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  1. Today
  2. No I am not. I’ve been a few times though. I always had a good time.
  3. You must not be from Pittsburgh........ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagoff
  4. Again, I guess I am just a "jagoff" (although I have never heard of that term before). I guess it's a take on the term a jerk-off. I'm probably too old and too darn tired to care anymore. Do whatever y'all want.
  5. No social distancing, some people not wearing masks, others not wearing the mask properly.
  6. Yes. I don't understand how this has to be explained so often. The people that rebel against these regulations are hurting everyone (including themselves.) Even if they are not afraid of dying.... there are so many other issues that continue be a problem (both health and economic) as long as there is widespread community spread. Lowering the rate of transmission is the key to everything. We really could get close to a normal life if everyone was truly in this together.
  7. This thread is locked. Direct all replies to the poster. PB
  8. Local team seeking several forwards (Or D who can play forward) for local pgh tourney on the weekend of 7/17 at the 18uAA level if your player wants to play PM me direct for more info your player does not have to commit to our team to play. We just want to play some hockey and have fun. no obligation and no pressure
  9. My point is this.......everyone else suffers from other peoples stupidity. If someone drives 100 mph, other people on the highway are at risk. If someone is not wearing a mask and is not 6 ft away, other people are at risk. How often do you hear of the drunk driver that kills others while the driver survives - are you saying we should not have laws against drunk driving since you personally do not drink and drive? Jagoffs do not live in a bubble, and what they do can potentially alter the lives of others. That is why we are a nation of laws. I for one, do give a crap about what others do when it can effect the lives of me and my family or others.
  10. Eddie Shore Minnesota High School Hockey is the best by far. Wisconsin Really ? Buffalo NY Fed (not that great) ? Chicago (Other than New Trier Green) ? Boston (LaSalle from Philly and Dematha MD annually compete against some of the Super 8 Catholic Schools ? Do some homework and what you will find is that Pa High School Hockey competes with all but Minnesota
  11. Spot-on assessment Danner. I think this is where most people get confused. Thinking Western PA is on the same level as Minn, Wisconsin, Chicago, Buffalo, Boston, etc... It's not even close.
  12. I guess I don't feel as strongly about this because when I go out in public, I wear a mask and if I see someone not wearing one, I stay at least 6ft away from them. I really don't care if anyone else wears one or not. If you want to wear one, great, I'll get a little closer to you in the supermarket. If you don't, great, I'll just keep my distance, and let you catch a disease and kill yourself. If you want to drive the speed limit, great, I'll drive along side you. If you want to drive 100mph, great, I'll keep my distance and let you go down the road and kill yourself. I guess what I am saying is my problem is really that I don't give a crap what anyone else does, what they spend their money on, how they vote, or in all honesty whether they live or die. I guess I'm just a "jagoff".
  13. Instead of hoping around, you could start NW and work your way east.
  14. Maybe it was the Buffalo Saints, they are one that tries real hard to catch the money flow but they never really develop their kids well even at the older ages. I agree with the checking.
  15. New Mexico has just canceled football and soccer this fall For high schools. They plan to play in the spring (hopefully). https://www.ktsm.com/sports/high-school-sports/nmaa-postpones-high-school-football-soccer-seasons-to-spring/amp/?__twitter_impression=true It only a matter of time until other states follow.
  16. Western pa is not Minnesota, we don’t have the talent in numbers. Have you seen some of our varsity teams ? It looks like Pahl a major at best. Sure each tier has 2-3 pretty good teams but after that it gets pretty bad. my main point - there is talent in western pa, just not enough to have awesome varsity teams. The top teams here have starters that wouldn’t crack a Minnesota line up.
  17. @fafa fohi I read this today. A lot of people probably do not realize Ivy League schools do not give out athletic scholarships. Yes folks, the young man playing ncaa d1 hockey at places like Dartmouth,, Yale etc are paying their own bill. the big ten is a huge money maker along With the other “big” conferences, they will keep that revenue stream rolling in. Time will tell soon if any changes happen.
  18. For orgs, I would have a category for: are they organized? Does what they say will happen, happen when and how they said it would? Is communication good?
  19. AAA Hockey is a scam. If PIAA would have some balls and bring Hockey In PIAA Let the High School share the costs then there wouldn’t be Club Hockey AAA holding all the Cards. Look how MN and WI do it High School is NO #1 and you have to stay in your Zip Codes until death. High Schools buy the rinks and pays for Hockey. NCAA recruits those High Schools Hard. Look how many make it to NHL. Very few PPE kids get drafted to USHL and parents paid all that money. If they do Excel, North Catholic and PPE you are looking at $32,000 to $34,000 a year with Travel. When was last time PPE put someone into NHL? Not the PGH Hornets. It is all because PPE brought these clowns in from the Midwest all they did was raise the costs according to Chicago Price. I give the U16 Coach Credit he good the others are terrible Coaches.
  20. Yesterday
  21. @Danner27 I cannot remember which thread you posted on that the Ivy League cancelled all Fall sports. The Big 10 is planning on a in-conference only schedule for fall sports. I would think the larger conferences such as the Pac 12, SEC and all would do something similar rather than taking the same path as the Ivy League simply because their fall sports generate far more revenue than the Ivy League does and don't want that money tree to lose its leaves. We shall see. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29435295/source-big-ten-moving-conference-only-model-all-sports-fall
  22. I’m thinking it was the junior Sabers, I can’t be sure as it was sometime ago. What saw would give zero skill development. Just my opinion. I still think checking should go back to peewee.
  23. Some organizations have their Mite kids graduate later in the season from cross ice to half ice with the placement of temporary boards to run two games simultaneously rather than two cross ice games with the neutral zone used as a skills area during games. I am in favor of this over 7-8 year old playing full ice, as they have plenty of time ahead of them to learn about off sides, icing and line changes on the fly.
  24. This might give you some ideas:. The Athletic: NHL arena rankings: Grading every team's rink from best to worst. https://theathletic.com/1903161/2020/07/08/nhl-arena-rankings-grading-every-teams-rink-from-best-to-worst/?source=rss Also, I would think about concession stands at each rink PLUS what is around the rink locally which can be really important especially during tournaments.
  25. I would add Rink Ownership to the list as well. There is a huge difference sometimes between community rinks like Beaver, Crawford, and the YMCA in Bethel or Ralph's empire.
  26. Must have been a bad game, it happens. I know the kids that my son played with developed pretty well. The coach they had taught them to play as a team. Yes there was the occasional stretch pass or end to end but all in all I think that it helped for the following years to come that they were playing already.
  27. How cold is it in the rink is important haha. I'd also go with a specific question about watch ability of games, such as if the stands give a good view without instructions, glass isn't fogged up, etc.
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