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  1. So your telling me there is s chance lol
  2. Wow no half truths from me. It really doesn’t matter to me where anybody takes their kid. As far as the picture/poster that is the 08 schedule. as far as the tryout I believe we had 6 kids tryout that were not on the previous team and not that I am an advanced scout but there really wasn’t anybody that I would consider was better than anyone on the previous team. if you go back to the beginning of the original post I was obviously having a good conversation with an 08 elite parent and did not have anything bad to say until somebody else chimed in. I don’t know who it was but I’m pretty sure it was a former jets parent. I use my real name not a screen name so anybody who has an 08 Knows this is me. I’m not trying to sell anything, I will say it again that I think there is a lot of good players on both the teams. I have been around half of those kids for a long time and know first hand that they are good athletes. I think having both teams is very beneficial to the whole 08 class.
  3. I guess when I said limited travel I should have clarified that we did not have that many travel dates scheduled at the beginning of the season. We decided as a group of parents to add a few during the season when our team received invites from top 5 teams in the country. As a group we chose to travel to play against these teams and nobody in the Vengeance organization told us we had to travel. Since you seem pretty good with technology take a picture of last years schedule, if my memory is correct didn't that other team go to Boston for 4 games against 2 different opponents. I wander how many families gave the thumbs up for that trip. The thing I like about the Vengeance is we have some input on the schedule and where and who we choose to play. If you are a high level team you have to travel to play competition. Example, not sure if it is to the minute but I believe the 11th ranked team and he 7th ranked team are about 25 minutes down the turnpike. As a parent on the Vengeance I know for a fact the large majority of the families would like to play the other team as often as possible and even speaking to several families on the other team they seem to feel the same. I wonder Why the AAA Detroit teams play each other and Chicago AAA teams play one another. Come to think of it for the life of me I just can't seem to wrap my head around this. Can you shed some insight on this in a 3-1 game with shots on goal pretty even everybody I talked to seem to agree it was a good game.
  4. Ha ha ha so funny haven’ t been on for awhile. thought you were the guy who made the comment about riding in the back seat of the car being a bad experience. I was discussing a game that occurred between 2 very good 08 teams from Pittsburgh. At no point did I say any of these kids are on a fast track to the NHL. The discussion was between myself and another parent from elite. Talking about a game. The reason for the discussion and as you call an emotional response from the both of us is kind of funny. you are probably unaware of why I as a parent was so interested in this game and how close it was played. For myself if you go back and read my post I simply tried to make a point that the game could have went either way. But this wasn’t about the outcome of the game I was concerned with as much as I was to see the progress of the players there vs. the progress of the players on our team. See I am not trying to live through my kid. I am very secure with myself and I never played ice hockey. So when it came time to make a decision about were to send him to play squirt hockey and I quickly realized there wasn’t really any other options comparable to elite, I chose to take my kid the the vengeance which was put together by a couple very ambitious people who wanted to provide another option for families who understand what you are saying about how hockey is going to be different when hitting starts. Why the game was important for me was not because of the final score but because I saw that both programs developed the kids into pretty good hockey players and I do not feel the need to start my son playing only one sport at age 10. The Vengeance allows my son to play hockey at a high level and also to develop as an athlete by playing other sports that overlap. I have no idea when his hockey career will end or how high of a level he will reach but I do know he will be able to play more than just hockey. I am just learning about ice hockey but I can tell you this, most people that make it to the highest level in any sport are pretty good at the other ones as well. so when you say we think our kids are unique I totally understand that every birth year has good players I agree. However what is unique about the 08 vengeance hockey team is that these kids have played some pretty good hockey teams in the US and Canada played pretty well for practicing 2 times per week and playing other sports.
  5. Checkout Jr.vengeance at harmarville. The 09 group is coached by former NHL player John Zeiler and they practice with the 08 group who is ranked12th in the U.S. it’s also cheapest squirt program around and the philosophy is limited travel so the kids can play multiple sports and become good athletes.
  6. Did you see the goal against the first goalie? What’s your thoughts on if it went in or not? Hard for me to believe the vengeance we’re getting outplayed and drawing all the penalties at the same time.
  7. Not sure what game you were watching if you didn’t think it was good. PE outplayed them in the first by scoring 2 goals to 0. Shots at the end of the period were 7-2. Once the Vengeance team settled in they outplayed PE for the next 2 periods. The turning point in the game came in the 2nd pd with about 5 minutes left in the period the vengeance scored and the ref waved it off. How he missed it is beyond me, but if the game is 2-1 from that point on it would have been interesting to see how it would have played out. PE blocked a shot from the point on a pk and scored on a breakaway and took a 3-0 lead into the 3rd. I say interesting because they never really had to play with any pressure which if they count the goal that clearly went in the complextion of the game may be different. Shots finished Vengeance 15 pe 12, Pe had 5 shots on goal in the final 2 periods and it wasn’t because they went into a defensive shell. As far as the penalties they were legit calls the vengeance team in my opinion is faster top to bottom and pe players were hauling them down. No excuses PE won they deserved to win but it definitely was a “game”
  8. I mean if you took the best 08’s on the same team it the best team in USA at that level. XXXXX the goalie may be the best in North America. That being said 10 year old hockey is different Hockey when hitting is involved, I get that.
  9. That being said my son plays on the 08 vengeance and little Bridger football, travel basketball, played for north United soccer, travel baseball and is going to play lacrosse this spring. That is why we practice on Friday’s and Sunday’s.
  10. We would be the best team in the country
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