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  1. I never said anything about Icemen or Preds - SHAHA and Vengeance made Midams at 06 this season and the season prior at a fraction of the cost of the PPE spend. PPE develops players? In what way exactly? Are they really developing a kid that joined the team that played in FL or CA through Bantams? And I cannot seem to find any data on former PPE kids making NHL rosters while parents pay $120K+ for four years of NC high school, Excel and PPE fees. That is equal to two years tuition at a top university, or some pretty nice cars for said players to tool around in around Cranberry. But I guess it is worth it as long as they are "developed players." Respectfully, I disagree so I will leave it at that.
  2. "Yes PPE might have failed at nationals but they still went."...........two at-large berths for U15 and U16 with nothing to show for it other than a participation trophy. Both went 1-2. And U18 never left Pittsburgh and U14 went 2-2. So I guess "we still went to nationals" is now the new tagline for PPE to hold over the "faux AAA" teams? lol
  3. U18's, 06's and 08's for Esmark still going on. Anyone been at those tryouts that can comment on the turnout, etc? PPE U15, U16 and U18 are done - my guess is the contingent of western PA skaters shrunk yet again for the sake of adding out of town players. Call the other AAA teams "faux" all you want - all PPE teams did nothing at Nationals this past season and to my knowledge none of the boys teams made it out of pool play, particularly two teams that were gifted an at-large berth. All of this can be had for the low low price of $30K+ a year while dictating where your kid goes to high school.
  4. They have removed 06 tryout dates and times from their website, and those that had registered for tryouts received an email they were not fielding a team and that tryout fees would be refunded. https://www.vengeancehockey.com
  5. Which would leave only 2-3 from Pittsburgh remaining on that team ( not counting the 07 if he plays up ) ....... ( edited from my original post indicating there was only one local kid remaining on 06 PPP )
  6. Do not be so naive to think this does not happen at other levels ( and other sports ), as some of the top AA teams already have 75% or more of their roster locked in with returning players. Do you honestly think a kid that was on said AA team the prior year, had a good season and did just OK at tryouts that his spot would be in jeopardy? If a coach has coached a kid prior and has good history with that player, nothing earth-shattering will come from three one-hr tryout slots. At the AAA level organizations get a preview of what is coming at tryouts with those "invite only" open skates, and if the coach likes what he sees he connects with that kid with an offer to commit. Whether you like the process or not, that is the process.
  7. Now that the 06 Vengeance is no longer, things just got a little more interesting for this BY.
  8. Verified. Those that registered for tryouts received an email that they will not have an 06 team. The tryout dates / times have been removed from their website.
  9. It appears PPE, Esmark, SHAHA, Vengeance and Preds 06's ( am I missing any? ) all have AAA tryouts overlapping each other at some point which makes it somewhat difficult for any player to tryout for two teams if cut from one. That being the case, this could potentially strengthen some of the local AA teams with players looking for a home that do not make their desired team. Or is AA beneath them - meaning AA is unacceptable for all of those parents?
  10. @Clonbur We get it - you have an axe to grind with the board and I think at this point, you have grinded that axe down to a nub. Kinda like Andy Dufrain did with that rock hammer of his when tunneling out of Shawshank prison. I think it is time to let it go and move on - this is getting really old.
  11. The 05's probably would not have had the record they had in Tier 2 if they played a Tier 1 schedule, so that makes no sense.
  12. Key words "if they were smart" Renegades U16 were up 2-0 in the final last time I looked.
  13. 06 Viper Stars expected to be placed in PAHL AA U16 for this past season. They were designated A Major Black based on the placement games. They declined, went independent AA and ended up 13-28 for the season. Read into this what you will.
  14. I am unaware of the format for Nationals at the HS level, so does anyone know why / how Bishop Canavin was placed and not other higher quality local HS teams? Was it because of the timing of the Penguins Cup? They had a rough showing and went 0-3 with GF / GA of 3-14. https://nationals.usahockey.com/2022highschooldivisionii
  15. I was referring to head coaches but if what you say is true, I stand corrected.
  16. To avoid any "conflict of interest" yes there are dad coaches at PPE, however they do not coach their own kids and are assigned to other PPE teams........like that matters. Something tells me the sons of coaches have their golden ticket. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/news_article/show/1144351
  17. Interesting to see who has been chosen for the 2022 NTDP Camp roster - lots of kids from MN, one local kid that plays for BK and a Barons kid………hmmm, what’s missing? Any guesses? https://www.usahockeyntdp.com/news_article/show/1213813-2022-ntdp-evaluation-camp-roster-announced
  18. Appreciate the updates you provide, however they appear choppy on a computer screen - especially when viewing from a phone. Merely a suggestion - load the data into a spreadsheet and take a screenshot of it or attach as an Excel file. Again, only a suggestion and thanks again for the updates.
  19. He used to play for PPE Gold and it is my understanding he and others were demoted to the Black team after the 2018 season ( when they had black and gold teams ) to make way for out of state players - word is he and others declined the Black placement and moved on. Check out this roster - it is a "who's who" of players let go by PPE in favor of non-local talent, and most are doing just fine away from PPE. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/roster/show/3381888?subseason=402512
  20. Thanks - prior to this update the website said schedules would be posted March 10th.
  21. Nationals are two weeks away so there is no way USA Hockey is waiting to notify teams that got at-large bids due to travel considerations. I would bet those that got at-large bids know already.
  22. Has anyone been able to find the schedule for Tier 1 Nationals which includes the teams that received at-large bids? The USA Hockey website, shocking I know, does not have anything. Is it safe to assume since PPE's only team to win MidAms was U14, that the U15, U16 and U18 teams will get at-large bids?
  23. Do we really want to go down this path? I don't.
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