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  1. Today
  2. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, considering my kids played for ppe and I have had upmc health insurance in the past, my input should matter on this 🙂 I’ll stick with highmark!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Well, never personally been associated with PPE but.........
  5. Agree with your assessment. My original post was a bit narrow-focused to say the least. This is not just a PPE issue, or a AAA issue or a Pittsburgh issue, or probably even just a hockey issue. I am sure this will run rampant across all sports in all regions. Good point.
  6. I wonder how the 04 ‘s will move next year after how much of a trainreck the rankings were for pittsburgh tier 1 teams
  7. Last week
  8. So, I watched on the news last night that Heritage Valley, AHN and Excela Health have all stopped all elective surgeries but UPMC has not done so. As I watched the UPMC talking head doing her best to justify it and spinning it different ways, I thought to myself has there ever been two better partners in the name of greed than UPMC and the PPE? Me thinks not, but would like to hear thoughts.
  9. Eddie, nobody is a fan of the Pens here but it’s not just them. The practice of pre forming teams isn’t even restricted to AAA. I would say 99% of teams at all levels in all areas have the core of their roster chosen way before they even announce tryouts. It’s a pre-requisite now. That’s how some determine whether they will have teams or not. But the fact that teams who’s tryouts are highly attended do this is more irresponsible and incompetent than corrupt. They’re using it as a fund raiser sure. But they’re also dumb to pass over a good player to take a friend. I would say the Tier 2 teams that do it are as dumb as you can be. Plus that’s where the competitiveness comes in. Not in playing the game. But if AA team 1 takes players from AA team 2, coaches and parents are pushing that as the competition. And that’s not true competition. That’s just jealousy.
  10. Both good points. I know I have seen some kids take a few months off and hit the ice and look like they haven't missed a step. Others look like they have never been on skates before. Chinstrap brings up a good point. You have a Pens and friends kid who spends the entire time doing nothing and looks horrible and some outsider comes in and blows his doors off. In the end, the insider will still make the team, it will just make the shenanigan's that go on every year even more apparent.
  11. Let us not fool ourselves, the teams are already chosen. Have been since January I would guess.
  12. I had the same thought, however, since every kid would be in the same boat, it should even out. What I think will make a bigger difference is that you will see which kids have used this time to work out and try to stay in shape vs. those that sat around playing video games the entire time.
  13. So, this delay brings up an interesting question for me. If kids are not allowed on the ice for camps or to play spring hockey, and all kids will have to tryout "cold". Will this have an affect on who get chosen? I know when my kid was playing, he needed a week or two at "game speed" to get back in the groove of things, which is why I always thought that tryouts in early spring benefitted him. If they have some sort of abbreviated tryouts in August after being off the ice for 5 months, I think he would look worse than normal. Thoughts?
  14. I heard that kid was a 2003 is that true ?
  15. I don’t think people realize that non-checking hockey makes checking hockey possible. All of the mite, Squirt and Peewee teams make your Bantam and Midget teams possible.
  16. Just an FYI, looks like New York, DC and some other areas have canceled all youth hockey tryouts. Additionally stated if any team signs a player during this time they will be automatically disqualified to compete in Nationals. Can they do this? Please see the announcement from PVAHA regarding tryouts for the 2020-2021 season: PVAHA Announcement Regarding 2020–2021 Tryouts March 23, 2020 ... PVAHA is postponing all 2020–2021 team tryouts until further notice. This restriction applies to all Tier I, Tier II and Travel team tryouts that were scheduled to be held within Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia starting on or after April 8, 2020 for Tier I and April 25, 2020 for Tier II/Travel. As everyone should be aware all ice rinks within PVAHA are currently closed based on state or local restrictions. The PVAHA board of directors will continue to monitor Federal and State restrictions and recommendations and reschedule 2020–2021 tryouts as soon as possible. Until new 2020–2021 Season tryout dates are announced by PVAHA, and started for each level of play (Tier I, Tier II and Travel), no association or teams shall have any player or parent execute any player agreement or contract for the 2020–2021 season. If any PVAHA association holds team tryouts for 2020–2021 teams or requests player contracts or agreements for the 2020–2021 season before PVAHA authorized tryouts start, that Association and all association teams will be sanctioned through PVAHA discipline proceedings. Sanctions will result in all association teams being ineligible for National Championship, District Championship and Affiliate State Playoffs. If PVAHA determines that an association violated PVAHA 2020–2021 tryout restrictions, all players with that association will be released from that association by PVAHA without any financial obligation and (subject to roster deadlines) be free to join other eligible teams.
  17. Will there be an Esmark Team? I saw the tryouts up to 06. But nothing for 07. Since the Renegades did not play PAHL this year will they become Vengance for next year? I would think the Pens Black folding would help bolster a few other teams. Just wondering which teams will start to load up on players because as we all know many of these kids will start dropping hockey over the next 2 years. Just wondering if any of these teams will remain relevant.
  18. So if they go to Esmark, they will be no different than what they were at PPE which were over-priced AA teams.
  19. where will all the pens black kids end up? it sounds like next years teams will be a little different with southpointe, esmark, renegades, etc. all making moves and hoping to get those pens black remnants.
  20. My point is, a thread like this gets the least views and least interaction of any on this board. And quite honestly, if I don’t post my highly respected and intelligent opinions on here, a lot of these threads die a boring death (see recent attempt to make polls). When will hockey return? Come on man. That’s such a boring, homogenized topic. It’s the type of small talk that today’s “man” sits around and asks his wife’s friends husband while he enjoys a grapefruit shandy. Just my opinion but again, thanks for following buddy!
  21. "Not exactly a riveting thread here" yet you found the time to comment. I always thought this was a place to discuss youth hockey - silly me. I have also heard of this thing called a curser where you are able to click on a topic, read the content and comment or simply move to the next topic. It may not be "riveting" to you as you and @Danner27 don't have a player in this age group but there are readers on this form that may find it interesting. Then again I never knew there needed to be a "riveting scale" for each thread - with your approval maybe we could have one instituted by the administrator, eh?
  22. Can’t really argue with @Danner27 on this topic. Not exactly a riveting thread here. So much for the opinion that people just want strictly positive local hockey talk, eh?
  23. I heard Altoona lost their best player to Viper Stars 08 , which so happened to win A Major Black by beating a team that should have been in AA (Erie).
  24. You said your kids aren't playing anymore. Obviously this guys are. Seems to me that makes him more relevant than you. Back under the bridge with your troll ass.
  25. Yeah that was a good article. Also the one one Michel Briere.
  26. Man that goes all the way down to pihl, President owns a rink that he sells ice time to the league he was president of, then he steps down to vp (still a paid position) and I haven’t followed it since then, guessing that was 2-3 years ago.
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