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  1. That's the scary thing, isn't it? We're just beginning to figure out how to try and protect our kids. And those two would have passed everything we use to clear. To get access, they have to engender trust.
  2. It depends on how much he is currently skating and what else he has going on. I like to do weekly privates after the season ends before tryouts and throughout the summer. If the child will put in the extra work, then they can benefit from an extra skate a week. But be careful, who is driving the cart, you or the child? At that age, to prevent overuse injuries and to prevent burnout, it isn't necessary to do more. There is nothing wrong with playing a lower level of ice hockey. Better to be an average player who develops a true lifelong love for the game than burn them out trying to reach for something the kid doesn't want, imho. You don't have to be the best to do something. Just enjoy it.
  3. I bet that is a commonly used defense by a coach, the parent is out to get me. Trying to discredit an accuser.
  4. The code of conduct applies to everyone. The Safesport website has answers to those questions.
  5. Safety sport violations can follow you to court and your job as well. They are incredibly serious. As they should be.
  6. Checked it, really well done, ty!
  7. As a coach, you need the info to help coach. That I get. Which period are we letting up lots of shots, etc. Parents, not so much. There isn't functionality to scan and add for most of these programs, anyway, and the programs I've used are so cumbersome, adding in shot totals, etc, as team manager was such a pain. What is being asked for these volunteer and low paying jobs keeps increasing every year. I vote we not add to the burdens.
  8. Why does a scorekeeper getting paid entitle parents to the score sheet? Some organizations pay kids in PAHL to keep score, are they entitled to those, too? What need does a parent have for that score sheet? There is a certain amount of discretion in shot counting. You can't see them all and the scorekeeper gets a different view than the parent in the stand. So....when the goalie mom clicking away on her shot counter in the stands disagrees with the number on the posted score sheet, posting the actual score sheet makes everything better how? I just don't see how this makes anyone more convinced that games aren't rigged, or how this helps in the interest of 'transparency'. Those folks who think that games are rigged are going to continue to think that, regardless, and we don't really need parents obsessively following stats. Already enough obsession. PIHL can't find enough people to do it now for that huge 20 payout per game.
  9. Don't the refs tell the score keepers which player gets credit?
  10. The past two years, some of the divisions had 16 and 17 teams. Looks like the PAHL created some minor divisions to address that. My kid played in one of those divisions, and it was silly. This way, more teams can compete for a banner and the divisions are hopefully more competitive for each game. They could have chosen not to do this, and your team might have been in the named division you wanted, but it would not be better for the kids. I think it is a good thing.
  11. If it's the same group of kids my kid played against in a tournament last year, I'm not. There are some good players there.
  12. Gratuitous suck up to Ref23....the games I've seen have been called fine, or least with teams getting similar amounts of bad calls so the reffing is not determining the outcome. I have not seen the new checking rule on playing the puck being applied much at all on three different rinks.
  13. I have seen zero calls enforcing the new checking rules. Lots hitting with one hand on stick, stick in air, etc. It seemed to be disregarded.
  14. I once had a goalie mom for the other team who was using a shot counter try to change her kid's shot number on the score sheet. I didn't even think of the crazy parents. Having kept score quite a few times, the refs get the numbers of the players who got the assist wrong quite a bit, and not infrequently, who actually scored. We are all better off with those stats not being published. And, when team managing, I could sometimes not read the writing or nothing would be marked down. Myhockey rankings is very good for helping set up tournaments. Some teams do what they can to manipulate their standings I think, inflate their ranking by playing a huge amount of games, not report some games, etc. I still think it works pretty well for what it was intended for.
  15. I have no idea why the information is not available, but do we really need the stats of kids? Why do they need 'recognition' beyond teammates and family? Privacy concerns, too. That could lead to chasing individual stats over team, and goes against the idea that this is meant to be developmental. High school is different, stakes rise a bit more then. What if it added to the unofficial recruiting we all know goes on? I just don't see the need. Who cares if you were the leading goal scorer in PAHL at age ten? Let's not make it more serious than people already do. Let me know when trading cards and stats of the mites are available.
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