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  1. Parents on that ride believe their kid will be the one not cut. 🤷‍♂️ Just like most of the ones who got cut will go to the next best 'AAA' option around here until they land. Some just opt to play high school hockey or, most sad in my opinion, give up hockey altogether.
  2. To be fair systems play per USA hockey is like ten percent of practice at that age. Systems doesn't really increase hockey IQ. But off ice, have at it.
  3. Minnesota has an entirely different system. School hockey is where it is at, with a focus on community based hockey over travel. I think many organizations would love to offer ice three times a week, but many rinks don't have enough ice for that. But video review, that could happen for certain.
  4. I think Western Pa hockey as a whole suffers from low hockey IQ and a terrible passing game. It is very apparent when our better teams play higher levels. Is it our coaching, something not being done right throughout the system? Some have speculated that our kids don't have enough free ice as in other big hockey markets to help develop that (ODRs, community rinks with lots stick times, etc) I don't know how to fix it. Maybe time spent with buds at the dek hockey rinks in the summer, I don't know.
  5. It is crappy to denigrate the accomplishment. It seems better to root for our local teams when they compete at such levels, PPE or whoever. The players can't be faulted for the lack of competition or how the tournament is set up. I root for whoever goes up because it suggests this area is developing talent. I have lots of complaints about faux AAA teams, but I will be more than happy to root for them if they compete at the national level. Because maybe then they aren't so faux anymore. When that happens.
  6. Just get on their mailing list, they will email you every day. 😳
  7. When you need players.....we need more girls playing.
  8. The rules on rostering on multiple teams are a little different for girls. You can find the rules in PAHL. Lower numbers of girls playing means some creativity in allowing play. You can only play for one team in the national bound tournament I think though.
  9. Having to keep their feet moving before tryouts is a pain. But USA Hockey revolves around Tier I hockey and they don't want to have Nationals affected by kids tryouts. Even though that number is small.
  10. The age group who would benefit the most from a later tryout is the squirts. If anything, they really change the most from tryout to starting the next season.
  11. Can't agree more. Can't find refs or coaches because of parents. Plus I think many kids do better knowing their parents can't see them. I never watch my kids try out.
  12. It is well known that the Scholastic tournaments there are frequently sandbagged. Not all of the Alphas tournaments are bad, but this is standard stuff for the school ones. 'Middle school' was always the worse, with ninth and tenth graders playing against some squads with sixth graders, and refs not calling checking. You want your sixth grader, who hasn't learned how to check yet, being checked by tenth graders? Good times.
  13. Isn't that the kicker? We know hockey is a late development sport but it's so hard to break in at the elite level if you aren't already in the AAA pool as a young kid, before midget. And contrary to the low level/faux AAA team sales pitches, they aren't really breaking kids into it, either. A few here and there. Good on this program.
  14. I know I am not faha but who is telling you he is borderline AAA? If it's a coach from one of these 'low level' AAA teams I would give it the side eye. Too many have to fill roster spots. (Talent is diluted as faha said.) Most of these teams have a few AAA level talent and everyone else is helping to fund those kids' dreams. If it's a current coach or someone just evaluating him with no stake in the game....better. When people are approaching you wanting to work with your kid or suggesting he may be ready for the next level and they don't have a dollar attached to it.....better. The bigge
  15. This is an excellent point and one I have heard Marianne Watkins address at coaching clinics. She said she can teach a child all there is to know about skating, but if a child cannot execute the move due to inflexibly/weakness, there is nothing she can do about that in an hour's lesson She mentioned that kids are simply not as fit as they were. Hip flexors/hammies too tight to get a full stride, no core strength, things like that, that she can only do so much about. I would also add, if your kid isn't into it, not working, no instructor can help much and all you are doing is wasting time
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