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  1. I think the main takeaway from this very helpful discussion is 'stay in school, kids.' 😊 This is good stuff guys, ty.
  2. Yep. And at 16 they start wandering away to do other things, not even playing or just playing school.
  3. I find it ironic that that you need to pilfer from all those 'horrible' programs to form your whiskey venture teams.
  4. It's just kind of funny that it is the Predators doing this. Not exactly known for their production of players. My kids are almost done thank goodness. I just vehemently believe that if you are taking AA players out of the local league, you are exponentially increasing the cost of hockey, which hurts the growth of the sport. And not that I know you personally, Forbin, but the whole 'I just.love to travel' reason typically rings false'. Parents who tell me this also do things that suggest they are reaching for AAA. And to do your little weekend dream, you have to have a team, and there are definitely parents and kids there being sold a bunch of malarkey so you can have a whiskey sour with dads in another city. It's disingenuous and doesn't grow the game around here.
  5. If in a little over their head, that will improve skills. Way over is a waste of time for both teams.
  6. Subjective question, depends on how you measure it. I would say, however, that a program that does not have mites, LTS, LTP, has no choice but to take players from the programs who do.
  7. Ah. Aviators are definitely a home for the disgruntled. Like I've said, only a few organizations making players around here. Others are like scavengers.
  8. I was joking, but as crazy as youth hockey is getting, I understand the confusion....
  9. That is a very subjective issue. Whether you have a player or a goalie, privates, to me, depend a lot on your kid and the style of the instructor. Someone may work better with one over another. Check with your local rink, most have someone that does goalie instruction, there, ask questions of the instructor to see if there is a match.
  10. I really enjoyed wandering around Alpha and watching all the different games during St Margaret's. It was fun seeing all the kids we've come to know over the years playing in all the games. It was well done.
  11. Like Christmas morning for the overinvested.
  12. You asked how to keep your kid's dream alive. You are truly those league's fantasies. They totally prey on a parents' desire to cater to their kids. They are awful. Been subjected to it. I don't understand that reason for playing expensive hockey, 'I don't want to crush my kid's dreams'. I can't help you there. For me personally, if I am funding the dreams, things have to done within reason. No AAA around here for me. I don't have a AAA player. The development is not any better than what we get in PAHL and private lessons. I see the players. If you have the money, your kid can play for a long time. Fund your kid's dream of you want. You have a lot of company.
  13. Absolutely not. That's what the faux AAA leagues are there for.
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