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  1. Its going to get real ugly financially for states like PA that did these illegal shutdowns... big lawsuits a comin'
  2. Does anyone have the official placements for all the PAHL divisions? I have yet to see them... Please post a PDF if you have it. Thanks!
  3. As far as I know, Mid-am and the PAHL have done jack-$hit at the State level. No idea what the people in these ORGs do, but either they are keeping all their efforts a secret, or they aren't doing anything. If it wasn't for people like me leaking out stuff about the PAHL, we would know ZERO about what is going on. So glad only 1 year left of amateur hockey.
  4. Already there is a push by local teams to go play tourneys in Ohio due to whats happening here in WPA. If the PAHL shuts down, this will probably happen big time. At that point, not sure how much people will care about the games being under MIDAM and usa hockey. It will be a fiasco.
  5. The PAHL is highly influenced by Darcee. I seriously doubt that she will go against Wolf, instead of fighting it. I really don't have a good feeling about playing PAHL games until 1/1 Hopefully I'm wrong on this.
  6. No, although I would be willing to look into that and they may be playing in some of the tourneys we are looking to play in. ours are tourneys run by a major tourney company looking to fill their tourneys.
  7. Looking for 1 to 3 AA or AAA forwards who would like to play in a tourney in the Cleveland area Sept. 11-13 at the 18uAA level. Roughly $70/pp + hotel on your own or share with a buddy. Direct message me ASAP. NO COMMITMENT NEEDED- independent / tourneys only - just want to play some hockey!!!
  8. Another not surprising headline New Study Argues COVID Herd Immunity May Have Already Been Reached in Some Regions of US https://www.westernjournal.com/new-study-argues-covid-herd-immunity-may-already-reached-regions-us/ this is the PRIMARY reason we should have never locked down in the first place. Humans have survived viruses for the 200,000 years that they’ve been on earth. Until this year we’ve never tried to resist herd immunity until our states were shut down and we were forced into self quarantine which is opposite and holds back herd immunity
  9. This is shocking but NOT surprising This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Other Other Serious Illnesses further proof that we’ve all been duped and the liberals continue to lock down their states unnecessarily. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/shock-report-week-cdc-quietly-updated-covid-19-numbers-9210-americans-died-covid-19-alone-rest-serious-illnesses/
  10. During the meeting at Center Ice, I’m fairly sure I saw Darcee there but didn’t see her approach or talk to any of the state reps that were there. I could be wrong and I wasn’t there just to watch her, but I sure believe things would have been a bit more positive had she stood up there with the reps / senators and talked about how hard the Pahl is trying to play with full rosters. Instead it was >crickets<. i haven’t read anywhere where the Pahl is asking to meet with state reps/senators and tell them how many kids this is affecting of hockey is blocked... and how many rinks wi
  11. Sorry but I am dropping off our cable boxes on Monday. I know that breaks your heart. And to correct you, the antifa and BLM stuff put me over the top. Anyone who wants to burn down and destroy the country isn’t a buddy of mine. Crap Er Nick started the downward spiral of the nfl and they will continue to plummet this year too. pro sports teams aren’t learning the lesson that they need to stay out of politics or they’re losing their audience.
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