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  1. I heard that kid was a 2003 is that true ?
  2. The reason why these teams exist is because local kids used to be able to make pens.Now after U12 they cut all the locals and have kids from all over the place move to play
  3. Lebo is not a faux they are the best U15 team around here besides pens
  4. What has been going on at the preds ? I heard kids are moving up and down from 15u to 16u and they have kids joining in the middle of the season. Is there any truth to this ?
  5. Heard there was a kid from Florida staying with a family on the team so he can play on this U15 “ AAA “ team couldn’t make the AAA team at the Everblades so his family decided to ship him up to this joke
  6. U15 Icemen is ran by the 04 bv parents from last year dw wanted to have a team so he promised all of those parents lots of ice time , There is talented Kids on that team but they are getting benched for the bv kids. Surprised nobody has left yet
  7. They are good but they are only good because 90% of the goals come from 2 players
  8. Scir 05 they have a lot more size then icemen and are a very skilled team
  9. He sure does know a lot about 04 AAA hockey for not having a kid that’s an 04
  10. The preds U15 are definitely a AAA team after beating esmark 4-1 today
  11. I heard there was something going on with a Dad of a 07 that got put on the 06 team
  12. Does anyone know what happened at the renegades/ Alpha Ice tonight ??
  13. How did the 04 vengeance do at the CCM Chicago invitational?
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