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  1. I was at the rink today about 2pm and there had to be 60+ Excel kids on the ice.
  2. Do we consider the 61st ranked 14u AAA team in this discussion? Probably would have done well in PAHL AA.
  3. PITTSBURGH'S NEW 18U PREP TEAM Pittsburgh’s NEW 18U Prep team fills a gap in the development model by combining a superior education, world-class hockey training, elite competition and college/junior exposure -- all based at the best practice facility in the National Hockey League. Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 18U Prep players will attend one of the premier private high schools in Pennsylvania while practicing four days a week at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex and playing a 55-game schedule against some of the top prep and AAA teams in the country. Our players have access to the same doctors as the NHL Penguins, and our focus on individual skill development and off-ice performance training makes 18U Prep a great alternative to starting junior hockey too early! DAN MAYES NAMED HEAD COACH DAN MAYES BIO HOCKEY TRAINING On-ice training with Pittsburgh Penguins’ skill development and skating coaches Off-ice strength and conditioning with world-class professionals COMPETITION Competitive schedule featuring the top AAA and Prep School teams as well as showcase tournaments in the U.S. Exposure to college and pro scouts/recruiters 4 CLUBS NORTHEAST PACK ACADEMICS Traditional private high school setting at North Catholic High School Superior academic programs with honors and AP level courses
  4. I'm sure some Cathedral Prep players would come down for this!
  5. I can't beleive the Pens/Excel will have anything to do with this rink or with CC.
  6. nemesis-I never thought about the UPMC side of thi$...UPMC-Non profit-PPE-Non profit-Dicks is the corporate sponsor. What exactly is there to pay for? Quite the conspiracy theory-I must say an investigation into the Pens and UPMC (a no employee company) for tax reasons would be interesting to see. Should Dicks be involved in this?
  7. I think the Michigan system might help to drive talent to the Tier 1 organizations.
  8. Looks like Michigan solved the problem for us already. When will PAHL take note of this? IV. Youth Age & Division Classifications A. Tier I Category and AAA Division Teams. 1. The Tier I catgeoryand AAA Division teams are the highest level of competitive hockey in Michigan. Teams in this category are restricted to only those in approved Tier I organizations. The recognized Youth age classifications shall be the Youth 10, 11 & 12, and 13 which are designated as Travel Category AAA Division teams. The 14, 15 Only, 16 Only and 17 & 18 age classifications teams shall be desginated asTier I Category and the Division will be AAA. The 14, 15 Only,16 Only and 17 & 18 age classifications are national bound classifications and the teams must meet all national bound eligiblity requirements. Teams in the Youth 10, 11 & 12, & 13 age classifications are eligible for MAHA State playoffs and must meet all requirments to be eligible for MAHA State playoffs. 2. Tier 1 teams are teams that may participate within a Tier 1 MAHA/USA Hockey sanctioned league that may involve participation with similar teams from Michigan and from across the country. Teams in organizations not approved by the State Playoff Committee that play more than 30% of their games against Tier I opponents shall be ineligible for District and States Playoffs in any classification. Teams in organizations not approved by the State Playoff Committee may not advertise as Tier I, AAA, elite, or similar designation for tryouts, to recruit, entice or in any way give the appearance of being a Tier I team. 3. Only teams from those organizations approved by the State Playoff Committee will be allowed to roster as Tier 1 or AAA teams in Michigan. 4. All teams and players playing in this classification are restricted to a maximum number of games per season. (Rule III,A,e) 5. To qualify as a Tier I Organization the following criteria must be followed: a. Not more than (10) Tier 1 organizations will be awarded on an annual basis for a period from September 1st to August 31st. An application must be sent to the State Playoff Committee Chairperson for consideration not later than November 1st of the year prior to the season’s start. The State Playoff Committee will determine the number of Tier I Organizations for the next season: up to six in Districts 2, 3, 4 combined; up to one in District 5; up to two in District 6; and one in Districts 7 and 8 combined. In addition to the above, the Tier I 18U team existing as of June 2019in District 7 is grandfathered. Upon dissolution of this team, it shall not be replaced other than via the provisions of this rule. The State Playoff Committee will make their decisions no later than the Annual Winter meeting of the preceding season. Each organization is limited to one team at each age classification. b. Each Tier I Organizations must have teams at the following recognized AAA levels: 12U (Pee Wee Minor and Major), 14U (Bantam Minor and Major), 15 & 16 Only, (Midget Minor) and (Midget Major) 17 and 18. The 15 Only and 16 Only categories are to include only those players who are in that birth year. Organizations wishing to apply without a full complement of teams may do so, but must provide a 5-year plan that demonstrates a sustainable program working towards having teams at all the recognized levels. c. Tier I organizations are limited to ten (10) non-Michigan players per organization at the 12U (Pee Wee) age level through 16U Midget Minor age level (age 11–16) with no more than six (6) non-Michigan players on any one team. 18U (Midget Major) (age 17-18) teams shall be allowed no more than 6 (six) non-Michigan players on any one team. d. At the 10U (Squirt) age classification, teams may only form at the 10U (Squirt Major age 10) level only. Teams may have a maximum of four (4) players playing up from below the age 10 age group. At the 10U Level, there are no out of state or import players allowed. e. At the 14U classification, no team may roster any player 12 years of age or under. f. Tier I Organizations will have to reapply each year to maintain their Tier I status. Returning Organizations will have preference, but will not be guaranteed a Tier I status each year. 6. Each MAHA Tier I Organization must play the other MAHA Tier I Organizations two (2) games per season. One (1) home, one (1) away; excluding tournaments. 7. In the Tier 1 classifications, player movement will be allowed as follows: a. Players can only move within their own organization. b. 14U (Bantam) may not move up to the 15 Only classification. 15 Only may move up to 16 Only (Midget) classification and 16U may move up to the 18U (Midget) classification. Players using the player movement will be allowed to move up and down for a maximum of eight (8) games per Regular season. c. Players exercising this option must include these games in their total number of games count. Teams and players in this classification are restricted to a maximum number of games per season. (Rule III,D). Players exceeding this limit will be ineligible to participate in the MAHA State Playoffs. d. Players moving up and down will not have a 72-hour waiting period, will not need to be released from one team and added to the other team they are moving to. e. Player movement will be allowed up to December 31 of the current playing season except player movement will be allowed to fill spots of players that move up to a Junior team until the date established by USA Hockey each year. f. For player movement tracking, an individual appointed by the State Playoff Committee will be assigned to the Tier 1 category. Teams will submit players moving up and down to this individual. This individual will track how many games an individual player has moved up. Coaches who do not report player movement or exceed the maximum number of moves will be subject to disciplinary actions and suspension of up to one year. 8. Each team in the Tier I category must signify their intention of entering the State Playoffs no later than November 1st to the Chairman of the State Playoff Committee by completing the online registration at MAHA.org by November 1st. By registering online, the team commits to participating in States and Nationals if the team is a National bound classification team. 9. Tryouts for Tier I and AAA Youth Teams a. No Tier I team may recruit or solicit players, offer contracts, hold tryouts, conditioning skate, or any activity that could be construed as a tryout/solicitation or recruitment or player evaluation until the specific date outlined below: 31 b. i. All teams in National bound categories for the current season (not post season), shall not begin tryouts until 48 hours after the completion of the National Tournament for their respective age classification. ii. All Teams in Tier I (Non-National Bound) categories and all Tier II (A/AA) categories for the current season (not post season) shall not begin POST SEASON (Spring) tryouts until after 4 pm on the Monday following the conclusion of the final State Tournament games of All age brackets and categories. iii. All teams in Tier II (A/AA) Non-National bound categories may begin tryouts on the 3rdMonday in May for all REGULAR SEASON (Fall/Winter) teams. iv. All Teams in the Tier I (Non-National Bound), may begin tryouts the first Monday in May for all regular season (fall/winter).
  9. I'm not supporting this-those were just my thoughts when I read the article. I agree I don't think they would fair well starting out but you have to start somewhere. Puckhead I was thinking 15U/16U/18U. I would pick SSA as well as a number of other Prep Schools. The real question is would the local market support it?
  10. Interesting topic, I offer the following: 1. After U16 PPE and many other AAA teams lose teams to junior hockey and some to Prep Schools. Prep Schools give you an extra year to develop if needed. 2. The only real competition in Pittsburgh for the Pens would be Shady Side, maybe Kiski?. So the Pens develop a "Prep" team that allows them to keep the old black teams in house and playing for the "Pens", all the while filling the coffers. $6000 (WAG) a player/ 18 players a team, 3 teams= $324,000.00. I think the average prep school tuition is north of $40k. Seems like a win win for PPE and North Catholic.
  11. Congratulations Stillers you have successfully based almost everyone😉
  12. Great rule...Was at a tournament once where a team was getting pounded 8-0. Game over at the end of the 2nd. Everyone was surprised but no one complained.
  13. This is a HS Varsity game these players are responsible for their own actions. They made the choice now they have to deal with the consequences. Give both teams match penalties. Make both teams attend the hearing(s) Players and coaches. I don't know all the rules but let the rules dictate what happens. Fighting = whatever penalty that is. Coming off the bench to engage in a fight = whatever penalty that is. This is not something difficult to figure out. Stop with all the outrage about this. The truth is these things happend in the past, happend in this case and will happen again. These are competitive young men who made a mistake and temporarily went off the deep end. This was not some disgusting random act of violence. My guess is both teams were chirping. Moon is having a rough season so I imagine these kids were frustrated to lose a game they were in all the way to the end. Plum kids probably frustrated that they couldn't put Moon away. The dad made a mistake and didn't do anythig once he was on the ice. He obviously came to his senses pretty quickly. Maybe he was going to get his kid and pull him off the ice. Maybe he was/is a parent who initially had good thoughts. Who knows but he should not have been out there. Moon Hockey should address this if he was from Moon. Plum should address it if he was Plum. The rink should stay out of it. I would like to say security at these games in the bleachers could be better. We all know there is always one guy who has to run his mouth and things snowball from then on. Identify this guy and have him/her removed early will be a big help. I've been to games where ADM referees usually kids are being yelled at by parents in the stands. If 11-12 YR old kids can eject parents why can't adult referees eject these people? The nut in the stands ruins the game for everyone.
  14. Can you report parents behavior in the stands to safesport? This has nothing to do with this thread but I am curious.
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