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  1. They have one kid. He's scoring all the goals...a lot of them! Like I said, you get more than one line to score in PIHL, you have a good chance at being number one. Peters does have that, but they have their weaknesses, as already mentioned.
  2. All sound advice Something no one else mentioned is....how interested is your kid in improving his stride? If you are forcing him to do off ice and go to lessons, you might as well give me that money, for as much good as it will do.
  3. Wow, ten AAA players, everyone else should just stay home. Peters dropped one to Seneca, which is close in skill level to a number of other teams. This year is very different with many teams having a lot of turnover. The 04 BY was so large and the 05 so low, that you have a lot of teams figuring things out yet. It's early.
  4. USC has a couple of very good players, for sure. Most of those teams mentioned do. Baldwin has some excellent goal tending that can steal the show. I think the team that has more than one line scoring and/or plays some D, which has been missing in these high scoring games, will be in the best position to take it all. Too early to tell right now.
  5. How are parents new to the sport supposed to do this? I don't disagree in theory.
  6. I don't remember Esmark ever being a huge draw in the younger levels. It was midget up.
  7. Wait, I thought the way that they work is you make up a bunch of inflammatory stuff and then name call everyone who doesn't agree with you...
  8. Nope. Just tired of the poop show that this Board has become. You want to stir the pot, have the balls to post what you 'know'.
  9. Don't do that. If you don't know enough to post it, then don't post anything.
  10. To be fair, that can happen with any organization at any level and any team. I tell my children....all you can do is control you. Work as hard as you can and eventually that pays off, over anyone kissing butt to get their kid noticed, politics, etc. There may be short turn gains for the people working the system, but it turns out that at some point, you have to perform. And quite frankly, you see that with the kids, it doesn't usually help them to become functioning adults. When mommy and daddy can't grease the wheels for them, they have no idea what to do and they...fail at life, not just hockey.
  11. I don't think ncaa Iii is the goal. I think the kids want to go to the Chel or Div 1. Which is my point, not a great choice to go do that.
  12. I have seen some very smart, good people make these kinds of decisions. Say, "I know it isn't going anywhere." And then proceed to overpay for a bad AAA or pay to play junior team. Some think they are getting more than they do, so do fall into that, bought the sales pitch or uneducated category. It really is very emotional for some people. What if....this does lead to something? Do I want them to accuse me of not helping them? You can't fight with that. But you can take advantage of that, and that has been pointed out here many, many times.
  13. I wouldn't knock anymone for paying $14000 a year to play junior Tier III who also understands ncaa div III is as high as their kid is going to get. But....is that really what people are aiming for when they do that?
  14. I think the following is the real reason...we, as humans, are programmed to think our kids are the best and/or want the best for them. Most good ones. Quite a few parents have trouble telling their kids no, too. They don't want to be the dream crushers and literally will finance their child's dream with their house or retirement. Even when all logic tells them it is not going to happen for their child. Or they can flat out afford it and don't care. Those feelings are some powerful stuff. You can't fight that with stats or logic or whatever. It's rooted in wanting to do right by your child, too, so it's hard to fault parents. This is a parent driven market. Until an organization steps in to rein in the AAAs nothing will change. And really, then a non USA sanctioned league would start. If the powers that be don't care why should any of us?
  15. They like to travel their kids like to travel the AA families are so lame because they only want to travel twice the AA programs don't offer enough ice or off ice it's our money let us spend it however we want it's none of your business. There. Took care of everything they will say. Can we talk about something else?
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