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  1. Last week
  2. Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it. I am looking at TK and rmu. On TKs website it says his skills clinics are for up to bantam ages, not midget. My son is a first year midget, any other midget age kids go to him?
  3. Seconded on the assessment of the TK sessions. They're really good, active sessions, covering a number of skills at once.
  4. See attachments below that highlight the many programs we offer at RMU ISC. As lferg points out there are plenty of options . Steel Power - Weekly hockey skating class Weekly Skills Clinics Weekly Goalie Clinics Adult Skills Clinics. ADULT HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT (F).pdf HIGH LEVEL AA-AAA SKATING (F).pdf Private Lessons - Hockey 2-19.pdf STEEL POWER 2019-20 (F).pdf Weekly Skills & Goalie Clinic, 2019-20.pdf
  5. My boys go to Clif Loya (sessions at both Lebo and Baierl) and they love it. They've also done TK I've found that if you want a more dynamic session, lots of movements and techniques thrown together in one drill, then go to TK. If you want a more focused approach, then go to Clif. My older one did UPMC and hated it. He also did Yuri for Interel and absolutely loved it. It's amazing how two camps, that focus on similar things, have an impact on the player.
  6. May not be 100% up to day, but will give you a good start. IMHO, the last one has the best value for the money (lots of options / days). But it all depends on how far drive you have, and a few other factors. Advanced Edge Hockey http://www.aehockey.com/pricing.htm Frozen Pond https://www.frozenpondarena.com/summer IC Hockey http://ichockey.net/lessons/ INTEREL Hockey Academy www.interelhockeyacademy.com/application-form/ National Elite Hockey https://nationalelitehockey.com/camps/skateskills/ Next Step Hockey http://www.nextstephockey.com PHD - Brad Michalski www.premierhockeydevelopment.org Playmakers Hockey http://www.playmakershockeyco.com/On-Ice-Lessons.html Quest Hockey http://www.questhockey.com/lessons/ RMU https://www.rmuislandsports.com/page/show/3559515-elite-skating-and-game-skills SCE facebook or txt/phone only? TK https://www.tktrainingschedule.com/ UPMC Pens https://www.upmclemieuxsportscomplex.com/skillsprograms
  7. It was communicated to me the other team this coach coached is considered AAU and not under USA Hockey, the other team no longer wanted to be associated with said coach over the charges and suspension he received.
  8. It is safer for an organization to cover their own asses by letting a coach or player be suspended rather than support them. Poor Jimmy didn't make the team and the coach didn't pump his tires for him. Get a lawyer and play the victim. Cancel Culture in action. I was a club President for 5 seasons and I made sure to let our AD know about any issues as soon as I was aware of them. You won't believe how many threats I would get about 'going to the school board'. I always laughed and said to go ahead and I would forward the email that was already sent to the school AD. Shame on the WA Board if the coach was truly abusive and they didn't 'know' or do anything about it if they did know.
  9. And then there is this from Wesbanco Arena, for anyone playing in Wheeling this season: https://www.wheelingnailers.com/en/news/nailers-wesbanco-arena-announce-preseason-venue-change https://wtov9.com/news/local/refrigeration-broken-nailers-left-without-ice-rink-at-start-of-season https://weelunk.com/wheeling-nailers-find-temporary-home-at-wheeling-park-ice-rink/ The Nailers are practicing at Southpointe and/or Wheeling Park right now. They apparently hope to get a temporary ice surface in place in time to start their season in Wesbanco. As far as I can tell there's no news about when Wesbanco will have ice yet, though they're hoping to have ice for their home opener on October 19.
  10. Wow that is a crisis if they have to go this route... what a mess.
  11. http://www.calmac.com/icerink I think they're going in the direction of something like this. It may not be this specific company, but it is some sort of temporary fix to get through this season.
  12. It's a suspension from MidAm/USA Hockey. That would carry over to any other team and preclude him from Coaching.
  13. Personally I would skip Puckmasters since it isn't on the ice. More of a shooting clinic on synthetic ice. I think Cliff Loya (National Elite) has some weeknight clinics at Baeril. Maybe Tuesdays? Also, they have instructor ice at Pittsburgh Ice Arena in New Kensington.
  14. If that is really what you were asking, then you probably should have titled your post differently. However, if you really are “already dreading tryouts” in October, you really need to ask yourself why.
  15. Thank you to all the folks that understood what I was asking. Which was recommendations on supplementing other sports and/or clinics during this hockey season.
  16. That WA coach has also been let go by the other team he coached. That should tell everyone enough.
  17. On the LIGHTER side of things, I think Peewees & Bantams (12u and 14u) are going to have the peak # of players at tryouts and thus are the "toughest" to make the top team at any given organization. 16u the player count drops and 18u it drops even more. So I'm past that "peak" of worrying about tryouts Plus, I don't even need to go to tryouts anymore since my kids can both drive
  18. Most weeknight ice and weekend ice is booked between amateur and high school teams. Private lessons are sometimes available immediately after school or before school. In the East, look up Next Level hockey (Delmont), Puckmasters (Harmarville), Grant Springer, and Pittsburgh Hockey Academy (Mike Fritz and Dean Whittingham) at Frozen Pond.
  19. I have it on good faith that the ladies and gentlemen who run the tryouts are already dreading tryouts too. So at least you're in good company.
  20. Well, I don't think anyone here is suggesting to force a kid to play a sport they don't want to. Also, as you can see from some of the responses, most are stating that at a younger age they should play more than one. Most of the links I posted say you should specialize starting around 14 (so right as you are getting ready to go into High School). So, yes at a High School level, you should commit 100% to one sport. At the risk of triggering a few people here, most kids (at a young age) are open to trying anything. It is usually is the nut-job parents (I am excluding you from this generalization of course), who are so hyper-focused on getting some Squirt aged player into special clinics with former pro instructors, dietitians, off ice workout programs and all the other nonsense that most pro athletes do, that they cause more damage than good. To reiterate, most research now shows kids should play multiple sports until the age of 14, then begin focusing on one. But, each parent is of course entitled to make their own choices. The OP is the one who came on here and asked for the advice.
  21. the thing you need to keep in mind about all the safe sport screening, FBI checks, etc... is that they will only uncover a person who has already been caught. someone passing these checks and being allowed to coach/manager only means that at the time of the their application, no law enforcement agency has a record of them breaking the law that the specific organization considers reasonable cause to block them. I'm not sure if they run the same checks these days, but years ago I went through the background checks and speeding tickets showed up on my report. Besides the occasional, "how's Trixie?" or "did you let Spridal out of your trunk?" jokes, there were no issues with me being considered cleared. anyhow, just because someone is cleared, doesn't mean they haven't been participating in elicit behaviors for a long period of time. it just means they haven't been caught. there is a point to this rambling and it is this, Safe Sport outlines suggested practices to help curb incidents and it's very important for cleared members to follow them and also as parents to make sure the cleared members ARE following them. Coaches should not be addressing minors alone. If a coach needs to cut a kid, he needs to have some assistants or managers with him, or call the kid in with their parents. when a coach is accused of something, they should be able to say, oh well, assistant so and so was with me when that happened and the parents need to make sure the coaches are working in groups, so that hopefully, everyone is checking and balancing each other and stopping incidents from happening in the first place. BTW, this really has nothing to do with the WA situation, i have no knowledge and make no claims, and have no opinion or side to take. just simply a statement on SafeSport as a way to protect minors and volunteers.
  22. "Already dreading tryouts" for a U12 player and the season just started. Sorry everyone, but I find this entire thread to be completely absurd.
  23. Any rink east of Pittsburgh would be best but not really picky.
  24. Let's not forget that it's up to the kids (at least in my perspective - as to what they want to do sports-wise. I NEVER forced either of my kids to play one sport or another. They are the ones that picked ice hockey, and they both played ball hockey when not playing ice hockey. My daughter is a good swimmer but the high school team wouldn't take her because she couldn't be at 100% of the school practices. So she quit the swimming team. At least with ball hockey they are still running around a lot and keeping in shape. I can't force them to play basketball or volleyball, etc.
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