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  2. Keystone State Games Central Region KSG ICE HOCKEY WEBSITE & REGISTRATION LINK – KSG ICE HOCKEY | Mysite (keystonegames.org) Online Registration - $ 30 ONLINE - Link Below KSG Ice Hockey Tryout 2021 – Keystone State Games, Inc. (myshopify.com) Hi everyone, I want to thank everyone in the Central Region for a great initial effort to build outreach for the Keystone State Games for 2021 on July 30- August 1 in Wilke Barre Scranton. I have ATTACHED the
  3. Bantam Major 2001 district 2015-16. Black beat Elite 3-1
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  5. He still has a house in Chicagoland along with Florida.
  6. You win, man. I have no idea why you think that "fact" - if it is truly a fact - is relevant to the question of how much the guy makes.
  7. I think I know the story of this coach you are talking about if the time frame was before mueller or his first year - hard to recall. I honestly don’t recall any of the black teams beating the elite teams in districts but I do remember at one of the BY under my kids there was a lot of animosity between the black team & elite team, maybe the 03’s or 04’s.
  8. Funny thing ... not our birth year but we ended up at Gilmour - by choice after 16u. Hated the coaching at 16 and it wasn’t looking too promising at 18. 16 was the last great year. The coach was not retained and he was the best. Took a black team at 14 and beat the elite at districts then took a 15 u to the semi finals at national. For whatever reason he wasn’t retained and we were no longer interested. You evidently passed through during those transition years with coaches and the mission statement.
  9. I’m guessing it had to be an 03, my youngest is an 02. 99-03 are the BY i am most familiar with locally. I’m not doubting the stray kid here and there was retained at 15u, I do know of one 03 but then they dumped him at 16u. Kid is at Gilmour now. The point being many kids from the black team got pushed through the mid am camp by ppe over better players in the district, then dumped by ppe at midget. I could pm you 15 names alone from the 02 & 03 BY.
  10. And he was always fun and exciting to watch. Well deserved
  11. Nope - your memory is failing you right now. Looks like we were there around the same time. I believe the first year "black" teams were available were the 01's at the 14U level and those younger. My son also played 15U after his year as a "black" . So , nope he wasn't dumped. Made National camp 2x.
  12. Not for the birth years I know, the black teams could not compete with the “elite” teams. I’m taking 99 down to 03. I’m pretty confident all the kids on those black bantam teams were all dumped by ppe going into U15, yet they pushed a good amount of them through the district camp. The Ohio Blue Jackets, along with Culver had a fallen out with mid am over this about 3-4 years ago.
  13. Back then, they were so intent on segregating the two teams from each other that they actually made the black teams wear a different uniform. A cheaper more suitable uniform for the dregs of the organization.
  14. My kid was on the black team a few years back and “pushed “ through as you would say at mid ams. That black team beat the gold team at districts that year. So yeah... maybe just maybe that black team kid earned his spot - both years he tried out. And, that Black team kid is currently playing in the NAHL .
  15. Agree with this to an extent. It has to stop somewhere though. Talking 14-18 age group I personally think that 6-8 teams per birth year (including PPE) in the Pittsburgh area is a fair number of AAA teams. That's <150 kids per birth year. I really see no problem with that. I know others here turn their nose up to it, but If it what players and parents want then its going to happen.
  16. Welcome to the real world. Nothing gets handed to you! Money might make it easier but in the end the best, most dedicated, hardest working rise to the top. In most cases where you start out has no bearing on where you end up because somewhere along the way the player decides how bad they want it and how hard they are willing to work for it. Nothing wrong with all that! It's life. I just don't like people who blame the organizations for wanting to be the best. Or catering to the demand for an extra A. It's law of supply and demand. From what I have heard there will be a lot of kids who
  17. Parents on that ride believe their kid will be the one not cut. 🤷‍♂️ Just like most of the ones who got cut will go to the next best 'AAA' option around here until they land. Some just opt to play high school hockey or, most sad in my opinion, give up hockey altogether.
  18. Thanks for the reply. Regardless of one's stance on player development at PPE, this is pretty sobering information for parents of kids getting started in the program.
  19. Sure they do if their "real" home is a $10M mansion somewhere else, and the townhome is just where they're living during the season. You don't think that every single Penguins player has a home somewhere other than Pittsburgh? Lots of Penguins players have rented local homes from former players over the years. And what a shock - alot of those homes are in Mount Lebanon, right next to the rink they used to practice in frequently. That's why Kunitz, Dupuis, and Adams all had kids playing at Mount Lebanon when they played here. Because they lived in rented houses there. Despite the money they mad
  20. People that make 7 figures don’t live in 400k townhomes
  21. I know a few very wealthy people who have apartments in one city and permanent homes elsewhere.
  22. You realize PPE has by far the most “evaluators” at the district camp ? A few years back kids from the PPE black teams were getting pushed through over players from other legitimate AAA programs in the district.
  23. I'm not sure anyone at PPE makes that much. Don't forget many of them get good salaries 50k+ but also have alternate jobs (scouting, sales, recruiting, etc) that double+ those salaries.
  24. Not sure why you’re arguing with yourself.... but I’d be willing to bet that he lives in one of the newer $400k townhomes that are popping up all over the place up there. Which would make total sense.
  25. If Mueller makes that much then why does he live in a townhouse in Cranberry? Also very easy to find online.
  26. PPE brought in $2.5 million in 2019 and ended the year wirh assets of $200,000. Can easily be looked up online on guidestar. However they don’t list thier top 5 paid employees. It’s hard to say where the money comes from for coaches and staff, with the blurred lines between Excel, PPE, and UPMC. But Excel high school program is $17,500, so they have the needed revenue to pay well.
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