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  1. 5 of their 7 Tournament Bound teams are going to Nationals.
  2. AAA - Peters Township AA - Armstrong A - McDowell D2 - Deer Lakes
  3. Would've been interesting to see how one of the top teams in Western PA stacked up against St. Ignatius.
  4. All of the Peters Twp. scores are listed as 1-0 losses. Did they not participate in the tournament?
  5. Based on the original schedule, I think some scores are missing (Peters Twp. vs. St. Ignatius, Pine-Richland vs. Medina, etc.). Are they posted online?
  6. This thread is officially off the rails lol
  7. These costs were already inflated prior to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  8. I've never liked the idea of a split season for National Bound teams. First half of the season ends in October then the team is only back together for a few practices before States/Districts.
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