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  1. When will these teams be announced? It's mid-July haha.
  2. *Your tribe. @nemesis8679 pot calling the kettle black.
  3. These costs were already inflated prior to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  4. Sure, but I think others are knocking the NCDC's 70-man rosters since 50 of those players will pay to play in the USPHL.
  5. The article says "MYHockey Rankings will continue to collect game scores and calculate performance ratings for 10U/U11 teams. Teams in this age group will even continue to be listed in descending order of rating. However, we are going to discontinue the practice of assigning a numerical ranking to 10U/U11 teams in the United States and Canada." Doesn't seem like much will change at all lol. Honestly, I don't have a problem with MYHockey ranking 10U and 11U teams. Aside from the few annoying parents/coaches that actually care about their team's ranking at that age, most will continue using the rankings to schedule appropriate levels of competition. However, if MYHockey wants to declare this as some "major" announcement to encourage development and education for younger players/parents, list the teams alphabetically like @stickboy and @Danner27 mentioned above.
  6. Pretty sure @hockeyisgreat is trolling haha. 700 posts on this site but keeps saying the same things and asking the same questions.
  7. I've never liked the idea of a split season for National Bound teams. First half of the season ends in October then the team is only back together for a few practices before States/Districts.
  8. Indiana, Johnstown Jets, and Johnstown Warriors have had a few mediocre AA teams over the years. Altoona used to have some powerhouse AA teams before Mid-State was formed.
  9. Which high schools will be participating (or typically participate) in these tournaments?
  10. I assumed @BeaverFalls was referring to the Johnstown Jets (PAHL organization that plays at the Ebensburg rink). https://myhockeyrankings.com/association_info.php?a=2103
  11. Their players might be seeking greener pastures at the independent Appalachian Elite program lol. https://myhockeyrankings.com/association_info.php?a=3287
  12. I'm sorry you had an unfortunate experience, but you're only providing one example. I'll say it again: most legit PAHL AA teams are better than Pittsburgh-area AAA teams, excluding the Pens Elite and a few one-off BYs at other organizations. If all of the top AA and faux AAA teams in Pittsburgh stayed in PAHL, it would be a very competitive league. Not sure that your Walmart analogy applies to Western PA youth hockey lol.
  13. This is such a conceited point of view. Not sure which practices you've been watching but most legit PAHL AA teams are better than Pittsburgh-area AAA teams, excluding the Pens Elite and a few one-off BYs at other organizations. It's been said countless times on this forum, but there's no reason the top AA and faux AAA teams in Pittsburgh can't play in a competitive PAHL division (20 games) and use the remaining 20-30 games on their schedules to travel for tournaments/non-league games.
  14. This doesn't make any sense lol. Those opposed to automatic offsides would also be opposed to the two line pass since both rules were eliminated from the NHL years ago (in addition to most college and junior leagues). Do you think automatic offsides should be reinstated in the NHL then? If it didn't slow down the game (similar to the two line pass), wouldn't automatic offsides still be an existing rule instead of tag up?
  15. Most/all professional, college, and junior leagues have eliminated automatic offsides and use tag up. So what's the purpose of USA Hockey bringing it back? Automatic offsides is certainly unnecessary for 18U/16U and, arguably, for the younger age groups as well.
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