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  2. I have to wonder if it's hard to keep track of the co-ops because they change YOY. Like this year Avonworth went pure, so all the kids outside the AV district had to co-op somewhere else. So since the media finds it difficult to rank D2 teams, they don't pay as much attention, and therefore individual performers don't get noticed. Not disagreeing that it sucks for those kids to not be recognized, but there is pretty limited high school hockey coverage.
  3. LOL ok, I found it, thanks, but dear lord this site is awful. I created better sites for 28k dial up in 1998 FFS!
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  5. I heard it is outdated so I am going to what until the complete history of the PA High School Championship comes out.
  6. https://www.pihlhockey.com/gamecoordinators There is a link to the application at the top of the page.
  7. I’ll bet my paycheck that none of this will matter come this time next year.
  8. Best bet would be to probably reach out directly to their contacts. Repeatedly.
  9. Ah great. Now it’s time for the faux high school hockey discussion.
  10. Fair warning. If the weather turns or a game gets cancelled for other reasons, it’s rarely updated.
  11. Yes, that is what I was looking for, what games are at which rink during a particular day.
  12. Last week
  13. http://external.horizonwebref.com/scheduleExternal.hwr?asn=205428&enc=a9784d06c130b74477f196f215394e5c7e9b457c&primary=002A86&secondary=FFCC00 This is PIHL, you can look by date and it says who and where.
  14. This board has basically turned into “which AAA team is faux today.” Time and place for that? Yes. But it’s getting pretty stale. It’s expected though. That’s the self created pinnacle of these people’s existence when it comes to living through their kids.
  15. The Black Bear rinks in the area (PIA/Delmont/Southpointe) all have their full schedules listed on their websites
  16. RMU has something like that too, I forget what scheduling site they use. It's a little cumbersome to use.
  17. I have never heard of such a book and I'm not sure there would be demand for much more than about 400 of them.
  18. You can do that, but I think what he wants is to look at, say, Baierl, and see what's scheduled for that day. Baierl came to mind because they do publish their ice schedule, though I don't know if it would tell you who is playing whom, it might just say who scheduled the ice. https://member.daysmartrecreation.com/#/online/baierl/calendar?location=1&start=2022-10-01&end=2022-10-01
  19. Just go to the PAHL and PIHL websites. You can find every game on them.
  20. Is there any listing on a website that you can look up and find out what PAHL or PIHL games are at a particular rink on a particular day? I'd like to go to a few random games at a few rinks near me but I don't know how to find out game times...??
  21. I’m curious if anyone has ever done a book on PA high school hockey championships… and how many copies it had sold. Anyone know?
  22. Pretty sure most here knew who the king was - thus the reason he requested all his posts taken down. I disliked the guy here but some times his posts were spot on.
  23. Pennsylvania High School Hockey Championships has now sold over 400 copies and is available at www.pahockey.net. We will launch Book Signings in Rinks around Pennsylvania to celebrate State Champions from 2018 - 2013 - 2008 -2003 - 1998 - 1993 - 1988 and 1983 at home games of those Schools celebrated in the Book
  24. Remember the premise that The King and Danner27 were the same person? Anyone? Also, haven't seen the Michigan board but the one that was removed about 10 years ago for Ontario and mainly the GTHL was the most insanity I've ever seen. Not only do they take the game seriously, they also take being ruthless seriously as well.
  25. truth be told, there is mud, but this board isn't nearly as salacious as its predecessor.
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