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  1. Oh gee here come the 04 predator parents with their chests pumped out. Let me enlighten you guys on a few things. 1) it was not a invitational. It’s was the harbor center tournament hosted by the junior sabers. Anyone can pay the money to get in. All the top U15 teams were in Chicago, the tier 1 elite invitational or the north east showcase. The harbor center tournament is a fund raiser for the sabers. It’s never been high end. It’s filled with 80% buffalo teams. Do you think ppe would have a tournament and let icemen, esmark, Lebo and predators in it ? Come on. 2) you beat Amherst who is traditionally weak at every age group. You tied the buffalo red raiders. This team was a bad AA team last year and you beat esmark who is now proven to have a crap 04 team. It took them 3 years to finally field that mess. 1-2-1 in pool play with a consolation win vs a local team. Yep you guys are world beaters. 3) all the stats are online. I’ll give the goalie dad credit early. It’s working out for him. Seeing lots of shots. Congratulate the same 3 kids that scored all the points for your team. Come back with your argument when you beat someone that will be ranked above 75.
  2. Lmao team is not legit. Hold the praise until they play a team that is ranked under 100. They just beat butler valley for Christ sake. Icemen 04 is the same money grab. So they won the battle of the suck.
  3. Oh look, another parent from the team. As i stated earlier, even pro hockey players continue to work on their skating in the summers. Look up some of my other posts, I say ppe is the real deal. Sure I think it’s wrong what they are pulling with the school and that guy from the pro team’s kid. You parents from that 04 team really come out in full force!
  4. Someone call the paramedics!! you never knew about this site ? That’s a lie. 99% of the local hockey community knows about it. Your player supposedly has played high level aa and ppe but you’ve never heard of this site 👌🏻 Pro’s still work on their skating in the summers. I’ll tell you who can use some skating lessons, your ENTIRE team. Not one of them have any edge control or lateral speed. Who hides behind a screen name ? 99% of the people that post here! I wouldn’t call it hiding, I would call it not being stupid. I’d be willing to bet your team parents who came in here with anonymous screen names to defend your team are probably saying to each other “can you believe our dumba$$ team manger using his real name and he keeps going back for more! I wish it would just die but he has to keep opening his fat mouth!!!” ( paraphrasing ) 😎 I would be willing to bet the predators come to you soon and ask you to stop posting and shut up.
  5. you and your cronies need to look up reading comprehension. I wasn’t grinding an ax. This thread turned into other discussions about hockey. Cost of AAA hockey and the esmark Russian trip. This thread was dead for a week about your crap team, everyone moved on. $800 is astronomical for a AA team fund that has 20 players. Most tournaments, if you played your cards correctly, you could have got in for half price. Silver sticks is no longer a relevant tournament, they take anyone that will pay. It’s been that way the last 5 years or so. You need to calm down before you have a heart attack buddy. You are this worked up and your miserable season of losing with no development hasn’t even started yet. Keep writing the checks!
  6. Cry me a river. You are the only dumba$$ that uses their identity on this site. My eldest son was skating, getting ready for the season with a private instructor, it wasn’t 630am but it was before your team took the ice. It was before they banned everyone and anyone from entering camp, after I created this thread. Again, the purpose of this thread was to show what a real money grab is since the term is used very loosely around here. If you didn’t notice this thread has morphed into other things about hockey but you and your extra two A parents keep coming back for more! Why are you so triggered because I called out one of your mom’s now ? Did you have to ask her to join and support the cause ?
  7. That was optional, not mandatory. Look at the roster posted in pgh hockey digest. It’s not the 16s. It’s also kids from the 18s for a combined team. Personally, no way would I take that trip, not just because the cost.
  8. Who the heck did your Lebo team play ??with 18 skaters & two goalies your team fund was $800 ? Did you guys play 80 games ? From my experience AA & AAA team funds are usually in the $300 - 500 range but I haven’t had to pay that recently might have gone up a little.
  9. You are talking this year. Players graduate. We wont know who the real good PIHL teams are until November. You don’t think 2 lines can win ? Look at last years U16pens who were AAA national champions. They ran two lines, in fact two players alone and a good performance by the goalie is what won them the championship game!
  10. Not trying to turn this into an argument. Fully disagree. Look up the roster of those teams from last year you will find half the kids were playing or played the previous year for pens, esmark & Pha. We are not talking bottom feeder pihl teams. I’m talking about the top 2-3 in class aaa and class aa. Im sorry. Pine Richland would have beat anything Pahl U18AA had to offer. Go look up the roster of the team they beat for states if you want to talk depth, that team, lines 1 to 4 all came from high end AAA programs out east. One of their players had a few games in the NAHL (junior titans). There is no kids from or last year playing any High level junior hockey that I am aware of. I’m no fan of PR. They sand bagged and should have been in class aaa (they would have won that). It’s just the facts!
  11. You really can’t cross the hockey rankings between pihl and Pahl. That would be like trying to compare tier 3 juniors vs AAA. Doesn’t line up well. there are a lot of weak teams in pihl, I agreed with that but none of those teams you mentioned would have beat pr, na or Latrobe. Again, depth would hurt more then help the Pahl team. As as I stated above about 50% of the kids on the 3 pihl teams I listed above were playing good AAA or came from AAA and just played school senior season.
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