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  2. he is independent now and no longer part of the IC hockey program. only way to get in touch with him is via phone.... ill PM you his number.
  3. Does he still work for IC Hockey? I don't see him listed. Looking here, http://ichockey.net/coaches/ Just wondering how to contact. Looks like he coaches the 16U Preds so probably still at IC.
  4. A little birdie tells me more information about this will eventually come out.
  5. I honestly think the game is way too fast now for most of these guys. Not their fault. But I think they’re overwhelmed.
  6. In terms of on ice coaching, my son has worked with Cliff and TK. Both do a good job. Felt like we got our money’s worth with both. The best skills teacher my son has ever worked with is Justin Cormack at IC. Not spring team, just lessons. He’s fantastic. My son worked with him for years, and always wants to work with again in the summers.
  7. We all know his background and decisions. That being said we played with him a couple springs. He made my son a better hockey player and I had no issues with him. May we not all be saddled with our bad decisions forever.
  8. Yup, agree with you here to an extent..... I assume you are talking about the skilled player that would be 1st\2nd line on a "good team" but forced into a checking role on the 3rd or 4th line on an elite team? Definitely agree that a kid is hard pressed to get noticed if they are stuck in the 3rd or 4th line role and they are asked to skate with players that cannot keep up with them or finish when they get the pass to them. Makes for lots of frustration.
  9. Rock and Dropthepuck You mention that the local Tier 1 teams are not affiliated with the same leagues and none of these teams have reason to schedule any games against any local competition no matter how much anyone might want them to to "prove they are better". So, You have four options: 1- find a way to join their leagues or other equally respected leagues - Get in there, mix it up on their turf and walk the walk. 2 - get invited to the same showcase tournament and beat them there 3- Beat them at districts 4 - Keep whining on message boards The real question i
  10. ask any 03,04 or even 05 parent that was at scir when he was there. they will tell you the TRUTH about him.
  11. So..... telling people that a coach has a moral compass that is set at -360 degrees has no place here? If I'm a newbie looking at options, I would think that was important, wouldn't you?
  12. I have no affiliation with the guy but say what you want about coaching or an incident that has happened between a coach and player... if applicable. The other stuff... no business calling out someone’s personal life like that, especially when it’s a family dynamic and a kid is involved. Let’s not act like we’ve all navigated life with perfection either. I don’t know the details, who was wrong, but that kind of shit really doesn’t have a place on this board.
  13. Bit of an elitist aren't ya? Theses teams let kids play who normally would not have the opportunity at their school. it's a start. The girls who signed up were happy to play and there was enough interest. It wasn't designed to be a huge commitment.
  15. And not the one he fathered a child with. That’s another birth year.
  16. you mean more then 1 of the hockey moms on that team.....
  17. Ask someone from the former 2003 Renegades birth year team........incident with player and an incident with a player’s parent
  18. The "all roads lead to beer league" saying is misunderstood by many. I first read it from a former NHL player. If you take a look at top men's leagues across the country they are full of former junior, college, and pro players. The A league at Ice Castle has many. I get what you're saying though. Some kids will definitely surpass ACHA. It's also true that most will not.
  19. That's why PPE 16U created their own league last year so they could pick what teams they play. Never a chance of dropping in the rankings
  20. The rankings are a rough estimate of where you stand... in regards to what teams your manager should be scheduling games against. That’s about it. I would also like to touch on the ACHA and Beer league comments. That crap is on the same spectrum as the mite parents who think their kid is destined for glory... just opposite ends. If everyone bought into this doomsday approach, there would be no junior, college or pro players. And while it’s true that the higher you go up the ladder, the harder it becomes, there are some who will climb it. So take that jaded shit somewhere el
  21. @BeaverFalls, there's no question that you're right there. But I don't think that's the intention of this idea. It seems like they're just trying to give the girls a showcase.
  22. I don’t have any issue with girls hockey in general. It’s just that regional teams and co-ops aren’t really scholastic hockey. I feel the same way about boys.
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