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  1. RMU use to host it back in early 2000's. and it was filled to the gills( more fans then an actual RMU D1 hockey game)... it outgrew that venue and they moved it. But they did an amazing job for the fan experience and the players as well
  2. I have none, seemed like you where talking them up like their actually going to make penguin cup.....
  3. No need to scores sheet and live barn show all. Started season playing subpar teams and just getting by. Met TJ last week went up 3 caught TJ sleeping. TJ woke up in the second and from there on out wasn't even a game..... So yea. they are not very good just another average team at best
  4. With them moving the game to UPMC for Mars, I sure hope they can pull out their first win of the season with all the extra support!!!!! IM pulling for the win on Monday , and they SHOULD be able to get the win against a weak team
  5. still trying to save a dead in the water team with very little community backing? Give up even if it would be saved once you burn through the money raised it will be in the same place.
  6. AA is deff weak for sure the top teams moved up and the bottom feeders dropped to class A. AA is a 2-3 division race
  7. bc NOT EVERYONE is a winner.... it SHOULD be top 4
  8. correct top 6 bc mid am needs that extra money !!! but should only be top 4 bc the 5 and 6 normally struggle come districts anyways
  9. IF a team isnt in the top 50 in tier1 then face the facts. your not AAA. bc at or around 45-50 is when the top AA teams ranking numbers are better then tier 1.
  10. just goes to show how BAD preds are, yes pens did well and they played REAL AAA teams, Lebo isnt AAA stop smoking crack, they played in the AA division I bet w wanna be AAA teams
  11. NO need for a squirt or even peewee to be playing that many games, then you wonder why when those BY are older that no ones getting drafted in tier 1 Jrs or Nahl. they've already skimped on development with to many games and not enough practices.
  12. that's bc the older kids parents see the bullshit in the the excel program..... of course the younger has the waiting, bc they are drinking the kool aid.
  13. anything below acha d1 is just travel beer league with a high price tag
  14. NO PAHL AA, or Pittsburgh High School kid is even getting a chance at a top 25 ACHA D1 playing PAHL or Pgh High School, go look at Liberty roster.
  15. NAHL is a fantastic league. NAPHL and the NA3 are terrible hockey, those 2 leagues fund the NAHL.
  16. ncdc isnt pay to play, maybe the mentioned player was on a premier team then paying yes button ncdc
  17. tender means nothing but the team owns your rights now.....and you get an invite to main camp ( which about .01 of remark kids actually make). facts are facts dont go by the smoke screen Yuri or Dave tell you.... do some DD and you will see for your self
  18. very true ive said it before. Esmark acts all high and mighty with their tenders.... in the last 5-6 seasons 2 yes 2 made nahl teams a goalie and a forward who now has a D1 scholarship!!!!! every other one never sniffed the roster at all and was cut in camp. So those tenders really mean nothing
  19. well first rankings are out... AND the preds are at the bottom in every ranking at u15-18( the only BY that rankings really mean anything
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