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  1. The king is correct on USA Hockey.
  2. It’s more pc bs. Let the kids have fun. I’ve seen a game when a team was down 3 in the third the losing teams d made a huge clean hit the kids got fired up banging the boards and tied the game in 5 minutes. That hit and bench celebration changed the momentum of the game!!!
  3. Personally the pha program in terms of hockey & hockey development is awful. I do give those guys credit for fixing that rink up, western pa does not need anymore closing rinks. Pihl has not recovered from airport getting closed. We could use another sheet or two In western pa, the problem is, it’s not very profitable. The island would be gone if rmu didn’t buy it.
  4. Waste of money and time. The only scouts you will see at any of the Boston spring / summer tournaments are prep school guys, if you have the money and your child is half decent they will all take you.
  5. Let’s put the facts out. The national championship 16 team that had the 03s playing up this year only won because the 02s. Go look at the nationals website it still has the stats. In the championship game two 02s won that game on their own for the pens along with the goalie playing out of his mind. The 03 that all this is built around had 0.0 points in 5 games playing with the best 03 in USA hockey. It’s all still posted online but you already know this. As for the kids no longer with ppe next year, none are going to prep school. Do you really think a kid who is one of the top two 03 defenseman at ppe would leave a top 10 program to go play for a dying program like the baron’s ranked in the 80s ? He and the family wanted nothing to do with that place anymore and like the others refused to pay the excel money any longer. Cleveland is the same distance as cranberry for the family.
  6. So you have no kid in the organization yet you know what “said parent” did for 2-3 years ? Your credibility is gone. The kids that left, left due to that place. NONE of them went to prep school btw.
  7. “Said parent” was banned for the original reasons I posted. After said parent was banned there was a team meeting called and the rest of the parents where showed the example made of said parent. Feel free to private message me if you like.
  8. Yes they pulled their kids out. Look how different the 16s roster will be next year. There is a lot of names missing that have been part of the program for years.
  9. My kid wasn’t the one who had his equipment urinated on nor was he one of the kids caught with drugs. The people that have spoken up this year are gone now. Left on their own or pushed out. It was all clearly stated on the post that just happened to vanish. Whrn the head guy in charged worked for the Clinton campaign things dissaiesr quick. Even tax issues with the state.
  10. Told you PPE shuts everything down. Im sure there was influence from them. PB Reply: PPE did not shut down that thread. I shut it down. See my edits above for the "reason". Just like mario buying the hornets because his kid couldn’t make its money equals power. So why why was the 2003 ppe problem removed ? No names were ever used. Paul Baxter even had a comment on the situation. PB Reply: I did and I removed the whole thread thus my post bit the dust too. There's no conspiracy here. Don't know why people are trying to read so much into this.
  11. As noted above I am not a big yuri fan. With that said this situation is just sour grapes by the millionaire daddy that runs the predators 03 team. Who has a son in the team. Two of “his” players went to esmark. There are two other very good players that have not decided where they plan to play next season. millionaire daddy is starting rumors about yuri in the hope these kids will play on his team and not talk with esmark. That is simply the truth of the matter.
  12. Better than expected talent from a few kids outside of that it’s the average aa/aaa looking players. 48 skaters. the 03’s have a lot at tryouts. Just guessing maybe 65 and the talent looks pretty good. The brief time I caught the 04’s it looked like about 25 max. Poor skaters and lower end talent. Probably couldn’t compete against AA for their age.
  13. Camp 1 the kids don’t stay for free. With fees, travel and hotel camp 1 will run you about $600.
  14. Nobody. There is zero scouting there. The evaluation and on ice stuff is done by coaches from ppe & Sylvania.
  15. USA hockey picks up zero cost. The year my son made it to Amherst the entire process with travel probably cost us about $1500
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