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  1. Wow that is a crisis if they have to go this route... what a mess.
  2. On the LIGHTER side of things, I think Peewees & Bantams (12u and 14u) are going to have the peak # of players at tryouts and thus are the "toughest" to make the top team at any given organization. 16u the player count drops and 18u it drops even more. So I'm past that "peak" of worrying about tryouts Plus, I don't even need to go to tryouts anymore since my kids can both drive
  3. Let's not forget that it's up to the kids (at least in my perspective - as to what they want to do sports-wise. I NEVER forced either of my kids to play one sport or another. They are the ones that picked ice hockey, and they both played ball hockey when not playing ice hockey. My daughter is a good swimmer but the high school team wouldn't take her because she couldn't be at 100% of the school practices. So she quit the swimming team. At least with ball hockey they are still running around a lot and keeping in shape. I can't force them to play basketball or volleyball, etc.
  4. For young kids (8-10), and if they are committed to playing goalie, weekly goalie lessons are a great idea. Our son did this when he started 10 years ago and it has made a lot of difference in his ability in his older years... but your player has to be committed and willing to learn and sweat. We spent a lot of time driving to Harmarville in his early years but it was worth it for him. He still does lessons to fine tune his skills (now in Midgets).
  5. There is no delay in the buzzer at New Ken. When the clock hits 0:00 the horn sounds. It's not a goal when the puck enters the net 3 seconds later. Most scoreboards are computer driven and hooked to an electric buzzer, not an air horn that needs to spool up. We had video of the whole thing but the play is a judgement call by the refs and no matter how clear the video is, that point would have never been reversed.
  6. One questionable placement is at 18u group 3 (a minor). Allegheny won both their games against group 3 teams by at least 4 goals yet they stayed in group 3. in fact I don’t see many changes if any at 18u from the pre-placement groups.
  7. Not playing for the cup, smarta$$. Just regular PAHL games where I expect a "close to" USA HOCKEY standard of officiating. Not a bunch of old farts standing around doing nothing and calling a goal after the horn. So I presume from your quote that you're ok with the refs let 12 year olds fight on the ice? Who exactly do you want to break that up or shall they just brawl until everyone is bloody and injured? Most seasons, if your team plays 20 PAHL games with 20 different crews, you're likely to have 20 different ways the game is called. That is not consistency.
  8. 1st story from ~3 years ago. @ New Kensington Home game for our team. Our team was winning (I believe 3-2). During the final few seconds the puck is in our zone. Horn blows. Other team scores (literally) about 3 seconds after the horn. Ref adamantly waves "GOAL"!! So the visiting team ties us on a goal scored AFTER the final horn. I am working the scoresheet and sitting at center ice in the box and I could clearly see the puck wasn't in when the horn blew - from 90 feet away! Ref and coach have a big argument. Ref says that "there is a delay for the horn to sound after the clock hits zero and the horn sounds after it hits zero". So in the ref's mind the game WASN'T OVER until the HORN blew, not when the clock hit 0:00. We watch the livebarn video. Clear as day goal you can see the clock go to 0:00, horn blows right at 0:00 and puck goes in 3-4 seconds later. No matter, lost that win due to that officiating crew. No repercussions for that crew for blowing a win for our team. 2nd Story from ~5-6 years ago also @ New Kensington I believe we were first year bantams and played an early season game against a far superior Altoona team. They blew our team out, probably like 10-0. To show how much class Altoona had (at that time), they didn't call off the dogs and kept trying to score right up to the final buzzer. In fact at the buzzer they're in our zone and trying to whack the puck into our net and on top of our goalie. Horn sounds. Our players shove the altoona kids away from our goalie. The altoona kids don't like that and a melee breaks out in our zone and all the players have exited the benches and head to our zone for the fight. What do the refs do? They skate to the center ice at the scorers box and watch the melee ensue. I won't name names but these were two of the most very senior refs at New Ken at the time. So our parents are yelling at the refs to go break up the fight (refs are standing around). Instead of the ref's breaking up the fight one of them skates over to the HOME fans and has words with one of the female parents (while the fight is going on). The mom is yelling at him to go break up the fight. Ref says something like "don't tell me how to do my job!" Parents yell back "Go stop the fight so that nobody gets hurt you dumbass!" So what does the ref do? Does he go break up the fight? NO! He throws one of the mom's out for questioning why he's not breaking up the fight. Then he calls the police on her. it was up to the coaches and managers to break up that fight as the refs barely lifted a finger to stop it - and these were 12 year olds! Heck if those would have been midgets I guess that crew would have grabbed a 6 pack and downed a few while watching the fight.
  9. @Ref33 Very rarely, we do get a crew who calls the game well and doesn't call ticky-tack crap on one team or another and calls it square. RARELY. I do give props when it's due, unfortunately though, about 80% of the games don't fall into that category, especially at the 16 & 18 AA levels. Why is it that goalies are allowed to be whacked/slashed/piled upon but basically NEVER does the attacking team gets called for that? In around 25 years of youth hockey, I have seen ONE penalty called against the attacking team and that was when a player skated in and after the whistle "iced" the goalie. But I am still waiting to see a slashing or roughing call to be assessed for whacking the goalie's glove after the play has been blown dead.
  10. My player is on an 18uAA team and the kids are big and they fly around at that level. The refs pretty much let all late hits go, unless they involve a hit to the head or the player is injured. I can't tell you the last time I saw a penalty called on a "late hit" -- the times players get hit who release the puck and take a hit 2+ seconds later - while the puck is now nowhere near the hit.
  11. I know that pretty much everywhere is suffering from a lack of refs in general, but here we are 2 placement games done and the officiating was sub-par in both games. I will not go as far as to say the refs blew the game, but the officiating is so damn inconsistent, from ref to ref, building to building, and call to call. One headshot in the game is a 2&10. Next one is a 2. Next time a few players are scuffling it's 2&10's for both. Then the next time it's 2. Can we have some consistency here!! Is it that damn hard to call a game even? Also, why is it that when there is a flurry around the net and the goalie gets whacked several times and/or piled on and his teammates come to his defense and shove the other team away, that the goalie's team always gets penalized. I swear there is a rule that "the first whacks on a goalie are always free" and when your team defends the goalie - they're penalized. There's nothing to stop the other team from whacking the goalie repeatedly during each front of the net play unless the refs call the attacking team. My goodness we're not even into October and the regular season yet but here we go again with the sad state of affairs in officiating.
  12. That score should never happen and you’re right not much class there. If it’s that bad go to all passes and keep away and kill the clock. That’s probably the worst score I’ve ever heard in many years of youth hockey.
  13. Of course the Pahl schedule had that game reversed in location. at this early point it seems like there will be 2 levels of AA, preds 1 and Aha 1, then the rest. We will see how the placements pan out but probably not a good season to be placed at 18uAA if you’re an average team. LOTS of time before midams... who knows what will happen, injuries, players jumping ship before 12/31... Way too early to pencil in anyone as an automatic winner.
  14. Yes, fully agree. With no disrespect towards female refs, she’s not qualified to work anything over 12u, certainly not 18uAA. It’s a real shame that there’s not more good refs out there. In her case yelling at the home teams parents in the first game of the season, when that’s the rink you’re based out of is a really bad start to the season.
  15. Where was the NP/Preds game played on 9/1? I checked livebarn and there were practices during the scheduled game 320pm slot at Baierl.
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