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  1. Maybe I should give you lessons on how to spell, since that is not your strong suit.
  2. When you have to quote your resume you know you've already lost.
  3. Looks like another Montour parent just joined the fray as a new member of this forum - damn, scandal sure breeds new recruits. I wonder if this individual will come with the "I am not a Montour parent and have no skin in the game" reply.
  4. For Tier 2 U18 Mt. Lebo is probably the favorite while at U16 its seems to be pretty competitive with Allegheny Ind, NP and SCIR as the top three contenders. If NP advances this will be the second time in three years they would advance to nationals. For Tier 1 - the big question is how many at-large bids will underachieving PPE teams get once they are eliminated at MidAms?
  5. While PIHL determines the fate of the Montour Varsity team for this season, I thought it would be a good idea to add a little levity and start a new thread for MidAms as they begin next week. Some of the local teams in Tier 1 other than PPE have a good shot at advancing to natty's. But in viewing their ever-so advanced website from the 1980’s, it’s clear the one who writes for this site can’t spell a lick. I guess the Word Processor they use to create these pages does not have spell check. Yikes.
  6. Hey @Hoxkeydad and I quote - “BTW I’m not a Montour parent and do not live in district.” Are you still sticking with this statement?
  7. The next time a AAA coach encourages their players to play HS hockey will be the first. Then again the stink from this Montour situation has an entirely different odor.
  8. So in light of this, maybe PIHL should send out a questionnaire to all teams so they can request days and times they want to play? How about creating a grid like a Super Bowl pool and teams can fill in the squares that best fits their needs for days and times. That is absurd. If they do not have enough players to field two teams, then field only one. It was noted on this thread other schools made-do with one goalie, and some schools only fielded one team. As of today, there appears to be two goalies rostered for Montour Varsity and both are freshmen. That is unless, according to the current roster they added a third goalie named "Team Bench, #0."
  9. Props to the hockey community as the GoFundMe is now over $50K for the Texter family. https://www.gofundme.com/f/in-honor-of-tim-tex-texter
  10. What you will get from me is insight on my own experiences while not claiming I know everything based on those experiences. Circumstances are different for each kid - I had two that played at a high level and each was a completely different set of circumstances, and it is up to them to find the best fit based on their needs and not from some loudmouth know-it-all on a hockey forum claiming to know everything about everything. Again, your assumptions are incorrect and your reading comprehension needs work - I never mentioned SHAHA until after you brought it up so for you to say I am always championing that team is a load of crap. You are moving the goalposts and combining comments from other threads onto this one to try and make some kind of point. Thud. Nor do I have a kid that plays there nor am I involved there, but I find it interesting to see teams of all local kids beat a team that recruits heavily out of state that is labeled "elite." Backhanded insults? I cannot speak for @Law but he may like a word, as all you did was hurl insults and opinions not based on fact towards him. Adios.
  11. Sorry bro, you are wrong so much of the time it's laughable. I have no skin in the SHAHA game nor did I mention it here, yet you said so yourself this is a thread about "College club hockey" yet you bring up Printscape, SHAHA and the team falling apart on said "College club hockey" thread. The self-own here is priceless.
  12. Angry much? And you are telling others to calm down? It's called a mirror - check one out sometime. I know I know - your kids played PPE and Esmark, as told here ad nauseam about a hundred times on this forum. When everyone else around you is bored to death from your on and on insightful takes and knowledge, how long before they just run for the hills and when they do, do you seek out the nearest wall and bore it to death? Good god man, get a life. And as a PSA for those that really want to seek the expertise and wisdom of Danner and to help the many that are as bored of him as I am, simply DM him and spare us the headache of having to see his rants. You can meet for coffee and he can tell you all about the glory days of hockey, when his kids played, what his position was at the local beer league and how many points he averaged per game. Riveting, can't miss stuff I am sure.
  13. Maybe a parent from the U18, 2006, 2007 or 2008 teams can comment on travel costs. Two trips to MN, one to NE, one to FL and numerous away games in NJ, MA, IL and MI adds up to a ton of money for travel, airfare, meals, etc. My guess all in with tuition and travel a season could be $20K or more.
  14. Wait, the dude posting is not Yuri? I guess we have a George Santos on our hands.
  15. I disagree. The drive to Southpointe for most is an easy hop onto I79, and far easier to get to during rush hour or snowy days vs going to Mt. Lebo or YMCA in Bethel. And if the coaching is solid, to borrow a line from James Earl Jones - "people will come." Restaurant and bar on site - what's not to like compared to the dump that is PIA.
  16. You never said "PAHL rankings" as I never thought there was such a thing. PAHL standings exist yes, PAHL rankings there is no such thing. Time to move on.
  17. Really? https://myhockeyrankings.com/association_info.php?a=1017&y=2022
  18. I am not familiar with SCIR's mite program however I do know NP's is one of the better ones out there for anyone that is interested. In years past Neville was the go-to with regards to Mites and NP has done a great job in building their mite / in-house programs.
  19. Actually SCIR added two teams this year for a total of 19 compared to 17 teams in 2021-22 and 2020-21.
  20. True. Preds AAA Tier 1 teams are currently ranked nationally as follows: U18 - 107th out of 127 teams. U16 - 107th out of 123 teams. U15 - 103rd out of 115 teams. 2008 - 79th out of 113 teams 2009 - 77th. I would love to hear from those that have kids on any of these teams and provide some insight as to their level of satisfaction.
  21. And leads the team in penalty minutes……by a lot. Shocking.
  22. LOL I knew the chum I threw out there was good but underestimated how many would be circling to feed. Oh, and yesterday at UPMC I saw a Chevy Suburban with a Lil 66'ers Elite sticker on the back window. Yikes.
  23. Feeling like getting back onto the original topic with some fresh chum. Did the SHAHA 06 team beat Pens Elite again over the past weekend? Short answer is yes and they are still ranked in the top 20. Not bad for a lowly South Hills program with a roster of local kids.
  24. Little League Baseball has adopted the USA Hockey model of stations where players are completing different tasks at different stations, then rotating every 5-10 minutes. Fungos in one area, grounders in another, BP, fly balls, running bases.......kids at this age are known for kicking daisies in the outfield and making dust clouds on the dirt infield when they are bored. If kids are standing around at a Mite practice that is a major problem and the fault lies with the coaches on the ice - kids that age have the attention span of a gnat. Keep the kids engaged and moving around should fix that problem.
  25. Word is these clowns still use fax machines.......no, I am not kidding. That is all you need to know about progress and innovation / lack thereof going on here.
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