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  1. Read everything jerkoff, it is called sarcasm
  2. Nope. They All wore them. Unless you show hotel, restaurant, and gas receipts you weren't there.
  3. Let's meet in person and discuss the topic.
  4. CONFESS! LIES! You are a douche. Go suck off the pediatrician in drag.
  5. I guess Co-Ops don't count as real teams? I don't see any in there. I think Canavin won a few state championships.
  6. They must have been COMPLETELY different, or you are just lying to support your narrative.
  7. Like I said, they wore them like extra chin straps. So, in reality, they didn't wear masks on their face.
  8. In Michigan this year....kids wore them as extra chin straps, just to have them "on"
  9. You are an idiot. I doubt you have friends.
  10. If you go by that rule, arenas with more than one sheet would have to shut down the second. After all it is under one roof. It's all people trying to flex and be in charge of other people's lives. I hope the people pushing this issue go broke.
  11. It wasn't open ended. Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. You couldn't answer. Name some of the corruption instead of, as you say, creating false narratives. I'm sure that there has been, just don't believe you know anything about it.
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