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  2. The 27th Pa Hockey Scholastic Showcase will be held December 29-31 2023 at the Alpha Ice Complex in Pittsburgh, Pa. - URGENT We Need 1 Varsity Teams by Friday 12/8/23 to complete the schedule on a first come first serve basis The Varsity Tournament currently has 11 Schools (2 from Illinois, 3 from Ohio and 6 from Western Pennsylvania pre-registered) and will take 12 schools. The Junior Varsity Tournament currently is full and has 10 Schools (1 from Illinois, 2 from Ohio and 7 from Western Pennsylvania pre-registered) .
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  4. Date Time Division Home Score PdPts Away Rink Score/Per Highlights Fri 12/01 1:30 PM Pool D Medina (OH) 2-9 0-5 Glenbrook South (IL) RINK 1 MED: 1-0-1 GBS: 4-2-3 MED scoring: Jordan, Jenkins GBS scoring: McCauley (2), Weller, Freimuth, Vergamini, Ventura, Kulikowski, Stevens, Sherwood Shots on goal: GBS 39, MED 19 Goalies: (GBS) Zebell, W, 17/19; (MED) Keller, L, 30/39 Fri 12/01 2:00 PM Pool D Culver Academy (IN) 0-1 1-4 Cathedral Prep (WPA) RINK 2 CUL: 0-0-0 CTH: 0-0-1 CP scoring: Cunningham Goalies: (CUL) McGuire, L; (CP) Brown, W Fri 12/01 3:15 PM Pool A Upper St. Clair (PA) 2-0 4.5-0.5 Ontario Hockey Academy (CAN) RINK 1 USC: 1-0-1 OHA: 0-0-0 USC scoring: Tauch, Rankin Shots on goal: USC 28, OHA 19 Goalies: (USC) Laurent, W, 19/19; (OHA) Bravo; L, 26/28 Fri 12/01 5:00 PM Pool B DeMatha (MD) 0-10 0-5 North Allegheny (PA) RINK 1 DEM: 0-0-0 NAL: 5-3-2 NAG scoring: Kerber (2), Walkauskas (2), Desai, Scherer, Anthony, Cerqua, Kasunich, Jackman Shots on goal: NAG 44, DEM 18 Goalies: (NAL) Long, W, 18/18; (DEM) Stesney, L, 26/34; (DEM) Price, 8/10 Fri 12/01 6:00 PM Pool C Holy Ghost Prep (EPA) 2-1 (OT) 3.5-1.5 Bethel Park (WPA) RINK 2 HGP: 0-1-0-1 BP: 0-1-0-0 HGP scoring : Kaufman, Prete (OT) BP scoring: Bedner Fri 12/01 6:45 PM Pool A St. Joseph (NY) 2-5 0-5 York (IL) RINK 1 STJ: 1-1-0 YRK: 2-2-0 STJ scoring: McKendry, McMahon YRK scoring: Dizillo (2), Rosa, Smith, Hughes Shots on goal: YRK 35, STJ 12 Goalies: (YRK) Pysz, W, 10/12; (STJ) Mancini, L, 28/33 Fri 12/01 7:45 PM Pool B University School (OH) 3-1 3.5-1.5 Stevenson (IL) RINK 2 UNI 3-0-0 STV: 0-1-0 UNI scoring: Wade (2), Ziroe STV scoring: Dalicandro Fri 12/01 8:30 PM Pool C Regis Jesuit (COL) 2-1 4-1 St. Edwards (OH) RINK 1 REJ 0-0-2 STE: 0-0-1 REJ scoring: Cieslak, Beck STE scoring: Lapsevich Shots on goal: REJ 29, STE 25 Goalies: (REJ) Sparks, W, 24/25; (STE) Satatnek, L, 27/29 Sat 12/02 8:00 AM Pool D Cathedral Prep (WPA) 2-9 0-5 Glenbrook South (IL) RINK 1 CTH: 0-1-1 GBS: 5-2-2 CTH scoring: McGarry, Hetz GBS scoring: Sherwood (2), Hoffer, McAuley, Tsoutsias, Cesario, Stevens, Freimuth, Surma Shots on goal: GBS 34, CTH 17 Goalies: (GBS) Kamins, W, 15/17; (CTH) Ball, L, 21/25; (CTH) Brown 5/9 Sat 12/02 8:30 AM Pool D Culver Academy (IN) 3-1 4-1 Medina (OH) RINK 2 CUL: 0-0-3 MED: 0-0-1 CUL scoring: Shane (2), Hogan MED scoring: Tabora Sat 12/02 9:45 AM Pool A Ontario Hockey Academy (CAN) 0-2 0.5-4.5 St. Joseph (NY) RINK 1 OHA: 0-0-0 STJ: 0-1-1 STJ scoring: Armento, McKendry Shots on goal: OHA 24, STJ 17 Goalies: (STJ) Materese, W, 24/24; (OHA) Pretrov, L, 15/17 Sat 12/02 10:15 AM Pool A Upper St. Clair (PA) 0-3 0-5 York (IL) RINK 2 USC: 0-0-0 YRK: 1-1-1 YRK scoring: Smith, Soehn, Sanfilippo Shots on goal: YRK 40, USC 28 Goalies: (YRK) Brown, W, 28/28; (USC) Laurent, L. 37/39 Sat 12/02 11:30 AM Pool C Regis Jesuit (COL) 3-2 3.5-1.5 Bethel Park (WPA) RINK 1 REJ: 3-0-0 BP: 1-1-0 REJ scoring: Lorenzo, Damrath, Sorenson BP scoring: Bedner, Cooley Sat 12/02 12:00 PM Pool C St. Edwards (OH) 5-2 4.5-0.5 Holy Ghost Prep (EPA) RINK 2 STE: 0-3-2 HGP: 0-1-1 STE scoring: Vidmar (2), Piwinski, Smith, Eisnaugle HGP scoring: Prete, Tiberio Shots on goal: HGP 48, STE 37 Goalies: (STE) Willock, W, 46/48; (HGP) Unger, 33/35 Sat 12/02 1:15 PM Pool B University School (OH) 2-0 4-1 North Allegheny (PA) RINK 1 US: 1-0 NAL: 0-0 US scoring: Wade (2) Shots on goal: NAL 22, US 12 Goalies: (US) Caballero, W, 22/22, (NAL) Sat 12/02 1:45 PM Pool B Stevenson (IL) 9-2 4.5-0.5 DeMatha (MD) RINK 2 STV: 3-4-2 DEM: 0-0-2 STV scoring: Ponticelli (3), Brown (2), Yurkov, Hemphill, Tchernikov, Outschoorn DEM scoring: Wells (2), Tallant Shots on goal: STV 45, DEM 24 Goalies: (STV) Likhovid, W, 21/24; (DEM) Hoppe, L, 36/45 Sat 12/02 3:00 PM Pool D Glenbrook South (IL) 3-4 (OT) 1.5-3.5 Culver Academy (IN) RINK 1 CUL: 1-0-2-1 GBS: 0-3-0-0 CUL scoring: Standfast, Obester, Dupuis, Hogan (OT) GBS scoring: Freimuth (100th career), Hoffer, Kulikowski Shots on goal: GBS 23, CUL 18 Goalies: (CUL) McGuire, W, 20/23; (GBS) Kamins, L, 14/18 Sat 12/02 3:30 PM Pool D Medina (OH) 1-3 0.5-4.5 Cathedral Prep (WPA) RINK 2 MED: 0-1-0 CTH: 1-2-0 MED scoring: Jenkins CTH scoring: Taylor (2), McGarry Shots on goal: CTH 30, MED 27 Goalies: (CTH) Brown, W, 26/27; (MED) Keller, L, 27/30 Sat 12/02 4:45 PM Pool A York (IL) 3-4 1-4 Ontario Hockey Academy (CAN) RINK 1 YRK: 1-1-1 OHA: 2-1-1 YRK scoring: Gami, Maurer, Smith OHA scoring: Elkin, Mason, Jones, Wong Sat 12/02 5:15 PM Pool A St. Joseph (NY) 2-4 1-4 Upper St. Clair (PA) RINK 2 STJ: 0-1-1 USC: 1-3-0 STJ scoring: McMahon, Girdlestone USC scoring: Tauch, Fisher, Lisak, Szpara Sat 12/02 6:30 PM Pool C Holy Ghost Prep (EPA) 3-2 4-1 Regis Jesuit (COL) RINK 1 HGP: 0-1-2 REJ: 2-0-0 HGP scoring: McCaw (3) REJ scoring: Gregory, Paranjape Sat 12/02 7:00 PM Pool C Bethel Park (WPA) 3-2 4-1 St. Edwards (OH) RINK 2 BP: 2-1-0 STE: 1-0-1 BP scoring: Cooley (2), Alborg STE scoring: Biliboaca, Eisnaugle Sat 12/02 8:15 PM Pool B North Allegheny (PA) 4-2 4.5-0.5 Stevenson (IL) RINK 1 NAG: 3-0-1 STV: 0-1-1 NAG scoring: Perrotte (2), Kerber, Scally STV scoring: Brown, Yurkov Sat 12/02 8:45 PM Pool B University School (OH) 9-0 4.5-0.5 DeMatha (MD) RINK 2 US: 0-4-5 DEM: 0-0-0 UC scoring: Wade (3), Garofalo (2), Messina, Roberts, Jones, Ewen Sun 12/03 8:30 AM Semifinal #1 University School (OH) 5-2 #4 Holy Ghost Prep (EPA) RINK 1 US 0-2-3 HGP: 1-1-0 HGP scoring: Gavaghan, Spadaccino UC scoring: Wade (4), Garofalo Sun 12/03 8:45 AM Semifinal #2 Glenbrook South (IL) 2-3 #3 York (IL) RINK 2 GBS: 0-1-1 YRK: 3-0-0 GBS scoring: McCauley, Sokol YRK scoring: Paschen (2), J Sanfalippo Sun 12/03 1:00 PM Championship #1 University School (OH) 6-2 #3 York (IL) RINK 1 US: 3-3-0 YRK: 0-1-1
  5. Link to Video https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/nnpmt3e4h5338gg4o78yb/IMG_5102.mov?rlkey=yrtbsu2yvr3511007mzze9tax&dl=0
  6. Liberty previously used PGH officials exclusively for their games for over a decade when they when they independent before temporarily joining a conference. No joke because of all the places they played, they felt we were the best. Game fees were great, paid for our travel, and provided hotel rooms. They would schedule the top programs and it was amazing to officiate games between those teams in that environment. The LaHaye Center opened in 2006 and renovated in 2015 to add more seating and private suites which were already sold out prior to the season. I have a video of us taking the ice during a midnight madness game in 2015, I'll try and post it below.
  7. Oh, nobody. He meant that in general. There's video of the signing (probably signing money over to the owner is what they signed lol) from the UPMC Center on their Facebook page. The owner looks like he's right out of central casting as a con man, cheap used-car salesman suit and all. I'm surprised he stopped short of blowing cigar smoke in the faces of the players while they signed their papers.
  8. Just a follow up from Lynchburg. Between 3,000 and 3,500 fans for a Saturday 7PM start. They love their hockey at Liberty. It is a 1st class organization and the game day experience is amazing. Very profesional! Game was tied 1-1 with 10 minutes to go before Liberty pulled away for a 3-1 win.
  9. A decent Men's league team smoked them in a scrimmage at UPMC I believe before their big signing.
  10. Somebody needs to close this team and it's owner down.
  11. They actually were gonna charge me $1000+ to play for the team. So you are basically breaking even.
  12. They now have 5 goalies, but are making Facebook posts needing more skaters. So now they are losing players.
  13. I can attend to this. I remember playing Liberty University at the Roanoke Civic Center (not sure of the exact name) in 2001/2002. It was the same arena that their ECHL team played. One one hand, it was kind of awesome and memorable to play in a 6,000+ (estimated) arena. But on the other hand, it was such a huge and cavernous arena to play in front of less than 100 or so fans/students. Their coaches (Liberty’s) warned us ahead of time that everything echoed and the stands looked so dark because they didn’t turn all of the lights on since nobody would sit in the seats. It’s really awesome to see how much support they get now with their own on-campus arena and ESPN+ coverage. Great work by all involved in building that program.
  14. Tristan Wenzig is the Head Coach. There are assistants but I can’t remember their names! They play tonight at 8:00 PM vs Buffalo again at Brady’s Run 😁
  15. 🏒🥅🚨 www.PrePrepShowcase.com 🏒🥅🚨 📚"Promoting Independent School Education since 1995!"📚 #dontbeoverlooked #signuptoday #hockey #education #fun
  16. We need a tournament to decide of course! Bragging rights to the Rink that fields the team. Might get more fans than a River Monsters game.
  17. That does sound cool. And looks like Pitt gave them a game. Isn’t Liberty typically one of the top teams?
  18. This begs the question - what is the best beer league team in Pittsburgh?
  19. Hockey isn't about fun. It's about getting to the NHL. You obviously haven't been to a white mite game lately.
  20. The better mens league teams in the area would beat the river monsters by 10+
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