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  1. 3 points
    Hey @RedRidingHood, how nice you jump on here and make your first post and attempt to defend teams for running up the score. I will question the character of any coach or team who runs up the score, period. That is my first amendment right, in case you didn't realize it. I gave one VERY SPECIFIC exception to running up the score. Here is my exception in more detail: Say you're team is in at tourney and the tie breaker for you to make the playoffs is coming down to goal differential. And you know you need a +4 in this game to win. So here we are in the 3rd period and you're team is up 3-0. I would have no problem with the final score being 6-0, or even 8-0. But that's about where my exception would end. And mostly what I am talking about is integrity and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Good sportsmanship, otherwise known as the "unwritten rules of the game", which apparently you don't have a clue about. It's also about trying to minimize bad blood, brawls and parent fights due to the coach rolling up the score. You on the other hand want to defend teams who roll up 17-0, 17-1 scores and their top players are still scoring in the 3rd period. You are free to do that but I have no idea why you'd waste your time coming on here to defend such a ridiculous stance. I'm glad my kids played hockey for coaches with integrity and class, and never rolled up the score - when some of their teams certainly could have. We're just glad the game ended safely and we got the win.
  2. 2 points
    Sorry, didn’t mean to come across that way towards you. The system is easy to institute. Every rink and club have zero tolerance policies. Problem is, they don’t uphold them. I'm totally with you about people though. I don’t sit in the stands. Nor do I stand at the top of the bleachers with the crazy’s. I’m the guy that says nothing and watches the game from the end glass by myself.
  3. 1 point
    I agree that the Norwin game is not in the same category as other incidents on the list. I also agree it starts with placement of teams. These two teams never should have been placed in the same division. Same with TJ (they should be playing at AA) and Pine last year. There is not a perfect formula but 17-0 shouldn’t happen. 3 players collectively had 18 points. That’s absolutely unsportsmanlike. PIHL is as much at fault as the coach. Is it the same degree as fighting or threatening a ref - no, but now we’re talking about it. #10 on the list is a joke and I would argue the one about a photographer overhearing a private conversation is not list worthy.
  4. 1 point
    My prior comments were not defending running up the score. However, if the league has no guidelines around what is and isn’t acceptable, how can we expect coaches and players to act accordingly? Yes, we’d hope good sense and decency would prevail, but it simply doesn’t. My point is you can’t put running up the score in the same bucket as the other incidents on that summary, at least not from the details provided. I was very surprised to see that incident on the report because it is not consistent with the other situations. No rules of game play were broken. Was it a classless thing to do? Absolutely. But as the examples show, it’s not an isolated incident. Coaches have different thoughts on what it means to be “crossing the line” so it needs to be better defined if it’s going to be called out and enforced. Maybe there needs to be a mercy rule where the game is called once a certain goal differential is met. And anyone who says that a team with a low number of players for a game should just forfeit, you need to look up the financial impact of doing so. Your organization would probably just choose to play as well.
  5. 1 point
    Please show where it “clearly states” that the actions in #9 fall under sportsmanship, because I can’t find it. I don’t think a 17-0 score is ok. But where do you draw the line? Where are the guidelines for coaches to understand what is acceptable or not? For example, Nov 25, PR2 beat Wheeling Park 13-0 in a JV game. Oct 14, Mars beat Knoch 14-0 in a middle school game, with 6 goals scored in the 3rd. Why aren’t these games being called out? Because they didn’t hit a 15 goal differential? Or only because they aren’t at the Varsity level? If the league isn’t looking inward and asking what in their process contributed to the poor placements that led to these lopsided scores, they should be. Maybe watching the game on LiveBarn would provide additional insight, but #9 doesn’t seem to warrant being on the report summary.
  6. 1 point
    Let me first say that I’m completely mind boggled with the score outcome of the Norwin game. Personally, if I was the coach, I would have done everything in my power to make it a respectable win. Good sportsmanship being the key. That said, this list is a PIHL Disciplinary report of MAJOR INCIDENTS . All other points listed are serious issues. #9 is not! Beating another team by 17 only makes the coaches look like DB’s, the school district look bad and the players look bad. #9 should not be on the list. Fights, ref confrontations, coaches, parents and/or players being idiots, rowdy people in the stands etc, should be on the list.
  7. 1 point
    Wow. Thanks for sharing that report. I am going to go play the lottery since my prediction that parents will not be permitted to watch is now within the refs hands. Section b under security guards allows them to remove a whole section of spectators, regardless of whether you did anything or not. I saw this happen at a recent tournament in New York, so I bet it isn't a new idea. A 14 year old ref made a whole section leave and he wouldn't drop the puck till they left. There were two dads complaining about calls in that section...I think one from each team. A parent from the NY team told me that all youth sports were cracking down in the area after a fight at a high School basketball game that resulted in numerous injuries. That young ref wasn't messing around. He called a pretty good game, too. Removing parents might be effective. The majority of parents who don't behave badly might speak up against the ones that do, not wanting to get kicked out, or urge their organization to prevent that person from coming. Policing from within.
  8. 1 point
    LIST OF MAJOR INCIDENTS THIS SEASON 2019-2020 1. A Greensburg Salem parent threw a bottle of water from the top of the seating section at an Indiana player on the ice during a Varsity game. a. The incident was caught on video, and when presented to the Greensburg Salem association, they said that their parents had already told them that the bottle of water was thrown… by the opposing student section. 2. A Moon parent went on the ice during a post-game altercation in a Varsity game between Moon and Plum. This parent gave the middle finger to the opposing spectators, argued with the rink manager about being ejected from the building, then tried to avoid the security guard by returning to the far end of the seating section. The same parent gave a lengthy list of excuses in a subsequent email about why his behavior was justified. a. The Plum parents from the same Varsity game between Moon and Plum screamed at the Moon players as they exited the ice surface, then yelled at a Moon coach because they were upset by some of the players giving them the middle finger. b. An Avonworth parent who witnessed the altercation in the Moon-Plum game sent an email to the PIHL to state his belief that the referees and security guard “lost control” during the altercation and that the referees should be reprimanded. There were only 2 referees on the ice – one of whom was bleeding from the mouth because he was hit in the face by a stick – and at least 16 players on the ice. The security guard was positioned at the player runway to the locker room, where he was supposed to be. 3. A Neshannock parent confronted a referee in the parking lot after a Varsity game, and the parent’s son allegedly suggested that he was going to bring his gun to future games. a. A police incident had to be filed for this matter. 4. Peters Township parents stood in a manner that surrounded a broadcast crew from North Allegheny during a Varsity game, and their yelling throughout the game disrupted the broadcast crew on multiple occasions. a. A league official tried to prevent those parents from using the locker room hallway to exit the seating area after the game since they were clearly angry and disobedient and should not have been allowed near players. Three of the parents were uncooperative and attempted to push their way by, which would have put them among players of the opposing team. 5. A Cathedral Prep parent blocked the referees from exiting the ice surface, demanding that they answer questions for her because she is a “SafeSport rep.” She began berating the officials and standing in their way of getting to their locker room over an incident in the game where a Cathedral Prep player was penalized for shooting the puck after a goal and nearly hitting one of the referees in the face. 6. A Wilmington parent entered the official’s locker room after a Middle School game to complain to the officials about how he felt the game was called. 7. A photographer overheard a conversation between parents of opposing teams at a game between Wheeling Park and Wheeling Catholic. One parent told the other parent that he was going to punch his team’s head coach in the face because his kid was not getting enough playing time, adding that the worst thing he felt that he would get for doing that is a fine. 8. A Gateway Middle School coach loudly told a player on his bench that he will “knock you the f*** out” and then hit the kid on the helmet. The coach then told a PIHL Game Coordinator that he can do whatever he wants because it’s his kid. 9. Norwin scored 5 goals in the third period of a game in which they were already winning 12-0 through two periods, out-shooting the opponent 16-1 in that third period. The top scorers for Norwin were involved in most of the third period goals. The final score was 17-0 in a game in which the opponent only had 8 skaters and no wins on the season. a. Several of the goals scored in the third period included celebrations by Norwin players. b. The Norwin coaching staff attempted to defend these actions on two different phone calls with the Commissioner’s Office. 10. The entire Upper Saint Clair student section moved to the Mt Lebanon seating section in the second period of a Varsity game at Ice Castle. When the security guard asked an Upper Saint Clair parent if the students who were sitting in the other section were from USC, the parent said, “Yeah, isn’t that funny?”
  9. 1 point
    Wow. That report reads like every game is played at Wells-Fargo Arena.
  10. 1 point
    If a coach is worried about being "disrespected" by a 10 year old girl he should never be on the ice again or anywhere near it.
  11. 1 point
    watch this guy.. focus on his shoulder
  12. 1 point
    People won't be happy until they are completely banned from entering the stands. Livebarn is making that possible....drop kids off and make everyone go home. Our kids will be better off. Parents are a huge part of why I really like watching at home.
  13. 0 points
    @Saucey The pussification of America continues. I’m not defending their actions. I personally think they could have shaved off 6 or 7 goals. As a coach, I’ve been on both sides. I’ve done the “hang back” things many, many times. But, hey, I’m not their coach. Maybe going back to some old school teachings will do the world some good. Everything is happy happy joy joy! If you want to keep living in your own bubble, go right ahead. Who am I (a nobody) to try to stop you?
  14. 0 points
    The disciplinary report is posted under the sportsmanship initiative. It clearly states what they define as proper sportsmanship and it’s not just yelling at refs, fighting and penalty minutes. How about we raise the bar a little.
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