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  1. Exactly. I know MHR takes flak for the chest-thumping parents who just focus on which team is above who. But, those rankings are a real godsend for any diligent coach or manager trying to find appropriate competition. Even among teams well below the top 50, there is a considerable range of talent and MHR can help a lot in figuring the schedule out. Do not get rid of the rankings because of idiots.
  2. How are the 16U AAA teams stacking up this year against each other?
  3. Is there one birth year you are specifically referring to here?
  4. I didn't know he was fighting cancer. Rest in peace, condolences to the family.
  5. This is basically the Canadian system - no athletic scholarships. It's a big reason why the junior hockey leagues in Canada flourished as the feeder system to the pros, rather than Canadian university hockey. American college athletics is pretty entrenched but I guess if they removed D1 scholarships, you might eventually see non-academic developmental leagues become the main path to the pros for the top athletes.
  6. So, no delayed offsides at 18U and 16U even though these kids may also be playing high school and have delayed offsides?
  7. Just clarifying, so there will be an 05 Icemen team this year? Are they carding tier 1 or 2?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Regardless of one's stance on player development at PPE, this is pretty sobering information for parents of kids getting started in the program.
  9. I'm curious about the statement that local kids were cut for out of town kids regarding this year. 15u, 16u and 18u had their tryouts last week. Does anyone have a more definitive (or at least approximate) number on how many new kids from out of state made those midget teams?
  10. I decided to stick this in here rather than start a new thread. MidAm development camp for 2004s and 2005s held this past weekend in Sylvania. 10 2005s going on to Team USA main camp: 6 forwards, 3 defense, 1 goalie. 5 of the 10 total from PPE, none from other Pittsburgh teams. (I do not have a kid on PPE, just stating the numbers) 10 2004s going: 5 forwards, 3 defense, 2 goalies. I don't know this birth year as well and I'm too lazy to look up their teams. Link: https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/4649558-home
  11. As an interested outsider, I'm just curious for how many 16u independent teams there will be. I think I saw tryouts for the following that were at least listed as AAA: Pens, Esmark, Predators, Mt. Lebanon, Icemen, Vengeance Wow, that's a lot - are there enough kids for 6 non-PAHL teams? Plus, I imagine Steel City will be a strong AA team again that plays low-end AAA tourneys.
  12. I can see both sides of the tryout timing. When I was growing up, tryouts were always in the fall right before season kick-off. There was always a surprise or two, some kid who grew a foot or put on 20 pounds of muscle over the summer. It may have been wishful thinking, but it felt like tryouts were more wide open with more spots up for grabs. Now, the system is set up more for the status quo. Coaches know going into spring tryouts who they want to keep from their team, who are the bubble kids. Everything is fresh in their mind. But, as others mentioned, I think the advantage of having spring tryouts are really two-fold: 1) families don't have to deal with the arms race all summer of having to do all these summer skates to keep your spot; 2) coaches can use the time for the odd team gathering to start team gelling but with less stress than the pre-tryout skates. I think we are past the point of no return and it actually would be worse to go back to fall tryouts now, even though I liked it as a kid.
  13. Agree with the OP. With respect to whether your kid should play for a 'faux AAA team' versus a comparable PAHL AA team: if you are choosing the former just because of the third 'A', you are making the decision using the wrong criteria - it may work out, and it may not. But, if you are choosing to play on that team because you like the coach, you feel it is a good fit for your kid, the other players and families seem good, then you are likely making an informed decision and the odds of it working out are greatly increased.
  14. I mentioned the small area games as the best way to increase hockey IQ, and it's true that many teams follow the same model (and they should!) and employ these during practices. An inference of my post above, which Saucey picked up on, is that kids in northern areas of the continent have the advantage of just so much more time to participate in these small area games on an unorganized level. Whereas kids in WPA/OH, etc may get 15 minutes of this every practice, there's kids up north that might spend hours a week playing these games on outdoor rinks. I grew up in Northern Ontario, lived on a river and myself and the neighborhood kids probably met on the shared rink we had at least 5 times a week, playing shinny hockey from when we got home from school until late at night. You can't replicate that here. I guess when I hear people complain about the ADM model as to why the kids in this area don't develop hockey IQ, I don't really agree. I personally think the ADM is good and maximizes development with respect to the amount of icetime that is available. I think the bigger difference is that kids here don't have access to near unlimited free outdoor ice where they can try whatever moves they want, with little adult instruction, and figure out for themselves what works and what doesn't. Just my opinion as a Canadian now living in the US
  15. There is nothing that teaches hockey IQ like small area games, even just something as simple as cross-ice 3 vs 3 hockey. When I was coaching, we'd run a variation of 3 v 3 cross-ice to end almost every practice. Small-area games are basically what is played on the ponds many winter weekends across Northern Canada and Minnesota, and that is where kids develop and hone their creativity and instincts.
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