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  2. Honestly, it was a perfect storm: admittedly poor coaching choices (no other options really-volunteer coaches are becoming harder to find), a lot of girl players that moved to strictly girls teams, a charismatic parent that sold greener pastures elsewhere 🤷🏼‍♀️ And, I’ll be honest in the VS teams hurt that age group. Had the majority end up there. @Clonbur, I’m still waiting for you to tell me who the paid board members are. I’m not one of them so you give me “receipts”and I’ll take them to the board. Tell me who they are and I’ll call them out. You’ve said in a past post you hoped to see someone turn it around. I’m that someone but instead of giving me helpful information, you choose to laugh and ridicule. It annoys me that you take so much joy in what you consider our demise. You laugh and say “I told you so” with NO thought of the kids there…like mine…who like it there and want to play with his friends he’s had since ADM. You be perfectly content pointing your finger in my face and laughing if it ended up my kid didn’t have a “home” to play at. Honestly, parents like you are the reason we can’t find solid volunteer coaches. No one wants the job to deal with parents who think they know better…
  3. They chased everyone away... hence "Viper's Demise", the original thread. The 10u and 12u stars coach even left/fired (depends on how you interpret "pay decrease"). If you sign up today your kid could be a member of a AA program!!
  4. Pittsburgh now with 13 Varsity and 7 Junior Varsity committed Best Schools in WPA and array of out of town schools
  5. I see on their site that the Vipers aren’t fielding 10U or 12U teams, but the Viper Stars are….what’s the story here?
  6. Last week
  7. You shouldn't have baited us without the announcement same day! Is that trolling?
  8. I am preparing to be underwhelmed. When do you plan to make the big reveal?
  9. It appears the Renegades have 3 teams at 18U this year. We are not even sure which one @FNFA is referring to! We just assume it is the U16 National Champ team moving up!
  10. Let me take a guess, they've handed the fox the keys to the henhouse? Yuri
  11. Never, huh? Someone correct me here if I'm mistaken but didn't this same team/group also secure the 14U Mid-Am Championship in 2020? So that's at least two times they seem to have picked it pretty much spot on.
  12. Thanks We will have a very competitive 14U + 16U + 18 U. We still need defense at 18 U (2 Defensemen). Lots of close games with Philly and more to come ? Also need 2 Defense for 12 U ............Please contact me if interested
  13. My son played last year and will play this yeah. We did well even against the stacked Philly team. It was a fun weekend. That’s all it is. Think it’s a money grab? Don’t play. There I fixed it. BTW our team last year was mostly ACHA D1/2, few AAA (have fun defining that), and the rest mostly AA. Roster who tries out. As large as the central region is it’s basically beaver/Lawrence and Erie with some central pa. philly shows up with genesis/jr. Flyers
  14. I am sure it does, but that team is usually the AA Foxes coach and mostly kids from that team with some fillers.
  15. We are all indebted in gratitude to you @Pucks11 Does the same exist for the West team?
  16. Not that hard to find. Keystone State Games Rosters 2022 FINAL W-1.xlsx
  17. The problem that has existed with this for years is that the East puts really good AAA talent on their teams and has quite a few practices before the event. The other two teams have to travel to ty he east and don't attract the same level of talent. 16u AAA Vengeance and Icemen are not AAA. Some I would bet are A Major knowing who those programs took. Not fun when the odds are stacked before you get out of the gate.
  18. It is just as amazing that people believe stuff that is made up. And also ignore stuff that is fact.
  19. @Duster19 could put the drama to rest by providing a link to the team roster he said he had. Yo bro?
  20. There are mostly AA Amateur Players and AAA Vengeance and Icemen as well on the 16 U Team for Central `+ players who just play school hockey. You assumptions are bad and info was emailed only to participants.. Do me a favor and quit lying and casting a cloud over Keystone Games and sign up and play. Just amazing how people make shit up ?
  21. folks are starting to realize the bill of goods promised is a bunch of bs. Having to go all over the country to play 20-80 ranked teams, and playing in a sub par naphl just isnt worth the time anymore. look at iceman they didn't last in the aa league very long.
  22. Cannot find the rosters - can you provide a link please? Thanks.
  23. I looked at the 16U roster. Yikes, the poster above was right….hardly any AAA or legit AA kids tryout…where are the legit AA and higher skaters from Vengeance and Esmark. Understood this is beneath PPE. But, looking at that roster, it looks more like some A Major kids who are friends of the coach. Who actually evaluates and picks the team?
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