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  2. 15,16,18 all normally play 20 minute periods with 1 ice cut. There are Some teams I’ve seen in the past that only do 17 minute periods. Regardless, that doesn’t justify much of anything for costs. All “aaa” teams usually have a paid coach. Personally I’ve never been apart of one that didn’t. Refs are different state to state. Club to club. It’s all over the place. I’ve watched games that have had 1 ref 2 liners. 2 refs 2 liners, 2 refs no liners. None of it really justify’s the price going up $1500-$2000 each birth year after 14U.
  3. I can see some reasons for the progressive increase. Ice time for 16u is usually 90-100 minutes vs 75-80 for a game slot. Refs cost more because you need guys who can actually keep up and control the game and sometimes you need 3 or 4 of them. EMT if required charges more since he's there longer. And of course there's the paid coach. You need someone skilled enough to train these kids and the pool of eligible candidates shrinks as the kids grow up. Now does that add up to $6k? Probably no.
  4. Are you saying $3800 plus the other funds ? I’m sure the 16’s will cost more. It’s probably the best team they have ever had there. I’ll get to 16s & 18’s cost down below. Using your math it’s $6500 with out travel fees ? I wouldn't doubt that is the price. I was under the assumption all their “aaa” teams are $2800 plus all the other fee’s esmark is normally in the $4000-$5000 range depending on birth year. I don’t know what icemen are but was told last year’s 16s were around $4500. PPE was in the $6000 range but they have switched leagues. I’m not really surprised if predators 16 & 18 are $6500. This is just team fee’s not travel costs listed above for the others. Just a fyi for the younger hockey parents, the cost of “AAA” gets higher and higher as the player gets older. There’s really no justification for it, just the way it is. Ice time nor the amount of games seem to really change much. AAA hockey on the east coast and north east is close to $10000 with out travel. I’m sure Pittsburgh will soon figure that out and continue to raise fees (profit).
  5. It confused me too and then someone explained it. Who knows.
  6. Isn’t it on the predators website? What’s the point of you being upset about the cost? If you didn’t want your kid to play, don’t complain an bout the price ? Can you list the other fees for every team in western pa? I’m sure the Foxes Pw7 team is the best price for your budget.
  7. Well maybe that’s 16’s & 18’s 15’s Slush was $500
  8. I heard Preds AAA is $3800 $1000 Slush Fund $1000 to Coach $300 for Paramedics $300 for Gym $900 for Uniforms Helmet and Gloves.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Why waste time playing under different names? Seems silly to manipulate ratings for 10u.
  11. Because, you know, there just aren't any teams of their ability in Pittsburgh.
  12. Reading comprehension, look it up. You’ve just proved yourself to be one of these younger uneducated hockey parents. So, Yes you do have a “horse in this race”. My oldest did play for the pens, they were not called the pens back then. It was the hornets. Since you don’t know about the hornets, it’s very telling of your experience in Pittsburgh youth hockey. Next time you are at the upmc rink, every player that they show on the walls that “moved” onto bigger things, played for the hornets not PPE. Mario bought the hornets out and started PPE for his son because he couldn’t make the hornets. The predators have a great rep in Pahl, not so much in AAA. The original post was pointing out what a “real money grab” is. Your U15 team is the definition of that. Success at the acha d1 level is defined in different ways because none of these players will have any opportunity to play after college. I consider my eldest’s acha experience a success. He’s still playing hockey on a decent team while he gets his education. He’s having fun. He also gets some money that covers around 1/3rd of his college tuition every year. To me and most importantly him, that is success. Had my eldest never played hockey, the money I would have saved from AAA and junior’s probably would have paid for his 4 years of college with some left over. I don’t have a ax to grind, I’m not delusional. I’ve been through it. I’m not embarrassed to say my son never made it pro. Not sure why you’re taking a shot at Michigan hockey, it’s light years ahead of Pittsburgh.
  13. From what I know 15U viper stars, 05 viper stars and 05 Icemen
  14. Who are the AA organizations playing independant schedules this year?
  15. Popcorn's reply is spot on. Preds are all about the mighty dollar. That's why millionaire daddy gets whatever he wants and is in charge of 16U AAA team. Money, money, money. Show me the MONEY!!!
  16. Last week
  17. Let's clarify one thing from this statement, the Predators have a solid reputation as a FINANCIAL organization. The proof is in the pudding by maxing out every roster at all levels at most years.
  18. Not sure how WHA is on there and not Crawford and Cambria. When the 05s from wha were together last time, they were only a major and they lost to Crawford. South pointe also used to have a good 05 group. Are they still together
  19. The top steel city squirt team is the 2010 Vengeance playing under the Renegades name. 09 vengeance is independent and 09 Renegades is the second PAHL Renegades team under the 2010 vengeance
  20. Sounds like whome87 is another delusional hockey parent who has an ax to grind. Why else would he bother complaining about a team he has no connection to? Predators have a solid reputation as a hockey organization. I don’t have any horse in this race, but let the kids play where they will and get over yourself. I’m guessing his version of his sons successful Acha team isn’t what it seems either. Probably one of those parents who drive their kids to Cleveland or Detroit but are afraid to try out for PPE.
  21. They were an 07 BY team, went 8-28 and should have been in a lower division. Sometimes ego gets in the way of sound reasoning, especially if a team gets whacked in placement games by teams in the division they were originally placed and don't petition to move down.
  22. Steel City had 2 12U teams in AA last year I believe. Not sure if that happens again this year or if another team has a shot to do it. I don't think the second SC team did very well though.
  23. MyHockey rankings duplicates last year’s divisions when the new season is first live. That’s why you are seeing BV, Vipers and MV currently. They aren’t going to jump from Groups 2, 4 and 5 to AA.
  24. Bantam Group 1 Allegheny 231 Foxes 267 Mt Lebo 353 North Pitt 451 Predators 410 Renegades 547 South Hills 320 Westmoreland 384 There is no mention of the Viper stars, BV or MV. One of these team will likely get moved down after placement games. Someone always wants to move up. An 06 team playing with the 05's?
  25. On the list you provided, Allegheny, Renegades, Foxes, NP and Preds have two teams in "Group 1" for U14 however there is no way these organizations will have two teams at the AA level, so the "group 1" moniker is misleading. AA Major will consist of 05 teams (some teams may have a couple of 06 players ) while AA Minor will consist of 06 BY teams. Everything else looks right as at the other levels there doesn't appear to be two teams from the same org in Group 1. Either way there will be shifting based on placement game performance.
  26. I think this is what he's looking for... PRESEASON 1920 Groups_Game Slotting 12U_14U_16U_18U.xlsx
  27. You can start here, then click on USA Boys and filter as needed for the age group you want in Tier 2. There will be some shifting in the alignments after placement games are completed. https://myhockeyrankings.com/division_info.php?y=2019&d=318
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