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  1. Stronger, smarter, more skilled, better on-ice communication. The hockey IQ and development of Canadian players, especially, is second to none. Since you brought up the NHL, most top tier players (Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin, MacKinnon, etc.) are from Canada and Europe. Kane is probably the only U.S.-born player I'd put in that tier right now -- and his primary focus has always been on offense rather than playing a 200-foot game.
  2. Lol the asinine rules imposed by USA Hockey in recent years (i.e., no checking/delayed offsides until 14U, no icing on PKs until 16U, etc.) only enables the Canadians and Europeans to continue producing better players.
  3. Again, adding the new D1 rink wouldn't take away any of the ice hockey you mentioned.
  4. 50% of their revenue stream? Inline hockey isn't bringing in 50% of ISC's revenues. And the new D1 rink can still be used by amateur/HS ice hockey teams. Lol why does that matter? They'll put the D1 facilities where the new rink is.
  5. I've heard rumors that they're getting rid of the outdoor rinks at ISC and putting in bowl seating for RMU's D1 teams.
  6. Not petitioning, just responding to other posts and stating my opinions. This doesn't make any sense haha. All I've said is that faux-AAA teams should play Tier II because it would make PAHL much more competitive and legitimize Pittsburgh's AAA landscape. The onus should be on parents to make good decisions, but many Western PA hockey parents are uneducated and/or misinformed. That's why we post in this forum.
  7. PHA is probably the biggest faux-AAA organization in Pittsburgh. At least some of their teams are playing at the AA level, but they should all be in PAHL -- would make it a much more competitive league.
  8. Lol @The King must have one hell of a resume! Only qualified person on the entire forum.
  9. But their weight room in the back corner must attract high quality players!
  10. And the PHA takeover of BVYHA/Frozen Pond is complete.
  11. Yes, that's why I disagreed with @Hockey1 referring to the Jr. Bulldogs as a Prep team. Then you said I'm spewing incorrect info?
  12. Lol dude. You just said "By definition, a Prep team IS comprised of players that all attend the school for which the team is NAMED" a few posts ago. None of the teams you mentioned are affiliated with/named after NE prep schools. Yeah, I was saying that the Jr. Bulldogs aren't associated with Yale University or any high schools. I'll spell it out for you next time.
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