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  2. division III is great. these comments are made by jealous people whose kids have never made the team. if your kid at 15 or 16 is good enough to maybe make it to tier i or ii juniors or play in college, and has the passion and determination, then pens elite is the ONLY place to play around here. period. and yes that means some sacrifices have to be made.
  3. And what's wrong with playing for Slippery Rock or Pitt or RMU or IUP or other top 30 ACHA Programs ? Last time I checked playing Division III does not include paying A LOT of money just to go to school including hockey
  4. Today
  5. Having to go to a catholic school to make a hockey team would for sure shitcan any ideas I'd of had for playing on that team. Just sayin'.
  6. Prep is high school hockey. So, yes the kids will play high school hockey.
  7. Has anyone used Sport International Hockey Acadamy? I just came across them and they look ok, but I cannot find much info about them.
  8. Yesterday
  9. So if we look then at only the “real” AAA teams, as you say...one allows players to play HS and the other doesn’t. So by that example it is half ;-). Now...Esmark U18 has FIVE players who play HS...none of them in PIHL AAA. So assuming Esmark is “real” AAA and would likely be competitive with U18 Prep...it’s hard to say that, if allowed, they wouldn’t play because of the lower level of hockey....those 5 Esmark don’t seem to have an issue playing in PIHL A and AA. And when you take in the proximity of the rink to the school and that it is the same rink for both Prep and NC Varsity....it is not hard to imagine that some of the Prep players would want to play for their HS if allowed. There is a reason PPE stopped allowing it...too many wanted to do it. If PPE removes the restriction it is not hard to imagine that more than 1 or 2 will want to and that is a majority of a line.
  10. Funny. All this just to have your kid pay to play club hockey for Slippery Rock.
  11. That's because the other "AAA" teams aren't really AAA (besides Esmark). I don't think any of the players on the 18U Prep team will waste their time playing for NC's Varsity team. That would essentially be like NHL players willingly playing full NHL and AHL schedules at the same time.
  12. True, but their ACHA teams could still play at Hunt.
  13. Since apparently I’m a dumb ass, please explain their schedule to me.
  14. Funny. I just typed the same thing as you posted
  15. @Danner27 this is why the WPA area will always be ripe for the picking and why PPE has so easily made this transition and will succeed. Uneducated, blind, and subservient people that flock to the newest trends. Just remember the two key words I gave, self preservation and greed. It’ll never change. This guy was brought up in the same system so now we have a generation of subservient people that will hand their money over to anyone that promises their kids a gold helmet. And coaches and administrators will always turn a blind eye to it because maybe they’ll be invite to the party someday. It’s sad
  16. the prep team will be on the ice 5 days a week. Do you not understand prep ? Honestly how dumb are you people ? No wonder why it’s so easy for people to suck money out of parents around here.
  17. Somehow, I don’t think that feeling out interest in u16/u18 is the same as feeling out ADM (full ice mites) and squirt.
  18. Personally, I don’t think that they should allow the prep team players to play high school. Excel is on the ice and in the gym four days a week. The prep team will probably practice two/three days a week and be in the gym two days a week. They are also slated to play 50 games. Where is the time for schoolwork and downtime?
  19. So you have gone from “over half on the Varsity team are Excel” and are now down to “7”, three of which you now say are not in Excel any more. you had “2 Esmark players one of which was on Excel” and then when the actual data was provided had to acknowledge it was only one...(who btw is not on Excel). so now you are reverting to “former” Excel players. tell you what ... PM the names. ...problem is they don’t exist. As for the question about u18 prep players...not sure what you think is particularly “stupid” about the question...or was the personal attack all you were interested in? Everyone knows that PPE began forbidding their players to play HS hockey unlike the other AAA teams that do. The U18 Prep team appears to be an attempt to keep players in the PPE program. Another way to do that is to allow PIHL play. So it is certainly reasonable to ask if they might change their rule for that team.
  20. That's the Pittsburgh Storm model. Is that program done?
  21. I can tell you 3 kids I know who went to excel and quit but still goto cwnc and play on your varsity team. So the 4 current and 3 former we are up to 7 now. Your top 6 in points are made up from 5 of these kids. Yes there are many kids that goto excel and don’t play varsity at cwnc. cwnc doesn’t have a varsity hockey team if not for excel / ppe. “it will be interesting to see if PPE allows the U18 prep plays to play hs” this statement has made me not even want to waste my time debating with you, you really can’t be this stupid ?
  22. The numbers for this year were easy to find out. Someone would have to check but the three years of JV had no more that 1 or 2 players maybe 3 at most on the JV team from Excel. Which makes sense since I am not sure a borderline PPE player would be doing JV. If you are referring to current NC players...I don’t think there are any that are former Excel program players beyond the ones that are in the program this year and were last year. But even it is one or two it wouldn’t really matter. People seem to be under the impression that Excel and the Varsity team are so intertwined or have been. There is nothing to suggest that it is...beyond the small number of players that have done both. If this is such a concern or question there are people out there in the program one could ask directly. But this particular discussion was started with the assertion that “over half” of the Varsity team was Excel...so therefore the Varsity Team would not exist without Excel. That is demonstrably false. It will be interesting to see if PPE allows the U18 Prep players to play high school...which they don’t for all the other teams.
  23. Thank you for the criticism and glad you don’t care if I have experience as a manager and at building teams for spring and summer hockey. It’s not like I woke up this morning and did this for the first time. If I had all that info about practices, coaches, cost, I would post it. it takes someone to step up and do something that’s why I posted this. the cost would be the actual cost divided up by number of players. I’m not in this for the money. Obviously I don’t have that yet as it’s January and this team wouldn’t skate probably till April. This would be for FUN and not associated with some hockey academy that’s trying to pry $$ out of your pocket. I know there are people who don’t want to deal with those type of programs and their kids would rather just have fun. I already have a pool of about 50 to offer this to but would like to get players from multiple orgs playing together to mix things up a bit which is why I posted this.
  24. Bingo! This CWNC dad still ignoring the “any other school” statement he made.
  25. The point being made is that players joined Excel at its inception and following years in hopes of locking down a PPE spot. They were cut by PPE, left Excel HOWEVER, remained at North Catholic. This is why NC would even entertain a scenario like this. Possible added enrollment. So Excel brought them to the school, NC varsity hockey gave them a home when the PPE hopes were dashed. NC will always be saddled with most of the liability here. They embraced a program where they accepted the enrollments of students based on an athletic program. HOWEVER, this program is outside of the school’s curriculum and cannot be seen as recruitment or bias. Now, let’s say 10 players entering their Freshman year joined Excel for whatever reason. 10 players attend school for 8 months and train half the day. 7 of these players are cut by PPE in April. Let’s then say 3 leave NC before their Sophmore year. 4 stay and become NC hockey players. Now do this every year and you have quite the PIHL program going. I’ll ask again, how many players in NC’s team attended Excel in the past? You knew pretty quickly about the 4 that do so I’m sure you can figure out who the others are.
  26. The facts don’t support that conclusion given the small number of HS players that have been in Excel since the HS program was brought back. It seems the only way that argument can get made is by making up numbers that don’t bear any relationship to reality.
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