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  2. I prefer the organizations that can offer some type of consistent practice slot for the whole season. Location obviously plays a huge part in picking the organization, but I personally don't mind driving a little further if its worth it. We switched from one large organization to a slightly smaller one for multiple reasons. Reason number one being that 5pm weeknight practices are nearly impossible to make with two working parents. And when those 5pm practices were all four 10U teams on the ice at once and running station drills like mites do, it wasn't really worth pissing my boss off by leaving early every week. Not to mention no set schedule so it really messed up our home life balance, especially when you have other kids who do other activities like dance/cheerleading etc. Reason number two was the people involved. I understand that the teams cant advertise their practice schedule ahead of time because they usually sit down and figure that out in July based on what the rink can offer, but it sure would make it an easier decision for some, myself included. Regardless, my sons are both very happy with where they are playing currently. The coaching is great for both age levels, and the set practice times make it easy to plan around my daughters schedule.
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  4. My question is for folks with multiple kids playing hockey over several age groups. They get a better feel for an organization as a whole instead of particular birth years. Anyone care to offer an opinion as to why they like where they are or why they switched to a different organization. Seems like Preds, Mt Lebo and SHAHA would compete for the same kids. How do you pick one over the other? I think most others start because of proximity to the rink.
  5. I think it's difficult to say if an organization as a whole is good or not... usually the politics will reside with the coaches and parents of a particular team. It's best to do your research and get to know the coaches possibly the parents before you make a switch. In a head coach bio, you might be able to find out how long they have been in an organization. It's not even clear what age group you are in. Sometimes it will not always been greener on another organization. We had a really good experience with our head coach and parents last year, when in previous years, you would get a few kids move on to the Predators or PPE year after year. So we all came back this season or at least tried out for the same team. This is our team 1 for squirts at South Pittsburgh Rebellion at Southpointe... most are 2011, 2nd yr squirts. I know a few parents on the 2011 Predators team and they have been positive about their experiences there + I like the facility and that they have two sheets of ice.. we usually go there for Quest summer league.
  6. For sure, like every other team under every organization, which is too bad. The best is to find one you can tolerate
  7. they have their goods and bads just like any other organization......
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  9. Did you even try out to see if you would make a team? or have you already turned down your offer that was never made? I think it's funny to talk about a team you didn't even try out for assuming you would make it?
  10. And all these Faux AAA teams besides Pens and possibly Esmark will never be competitive until politics are set aside and the best players are chosen. Obviously, I that will never happen so your best bet to play at a higher level is make Pens/Esmark or leave Pittsburgh and roll the dice.
  11. Dad is an excellent skater and skills coach. I am glad for Ty, but we all know how hard it is to make it when you aren't big. I thought the NHL was trending towards skill and speed for a while, but not the last two seasons. I would prefer that game over 'grit' and 'goons' as defined by the Canadians...
  12. Dad was a pretty good player with the last of the great North Catholic teams of the 80s. I believe he ended up at Shaler for a year or two,.
  13. Have to root for this kid, his father went against the evil empire (PPE-Morehouse) called them out on things we all discuss here. Will he make the big show ? Likely not but he’s closer than most and way ahead of a few kids from that same birth year that got all the PPE marketing & special treatment.
  14. Natural athlete from an athletic family. Dad was a competitive ironman triathlete and a fitness trainer. Ty skated with a skill level above his peers from a very young age.
  15. Hello all- I am taking some well needed time off. If you see anything "questionable" or need something, please flag the post and/or direct message me through the site and be as specific as possible. As always I could use one solid moderator volunteer. If you're interested you know where to find me. Thanks PB
  16. Great skater and very shifty with the puck. Also potentially a good goal scorer. Not having a OHL season hurt him. The biggest knock was his unwillingness to go to the tough spots. But as a small 16 year old it's understandable. A little more confidence and willingness to go in to the nasty spots and he would have been a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Without a season he didn't get a chance to show if he improved in that area.
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  18. Congrats to Ty and his family! The journey has just begun! I haven't seen him play that I can remember. What about his game put him in this position? He doesn't have elite size and he hasn't exactly put up a ton of points, even at 15U and 14U with the Pens, where I would've thought he'd dominate. I know it doesn't apply to Ty, but it was nice to see so many college kids get drafted the past few days. It even seems like there's an uptick of USHL kids getting their name called! I'd love to see that trend continue.
  19. thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Seems like politics is everywhere and it can be about how much you can even tolerate! Have friends who's kids play in Chicago, and politics is the same there too. That said, there are some consistent themes that are coming out from this post that would be worth considering, in addition to the fact that I've contacted Ty several times and got no response!,
  20. A few quick observations... 1) If I’m a betting man, my money is on the fact that someone here has a kid who didn’t make the Preds ‘11 BY team. Too much scorn and down and dirty info there, fact or not, to not have some type of tie in.. reeks of sour grapes. 2) Politics, awful parents, undisciplined players and favoritism are everywhere. Honestly, as far as hockey parents go... has anyone here ever had to spend an afternoon at Center Ice (or whatever it’s called now) against the Badgers? At any level? I mean, is that place a Wal Mart at midnight or a hockey rink? Don’t get me started on the officiating. Every. Damn. Time. 3)My son played 3 years for the Predators, 4 for the Hornets before that. I’ll tell you this much... he never had to constantly practice as a 2nd year peewee on a mini rink at 7 a.m. like he did at Mt. Lebanon. If I’m going to deal with politics, it’s a lot more palatable with multiple rinks when all of the teams (yes ... even the B team) are getting 3 practices a week starting in August. Not so much when there is a single rink and 3-4 teams get the bulk of the ice. 4)Playing devils advocate here but... Every team/coach has his favorites. It’s unavoidable. Based on pure numbers and opportunities, I’d rather have a coach favor just one player than a dad coach favor his kid and also his 3 or 4 buddies. (Here’s looking at you Hornets and SHAHA) Look at it whatever way you want but daddy ball seems to be pretty limited at the Preds. Again, there may or may not be truth to some of this stuff but just throwing out there based on my experiences. If you can keep the negative people out of your ear for a short bit and look for the positives, any organization can be a fit. Every organization has been shredded here at one point or the other. This is the Preds turn. Good luck in your search for an organization. My only advice would be to start with an organization with multiple rinks and go from there. That way, no matter what b.s. is or is not happening you will at least get the ice time.
  21. OK. But what is the rink to population ratio, How about the number of AAA teams per the population. Having six in our area should be pumping draftable kids every year instead one every two or three years. But how can I say anything. Their websites all said they focus on player development so .....
  22. To be fair a lot more people live in So Cal than here and probably in Arizona as well although I'm too lazy to look it up.
  23. I was assuming it wasn't or it would offset some of the cost. Maybe I'm crazy. I've also heard ice rinks have small profit margins. But you could be correct - were they planning to keep the rink but cut the team?
  24. Who said the rink wasn't profitable? They said the NCAA teams cost too much.
  25. Congrats to Ty and his family. Interesting to see multiple kids drafted from AZ, and So Cal. But we had one from WPA. Congrats to all the programs the "stress" player development. Keep up the good work.
  26. Ty Voit was drafted by the Maple Leafs. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/586523/ty-voit
  27. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, just know EVERY organization has good and bad, and no organization is free of the political bullshit that goes on - no matter what they or anyone else tells you.
  28. Thanks all, it's great to have a forum like this where parents can get the low down and get some honest feedback. These answers all were all pretty consistent and clear to us that this team is not for us. Cheers for taking the time!
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