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  1. 4 points
    ... has its own swag now?
  2. 2 points
    the prep team will be on the ice 5 days a week. Do you not understand prep ? Honestly how dumb are you people ? No wonder why it’s so easy for people to suck money out of parents around here.
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    Then you know the ONLY 3 there actually are. That is out of a roster of 19 or 20 I believe. Hardly “half”.
  4. 2 points
    Can anyone tell me of another “prep” team/school where the hockey is a separate entity from the school? Where kids must go to an actual school in order to play on a particular prep team for some organization? I am familiar with some programs where the kids are in the hockey academy, which have online schooling. They do the excel type of training and then practice with their teams. For example, the northern cyclones have online classes at the academy and have 18u aaa, elite, premier, showcase and prep teams. Are there are other places like this with the ppe and north catholic? I just find it strange! North catholic really looks bad here IMO! Clearly this is about money, which is great, but to be so blatant about it. We already knew the ppe were about the money, so no surprise there. Look I get the partnership helps both but at least put north catholics name on the sweaters, being that they all represent the school...isn’t that the true idea behind PREP? Idk maybe just change the logo to $$$
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  6. 2 points
    I offer no opinion on the quality of play at AAA Tier I 16U, or how WPA hockey and USA Hockey are a joke to those of you posting on this forum, just someone (not a player, parent, coach, or rival) presenting the facts on the Predators 2019-2020 16U team... The AA Tier I 14U SHAHA 2017-2018 National Champion team members were recruited to play AAA Tier I 15U for the Predators in 2018-2019 because SHAHA had no respectable ice time to offer at the 15U level that year. At least 8 players made the move that year along with four or five players from the 2017-2018 14U AA Pens Elite Black, and some former Predators players. The coach that year was also recruited out of retirement (the formerly mentioned SHAHA team coach). The players had high hopes, but quickly found that the team had some internal player issues which they tried to resolve with management multiple times to no avail. Their season ended with them ranked 44 of 113, not bad cosidering the Predators 15U team the previous year ranked 91 of 148. Players were then "romanced" and promised a "better situation" if they would return for 2019-2020 tryouts....a new coach, new players, better conditioning, more consistent management. They lost at least 3 good players to other teams after tryouts, but picked up a few good recruits as well. However, practices are fewer and shorter than "promised" with no contact drills at all. Conditioning sessions are self-conducted at the player's discretion in the Ice Castle Gym (for which they had to have a paid membership). The same internal player issues exist, which have been discussed with management, again with no resolution. Two defensive players injured/ill early in the season and the resignation of another defensive player from the team because of the internal issues brought about "pulling up" two defensemen. More issues developed when at least two players were suspended for fighting and dangerous play in games against the Columbus Blue Jackets. These internal player issues have been allowed to go unchecked despite multiple player and parent discussions with management, and yet another player resigned as a result. Recently, proof of illicit drug offenses by two players conducted while at a tournament in Toronto was brought to the attenion of and tolerated by management, which was the absolute breaking point for some. Winning, or at least their delusion of grandeur, is decidedly more important than integrity and morality to management. The team captain promptly resigned before the semi-final game of that tournament when one of the offenders was reinstated by management to play in that game. After a short-lived absence from the team following their return from Toronto and a team vote to keep him off the team, that same offender was reinstated on the team by management, which prompted the goalie's resignation shortly thereafter. Now, perhaps, the speculation of what is going on with the 16U team will finally end!
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  8. 2 points
    I’m just curious if you even read what I wrote in response to your first post? Instead of doing what so many on this board do and immediately turtle and shake at the mere suggestion of a strong statement without a gracious tone, actually read it and you’ll see what the issues are. So you spend time at the rinks obviously. You said yourself that the on ice product is, in your opinion, substandard. So if your assessment is correct, why in the world would a student in the school district waste their night at an ice rink to take that in? Especially when teaching competition is being demonized by parents who need to live vicariously through their kids. Also, let’s look at the people that make the real money off of this. The great monopoly, USA Hockey, values one thing, money. Who are their customers? Hockey parents. If the parents value inclusion at all costs, stress and injury reduction, less time commitment, and a massive development curve, what are they going to do? They’re going to protect their investment. This is one of the most greedy and corrupt organizations in the country. You’re focusing on grass roots campaigns that will never get off the ground and that’s exactly what they want. It’ll take someone with enough guts and integrity to make any changes. Until then, get used to bad hockey, rising costs, and parent coaching. thank you for reading
  9. 1 point
    Having to go to a catholic school to make a hockey team would for sure shitcan any ideas I'd of had for playing on that team. Just sayin'.
  10. 1 point
  11. 1 point
    Well that might mean that I have access to some actual facts. But don’t take my word for it. You said there were TWO 18U Esmark players on NC. I said there was one. Anyone can go look at the roster of BOTH teams and see that there is only ONE as I said. Facts are stubborn things. As for the 4 Excel kids...that can easily be confirmed by anyone by asking someone within the program. It’s not hard.
  12. 1 point
    Yeah it all screams of factual details backed by concrete evidence. You aren’t a liar just gullible and loose with the details. Your contributions once again lead the pack. You’re a civic treasure and a phenomenal resource of critical information and hard hitting opinions within the the hockey community. Thank you
  13. 1 point
    Clearly your reading comprehension skills are waning, kid. Now you are backtracking and deflecting which makes zero sense. Not unlike most of your posts with typical flame throwing and insults. Now you are saying my story was made up? OK, here are some clues because he told me personally. PPE kid since inception, played U18 PPE along with senior year of PIHL and now plays juniors. You've now called me a liar about something / someone you know nothing about. Instead of accepting it you go on your rant. Facts are ugly sometimes, but they remain facts. Let it go and move on.
  14. 1 point
    Where did I say the kid I referred to quit travel hockey as a senior? Thanks.
  15. 1 point
    It’s not about having 18-20 AAA players....no team has that. And given that PPE does not allow its players to play PIHL...the PIHL high school program is doing just fine. And NC’s slotting in A is simply a function of PIHL’s system...if NC had 20 AAA players it would STILL be “A”. And it is not hard to argue that they are playing at a AA level given their record and could probably be competitive with a few AAA teams. There is so little overlap right now between Excel the NC PIHL team and both are doing fine. It will be interesting to see if the PPE 18U prep allows its players to play in PIHL at the same time like Esmark does.
  16. 1 point
    I agree. The kids at Excel and on the Prep team will only be students at North Catholic due to their arrangement with the PPE. These kids never had any intention of playing on a PIHL team. There are other kids who attend North Catholic who want to play hockey. Thus, North Catholic has PIHL teams.
  17. 1 point
    By that logic, Excel should have sent the school team down the tubes from the get go...it didn’t. It’s growing.
  18. 1 point
    Unfortunately, no AAA teams (real or fake) gain anything from playing AA teams. That's why a lot of people have been saying for years that all of the faux-AAA teams in Pittsburgh should be playing in PAHL. The problem only seems to be getting worse and worse, though.
  19. 1 point
    Could not agree more. Money is better spent with a skating coach through out the summer. These camps don’t do much to help the players, it’s like spring teams the business has product not being used (ice) and need to unload it.
  20. 1 point
    In my opinion I would not waste the time and money on a camp or clinic. Most camps and clinics have a terrible coach to player ratio. Coaches do not have the time to correct the mistakes that the players are making. Your time and money would be better spent sending your son to work with a skating instructor 1 on 1 and take him to as many stick times as you can.
  21. 1 point
    That's how most Prep teams operate, but it shouldn't be an issue since the other Pens Elite teams will continue to attract local talent. NHL, AHL, ECHL, OHL, USHL, or NCAA D1 teams aren't limited to local talent. Kids who have that much talent will be found by these organizations no matter where they live. People "don't want" the PAHL AA + tournament model because they're misinformed about what AAA hockey really is -- which is the whole point of this thread and the MYHockey article. The 2017-18 Esmark Stars 05 Peewee "AAA" team went 2-49, were outscored 424-38, and ranked 100 of 103. This team could've been much more competitive at the PAHL AA level (hell, maybe even A Major) instead of getting blown out every game and deteriorating player development.
  22. 1 point
    The Hornets/Pens Elite have been around for years and the rosters are filled with local kids. Since they provide the only legitimate AAA hockey in Pittsburgh (aside from Esmark at the Midget level), the Pens Elite should certainly remain in this conversation. Also, what's the problem with the Excel Prep team as long as the 18U and 16U teams remain separate? If all the faux-AAA teams stayed at the PAHL AA level and played their 20-game schedule, there's no reason they couldn't play 20-30 games in tournaments around the US and Canada. This would make PAHL a much stronger league and give these kids exposure. Then when they reach the Midget level, these players can (1) keep playing on their PAHL AA teams (with the same structure -- 20 PAHL games and 20-30 tournament games), (2) advance to the Pens Elite/Esmark, or (3) move away to play Juniors/AAA elsewhere -- instead of having way too many players at the "AAA" level and diluting talent in the area. That's absolutely not true -- Pens Elite and Esmark (at the Midget level) are legitimate Tier I programs. The chances of playing professional hockey are slim to none, so Pittsburgh doesn't need 10 faux-AAA teams/organizations. Again, creating faux-AAA teams for "those teams that want to play at that level" would significantly dilute the AAA talent pool in Pittsburgh.
  23. 1 point
    What I like about Yuri is that he actually stops and corrects the kids if they are doing the drills wrong. Unlike others who show the drill or skill ones or twice and then just let the kids go. He will stop them and make sure that they are getting what they are being taught. One week with Yuri makes a lot of difference.
  24. 1 point
    The reason why these teams exist is because local kids used to be able to make pens.Now after U12 they cut all the locals and have kids from all over the place move to play
  25. 1 point
    If you want your kid to work hard and get better take him to yuri. If you are just looking for a baby sitter then do one of the out of state camps.
  26. 1 point
    I can't help but read your posts in the voice of Mark Madden.
  27. 1 point
    Can you explain the teams being exposed? That term gets thrown around here quite a bit. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can put together a great team any given year. So if you mean that Allegheny and Mid State would have beaten them in that 2 year window, that really doesn’t impress me much. I guess that’s what I think is part of the issue in this area is that there is some belief that teams need to be “exposed” as not AAA or Tier 1 quality. What would that have accomplished by the way? I’m seriously interested. It wouldn’t have driven anyone out of business. And it certainly wouldn’t have dissuaded anyone from trying out for these teams. And clearly based on the current state of the Allegheny and Mid State programs, it wouldn’t have brought anymore players there. It takes more than putting an all star team together to build a great sustainable program. Unfortunately, nobody in WPA is ever going to allow that. Greed and jealousy take away the ability to do that. my suggestion is that if you really want change in this area, get off a message board and start making actual change. It’ll happen here eventually. The pendulum always swings back. The parents have a grip on it now. Once the people helping them are out, it’ll get back into the hands of qualified people with good intentions. Just my opinion
  28. 1 point
    Agreed, but PAHL AA wouldn't have gotten so bad if competitive teams actually stayed at AA and didn't jump ship to get smoked by real AAA teams around the country.
  29. 1 point
    Interesting opinions. Sounds like you were a big fan of the Badgers teams about 10 or so years ago. Just curious how many games they played that season and where they traveled to? Being ranked in the top 20 (assuming ranked on Myhockeyrankings.com?) they must have played a pretty extensive schedule? Just curious. A couple of counter points- -If another team that plays in a league (at that time it was the pens, hornets, and stars) and has a 50-60 game schedule already that’s built into their fees, why would they play anyone outside of those leagues local or not? Good team or not, the organizations like allegheny, mid state, n. Pitt, Butler, that had great Tier 2 teams obviously couldn’t sustain it playing in a local league and independent outside of the area. It didn’t hurt the teams and players from any of the AAA/junior teams in a league to not play great Tier 2 teams. It only bothered the Tier 2 teams that they didn’t get those games. So the question remains, why would they play them? -Ill agree that the independent AAA teams at the 12U through 18U levels are part of what kill local WPA hockey. SHAHA, Preds, Icemen all are examples of this. Now, the reasons I believe this probably differ from yours. The abilities of the players, while ultimately relevant to the competitive level of the team, has no bearing on the sustainability of the programs and whether they belong at the levels they play. If that were the case, then Allegheny, Mid State, etc. would still be competing for a high rank nationally. Now the reasons I believe this is that the coaches and parents that push for the teams at a shaha or Mt Lebo, do so for status. Their kids get cut, they search for the right person to help them get what they want for their kid. The coaches are woefully under qualified to develop and teach at that level on those teams but they made the right friends and schmoozed the right people so the Organizations give them the ability to register a team. In some cases, the coaches run the organization and are part of the larger machine that rules the landscape, USA Hockey. If these players that were not capable Tier 1 players before had adequate training by competent coaches and parents that committed to aiding them (amazingly the parents that push for the AAA moniker fight the commitment required to properly train because it’s either too much or abuse in their opinion) it would be well worth the time and commitment and they would move towards competing at that level. -Juniors is a different animal. Really has little effect on the local Tier 2 competition. The Vengeance has been successful in training and sustaining, despite the ebbs and flows of the hockey population in WPA. The midget teams (when fielded) play in leagues and again, have no reason to play locally, same as Esmark or Pens. The problem most people have locally is they really don’t understand the junior level (not surprising for WPA. Very few have an understanding of any level of hockey. This is why it will always be a notch below anywhere else). Like it or not, they’ve done little to show they do anything but help local hockey. Including placing players in Tier 2 junior hockey or NCAA hockey programs. Ultimately, play at the level that you feel is best for your kid. Don’t force your beliefs on anyone. Let the organizations fail on their own. The pretenders always fail. It’s great to have 1 or 2 years of a great team. It’s another to sustain it for 15-20 years. but this is just my opinion. What do I know?
  30. 1 point
    Now starring King Ralph and Daddy Warbucks!!!
  31. 1 point
    $$$$ Gary’s Gong Show $$$ the predators could fix their tier 1 teams by dumping gary. This man is making a quality living off youth hockey. He’s a complete joke of a coach (when he decides to show up). Hey there is always someone willing to pay the money I guess. Gary picks his teams based off who takes lessons with him $$$ and if you play for the school team he coaches. let’s take a look at both team’s Gary coaches down there, both who were out of the rankings for the tier 1 district tournament before October came around. That’s embarrassing. 18U a few decent players but a quick look at my hockey rankings and the 18U AA teams have done better against the same opponents!!!! What does that tell you ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 15U there was a topic at the start of the season saying this team would be a absolute joke, well it turned out to be true. All the parents from this team came raging into the forums to defend it. Crickets now, how did that work out for all of you ? That sales pitch starting to sting now ? There is not one kid on this team with the ability to play tier 1 and by the looks of it none of these kids developed, they have got even worse as the season has gone on! how’s that big gym fee going ? Does Gary even show up to train the kids ? You parents should have left your kids on the PAHL A major teams they made but there is always a crazy daddy that wants that extra A. Ohhhh 16U I didn’t forget about you! The crown jewel for the predators! Recruited a few legit tier 1 players, cut fee’s, yet this team is now 6th in the district and in danger of not making the tournament. With all that talent what happened you may ask ? Well King Ralph is the coach. I’m not even sure this guy can skate! I’m sure everyone has heard why a few kids were recently kicked off the team. The inmates are running the asylum! party on!
  32. 1 point
    The fear of competition is in reference to the parents. This means that, as these fathers live vicariously through their kids and their mothers hover and pamper, they will always seek to level the playing field of their kid isn’t capable or willing to earn their roster spot or playing time. Some widely used methods are- claiming coaching favoritism, claiming player or coach bullying, creating a narrative that training or practices are “physical abuse”, discipline is “emotional abuse”, and that competition is a form of emotional abuse. All of these are ways that parents have begun to manipulate the programs in place meant to protect kids. But the byproduct of this is that nobody cares enough to properly train or develop young players anymore because it’s just not worth the hassle. This Is a cycle that is in full effect and you’re seeing the result in the play on the ice. A close score doesn’t mean it’s competitive or is fun to watch. What are the reasons for this? As always, follow the money. The main competition in the sport is who can buy who and how much can they get for their investment. Who makes money on all this? Answer that and you’ll see who is actually in control of every decision you and your kids make. Honestly I don’t care what evidence you’ve seen. But one thing is for sure, the On-ice product is milquetoast, bland, and unless your kid is involved, it’s unwatchable. Of course, that’s just my opinion.
  33. 1 point
    Again I don’t think this guy has good comprehension skills. I haven’t been banned from anything. You’re also assuming quite a lot about what I know or don’t know. Just because your feelings get hurt, doesn’t immediately mean a statement is abusive. Especially if it’s fact. I’ll also point to the multiple times posters like yourself cry abuse like @Saucey the moment they’re shown to be uninformed and uneducated on a multitude of subjects on this board. That’s the height of intimidation. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t cry sensitivity then boast courageous. And if you truly believe any thread on this board is legit, all I can tell you is, thank God I’ve graced the board with my posts.
  34. 1 point
    Now this post is intriguing on several different levels relating to the emotional and psychological issues we face today. It also raises a few questions. First, I’m honored to keep you entertained. I have been complimented on my ability to enthrall the reader/listener many times. Now, a main talking point of this thread has been @Stillers1979 assertion that the hockey he has witnessed in his recent observations is substandard. I have several reasons why I believe he may be correct. Although he gave no evidence to back up his opinion, I, along with many others, have drawn the same conclusion. The competitive level, skating fundamentals, and general knowledge of the ice surface and how to navigate it, has dipped drastically in this area. Again, I cited several reasons I believe this has happened. One of these reasons is the fear of competition I alluded to. In your post @Saucey, you cite abuse in my response to your question. This is the cowardice that defines this area and the main reason why this area’s hockey community will continue to be buried by wealthy, greedy, and corrupt entities and individuals that make a living off of folks like this that run and tattle time the teacher when someone gives a strong opinion. If you are referring to me apologizing for intimidating you, my simple suggestion is to not be so cowardly. And before you claim name calling or intimidation, remember, it’s my opinion and suggestion. You don’t get to legislate someone’s beliefs.
  35. 1 point
    Didn’t even know you existed until I saw notifications that you reacted to my posts. Once I looked back I found a few of your posts and they either made me laugh or were pathetic which I marked with a sad face. My apologies if it made you feel upset or intimidated. Anyway, thanks for keeping up with my content! Hopefully you learn something!
  36. 1 point
    Hey king, how much longer til you snap and get banned again? Should you really be the one coming here to preach about my criticism of others when in fact you have been banned from this site four times now and had to change your name each time to get back in? You are a walking flamethrower. See, guys like you are too easy and you can’t help yourself. So when it comes to “a pattern of hypocrisy,” that coming from you is what makes this so laughable. It’s in every single comment you make. How much longer until you snap once again and get a record fifth ban? Not long, just be true to yourself and all will come soon enough, just as I predicted. Don’t let me down, king.
  37. 1 point
    Absolute truth. 16U (the only decent AAA team they have) took the best defenseman from 15U and also were platooning in a few other kids as well I believe. And yes, they also held 'tryouts' to backfill the lost defenseman and only got one sucker to fall for it. Kid was playing A+ in PAHL.
  38. 1 point
    LONG time lurker this topic and one other made me create a user so I could reply. the pihl is having a very down year I’ve watched many years of varsity it’s just not good hockey this year in any class. School teams are missing many local players that play for tier 1 programs. The pens have zero players in the pihl this year esmark has a very small few the predators appear to have the most and it’s still not half their teams players I’m not sure about icemen it looks like they Only have one age group that would effect varsity hockey but they do not have players on the team listed and I really don’t know much about them. I think the officiating is part of the problem I am not blaming the refs the games at tier 1 are called very different than the pihl and pahl. The pihl and Pahl seem to be called very similar I’ve talked to some players most of them say in the pihl a clean hit to separate the player from the puck turns into a 2/10 in a school game or roughing or interference it sounds like it has Turned many of them off playing for their schools. Do they pay officials less in the pihl ? Are they different officials ? I have watched some college club games at upmc and they seem to be called more like tier 1 games. I am not knocking the officials it’s a hard job that doesn’t pay well. I just finished watching the above game what I saw was very bad hockey with out the occasional check it looked like beer league in warrendale. No puck movement kids trying to play pond hockey very slow paced hockey in general lack of defensive play from all positions there were a lot of players on both teams who do not skate well at all. Maybe the coaching in the pihl isn’t very good anymore Now the pihl wants to start a girls division I don’t see them getting enough players all the top girls play for the pens and selects locally un like men’s hockey the woman have more opportunity for college Ncaa hockey money due to title 9 none of these girls will take the chance at injury to play in a very tiny girls school division for fun. These teams would all have to be co op like the boys B division I don’t imagine even the biggest school districts have 16-20 female hockey players in the same high school. I do agree that many teams in the pihl are young this year this gives me hope maybe next year and on the play will get better i just spent a hour looking at the pihl website after that comment was made. Whatever the reason I hope it can be fixed school hockey was such a great experience to play in my day I’ve followed it now for 35 plus years it has always been going up but all the sudden this season it’s taken a nose dive. call me Al bundy I don’t care I really enjoy watching the kids play mine are all grown up Upmc and Baierl are in my backyard and I love having two rinks so close I attend a lot of games! This season alone I’ve seen in person every varsity team that plays out of Baierl at least once along with their opponents I’ve have gone to two slippery rock college club games I’ve watched a few games at every age group the penguins have along with a junior ushl showcase I’ve watched esmark 16 and 18 year olds I saw the Predators 16 year olds play I also catch a lot of Pahl games north Pittsburgh wildcats, steel city renegades, north hills. Sorry to ramble on i just enjoy watching hockey at my age haha and really hope varsity hockey gets better again. I would also like to add it doesn’t look like many students come out to watch their schools teams this year years past had much much better student body attendance thank you for reading
  39. 1 point
    I've offered to CIA to troubleshoot their network setup but heard >crickets<
  40. 1 point
    It was 12-0 and the end of 2. Ended up being 17-0. Clearly it was was wrong if PIHL addressed it. No way you can say it was acceptable. And a 10 goal game is much different than a 17 goal game with 5 scored in the 3rd.
  41. 1 point
    Especially with those kind of scores. I'm so sure the kids from the other team (at 9) "knew what they were signing up for". A thrashing.
  42. 0 points
    Ok got it. The kids had fun. Thanks for passing on their opinion. Just wanted clarify.
  43. 0 points
    I’ve never been banned so... anyway, I’m not sure you know what hypocrisy means, bud. Obsess much?
  44. 0 points
    I’ve seen your posts before why do you have to be combative and negative ? Sometimes you can be a very good contributor on this forum I agree with the persons assessment that the pihl is very young this year at all classes I looked teams up on the pihl website after reading it he’s correct and when you add that with many tier 1 players not in the pihl this season it starts to make more sense why the level of hockey in the pihl is down this season I also believe the games are called completely different in the pihl I think the pihl could use better leadership and the student body needs to start coming out to support their teams!!!! The few I see are always walking around the barns looking for phone service thank you for reading
  45. 0 points
    Great post but it’s not that complicated. Parents and people making too much money monopolizing the sport and taking advantage of jealous and greedy parents have ruined the game. The showcase was a great event that used to attract the best. The sport overall is ruled by greed and jealousy. It trickles down to events like this. Do your homework and you’ll find the answers to why the game is so dull and mediocre. But make sure you don’t mention the words “competition” or “commitment” to people like @twoleftfeetd. That’s abuse folks. Expecting kids like his to have a standard is like hosting human cock fighting in his eyes. Too many parents with too much money and no pride or integrity abuse the rules and bring the level of competition to their kids level so they don’t have to tell them “you just aren’t as good as the others”. Like I said, do your homework. Don’t ask any of the know it alls on here
  46. 0 points
    Congratulations Stillers you have successfully based almost everyone😉
  47. 0 points
    Yep I guess that gives you a license to be classless to 9 year olds. Good call.
  48. 0 points
    Whoah. Take it easy big guy. Sheesh. Didn't realize I attacked anyone. I just think people suck these days, and it may very well get to the point where they all get booted from rinks. Can't keep refs, coaches are getting harder to come by....and it is parents who are the biggest problem in any survey. They ruin my experience so frequently that yes, I'd rather sit at home and watch it on the crap Livebarn. And it is crap. I love hockey, I love watching my kids....it is so bad to me, the way people behave, that I stay home a lot. What you say I completely agree with. However, people don't feel the need to control themselves anymore. If I tell an out of control parent in the stands to be quiet, I am told to shut up, they have the right to say what ever they want... even where it is clear they are out of line. Everyone is entitled and has rights. So, I avoid a lot. I'm tired of it. I think no matter what PIHL does, parents are going to continue to suck. Because I see the same behaviors outside of the rink, too. I've lost faith in people. Or I am just really getting old.
  49. 0 points
    Actually, I was kind of thinking why not go to the source instead of whining, complaining, and being an a** on here. My bad.
  50. 0 points
    Or they could quit the independent thing and simply restore those kids to PAHL. Or not field AA teams when they put that talent on the independent team.
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