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  2. What age group? As far as I know, at the 18U AAA level, there were 2 teams—Gold (Major or better team) and the Black (Minor or not as good team). I think that it was similar to PPE’s Gold and Black. The Gold team billets, lives there, and goes to school there. The Black (Minor) team would do a preseason training camp, then go out to tournaments/showcases, then reconvene on a weekend when no tournaments were scheduled, and do High Performance Weekend training for 2 days. They’d do that every month or so. It would consist of: Tournaments, High Performance Weekend of practice, tournaments…etc. Players lived at home and commuted for everything. As far as I know, that Black team folded. The Gold (Major) team has players that live and stayed in/near Cincinnati. It’s the customary billeting, online schooling, some minimal commuting, and/or something similar where they have regular practices during the week, and games or tournaments on weekends.
  3. Not even that so much about the parents seeing the dream isn't attainable. But where before the parents gotta get Little Johnny to the Vengeance tryouts because those kids are "better" and clearly Little Johnny is better... At 15, 16 years old Little Johnny is now Adolescent Johnny and he's saying, "I want to make extra money, I want to hang out with friends, I like hockey but it's not the only thing I'm interested in that I want to put all this time and effort into when I have a bunch of homework and a part time job and want some video game time, etc." And for the dreamers- I don't think most people realize what that dream really takes. Meaning the work, time, money, and commitment that is in your control nor the "have-it-or-you-don't" genetics and mind for the sport, and luck that is not even in your control.
  4. Yes and no. They’re springing up all over the country now. They’re part of TPH (Total Package Hockey). Philadelphia is starting (buying) one for this coming year. I draw parallels with the model that PPE uses. Only, they’re in a lot of places that are not traditional hockey markets. They simply don’t have much in the way of home grown talented hockey players to compile a AAA team. Places like: Cincinnati (Tri-State), Nashville, Des Moines, Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Estero/Ft Myers, Huntsville, Phoenix, Waterloo, etc. So, they tend to have to bring in players to fill out their rosters. If you’re a kid that loves hockey and is not going to get seen because you play in rural Iowa, and your parents have the dough to give you a shot that’s better than the local outdoor farm rink in-house league. Pittsburgh is pretty spoiled by the proportionally high number of newer rinks/ice sheets and our proximity to some of the blue-bloods in Michigan, Western NY, and Ontario/Toronto. So, what happens is when non-traditional markets get enough money and support to build a new facility and then TPH moves in and does their thing to attract these kids and their money. Which makes me think (and it’s a little off topic), there’s a lot of old, dark, moldy, smelly, and dingy barns the further north you go (especially in Michigan and Ontario). I’d much rather play out of a new, clean, bright building than some where like an inner city Detroit rink where they use chain link fence instead of glass. Programs like Tri-State (and other TPH) attract players from hockey hotbeds as well because they can sell the facilities, along with their version of high-intensity on/off ice training, and their overall hockey-centric lifestyle. Some kids want that whole experience vs what Pittsburgh has to offer. If you think about it, there’s a shrinking number of AAA programs here with only 3(?) U18 organizations now. That’s a pretty limited number of positions. Most of those positions are already spoken for anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I would not do it. I would have to make a ton load of money to even ever consider it for my son or daughter. But, I get what they’re trying to do.
  5. Still time to register for tonight! 8:30 PM PGHAVIATORS.COM
  6. One can dream for that outcome, I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Bingo! Mom and dad finally realize the dream is not attainable and pull back. It’s the same thing every year. We never listen to those ahead of us that tell us exactly how it is. We think they are just bitter and it’s going to be different for us. But in reality it is the same: If at 15u/16u you aren’t a top player on Pens or at a top nationally ranked out of town program, Tier1Juniors/NCAA/pro hockey isn’t in the cards. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but be honest: is your player the exception? From what I’m reading lately, it seems that maybe folks are waking up and bowing out of the AAA rat race and going AA. Maybe we’ll start seeing some better AA and high school hockey in the coming years?
  8. Beating a dead horse with semi pro hockey in Pittsburgh.
  9. Pittsburgh Huskies supplemental - 14u (2011/Mixed) - TODAY 4/25 - 6:00pm 16u Mixed - TOMORROW 4/26 - 7:00pm We are also still searching for 10u skaters!
  10. Pittsburgh Huskies supplemental - 14u (2011/Mixed) - TODAY 4/25 - 6:00pm 16u Mixed - TOMORROW 4/26 - 7:00pm We are also still searching for 10u skaters!
  11. Well if it's any justification, the owner/thief of the River Monsters is involved with a local youth organization.
  12. But saying, "my kid is such a great hockey player, he's billeting in Ohio to play" sounds so much better at the water cooler.
  13. The younger you start, the easier it is to get on teams. Once you're on the team, the easier it is to stay. At some point school hockey becomes important to kids. Say what you want, but playing for the school team is important for a lot of kids- it comes with a certain amount of popularity amongst their peers, hearing their name on the announcements, etc. Things that don't come with playing for a Vengeance, Esmark, or wherever. A lot of kids want to go to the movies with their friends or go hang out with their girlfriend or whatever on the weekend. Not say, "oh sorry, I can't go. I have to go to Philadelphia this weekend for hockey" and get left out. So with being on the school team and the commitment that goes with that (and the cost of playing for the school team added in), some kids are going to want to just play for school and a team that's a little bit more schedule-friendly. Believe it or not, some kids like to play hockey but also have other interests and things they like to do. So by this age they start realizing that. And at this age, the parental influence on what they want to do is becoming much less.
  14. Pittsburgh Vengeance looking for PAHL A+/AA 10U Goalie. Please reach out to registrar_1@scirhockey.org if interested.
  15. And there will be for sure. Fresh eyes willing to take their freshly minted cash.
  16. Yes, sorry I just saw this. We have already posted our roster for the team. If you are still looking send an inquiry to orginfo@ with your hockey history. Thanks,
  17. Delusional parents who think the whole world is conspiring against them and that if they get out of Pittsburgh there will be some fresh eyes.
  18. This may be a topic for a different thread, but I never really understood why a parent, whose kid did not make a local U16-18 AAA team would send him away to play AAA in another city or state for his junior year or even worse, his senior year in high school? I mean, are the scouts all of a sudden going to notice this player whether they play for Team Maryland, Tri-State, Nashville Jr Preds or any team in Detroit but were not good enough to make a local AAA team? You would think not making a local AAA team would be a sign not to be ignored? I know of several kids that went through this and ended up being non-drafted players while missing their senior year in HS and taking cyber school. Maybe it's me, I just don't get it.
  19. I hear you, guys. I was just asking because it seemed out of place. I understand now. Thanks.
  20. Here is how I have seen the 2009 story go this tryout season. Players of the 2009 Vengeance pretty much all decided to jump ship. Most of their top players seemed to go to the Preds tryouts. Some made it some did not. I think then some went to Esmark tryouts after getting cut from other places. Now you have the left overs from all the tryouts that have been cut probably several times looking into Vengeance. People are nuts. Then you have some that were cut from several teams looking for prep schools. It never ends.
  21. Not only that, but the players from the River Monsters largely played youth hockey in the area. We talk about college hockey as well.
  22. The rumor was a lot of 09 AA Badgers were jumping ship and going to Esmark, along with 09 Vengeance. I’m not sure how that played out, but I assume 09 Esmark had a larger turnout, while Vengeance suffered. It may be smart on Vengeance, to have that supplemental, because there has to be an overflow. I’m not familiar as to whether the tryout dates normally overlap like they did, but that has to hurt some teams (as well as benefit others).
  23. In this situation, you are probably correct. Esmark was attempting to resurrect something that blew up last year. The consensus has been that parents and players are not going to do the drive to New Kensington. If we look at where the current AAA teams are for 2009, there is PPE (Cranberry), Preds (South Hills), and SHAHA (South Hills). No idea what has/is happening with Vengeance, but Esmark seems to come down to location.
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