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  1. Bantam Group 1 Allegheny 231 Foxes 267 Mt Lebo 353 North Pitt 451 Predators 410 Renegades 547 South Hills 320 Westmoreland 384 There is no mention of the Viper stars, BV or MV. One of these team will likely get moved down after placement games. Someone always wants to move up. An 06 team playing with the 05's?
  2. Just starting some discussion. When do they start placement games for PAHL?
  3. You are correct I forgot the Icemen. This was not a predicted order of strength.
  4. PPE Preds 05 Timmons Mt. Lebanon PPE #2 Foxes Viper Stars Allegheny North Pitt Renegades Westmoreland top 10 14U teams in the area
  5. Clearly not a AAA team. They would be middle of the road playing AA. Could they beat the 14UAAA team at that rink?
  6. Saucey, I don't disagreee with you but the PIHL teams are pretty good at the Varsity level. Do you compare them to U18 teams? PIHL vs. PAHL battle of the champions would be something to see. I may even pay $$ to watch this at the UPMC Center.
  7. Apparently I touched a nerve. 1. If so many programs are run this way why aren't the ones here in Pittsburgh? Can you tell me which one's are? 2. Not all good coaches are ex NHL D1 players. This speaks to the talent pool. A large talent pool would have at least some coaches with high level playing experience. Some of these guy's are tremendous coaches by the way. 3. I did not miss your point, I think we actually agree here. Get rid of the "skills" guys and get quality coaches who can teach and develop kids and you save people money. I'm telling you to find something to celebrate and stop raging all the time. Pittsburgh has problems just like every other city. I fight when I have to fight and encourage kids to stick up for themselves and handle things on the ice when appropriate. I'm not your sunshine and smiles guy by any stretch.
  8. 1. Passive aggressive phonies (see moderators post on locked thread). This guy is the embodiment of this example. 2. Too many hockey parents and too few coaches willing to fight them 3. Too many people making too much money 1.The moderator does an excellent job. Team dynamics are always complicated and the teams in Pittsburgh seem to run in clicks. Portions of the teams are always split apart from others. Not enough team building. I'm not talking about going to the pool as a team either. Show me a coach who runs his team like a college program and I will show you a coach who doesn't have to deal with passive aggressive or aggressive people for that matter. Easy enough to do, when the team travels arrange for dinner and breakfast to be served to the players at the hotel in one of the conference rooms. The "team" eats together, video review the "team" learns together. I have seen coaches above u14 arrange for the "team" to stay together, 2 players to a room. Rotate the players so they are not always with the same person. Build the team environment. 2. Pittsburgh lacks quality coaches-There are a ton of people who played HS hockey and maybe some beyond that. Show me some D1players who are now coaching in the area? Any ex-profesionals coaching in the area? Quality coaches don't fight with hockey parents they don't have to, they simply find other players willing to do the job. Pittsburgh is still a small market hockey town. Face it the Pens are the only tier 1 program in Western Pa. Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Saint Paul, Toronto, Montreal are where hockey is played. Hockey is a way of life there, like the "Steelers" have been here. People from here beleive Pittsburgh is the best at everything and fail to look outside the city at what other people are doing. Part of learning means getting outside your comfort zone. If you never leave Pittsburgh you don't know anything else. 3. At what level do you need to start paying coaches? I'm not sure money is a problem in the hockey world. People use money as an excuse. Play hockey for the school. Most programs have middle school team you can play on for under $2500 per year. No travel and limited expenses above that. Nobody is making money on a middle school team or a HS team for that matter. It can all be what you want it to be. Most of posters on here are correct just stop complaining and find something to celebrate in life.
  9. http://www.midamhockey.com/youth-hockey/select-camps-and-tryouts/15-tryouts-april-27-29/
  10. Word on the street is the Preds are still looking for a few players, so I doubt anyone from there will be looking for a spot. If you look at the MidAm list it appears to be full of AAA players. I'm not sure there is a AA kid on the list. Quite a few disgruntled parents.
  11. The usual, can't beleive they took this kid. Coaches picking the team before tryouts. No one wants to play for a dad coach. Money grab. Polical decisions. Same story different year.
  12. All catholic school students go to that school and pay tuition. Do the co-op students pay tuition at Burrell? Bush league comparison. Try again. So Catholic schools (which draw kids from all over not specific areas) are ok because kids pay tuition? Hardly a Bush league comparison. You can't be comfortable with one and not the other. I guess we should tell kids from small schools to find another sport to participate in or stick to club hockey. My original post says the rules are what they are, stop focusing one specific example and look at the bigger picture. Championships are for determining who the best team is at a given point in time, not to see who has the best program or who can develop the most players. You can choose to focus on the negative or you can simply look at the results and say congratulations to both teams for a great season.
  13. The rules are what they are. Both teams represented PA well. How is a Catholic School any different (Central and Erie Prep) than a co-op? If a player is wearing another players jersey call it out immediatly. I can't beleive game administration would allow this at any level. Peter Puk told me the Lebo parents sent the invitations😂
  14. Good article bender thanks for posting it. There are only 2 AAA "organizations" in PA in my humble opinion. The local team and the team out east. All other "organizations" have some AAA teams but are not AAA "organizations". MAHA makes it easy, in order to classify as a AAA organization you must have a AAA team at each level. If PAHL put something like in place the AAA team concept goes down the drain and the rest of the kids are playing AA hockey. Not that AA is cheap but it doesn't compare to $10-$20k. Who knows this may also help to correctly allocate the talent pool in WPA as well. I'm not a fan of limiting opportunities, but nothing will change in PA until something comes from PAHL or USA Hockey.
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