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  2. Depends on who you believe. Some say it is easy to get the second sheet up and running. Other say it is tough due to the Zamboni.
  3. I have this on very good authority from several sources as well. As a matter of fact, it's almost common knowledge in some circles nowadays. If there isn't a second sheet there before next season I'll be surprised.
  4. Not to mention the rumors of them freezing out local skills instructors at their rinks as soon as they took over.
  5. Haha, right on! And Esmark 10u-14u have never really been relevant in AAA
  6. Man, you are really stretching the anti-PPE argument here. Do you know who all the applicants were?
  7. PPE coaches for all boys AND girls teams for 2023-24: 100% male 100% white “Hockey is for everyone (except anyone else but white guys if you want to coach here)”
  8. Ok. In the theme of the thread.. WAIT A SECOND….. Esmark 11U can play a whole weekend of what everyone likes to call “faux” AAA and this is somehow this is declared some kind of victory? Tri State is #178 and the Pens are #70. But I guess since it’s the B team of the vaunted Pens organization it’s legit? Hey… with the roster makeup that someone stated earlier good for them. That said, can’t have it both ways here people. If any other local organization claimed that they had “won” that weekend they would be ridiculed and the whole thing would have been downplayed and/or written off. Esmark had always been the bullies of the block after Pens from PW on but they always had first pick after PPE at PW minor. Unfortunately this season there were at least 5-6 other established or semi established 10U BY options (AA and AAA) on both sides of the city. Many people decided to stay put and for the first time Esmark has to gradually build. I’m sure Pens black people chasing that extra A will be heading there but some will probably look to go elsewhere as well. After being on their high horse for so many years Esmark has to work their way up for the first time and I’m curious to see how it all shakes out. On a side bar. Can somebody please start a thread… ”I’M REALLY NOT INVOLVED WITH THE REBELLION BUT IM HERE TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT ONLYA A PRINTSCAPE(SECOND SHEET! maybe…)BLACK BEAR/TEAM ON THE 79 CORRIDOR WILL SAVE THE SOUTH HILLS AND INSTANTLY CREATE A VIABLE AAA PROGRAM!” Holy hell. We get the point. Ad nauseum…
  9. Both from a person in the Black Bear organization.
  10. I'm guessing you mean the part about Esmark using ice at Printscape is news to you? That does seem kinda wild. Is the second sheet at Printscape happening from what you've been told?
  11. News to me... What's your source? Seems they would have a lot of extra ice to rent with the Vipers booted from the location.
  12. From what I was told, there will be a 2nd sheet at Printscape for 2023-24 and the Stars will be splitting practice and games at both Printscape/PGH Ice. However, they will still be based out of PGH Ice and have no plans on completely leaving as they are currently building out the former Chatham locker room for them.
  13. Let's keep this to just a listing of tryout dates. For discussion about it you can create a thread about a specific team or org. Thanks. PB
  14. Good Point! The next 5 to 10 years will be interesting in SWPA Hockey circles!
  15. They do own a USHL team, an NAHL team, and maybe even an EHL team. So that's like Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III junior teams. So they certainly have the capability, the question is whether they would devote the time/energy/resources to get it going.
  16. But will Black Bear be able to put together a coaching staff and practice model better than Esmark? Obvious right now that kids are willing to travel to that awful place for good coaching! If they ever get 28 fixed it's not a bad drive from the South Hills! Maybe if Black Bear can get Taibi from SHAHA to start a program at Southpointe it would be worth looking at.
  17. I agree completely. Good program, good coaching, good model, but with an awful location that will always hold them back. Especially with how/where the city has grown and developed the past 10-15 years. If Esmark doesn't move (doubt they will) I think it's almost a foregone conclusion that Black Bear will start a Tier 1 program in a much better location like Southpointe. There's precedent for this with Black Bear. That would put a serious squeeze on SHAHA and Preds.
  18. I think it's been said here ad nauseum, including by myself. I think the location is the biggest issue here. If Esmark were to move to Printscape or RMU or anywhere else for that matter, they'd get alot more interest. My friend swears by the coaching and practice models (the opposite of what we've heard about other orgs). He just hates driving out there.
  19. Good to hear! Hopefully more people will see this and realize there are options for top quality hockey in Western PA!
  20. The U11 Esmark Team shutout Pens Black 2-0 this past weekend on the way to a championship weekend and has beaten them 3 of 4 this year. Lets keep in mind that the majority of the Pens Black Team has had the "World Class" Development in Cranberry for 4 years (1 yr Little 66ers and 3 years Pens Black + most do Excel). The Esmark 2011s are a first year team that have multiple 2012s playing up, kids that hadn't played AAA before this season, and even a few kids that were cut from Pens Black along the way.
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  22. Boy I really hope you are joking and I missed the sarcasm. Black Bear seems to try to monopolize the market, raise prices and control everything so they can control prices as well and make even more of a profit. Everyone gets on PPE for trying to make as much money as possible but Black Bear is no different. BB immediately raised ice costs, wants teama in their league which they profit from,.....
  23. Esmark has produced teams that have beaten PPE before. At the older levels they seem to be the program that competes best with PPE around here. And based on the number of kids from the Pgh. area that play for PPE, they should probably be called just PE, drop the Pittsburgh.
  24. In addition to Esmark 16's beating PPE, the 18's also won their match up, 1-0 in a shoot out vs PPE. Pretty strong weekend all around for Esmark as the 11U and 12U teams each won their respective championships while the 13Us look to have lost in the finals.
  25. But there are new documents: Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 16U 1 at Esmark Stars 16U 3 - Status: Final Saturday, February 4, 2023 - UPMC Lemieux Center - Covestro
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