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  1. They may lock certain times... livebarn gives you that capability. My kid just played there last weekend for a visiting team and I was able to watch later on livebarn.
  2. Aw. This all sucks. You will get use out of that beyond being quarantined. My boy went through something similar last time.
  3. I'm dreaming of adult discussion...that doesn't involve name calling or COVID 19. I miss hockey....and slamming PPE. .and arguing whose squirt is going pro....
  4. I also vouch for Bairel' s program. That program does not play a regular season of teams from other programs, just some games with RMU and jamborees. In my opinion, that is better at this age, and if you know anything about hockey you understand it is not at all important to play games like that until at least squirts. There are countries and programming that hold you off longer. Don't be in a rush to get on any hamster wheel for elite programming, make sure he is having fun and developing the basics.
  5. My hockey rankings should always be remembered as a tool for that purpose, but not dispositive. I hate when the players discover its existence...if their team is ranked high, they sometimes get a big head. If low, underestimate their abilities. I caution my players that any team can fall or win on any given day, depending on what they bring. In that sense, it becomes an Iinvaluable tool for teaching about the mental aspects of a game... because that plays out, the team loses to a much lower ranked team and vice versa. Don't we see that play out with the pros across many sports? (They play
  6. Considering the various and uneven playing field everyone is operating under this year, with teams not getting to play at all etc, I think that is a great idea.
  7. I thought MD shut down to travel?maybe they are planning to quarantine after.
  8. Actually, I think this letter would be a pretty effective deterrent. I've been saying it, even precovid, parent behavior is so bad it's just going to be easier to kick them out than continue to deal with all their BS. New York started doing it, gave the refs authority to kick everyone out. And they do it! Then you know who starts policing the bad apples? The other parents on the teams who want to watch their kids play. They tell the idiots to cut it out. We've all been on teams with those parents. If we complain to our team manager and organization, maybe then the bad apples get banned
  9. I haven't been to a rink that doesn't require masking. But there are still people who disregard, and I don't blame some kid making minimum wage for not getting into it with those folks. The scofflaws will ruin it for everyone.
  10. Some people weren't wearing masks at Westmoreland and Armstrong. There are still plenty of people refusing to follow rules.
  11. Are you talking about Mid Am or your local organization? If Mid Am needs to fill a position, they frequently look to Presidents and boards for recommendations, or tap the people they already know from that pool. Registrar kind of sucks, be glad you didn't do it. 😅
  12. I mean, I know we are all into conspiracies and such....but why not ask your home organization? For Tier II, it's not some mystical process. If you want to play in it, you can. To me it's no different than any other tournament, except if you win you can compete at Nationals. You should be a competitive team in AA or as an independent or you waste your players' time and other teams. It's sometimes hard to gauge that at the beginning of the season, so I think I would prefer there be more of a selection process or wait longer for teams to declare or something. So when an organization
  13. ENOUGH with the COVID! There were games this weekend. Anyone want to talk hockey?
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