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  2. I'd be interested to hear how this went as well. The few people I talked to all seemed angry enough with BB that they went to Belmont or Harmar instead of staying with the huskies.
  3. Just curious how pushing the Viper Stars out went for BB. I never really heard much about Husky's tryouts
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  5. At most organizations, the top teams are picked by the coach. They can say it is by a committee, but it really is up to the coach. And the coach always considers more things than just what the player did on the ice during the tryout. So, having a great tryout isn't enough because the coach definitely knows if the parents are crazy or if player isn't coachable. Most of the times the picks can be made quickly.
  6. I think you say that like it's a bad thing, that they should still be deliberating on who to select. If after 2 or 3 days of tryouts you don't have the results by the time you hit the driveway, you can assume something is amiss. The coach and evaluators know who they want before the players even leave the ice. If it takes several days for them to give you results then you can assume you were their second or third choice. Think of it as getting a wedding invitation the week before a wedding. They did everything they could to find someone better but in the end settled for you. And shame on these organizations for keeping families wondering for several days while other tryout opportunities pass the kids by. Personally I think they should do away with the charade of "tryouts." Have a couple open skates maybe, but let the kids be free agents. Have a 2 week signing period. The coaches offer spots to the kids they want until the roster is filled. The best kids still get multiple offers and make their choice. The weaker kids fill in what's left.
  7. What organizations in the region do tryouts the best? What are some of the things that are done to make that particular organization good? What organizations do not so good and why? I think presentation is the most crucial aspect. If it looks bad to the naked eye even if it was done with integrity and fairness, a bad presentation can sink a ship! It seems in some places that the tryout for the top team is a formality. Teams selected at open skates. Prospective players buddying up with the coach while on the ice. it says a lot to have your tryout results before your vehicle hits the driveway of your home Just curious how other organizations do it. Always hear a lot of feedback this time of year just curious what everyone else has seen heard and experienced.
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  9. My prediction for MHR for their top teams that left. 11’s - 75-100 10’s - 40-60 09’s - 75-100 08’s - 20-40 07’s - 200
  10. Berky is actually really good. He might like going out on his boat, I don’t blame him, I would too! My kid never played for him so I can’t speak for his coaching abilities. But his skills training has helped my kid and a bunch of others. He didn’t get kicked out of his gym. The VengMafia just bought him or something like that. From what I’ve observed, they are mad that tons of red helmets left and they are trying to make a Berky exclusive to V players only. Bad move on their part because they could have used Berky as a marketing tool and recruited kids. Instead they are pushing kids to play for other teams and other cities.
  11. I heard that person likes to threaten people because he’s a cop and people are afraid to say something. It’s really sad actually.
  12. If the Vengeance are the former Amateur Pens; who would be the new Mt Lebanon/Pittsburgh Hornets AAA Midget Major team that played in Michigan National Hockey League? Would that be the Pens Elite now? It seems to me that I played in the “old days” (in the mid- to late 90s)…so I have about a 15 year gap in my understanding of the hierarchy of the organizations.
  13. Hey there, everyone! I couldn't agree more with the concern about Hockey Canada's handling of alleged sexual assault cases. It raises questions about transparency and accountability. This case is a powerful reminder of the importance of teaching our kids respect, consent, and the significance of not succumbing to group dynamics. Speaking of staying vigilant, reports have been circulating about a scam called blackout bingo. It serves as another reminder to stay informed and educate ourselves about potential risks to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Let's foster a safe and supportive environment on and off the ice.
  14. You got two kinds of weather in Pittsburgh, hockey weather and boat weather.
  15. We are still looking for the following teams- 1 at 18u Upper A, Have 5 already. Cost $1600. 4 game guarantee. 1 at 16u AA, Have 7 already, Cost $1600. 4 game guarantee 1 at 12u Lower A, Have 5 already, Cost $1400, 4 game guarantee 1 at 10u Upper A/Low AA, Have 3., Cost $1400, 4 game guarantee Using Alpha Ice Complex, RMU and Pgh Ice. Contact Dave Schueler at schueler209@comcast.net
  16. The guy that "ran the little gym and tried to coach "junior hockey" is the guy that TheOneGuy called "One of PGHs best trainers." Meanwhile, he got kicked out of his own gym and cancels training last minute when the weather is nice to go on his boat.
  17. I guess it means there is a new Sheriff in town.
  18. He is a Sheriff, if that means anything.
  19. bet they left bc their little johnny might get seen at PPE. PPE is known nation wide not matter who they lose to. 99 percent of teams west of say MICHIGAN have zero clue who the PGH Vengeance even are.
  20. SCIR is still looking for the following: 16U Mixed Year 1 - We have room for a few more skaters. Non-parent coach Chris McCambridge 16U Mixed Year 2 - We have room for skaters 18U Mixed Year 1 - We have room for skaters - Supplemental Tryout: 5/15 at 6 PM @ Alpha Ice Complex We have room on all rosters at 10U and 12U for skaters and goalies Anyone with interest, please fill out the player inquiry form
  21. Danner, Why do you only acknowledge 2 of your 4 players? Please enlighten us.
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