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  1. Yeah, people have been talking about Blackbeard's impact for a while. Monopolies usually end up costing everyone more money.
  2. It actually could be stopped, but you are right, not by PAHL. Other states/areas limit how many teams can declare AAA in an area. Here it's a joke process.
  3. Unfortunately there are so few kids left playing pahl that the 07 kids may get to play there regardless if they are legit AA. Everyone has independent teams. 07s, what there were, keep disappearing to the point that they are now gone. There were some really bad 07 teams last season. Such is the state of hockey around here. But.... it's great, everyone spend their money as they see fir.
  4. My kid had a placement game appear on the calendar this weekend. Your head coach likely knows, reach out to them.
  5. So disgusting. I think it is becoming more acceptable to report. I pray we do better by our children.
  6. The problem that has existed with this for years is that the East puts really good AAA talent on their teams and has quite a few practices before the event. The other two teams have to travel to ty he east and don't attract the same level of talent. 16u AAA Vengeance and Icemen are not AAA. Some I would bet are A Major knowing who those programs took. Not fun when the odds are stacked before you get out of the gate.
  7. I thought his comment odd, too, in light of exactly what you said. Politics comes into play every where you go. If you are picking between the same level of talent, some other factor comes into play, including I know this kid and his family thus they are a known entity. But it could be lots of things, like ...your kid is a known trouble maker...you are bad in the stands....etc. This is a small hockey town. By the time your kid hits U18, everyone knows someone who knows your kid.
  8. There do exist people and organizations who don't blow the smoke.
  9. I agree on school first. But if you also want to play hockey the choices are there. If he can get into Pitt and play there, go for it, I say! Not easy to get into Pitt these days.
  10. Ugh. Did you ask what the plan is if Rostraver goes bye bye? It's why Cal is even on my boy's radar.
  11. I don't disagree with you, but I don't think the volunteer run Boards have the time or energy to do it, unfortunately. It's a cycle that repeats over and over. By the time people realize these things, they are moving on and don't care about what is coming behind them. And there is always someone out there with their hands out, ready to give parents the truth they want to hear in exchange for their dollars.
  12. It's not just that age group. I have an older child playing summer hockey. The dads for the other team, in a very lopsided win, would cheer every goal by saying... F ya, let's go, that's awesome! Cry over missed calls. The goalie couldn't move laterally and my son's team had seven skaters or something. But that was a big deal to them. Too many parents really suck these days. It's impossible to sit in stands anymore.
  13. Oh yeah. Those players typically come with the worst attitudes if they haven't gone to another team that attached the extra 'A'.
  14. My kid? Yes, actually. Burnout? No, quite happy and still playing at the level I am willing to pay for without feeling like a sucker. Bitter at the Western Pa hockey world? Yes, quite. Continue to criticize it for misleading parents like you and harming overall development of the market, an opinion that I am entitled to both have and express? Yes, please. You said you don't play, so you really have no point of reference for what I am talking about. People who play AND HAVE PASSION FOR THE GAME understand how not fun it is to play on a sheet with benders when you have some skill, and why a family might choose to exit the game rather than to spend time and money on that. How the ringer who enjoys skating around everyone sucks the life out of the game. Coaches understand how difficult it is to develop players when the level is that uneven on the same team. Ask a parent of girls who play. No matter how much passion you have, it gets old after a while. I'm out on this thread. You insult me, than get all bent out shape when I poke back. ? No matter what I think or feel, parents (and the carpet baggers behind them) are driving this market. The biggest peddler has yet to even flex. (Blackbear with their AAA league.) Someone else needs to start talking to the ADM parents, because like you said, I am bitter. But I still suspect that it is waste of breathe. Just keep slapping on that extra A and the lemmings will come.
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