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  1. Any comment @RedRidingHood ? {insert sound of crickets here}
  2. I found it on Livebarn. RMU. Stadium Rink, 11-30-19, 6:40pm.
  3. Hey @RedRidingHood, how nice you jump on here and make your first post and attempt to defend teams for running up the score. I will question the character of any coach or team who runs up the score, period. That is my first amendment right, in case you didn't realize it. I gave one VERY SPECIFIC exception to running up the score. Here is my exception in more detail: Say you're team is in at tourney and the tie breaker for you to make the playoffs is coming down to goal differential. And you know you need a +4 in this game to win. So here we are in the 3rd period and you're team is up 3-0. I would have no problem with the final score being 6-0, or even 8-0. But that's about where my exception would end. And mostly what I am talking about is integrity and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Good sportsmanship, otherwise known as the "unwritten rules of the game", which apparently you don't have a clue about. It's also about trying to minimize bad blood, brawls and parent fights due to the coach rolling up the score. You on the other hand want to defend teams who roll up 17-0, 17-1 scores and their top players are still scoring in the 3rd period. You are free to do that but I have no idea why you'd waste your time coming on here to defend such a ridiculous stance. I'm glad my kids played hockey for coaches with integrity and class, and never rolled up the score - when some of their teams certainly could have. We're just glad the game ended safely and we got the win.
  4. @PeterThePuck I will have to agree with you to some extent... I don't know the USA Hockey rulebook though and I am not sure about coaches on the ice to break up things even though the game is over. The security was awful / non existent until a police officer walked into the stands several minutes later after people had already started to walk out. The penalties on the scoresheet did not accurately represent the on-ice actions. The 10 minute match penalty on Plum #14 for "holding" was a bit ridiculous as both him and 97 should have just got 5 & games. But what the heck do I know. Singling out #14 and him having to get a hearing when there were plenty of other things going on that was worse than the 14/97 incident is a stretch. Most HS games have a police officer on hand or a well marked armed security guard present. The Moon dad (presumably) on the ice giving the finger to the Plum parents could have resulted in a big brawl... I thought he was going to go after a Plum player. The refs (and better yet rink security) should have immediately gone to get that guy off the ice.
  5. Regarding the cross-post of Norwin VS. Sewickley 17-0 debacle. Over many years in this sport, I've seen scores get rolled up a few times, but never to that extent. I can't recall one time where the coach of one of our teams (up big), didn't go to "no shots" or similar in the third period to get out of the game. That is in both PIHL and PAHL games, boys and girls games both. On the other hand I have been part of games in which we were down something like 5-0 or 6-0, or 8-1 in the third and the other team kept trying to score right up to the buzzer. The last time this happened (around 2015) it caused a brawl at the end of the game (for 13 year olds). That game has previously been discussed on these forums. Read that thread here I have a very low regard for any coach (our team or otherwise) who when their team is up big, allows their team to try and score right up to the buzzer. The only exception to that for me, is if we're in some sort of a tourney where goal difference is going to be the deciding factor for the team trying to keep scoring. In general I think it's poor sportsmanship.
  6. The dad who walked out on the ice should have been arrested. What an idiot.
  7. Need the date/time/rink of this game, want to check it out on Livebarn…
  8. Either team (or anyone for that matter) can report a score into MHR. There is no limit to who submits the score.
  9. Wow that is a crisis if they have to go this route... what a mess.
  10. On the LIGHTER side of things, I think Peewees & Bantams (12u and 14u) are going to have the peak # of players at tryouts and thus are the "toughest" to make the top team at any given organization. 16u the player count drops and 18u it drops even more. So I'm past that "peak" of worrying about tryouts Plus, I don't even need to go to tryouts anymore since my kids can both drive
  11. Let's not forget that it's up to the kids (at least in my perspective - as to what they want to do sports-wise. I NEVER forced either of my kids to play one sport or another. They are the ones that picked ice hockey, and they both played ball hockey when not playing ice hockey. My daughter is a good swimmer but the high school team wouldn't take her because she couldn't be at 100% of the school practices. So she quit the swimming team. At least with ball hockey they are still running around a lot and keeping in shape. I can't force them to play basketball or volleyball, etc.
  12. For young kids (8-10), and if they are committed to playing goalie, weekly goalie lessons are a great idea. Our son did this when he started 10 years ago and it has made a lot of difference in his ability in his older years... but your player has to be committed and willing to learn and sweat. We spent a lot of time driving to Harmarville in his early years but it was worth it for him. He still does lessons to fine tune his skills (now in Midgets).
  13. There is no delay in the buzzer at New Ken. When the clock hits 0:00 the horn sounds. It's not a goal when the puck enters the net 3 seconds later. Most scoreboards are computer driven and hooked to an electric buzzer, not an air horn that needs to spool up. We had video of the whole thing but the play is a judgement call by the refs and no matter how clear the video is, that point would have never been reversed.
  14. One questionable placement is at 18u group 3 (a minor). Allegheny won both their games against group 3 teams by at least 4 goals yet they stayed in group 3. in fact I don’t see many changes if any at 18u from the pre-placement groups.
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