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  1. That's great but here's another question, how many of those 6 players you are referring to actually go to Burrell?
  2. Organization heads don't read this to specifically find people. But they know who it is because these people can't help but shoot their mouths off in the rinks. So when you do this, who needs that in their organization?
  3. I wonder when some of them will realize that the reason the board has such a small contingent of posters anymore is that people have realized that they’re not as anonymous as they think and are still wondering why their kid keeps getting cut or people won’t hire them to coach anymore. Great post!
  4. You really can’t understand that a catholic school that runs a good program and has ALL players attend the school are more respectable than a D2 program that has students from different school districts? That’s just ignorance that rivals the laziness of D2 programs that refuse to develop and rely on recruiting. What’s the point of school and community based athletics if the players aren’t from there?
  5. No problem with the D2 division just don’t believe co-ops should be given the same forums (or respect for that matter) as pure schools. Everyone should get the opportunity to play the game. Playing for championships should be reserved for clubs that can build and develop properly. Anything else genius?
  6. All catholic school students go to that school and pay tuition. Do the co-op students pay tuition at Burrell? Bush league comparison. Try again.
  7. Plain English junior. WHAT WAS THE PROCESS OF SELECTION FOR THE INVITE? They need to be selected before the new year. How do you determine the invites and who makes the ultimate decision? And let’s be honest, Burrell wouldn’t last a round in any other pure playoff. They have a couple good players but they didn’t even win their leagues playoff.
  8. Please. You were making an attempt at being a passive aggressive smartalec. Now you run back behind the wall of decency. Keyboard warrior? Please. It’s a message board. Don’t post if you can’t handle it.
  9. Oh now the lady wants to speak. No kidding they were sent an invitation. How? What was the process. Anyone with any useful input here? Of course not. How many times do I have to prove that?
  10. “It is what it is”. That’s funny. This moron cuts and pasted in an effort to prove some sort of definitive proof co-ops are a legit part of USA Hockey nationals. There are tons of schools that were interested and 3 were chosen. I’m asking what the selection process was. I’m assuming another useless response is on its way.
  11. Thanks for the cut and paste. Again, can anyone answer what my questions without cutting and pasting? Someone that hasn’t proven that they have no reading comprehension skills? Again, I’m not debating whether they are eligible to be there. I’m asking what the benefit of co-ops are? Anyone with any sense and doesn’t have the bias this idiot does?
  12. Also, can you tell all of us how Burrell was entered into the National Championship?
  13. I actually stated I get co-ops and acknowledged they’re in every sport. So you’re lack of reading comprehension confirms your stupidity. Name some co-ops that have won a wpial or state title please.
  14. What Federation schools would have made the tournament better? I’m curious as I’m not as familiar with them. I still can’t see why co-ops are part of this. What am I missing? I understand why co-ops exist. I’m any sport. But to give them a national or even state championship is redundant. Isn’t the Tier 1 and 2 championships Enough for teams with players that are brought in from various areas? Arent High School athletics meant to have students of the different schools compete against each other hence the legitimacy of league, state, and National championships?
  15. Never doubted the process. The registration process is strong. However, there are D2 programs that continue to struggle because they lack the ability and integrity to police themselves. You’re telling me that, a player that is not on a given D2 team and isn’t a registered player cannot get away with suiting up in another players jersey? Come on. There are programs there that barely have enough to dress 9 skaters. It’s a forfeit either way so why is it hard to believe one of these A minor hero coaches would pull something like that? Trust me, it’s something that will be watched much closer.
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