass your child by yelling at players, coaches or officials. By showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants, your child will benefit. Emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit your young athlete. De-emphasize games and competition in the lower age groups. Know and study the rules of the game and support the officials on and off the ice. This approach will help in the development and support of the game. Any criticism of the officials only hurts the game. Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat, and enforce the positive points of the game. Never yell or physically abuse your child after a game or practice – it is destructive. Work toward removing the physical and verbal abuse in youth sports. Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of your child and the sport. Communicate with them and support them. If you enjoy the game, learn all you can about hockey – and volunteer. So...nothing specific as far as a rule per se. But depending upon what was said or done it could most certainly be a SafeSport violation and should be reported. Here is the reporting form... https://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0102/5715/USA_Hockey_SafeSport_Report.pdf#_ga=2.51854953.1534942972.1572881139-1034669445.1567622047 And here are the folks to contact... https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5022993-board-contacts
  14. and last year I believe it turned into a circus for a couple games at Aston
  15. So for the first story - technically the referee is correct. Under USA Hockey if the scoreboard is equipped with a horn then that is what ends the game. Unless there is an OBVIOUS delay from the clock hitting zero and the horn sounding. You make it sound like it was obvious so they could have stopped it. We have a rink near me where it is obvious - everyone knows it and we react accordingly. The second story is just shit officiating. The correct procedure in that instance is go in as a team and break up two combatants. Take them off the ice and go back for two more. All the while watching everything else that is going on. It's not easy - believe me. And until you've been in the middle of it - you have no idea.
  16. Thank you so much for the welcome back! It's great to serve such an appreciative audience.
  17. Not from your side of the state but there's a combo of merit, old buddy, politics, availability, teams, locations that go into assignments. Not an easy thing to tackle.
  18. How is it double the set of egos? Still two referees. Just adding linesman to the mix. The four man system provides two things specifically. The linesman are at the lines to make sure they have the best view and the refs will be at the goal to make sure they have the best view. Still two referees so the penalty calls should be similar.
  19. Pipe down with your stupid sexist crap. A bad sports parent is a bad sports parent, male or female.
  20. Not true. The play is clear as day on LB. It was a hit/non hit by the Vipers. I can pull it later. Was it a penalty? From the ref's (who called it) angle it looked like a penalty. From the other refs angle it wasn't. Regardless the coaches reaction to that call had nothing to do with protecting his players.
  21. And if the refs called 5 + GM for fighting after mom drove 6 hours to get there and Little Johnny is now done for the 1st two games of this tournament then she would have been complaining about that.
  22. Control starts at home. You listen to the voices from the stands during these games and it's pretty apparent that isn't happening. My favorite was the dad arguing with the rink staff that is was his 1st amendment right to yell at the refs. Yep. That's what he said. Then we move on to the coach. His behavior during the first period of the game shows that he ins't really worried about control either. Yes lastly the refs have some work to do. But when it appears the first two groups aren't doing the job its going to be pretty difficult for the refs.
  23. So some calls went against his team in the first period? That would make this behavior ok?
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