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  1. Tomato/tomoto-NA/PT/SV/PR/TJ/FR are all very good teams. I don't see the drop off between those teams and the other AAA teams in the area. I would go so far as to say those teams beat all but 2 of the AAA teams in the area. I don't have to justify what kind of numbers the kid has put up. If he was playing in the PIHL A division then maybe you could make the argument your making. I don't see him as undersized at all, strength wasn't an issue either. SMH
  2. I can't beleive the Peters kid didn't get drafted. Arguably the best 06 in area. This just validates that where you play matters. I doubt many people went to see SHAHA AAA. He might have had a few looks at the HS level. I'm just blown away by this.
  3. The NHL is becoming more like the NFL everyday. This will soon be a made for TV/Fan game. Icing the puck is a staple of traditional hockey. Just like the trap and playing the body and not the puck. Face it the NHL is changing to meet the demand of the current generation.
  4. Some of the teams play in both. Westmont for example plays n the LMHL and the PIHL.
  5. People really won't travel for these games so PSU is out. The war memorial is still to far for the fair weather fan. What other choices do you have? PPG is simply to big, most would probably rather play in front of a packed house at RMU or the UPMC facility in Cranberrry. I just don't see any other options. Good luck PT!
  6. It tough to beat a team 3 times in a year. I think Peters has the firepower to pull it off.
  7. I checked with fnkassol, this is completely legit!
  8. I think this could be a good thing for local hockey. Right now PPE and Esmark are really the only option. We have lot's of teams playing independent schedules which is hit or miss by BY. If BB can put together a pipeline similar to that of PPE more local kids from the area can get exposure. The world today exists outside of PAHL, if you play PAHL your entire career and never leave the local market your not going anywhere. Like it or not travel and the cost of travel hockey is necessary if you plan on playing anything more than club hockey.
  9. The question is, when is Black Bear going to add a southwest PA team to this list? https://www.blackbearsportsgroup.com/teams.html I thought a team was coming this fall?
  10. My original comment holds true, practice develops players. Not games. This is all program dependent. Take a large AAA school like NA. You can work your ass of but if you don't have the talent you are not going to play JV. They have a full roster of kids that put in the effort and are talented. If you play at a single A school effort may very well get you some ice time. For the most part I'm not a fan of effort, everyone should be putting forth the effort to play the game.
  11. I think it’s pretty harsh to blame the whole team for the acts of a few people here. I think this goes beyond coaches and hockey. Parents have to take responsibility also for their kids behavior. This is after a game while teams are coming off the ice how can you blame everyone for that happening? I just think that’s harsh and incorrectly placing the blame. This player has been suspended by the league according to league documentation and others have as well. Do you know if the additional suspensions occurred for those players? I'm not throwing stones here so please don't take this that way. IMO the entire program needs to be shut down for the rest of the season. I'm sorry you punish the entire team for the acts of a few. This teaches "team" responsibility, these players are all responsible for the reputation of Shaler Hockey and the program. Just suspending the kids who went into the stands sends the wrong message to every other team in the league. The players activly involved shoud be suspended for 2 games to start next year if they are not seniors. Suspend them from amatuer hockey as well. Everyone needs to be more responsible in these situations. AD's game administration, officials, coaches and even other players. Chirping and shit talking someone on the ice is one thing, this is something completly different. I don't see a whole bunch of penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct being called at any level. Routinely we see players throwing punches and going at it in varsity games with nothing called. There are certain "rules" of hockey that go unpunished. You are wacking at the goalie after he has the puck, people coach and encourage players to clear the net. 2 ways to look at this-1. you got what you deserved for your poor behavior, 2. call the penalty and send the kid to the box. I agree that parents should have done more. These kids are responsible for what they do on the ice. If my kid would have ever left the ice and went into the stands near me he would be dealing with me. I would hope my friends and other parents would feel the same way and would have stopped them from coming into the stands before this even got started. Sounds like there is a lot of things I don't know and I'm not trying to comment on all those but will state that the head coach is ultimately responsible for the actions of the team and everyone assoctiated with it. This is just another example of the decay of society and lack of personal responsibility.
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