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Everything posted by whome87

  1. Oh gee here come the 04 predator parents with their chests pumped out. Let me enlighten you guys on a few things. 1) it was not a invitational. It’s was the harbor center tournament hosted by the junior sabers. Anyone can pay the money to get in. All the top U15 teams were in Chicago, the tier 1 elite invitational or the north east showcase. The harbor center tournament is a fund raiser for the sabers. It’s never been high end. It’s filled with 80% buffalo teams. Do you think ppe would have a tournament and let icemen, esmark, Lebo and predators in it ? Come on. 2) you beat Amherst who is traditionally weak at every age group. You tied the buffalo red raiders. This team was a bad AA team last year and you beat esmark who is now proven to have a crap 04 team. It took them 3 years to finally field that mess. 1-2-1 in pool play with a consolation win vs a local team. Yep you guys are world beaters. 3) all the stats are online. I’ll give the goalie dad credit early. It’s working out for him. Seeing lots of shots. Congratulate the same 3 kids that scored all the points for your team. Come back with your argument when you beat someone that will be ranked above 75.
  2. Lmao team is not legit. Hold the praise until they play a team that is ranked under 100. They just beat butler valley for Christ sake. Icemen 04 is the same money grab. So they won the battle of the suck.
  3. Oh look, another parent from the team. As i stated earlier, even pro hockey players continue to work on their skating in the summers. Look up some of my other posts, I say ppe is the real deal. Sure I think it’s wrong what they are pulling with the school and that guy from the pro team’s kid. You parents from that 04 team really come out in full force!
  4. Someone call the paramedics!! you never knew about this site ? That’s a lie. 99% of the local hockey community knows about it. Your player supposedly has played high level aa and ppe but you’ve never heard of this site 👌🏻 Pro’s still work on their skating in the summers. I’ll tell you who can use some skating lessons, your ENTIRE team. Not one of them have any edge control or lateral speed. Who hides behind a screen name ? 99% of the people that post here! I wouldn’t call it hiding, I would call it not being stupid. I’d be willing to bet your team parents who came in here with anonymous screen names to defend your team are probably saying to each other “can you believe our dumba$$ team manger using his real name and he keeps going back for more! I wish it would just die but he has to keep opening his fat mouth!!!” ( paraphrasing ) 😎 I would be willing to bet the predators come to you soon and ask you to stop posting and shut up.
  5. you and your cronies need to look up reading comprehension. I wasn’t grinding an ax. This thread turned into other discussions about hockey. Cost of AAA hockey and the esmark Russian trip. This thread was dead for a week about your crap team, everyone moved on. $800 is astronomical for a AA team fund that has 20 players. Most tournaments, if you played your cards correctly, you could have got in for half price. Silver sticks is no longer a relevant tournament, they take anyone that will pay. It’s been that way the last 5 years or so. You need to calm down before you have a heart attack buddy. You are this worked up and your miserable season of losing with no development hasn’t even started yet. Keep writing the checks!
  6. Cry me a river. You are the only dumba$$ that uses their identity on this site. My eldest son was skating, getting ready for the season with a private instructor, it wasn’t 630am but it was before your team took the ice. It was before they banned everyone and anyone from entering camp, after I created this thread. Again, the purpose of this thread was to show what a real money grab is since the term is used very loosely around here. If you didn’t notice this thread has morphed into other things about hockey but you and your extra two A parents keep coming back for more! Why are you so triggered because I called out one of your mom’s now ? Did you have to ask her to join and support the cause ?
  7. That was optional, not mandatory. Look at the roster posted in pgh hockey digest. It’s not the 16s. It’s also kids from the 18s for a combined team. Personally, no way would I take that trip, not just because the cost.
  8. Who the heck did your Lebo team play ??with 18 skaters & two goalies your team fund was $800 ? Did you guys play 80 games ? From my experience AA & AAA team funds are usually in the $300 - 500 range but I haven’t had to pay that recently might have gone up a little.
  9. You are talking this year. Players graduate. We wont know who the real good PIHL teams are until November. You don’t think 2 lines can win ? Look at last years U16pens who were AAA national champions. They ran two lines, in fact two players alone and a good performance by the goalie is what won them the championship game!
  10. Not trying to turn this into an argument. Fully disagree. Look up the roster of those teams from last year you will find half the kids were playing or played the previous year for pens, esmark & Pha. We are not talking bottom feeder pihl teams. I’m talking about the top 2-3 in class aaa and class aa. Im sorry. Pine Richland would have beat anything Pahl U18AA had to offer. Go look up the roster of the team they beat for states if you want to talk depth, that team, lines 1 to 4 all came from high end AAA programs out east. One of their players had a few games in the NAHL (junior titans). There is no kids from or last year playing any High level junior hockey that I am aware of. I’m no fan of PR. They sand bagged and should have been in class aaa (they would have won that). It’s just the facts!
  11. You really can’t cross the hockey rankings between pihl and Pahl. That would be like trying to compare tier 3 juniors vs AAA. Doesn’t line up well. there are a lot of weak teams in pihl, I agreed with that but none of those teams you mentioned would have beat pr, na or Latrobe. Again, depth would hurt more then help the Pahl team. As as I stated above about 50% of the kids on the 3 pihl teams I listed above were playing good AAA or came from AAA and just played school senior season.
  12. I also would like to add there is no Pahl AA team that would ever come close to hanging with downington or some of the other school teams out in philly. They play by different rules that’s why the east wins states 90% of the time.
  13. Just like most AAA teams. Most good varsity teams play 3 lines and 2 D pair. Last year Pine Richland, NA, Latrobe, etc would have blown the doors off any Pahl U18 AA teams. There really wasn’t any strong Pahl teams at that age. depth wouldn’t matter much, in fact the Pahl team rolling 4 lines would probably hurt them. The better varsity teams play their top players. The 4th line never sees the ice. I do agree about the goalie stuff. Any team AAA, AA, VARSITY the goalie can be a deciding factor. You yourself just said it above, np aa 18 is most the na varsity team. That np team is the clear early favorite at U18AA and NA is down in talent over its previous years.
  14. Another one of the parents I suppose. Why don’t you read the entire thread. We’ve discussed this at length. This one sounds like a mom! The original intent of the post was to show what a true money grab is. That term gets tossed around everyday. Your team is the definition of a money grab.
  15. Top pihl varsity team’s would beat Pahl U18 AA team’s. Pihl is good hockey accept the A conference. Just look to Pine Richland from last season. The team they beat for states was loaded with kids playing AAA for the junior flyers, virtue hockey etc. top 30 AAA programs. most of the top pihl teams have kids that played AAA and realized the end of the road is near.
  16. 15,16,18 all normally play 20 minute periods with 1 ice cut. There are Some teams I’ve seen in the past that only do 17 minute periods. Regardless, that doesn’t justify much of anything for costs. All “aaa” teams usually have a paid coach. Personally I’ve never been apart of one that didn’t. Refs are different state to state. Club to club. It’s all over the place. I’ve watched games that have had 1 ref 2 liners. 2 refs 2 liners, 2 refs no liners. None of it really justify’s the price going up $1500-$2000 each birth year after 14U.
  17. Are you saying $3800 plus the other funds ? I’m sure the 16’s will cost more. It’s probably the best team they have ever had there. I’ll get to 16s & 18’s cost down below. Using your math it’s $6500 with out travel fees ? I wouldn't doubt that is the price. I was under the assumption all their “aaa” teams are $2800 plus all the other fee’s esmark is normally in the $4000-$5000 range depending on birth year. I don’t know what icemen are but was told last year’s 16s were around $4500. PPE was in the $6000 range but they have switched leagues. I’m not really surprised if predators 16 & 18 are $6500. This is just team fee’s not travel costs listed above for the others. Just a fyi for the younger hockey parents, the cost of “AAA” gets higher and higher as the player gets older. There’s really no justification for it, just the way it is. Ice time nor the amount of games seem to really change much. AAA hockey on the east coast and north east is close to $10000 with out travel. I’m sure Pittsburgh will soon figure that out and continue to raise fees (profit).
  18. Reading comprehension, look it up. You’ve just proved yourself to be one of these younger uneducated hockey parents. So, Yes you do have a “horse in this race”. My oldest did play for the pens, they were not called the pens back then. It was the hornets. Since you don’t know about the hornets, it’s very telling of your experience in Pittsburgh youth hockey. Next time you are at the upmc rink, every player that they show on the walls that “moved” onto bigger things, played for the hornets not PPE. Mario bought the hornets out and started PPE for his son because he couldn’t make the hornets. The predators have a great rep in Pahl, not so much in AAA. The original post was pointing out what a “real money grab” is. Your U15 team is the definition of that. Success at the acha d1 level is defined in different ways because none of these players will have any opportunity to play after college. I consider my eldest’s acha experience a success. He’s still playing hockey on a decent team while he gets his education. He’s having fun. He also gets some money that covers around 1/3rd of his college tuition every year. To me and most importantly him, that is success. Had my eldest never played hockey, the money I would have saved from AAA and junior’s probably would have paid for his 4 years of college with some left over. I don’t have a ax to grind, I’m not delusional. I’ve been through it. I’m not embarrassed to say my son never made it pro. Not sure why you’re taking a shot at Michigan hockey, it’s light years ahead of Pittsburgh.
  19. Here in lies the problem. I don’t blame you for this, it’s sounds like this is your first time through this. Uneducated Hockey Parent my oldest son is not playing ncaa d1 he’s playing acha d1. There is a big difference. You also contradicted yourself. You stated the players on your current predators team played in the Pahl AA championship but then reply that Lebo team is still together. In fact one of the few changes on the Lebo aa team was your son getting cut for the vengeance goalie. Spend your money however you like, it’s yours. I’m just calling out a money grab when I see it. The U15 “AAA” predators are a straight money grab. Plan and simple. On fees you forgot to included the $800 for gold ppe wanna be Helmets & predator gloves. Add in another 3k or so in travel expenses. These players could take half that money and use it on private instruction through out the year that would help develop them much better than getting stomped by mid level aaa teams. If you want your son to see more shots, he definitely will! Hope his confidence doesn’t get broken, I’ve seen that happen to goalies when they let in 8 goals a game because the team in front of them has no business playing at the level they are.
  20. I’m really confused by you. He’s talking about your team.
  21. My oldest son aged out two years ago. He played “AAA” from pw all the way up to tier 3 juniors with a small stint in tier 2 juniors. He played for the hornet’s when Mario took them over. He is now playing acha division 1 college hockey. My other son decided to stop playing travel hockey and will finish out his playing time in pihl varsity hockey . So to answer your question, I’ve seen it all when it comes to youth hockey. I’ve been around the block. I’ve watched countless youth hockey games. I’ve made plenty of friends that have kids scattered at just about every age group. Now that you have my credentials, what are yours ? Going by the name you posted under I’m guessing you are the goalies father. The guy that started this circus for the 04 team. Gary’s buddy. Why was PPE not mentioned ? For starters they have the best coaches in the area. They have professional trainers. They have a professional nutritionist. I could go on. I’m personally not a fan of ppe and what they are pulling with the school but face it. It’s the real deal. Im not angry, I’m a realist. Playing in the 14 u Pahl championship doesn’t mean much, especially when the kids that carried that team are not on your 04 predators team. You have kids that couldn’t make foxes team 1 or team 2. You have kids that played a minor Pahl last year with the aviators. The better kids on the team could not make ppe, esmark or icemen. Most of them tried out at said places. Your team barely had enough skaters at tryouts. If I was told correctly just everyone that tried out made it. It becomes a money grab because the talent to play “aaa” is not there but the predators still fielded a team for the money. Look to esmark, icemen & the vengeance. At certain birth years they didn’t have the talent to field “aaa” teams over the past years. Instead of slapping a team on the ice and taking the dreaming parents money they just didn’t field teams at those birth years. Esmark has been trying to build a 04 team for years but shut it down after tryouts every year until recently. The vengeance knew they didn’t have the talent to field 04 this year so they shut it down. The icemen have also done this in the past and they are what, 5 years old as a club ? Yes, it’s a money grab.
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