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  1. 4 points
    I'm gonna set the record straight with you son, since you like to throw up links. FACT: The program is only three years old and never had a varsity team. Kind of hard to do at that stage when you don't have the upper-classmen to do it. You want to point out how Central is so much better, it's a lot easier when you have been around for a long time and you have an all boy enrollment that eclipses North Catholic. Next, let's talk about the middle school teams, since you know so much about them. Most people including pihl realize that middle school teams change from year to year especially with small schools. Here's another fact for you. Last year's team was compromised of all eighth graders except for 2. Of the 15 skater roster, 10 of those kids were from Catholic Schools. 1 was from a public school, but planned on, and did enroll at North as a freshman. 4 came from Knoch, who didn't have the numbers to field a team. Fact: when pihl placed the team, it had 11 skaters, hardly a juggernaut. The Knoch kids came after it became apparent they wouldn't have a team. With that being said, everybody was well aware we were in the wrong division, and we tried to change it but it was too late. Happens every year, teams get placed wrong. It's easy to do at that level. Fact: The coach was very adamant about not running the score up on other teams, something that couldn't be said about some other teams in that the tier that were placed low. Fact: the team went out of their way to play scrimmages and tournaments with upper tier teams because it was good for our players. Fact: the team opted up to high division 2 in the playoffs because it was the right thing to do.(and lost by the way) That brings us to this season. Obviously the middle school team had to regenerate after losing so many older players. But what I really want to address are your "mind numbing similarities". Do you actually look at the links you put up? If you did you would see that the JV division is super tight. Look at the gf/ga. Look at the scores of the games. How in the hell can you make the accusation that the JV team is beating everyone up? The FACTS state otherwise.
  2. 3 points
    Why are you still here commenting? Practically everything you have claimed as fact in this thread has been shot down in flames by numerous individuals. Now you are saying North's roster consists mostly of older players? To my knowledge roughly 25% of the current roster consists of seniors.........in case you are math impaired, that means 75% of the roster are underclassmen. How in the hell does 25% = most? Just stop bro - this is getting embarrassing.
  3. 2 points
    Yeah, you don't even want to know what that JV team full of upper-classmen and Excel ringers did against the fifth placed team last night. Never mind that hard fought 1-0 win against the sixth place team the week before. #justbeatingeveryoneupasusual
  4. 2 points
    I know this was posted awhile ago but I was board today and now that the season is well underway I thought it would be a good time to do some investigating. Below are the percentage of FPP received at each level of play. 18AA - 77.2% 18 A Major - 61.8% 18 A Minor - 64.5% 16AA - 64.4% 16 A Major Black - 75.4% 16 A Major Gold - 67.9% 16 A Minor - 78.1% 14 AA Major - 71.4% 14 AA Minor - 76.4% 14 A Major Black - 83.3% 14 A Major Gold - 80.8% 14 A Minor Black - 75.0% 14 A Minor Gold - 80.2% 14 B - 89.7% In almost every case where the overall average is below 70% it's a result of 2-3 teams that's drastically bring down the whole division. While I didn't have time to look up the past season for an accurate comparison on the surface it looks like most teams/players are doing a good job adjusting to the FPP rules as most teams are getting the majority of their available FPPs. It also looks like this notion expressed in many posts that the refs are calling more 2/10 penalties is way off base. I can only assume that those post were a result of games where the handful of teams that don't play disciplined hockey were involved. I also found it interest that the 14U division had some of the best numbers even though this started as a discussion about Bantam teams not getting many FPPS.
  5. 1 point
    they may not be sent to NCAA but they are used in placements and evaluations of kids for peewee rankings and placements.. so yeah they should be as correct as possible.. your other points are very valid.. However the officiating the past few years has been atrocious.. human or not.. they need to do a better job or at the min not be so 1 sided in there calls / non calls every game. its not difficult to call a fair game. some of them don't even bother to leave the neutral zone, they are never in position when calling a goal or no goal, won't get out of the way when a puck is coming at them and won't even bother explaining calls to the coaches.. so most of the harassment is self inflicted.
  6. 1 point
    Refs probably need better training and education frankly.
  7. 1 point
    The boys on the NC Middle School team tallied their third win of the season last night. Sure wish those unknown and secret Excel players would start playing now......
  8. 1 point
    12 underclassmen, 6 juniors and 4 seniors on the active roster. So what side if the fence you gonna ride today troll boy? Crying that there is talk about a possible varsity squad or crying that there is a JV team? Either way, a little troll like you will still whine. Show yourself to the door son, come back when you have some facts. K
  9. 1 point
    That one bothers me the most too. It slows the game way down.
  10. 1 point
    I dislike this rule as well as a few other USA Hockey and/or PAHL rules. My son recently played in Minnesota under Minnesota Hockey sanctioning. Slapshots, touch up offsides, and icing on the PK were all allowed. It was like the kids were playing hockey. Most importantly, the kids loved playing by those rules.......but the rules are for the kids......right?
  11. 1 point
  12. 1 point
    Well "Superstar" I'm not sure where you get your your information, but let me correct you on the "rumblings" that you are hearing. 1.The Middle School program is not going anywhere. Half of the current roster came up through the middle school program. Matter of fact, only 5 players on the current roster we're not with the team since it's inception. 2. Because we didn't want to cut any players, we have a scratch policy that moves up the line beginning with freshmen. To this date 2 players have been scratched for a game. So those "many parents upset that their kids are being sat out GAMES" isn't even possible 3. There are currently 2 Excel players on the pihl team. Both of these players had to appeal pihl to play. One is a goalie. Most of the Excel players either are not allowed to play school, or choose not to due to their high commitment teams. With that said, any Excel player that hasn't been in the school for a year has to sit out a year to even be eligible to play for the school 4. We will field as many teams as we can next season. The numbers will dictate that. 5. Before you start slandering somebody who gives up a whole lot of his time to make this a quality organization, you should get your facts straight.
  13. 1 point
    In looking at PAHL games in the various 14u divisions, I noticed that many teams did not earn their FPP. Is this unusual? Is it adjusting to checking or just the hormones kicking in? Does that improve over the season?
  14. 1 point
    For years and years, PAHL has included the number of penalty minutes per team ion their website. Why omit it this season? Those facts would definitely be interesting to see. Especially at the U16AA level. One of the team has 5 FPP out of 14 and another 6 of 14. I heard that one of the two teams can’t end a game with less than 30-40 PIM (if not more.)
  15. 1 point
    I think this is a good point - most of the away camps are going to be an incredibly fun experience but don't get your hopes up for crazy development in one week with a lot of kids. I'd say look at other development opportunities if that is your main concern such as private lessons or skills stuff. If it's about fun go with PSU or Kent State.
  16. 1 point
    If you want your son to attend a camp where he spends the week in a college dorm with a positive hockey experience, good food, camaraderie then Kent State is a good choice. My oldest son attended this camp a few years ago and enjoyed it, but felt he did not improve his game very much and it was more about being away from home for a week and having fun. If you want your son to take part in a more hockey centric camp, there are better choices out there. Yuri has a weekly camp at Baeirl that includes on / off ice training and meals from a local Italian restaurant. Yuri can be a ball buster, but if you want your son to attend a camp that is all about hockey at a competitive pace with skill development etc this may be for you. http://www.interelhockeyacademy.com
  17. 1 point
    I did the Penn State camp when I was your son's age for 3 consecutive years. It was excellent. Assuming the curriculum is somewhat similar to what it was in the late 90s, but with the updated facilities/amenities, it's probably even better now. Other comparable options are Kent State and Miami (OH).
  18. 1 point
    I just don't get why everyone is so quick to bash other organizations. There are plenty of parents whose kids love hockey and want to play and practice a lot. So, they aren't the best kids but the parents would rather have them on the ice more than other programs offer. Maybe the parents enjoy watching their kids play hockey regardless of whether they win or lose. More ice is better than playing video games. The Viper Stars do have some decent coaches. When you spend time at various rinks you quickly realize that not every coach knows what he is doing. Let alone have the ability to "coach." Every organization has some teams that are lousy. Some, have more than a few. At least the kids are still playing hockey. The people that I know (parents and kids) that are on the Viper Stars are quite happy.
  19. 1 point
    And I am not blaming refs, this is consistent across the board and appears they have been instructed to call games in a specific manner.
  20. 1 point
    Wildcats have 2 fair play point on 5 games
  21. 1 point
    Mt Lebanon had over 20 min of penalties last weekend-is it the refs or the team
  22. 1 point
    How are the refs making the game about them. Is it about the kids if they don't make any calls, then you are bitching they suck. If they called a consistent game, that is a good thing. The kids know what is and is not a penalty. They are teaching the kids what is right and wrong. If a kid takes a shot to the head is it ok, as long as it is not your kid?
  23. 1 point
    Issues also with SportsEngine. Worst site ever!
  24. 1 point
    The Bantam game I saw had 3 or 4, 2 and 10's. anything that was remotely a hit from behind or head contact was called. I did not think any of them were aggressive on the kids part. The refs were not giving an inch on those two calls. Give them a thumbs up, weather you like it or not they were consistent.
  25. 1 point
    I’ve noticed they have been giving out 10 and 2s a lot more this year as compared to past seasons at all levels