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  1. Today
  2. I am not a regular on this forum. I read every once in a while. I saw this post and had to sign up to post a response. You are correct, the Mustangs were the elite Tier 2 organization in PA for a long time. Under the direction of coaches like Dave Weaver, Glen and Garrett Barbosa and Mike Bowman, the organization dominated and won three USA Hockey Tier 2 National Championships. They produced some very good hockey players, with Sam Lafferty being the pinnacle (now playing for Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins). Players drove from all over Western PA for the honor of putting on the Mustang jersey. Not any more. A few years ago Dave Weaver left to run a rink in Bozeman, Montana, and coach the MSU Hockey Club. Mike Bowman left a few years before Dave and is now the Director of Business Operations/Associate Head Coach of the Wilmar Warhawks of the NA3HL. Glen Barbosa was pushed out last year as President of the Mustangs and did not return this year as a coach. Garrett helped coach the U16 team last year, but the organization did not have enough players to put together a U16 team this year. This was the first time ever that no U16 team could be iced. So, Garrett is also likely not ever coming back. Garret and Glen were an integral part of the development system and consistently delivered solid hockey players to Weaver. As you can see, there was some significant hockey pedigree that all walked away from the organization in just a few short years because of poor management and internal board fighting. The U18 team from last year was very good and went to Nationals. That was the last you might ever see a successful Mustangs team. The downhill slide really started when Dave Weaver left. Dave, in addition to running the Mustangs and coaching the U18 team, also ran Galactic Ice in Altoona. When he left, they hired one manager that did not work out. After that, they brought in a complete moron from Johnstown. He had previously been in charge of Planet Ice in Johnstown. As I understand it, he ran that rink into the ground and they closed their doors just prior to him coming to Altoona. He was heavily involved with the Johnstown Jets. Everyone knows just how successful that PAHL team has been . He has no pedigree at all. In fact, his claim to fame is having played High School hockey in Johnstown back when nobody really played hockey and every kid made the team 🤔. He coaches the U14 team - which has had no success whatsoever since he took the team on. This is despite having one of the single most talented teams a few years ago in AA PAHL (Altoona Trackers), where I believe they ended up with a roughly 50/50 record and did not even make the playoffs. This team had some really strong kids, including some that are now playing Prep hockey. Each year he has coached Mustangs, he has lost 3, 4 or more of the best players to other teams. Kids have repeatedly even left mid-season. The elite talent from Altoona is now all playing elsewhere for AA and AAA teams like Esmark, Armstrong, etc. Where solid coaching had at one time kept these players local, the dismal current coaching has forced players to find better places to play. The Mustangs do not have anything close to AA, let alone even A Major - at any level. The board is laughable with parents of mediocre kids running the organization and making decisions that are best for their child, rather than the organization as a whole. They turned the Mustangs from a AA only program into a program that caters to average, and below average, hockey players so that their kids got ice time. Where those average kids formerly only played Altoona Trackers and High School hockey before, they now play Mustangs. I have only touched on the surface regarding the problems with the moron from Johnstown. Currently, they are only worried about selling ice at Galactic. They will put together a team with scraps just to balance the budget. Like sadday said, the U18 group is put together with duct tape and band-aids. Dave Weaver used to say, "AA or nothing." The new motto must be, "Anything is good enough for the moron." I highly doubt that any U8 or U10 teams will save the organization. Those parents will get a clue eventually and go play for competent coaches elsewhere. The current crop of coaches are mostly all Johnstown Jets transplants from what I heard. Again, bring in coaches that have had no success elsewhere and somehow expect them to be successful 🤣. The highest ranked Altoona Trackers team is A Major Gold and none of the Altoona teams appear successful at these lower ranks of PAHL. Sad. I highly doubt that you will see any Mustangs team going forward in any legitimate AA tournaments any time soon. Unless of course, they clean house in Altoona and try to rebuild with some of the younger kids. The main problem is the moron from Johnstown. Get rid of him and there might be hope. My guess is that the program is dead within 5 years. Really is sad when you think about it.
  3. Yesterday
  4. How do you even gauge an 8-U team as AA???
  5. five4fighting19

    What happened to Mid-State Mustangs?

    By some younger teams I assume you're talking about the 8u team because that's the only team they have that's even a legitimate AA team. The 14U team currently ranks #270 which is behind many local A teams and is even behind Mt. Lebo's #3 team. The 12U team currently sits at #442 which again is behind many of the local A teams and I won't even get into the 18U team that has as many 16U players on the roster as 18U players and would have a hard time beating most of the local A Major Black teams. The real issue is that at the end of last season their was another management change in the organization that basically forced out anyone that still remained after Dave left who was part of building that once great organization so that they could do things their way,like placing 16U players on the 18U team which would have never happened under the former regimes. The new management better do everything in their power to keep that 8U team together because that's pretty much the only ray of hope they have for even having an organization in a few years let alone every winner another district or national championship.
  6. five4fighting19

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    Am I missing something? Clicked on that link and went through every division. I saw a lot of teams from WPA from organizations like Armstrong, the Icemen, SCIR and others but I didn't see a single Viper Stars team listed.
  7. AZhockeydadU16

    Tier 2 Winter Classic

    My sons U16 team played in the Winter Classic at Ice Castle Arena this past weekend. What's the deal with the Predators? Are they just a bunch of goons? We beat them 5-2 but it was a vicious game of cheap hits, fights, and penalties. They played the consolation game and the refs called the game before it was over. Is this how they play on a regular basis?
  8. Last week
  9. Departure of Dave Weaver and the corruption that ensued following his departure. They may be slowing regaining some footing as some younger age groups are getting their teams constructed.
  10. Was talking to a friend from out West today and asked about the Mid-State Mustangs. They used to be regulars at Silversticks and many of the local Philly tournaments. Have not seen them out here in a while. This organization won multiple National Championships and then just seemed to disappear. What happened?
  11. aaaahockey

    Badgers v Badgers

    That's a great piece of history. Thanks for sharing that.
  12. Ever wonder how there came to be two associations in PAHL with the BADGERS nickname? According to the links below, Allegheny adopted the name in 1992 and Beaver adopted the name shortly thereafter in 1993. Both associations were proudly honoring the late Badger Bob Johnson of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Badger Bob coached the Pens to their first Stanley Cup in 1991, but passed away shortly after the victory. Beaver Badgers history: https://beaverhockey.teamsnapsites.com/history/ Allegheny Badgers history: https://www.ahabadgers.com/page/show/2101767-about-allegheny-hockey
  13. Jack Handey

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    It might be oversold and buyer beware on anyone's claim to being national bound. But at least they are playing in PAHL. Consider it a step in right direction.
  14. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    None of my kids are 05s and they are at another organization. I’m not a fan of Posey-wouldn’t play there. And just asked out of curiosity
  15. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    You're obviously referring only to your son's age group which is the 05's and here is the only part of the question that I can provide facts about. 4 of the teams attended the Harborcenter tournament in September. 3 of the 4 qualified for the semis and the one that did not tied the eventual Tournament Champion in Pool play. So, I would say that yes they have had success in Tournaments. Here is the link to verify the FACTS. https://www.rinksatharborcenter.com/page/show/4493011-13u-aa?_ga=2.74960342.550831545.1544452121-1282676978.1536331085
  16. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    What are their dues vs some of the teams placed above them? And how many hours of practice a week do they do? Have they had success at tournaments?
  17. aaaahockey

    Looking for advice-bullying

    Any updates on this? Curious how it all shook out.
  18. aaaahockey

    Any Holiday Clinics?

    What age level?
  19. Anyone have recommendations on any upcoming holiday clinics in the pittsburgh area that might be worthwhile? We have some downtime and want to sharpen skills over holidays.
  20. Niagarahockey

    Njpe presidents weekend teams

    EARLY CHRISTMAS SALE!!!!Enter before monday December 21st and recieve $150 off your fee!! NJPE would like to invite your team to check out our presidents day cup weekend tournament feb 15-18 •Balanced divisions sq minor-Bantam major A,AA,AAA, •all games played at dwyer arena on the campus of niagara university • 4 game Guarantee, 5-6 game max •Lower fees and multi team discount from same org 2+ more teams www.jrpurpleeagles.com/page/show/112047-2013-14-tournaments Thank you Dan Fitzpatrick Dfitzpatrick@jrpurpleeagles.com 716-534-6899
  21. aaaahockey

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    If the issue is they can't get talent to try out, you can't blame then for trying but maybe they need to modify the message a bit and claim to be a AA team with more ice time?
  22. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    Facts that dispute their website message. That's all. If those facts make them "look bad" that has nothing to do with me posting them. You're upset that these are being posted and yet you imply that you have nothing to do with the organization and that you only know people that play there. If that's truly the case, then why are you the defender of all?
  23. twoboys

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    You provided facts but you did so in order to make them look bad. Am I right?
  24. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    Other than the last sentence which is an opinion, did I bash them or simply provide facts?
  25. twoboys

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    I just don't get why everyone is so quick to bash other organizations. There are plenty of parents whose kids love hockey and want to play and practice a lot. So, they aren't the best kids but the parents would rather have them on the ice more than other programs offer. Maybe the parents enjoy watching their kids play hockey regardless of whether they win or lose. More ice is better than playing video games. The Viper Stars do have some decent coaches. When you spend time at various rinks you quickly realize that not every coach knows what he is doing. Let alone have the ability to "coach." Every organization has some teams that are lousy. Some, have more than a few. At least the kids are still playing hockey. The people that I know (parents and kids) that are on the Viper Stars are quite happy.
  26. Now remember what these teams were proposed to be and in case you've forgotten, here it is. NHAHA's Tier II Hockey Program The Pittsburgh Viper Stars Tier II select hockey program provides a fun, healthy and competitive atmosphere in which players can strive to be their best. As part of the North Hills Amateur Hockey Association, and in conjunction with the program’s Pittsburgh Vipers and Esmark Stars Tier I AAA Hockey program, the Viper Stars will bridge the gap between elite Tier I hockey and house/rec hockey. The Viper Stars program will offer Tier I level training opportunities currently not provided to most Tier II players and programs. We look to achieve these goals by providing experienced coaching, innovative training and the appropriate practice to game ratio. The focus of the Viper Stars program will be to develop elite athletes that compete at the Tier II level from the regular season to the National Championships Results thus far: U18 - PAHL A Major - winless and last place U16 - defunct in August leaving 10-12 players searching for a home with no prior warning U14 - PAHL AA Major - 2-6-1 with 24 GF and 45 GA U13 - Independent - 6th out of 6 Ranked Tier 2 2005 teams in Pittsburgh - https://www.myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?s=PA&y=2018&a=3&v=125 U12 - PAHL AA - last place U11 - PAHL A Major - 12th place/ 16 teams So the name changed but the product is basically the same as the Selects.
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  28. OrrWhat

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    Yep, because that’s what those few thousand kids want to do. Except for Allegheny, the division is very competitive. Why the fuss?
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