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  1. 8 points
    Actually just found out about this forum today, this is Mitch from Pittsburgh Hockey Digest. Just wanted to thank you guys for the kind words... it’s rough hours some days but it’s great know there are people who appreciate it!
  2. 5 points
    Parents, be careful for what you wish for when it comes to your players team moving up a division or two. Anabolic coaches wanting to don a AA moniker may end up biting off more they can chew just so they can tell everyone their son / team plays at the AA level, or just a higher level than they really should be at. Your player will get more out of a winning season at A Major Black than a disastrous one at AA. Ask the players / parent of last years Renegades 07 team which had no business playing AA. And that was driven by coaches
  3. 4 points
    Preparing for PeeWee tryouts next year? Yea, I would focus on Baseball, Lacrosse or possibly Soccer. I'm not kidding. If a child is less than 14 years old, they need to play more than 1 sport. Do not keep them on the ice year round, they will not develop all their muscle groups (no matter how much you work out). They need multiple sports for muscle and coordination.
  4. 3 points
    For those of you following PIHL, burghhockey.com is a decent site to get info on what is going on.
  5. 3 points
    It depends on how much he is currently skating and what else he has going on. I like to do weekly privates after the season ends before tryouts and throughout the summer. If the child will put in the extra work, then they can benefit from an extra skate a week. But be careful, who is driving the cart, you or the child? At that age, to prevent overuse injuries and to prevent burnout, it isn't necessary to do more. There is nothing wrong with playing a lower level of ice hockey. Better to be an average player who develops a true lifelong love for the game than burn them out trying to reach for something the kid doesn't want, imho. You don't have to be the best to do something. Just enjoy it.
  6. 3 points
    Too many parents and coaches do not understand safe sport. A lot of coaches take the class and seem to forget what they learned. Safe sport is there to protect everyone even the parents. the West Allegheny coach got suspended for a year! During my time watching my kids play over the years I’ve seen coaches do some pretty stupid stuff and only get a week or two suspension. This guy had to do something egregious. PS @Entitled yesterday you wrote a 5 paragraph reply and quickly deleted it. I’m guessing you deleted it because the post made it very obvious you are the former coach at WA. Remember this is the internet nothing gets deleted for good.
  7. 2 points
    "Already dreading tryouts" for a U12 player and the season just started. Sorry everyone, but I find this entire thread to be completely absurd.
  8. 2 points
    If your going to invest in anything it needs to be skating. I agree with twoboys, 1 or 2 lessons isnt going to mean much. It has to be on a regular basis to really get anything out of them, and your kid has to have a good relationship with the instructor. My sons coach is tough on him but also picks him up when he struggles. He's been going to her for over 2 years. His decision, not mine. Thats a lot of golf and Stella if it was my decision. If you go to any AA or AAA tryout, skating and understanding the game is key. Also make sure you get a skating coach with hockey experience, whether it be from playing or working with hockey players, there are some sketchy ones out there so be careful. But the key is understanding the skating coaches want a relationship, they dont want the kid that is going to only come 1 or 2 times a month for 6 months and then nothing for the next 6 months. Sure they will take your money but your child will gain very little. Just make sure they want to do it.
  9. 2 points
    I think what you are talking about is player development. It really depends on the player. If they love it and want to skate more go for it. Just don't burn them out. There are some nice clinics over the Christmas break that keeps the kids skating and hopefully teaches them something. Preparing for next years tryouts should not be the goal. Getting better while enjoying hockey should be the goal.
  10. 2 points
    I think Eddie was making the point that the only way to have college paid for is to play Division 1. If either of my kids want to play hockey in college I think it would be great if they could play Club or Division 3 hockey.
  11. 2 points
    Safety sport violations can follow you to court and your job as well. They are incredibly serious. As they should be.
  12. 2 points
    I had to re-read your post again because I still am shaking my head about what you wrote. While doing so I realized I missed you said Todd Naylor was from mid am so who really got put in their place now ? Crazy parents such as yourself are who ruin the game for kids. Your attitude only reinforces the side of the story I was told.
  13. 2 points
    Ah the good ole days of being a parent scorekeeper. Nothing better than a shot ringing off the pipe and goalie mom screaming because I didn't count the shot. Good times
  14. 2 points
    When I have to do a Google search to find out who won the tournament because the PIHL website had not even updated the game scores from Monday (three days after the games were over), that's a problem. And it's inexcusable.
  15. 1 point
    On the LIGHTER side of things, I think Peewees & Bantams (12u and 14u) are going to have the peak # of players at tryouts and thus are the "toughest" to make the top team at any given organization. 16u the player count drops and 18u it drops even more. So I'm past that "peak" of worrying about tryouts Plus, I don't even need to go to tryouts anymore since my kids can both drive
  16. 1 point
    I have it on good faith that the ladies and gentlemen who run the tryouts are already dreading tryouts too. So at least you're in good company.
  17. 1 point
    https://www.competitivedge.com/when-should-my-child-specialize-just-one-sport https://www.healthline.com/health-news/children-should-play-more-than-one-sport https://www.menshealth.com/trending-news/a19538336/kids-focus-on-one-sport/
  18. 1 point
    There are as many opportunities to prepare as your time and wallet allow.
  19. 1 point
    For young kids (8-10), and if they are committed to playing goalie, weekly goalie lessons are a great idea. Our son did this when he started 10 years ago and it has made a lot of difference in his ability in his older years... but your player has to be committed and willing to learn and sweat. We spent a lot of time driving to Harmarville in his early years but it was worth it for him. He still does lessons to fine tune his skills (now in Midgets).
  20. 1 point
    I think that a lot of kids that are Squirts and Peewees still do a lot of clinics and lessons during the season. Seems like as kids get older they stop doing them for whatever reason. I agree that skating is important but I also feel that skating can be worked on with pucks. A good skill instructor can work on both stick handling and skating in one lesson.
  21. 1 point
    It's generally best to invest in skating, all other things being equal. That's my view, anyway. Unless he has major deficiencies elsewhere, everyone can always profit from skating work.
  22. 1 point
    Up to you and your kid. I think kids get better by taking lessons and clinics. But some kids don't want to be on the ice that much. The other things is a couple of lessons don't really matter. You really need to make a commitment. Probably need to do something almost weekly.
  23. 1 point
    Mitch, You guys do a great job of covering the local Hockey scene. I just came across you guys last year. The PIHL & PAHL should give you guys a banner on their websites to promote Western Pa Hockey. Under the PIHL site for headlines it should direct to you instead of the nothing it leads to now. Anyway keep up the good work.
  24. 1 point
    In regard to SafeSport, sexual misconduct and child abuse are the most serious. Other violations, such as emotional misconduct, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing, have to show a PATTERN. A single incident will likely not result in a suspension. In regard to parents, banning from a rink or release from an organization is much more likely than a SafeSport investigation. In my opinion, the MIDAM background screening requirement gives parents a false sense of security. Child related offenses are the focus, as they should be. However, a coach or volunteer can have other offenses ranging from minor (DUI) to severe (felonies for theft, threats, drugs, etc) and still pass the screening. I’ve watched many parents look the other way when issues arise with a coach. This isn’t just a case of hoping the coach will help them get into a junior program or on a college team. It can be as simple as their kid making a mid-level team with their friends. They don’t want to risk their kid’s happiness by saying something. It’s sad, but a reality. For parents to press an issue to the degree described in these posts tells me it’s not just retaliation for lack of playing time.
  25. 1 point
    I get parents are a huge problem. However, call me naive but, people claiming these coaches that got suspended for a year simply because a parent complained? Come on, I have to believe that these matters are taken seriously and that a suspension of that magnitude isn't going to be given out just because some parent doesn't like the fact their kid isn't getting playing time.
  26. 1 point
    Eddie some of the ACHA Division 1 Hockey Teams are better than NCAA Division 3 (and a lot cheaper education) and the ACHA is just going to get better and deeper as time goes on. It is a very underestimated brand of hockey and people need to start looking at this option
  27. 1 point
    wow. Kids suck ? It was explained to me there are a handful of parents who think this coach will get their kids into college hockey. these parents kids play on a second team coached by said coach. Clearly you are one of them. Just read what you wrote. Are you drunk ? this is about high school hockey. You are not in a prep high school. This is not Minnesota high school. I don’t know who Tod Naylor is. If this is one of the board members you are speaking about it sounds like the only person who got put in their place is the guy that got suspended for a year! I’m sorry to break it to you coaches do not get suspended for a year from USA hockey over playing time. Maybe said coach is not telling tell you the truth. Even if the parents I know only told me one side the fact is this guy was suspend for a YEAR. That just doesn’t happen unless there was a serious problem of some sort.
  28. 1 point
    What I was told had nothing to do with playing time or things of that nature. Do you think Colorado Springs would get involved over that ? A year suspension ? If you think so you’re the coach or just crazy.
  29. 1 point
    Yes, they are fantastic. Local college all levels and pihl. Those guys don’t get the credit they deserve. There is no money in it for them, they do it for the love of the game & the kids!
  30. 1 point
    Yes, Pittsburgh Hockey Digest does an excellent job. Covers local college and junior hockey as well. Local writers and photographers.
  31. 1 point
    I was referring to the way stats are listed on score sheets not on how refs report scoring to scorekeepers. One game Monday night only had shots for first period and just goals scored for second and third. I have no involvement with either team but I'm sure the goalies aren't to pleased with their terrible save percentage that gets recorded. get it right!
  32. 1 point
    That is correct. The score keepers have no authority. They put down on the score sheet what they are told by the referees.
  33. 1 point
    one way to solve this is to publish the actual PDF scan of each scoresheet. If the PIHL is going to pay people to do this work, it ought to be correct and the scorekeepers should be accurate.
  34. 1 point
    Sooooo, after watching highly competitive 16u AAA for a month where the officiating has been fairly decent PIHL Varsity started last night. Clearly a different rule book in the minds of the refs. Blow up open ice hits well after puck is gone with no calls and then a bunch of ticky tack calls for some pushing after whistles or two players scrummaging for the puck. Hold on, this ride has just started!
  35. 1 point
    Anybody who manages to get a hold of the placement grid, please share here. Also discussion on the placement themselves.
  36. 1 point
    Looks like placement hearings are today according to the PAHL calendar, I guess finalized placement should come out tonight? Please post if you happen to get a hold of them. Thanks
  37. 1 point
    Stick on Puck then hit Officials clamping Down already started kids getting suspended.
  38. 1 point
    Actually, most people here would agree with that. As I said in another thread just a few days ago, it is the parents that ruin everything.
  39. 1 point
    I see a load of complaining from a bunch of guys who sure can officiate just fine from the stands. I am not an official, and I wouldn't even attempt it. But here are my thoughts: Do officials make bad calls? Yes. Are there area rinks that seem to always have lower quality officiating? I think the answer to this is yes. I can think of one in particular that always seems to have questionable officiating. Are games sometimes decided by a bad call at a bad moment? Yes, sometimes, and that's a shame. But I say that if you put yourself in a position for a ref to take a game from you that's really your fault. I don't think that's nearly as frequent as anecdotal stories seem to suggest. Are there rinks who have frequent officials who are particularly friendly to the home teams? Well, I think that I can think of one (that might be my own biases creeping in). And that's also a shame. But to hear the hockey community talk, it sounds like every official is a 'homer' ref and you can't get a good ref anywhere. That is not true, in my view. Officiating is really in a crisis right now. The statistics regarding young officials who drop out of it before they even finish their training are depressing. I'm sure sometimes it's that they just decided that officiating isn't for them, but we all know that a big reason why there are few of them (and getting fewer) is that they are constantly under attack. You can read more about this in the most recent issue of USA Hockey Magazine. Officials are part of the game whether you're happy with them or not. And we can all hope that officiating in the southwestern PA area improves over time, but honestly I go to a large number of amateur and high school games, and the way parents behave makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to do that job. I wouldn't do it - I've heard plenty of stories about parents waiting to accost officials after games. Nobody here will ever start a thread about how stupid and boorish that behavior is. To be clear, I'm not defending poor officiating. Just amused by the whining.
  40. 1 point
    Scooby your kids must have been playing for the cup in both of those games eh? Listening to coaches complain and cry all the time can't be fun. Players constantly talking back and crazy people in the stands. Yep, asshats for sure. Bad calls happen just like bad things in life happen. Teach your kids to deal with adversity and not to constantly blame other people. You are the same people that will be complaining about the FPP in a few weeks! I don't think it is the job of the ref to break up a fight after the game is over, probably not even when the game is ongoing. I'm not going anywhere near a bunch of 16-18 yr olds throwing punches.
  41. 1 point
    ☝️☝️☝️ That’s the exact attitude that you get from 80+% of the referees out there. Arrogant Asshats! That said, @Scooby Doo everyone has their own stories. All you can pray for is that the referees come out, do their job, follow the rules and call a fair game. Don’t hold your breath though! To the 20%, thank you for your time and efforts. Job well done! Funny thing, y’all think you’re in the 20%.
  42. 1 point
    Here's another one. A player was skating down with the puck on his stick. The defenseman bodied him up and rubbed him into the boards (not a hit just a rub, and neither player went down). The Ref blew his whistle and called interference on the defenseman. When the coach asked for an explaination, the ref replied it was because the defenseman played the body and not the puck. Isn't that what defenseman are taught to do? Play the body? 😊
  43. 1 point
    Oh good, we are telling bad Ref stories! Ok here's one. My son was playing in a High School game years ago, and the goalie froze the puck under his glove. The Ref blew the whistle and everyone stopped. The goalie raised his glove off the ice and the puck was 3/4 of the way across the goal line. The ref blew his whistle, pointed and said goal. All the players said but the puck is not all the way across the line. He replied it didn't have to fully cross the line all it had to was break the plane. Of course, he was wrong (and was using the rules from the wrong sport). No amount of arguing from anyone was going to change his mind. The goal stayed.
  44. 1 point
    thanks for looking that up. it is very interesting. the comments above got me thinking about how many times you see an NHL player take a major at the end of a period and just go straight to the locker room with no replacement in the box. dropthepuck is probably onto something with the idea it should help calm kids down at the end of games. in reasoning I guess it makes sense, but as he mentioned, yea, we know how that will go. thanks for the responses all!! @dazedandconfused yea, I've heard rumors that is the case, but I have little personal knowledge. I don't want to be judgy, sometimes kids have a bad day. game ended with 35 and 22 PIM respectively so it wasn't just him and a bunch of choir boys, it was, shall we say, old tyme.
  45. 1 point
    Been involved in four 16U scrimmages/placement games so far and I have to say the officiating has been quite good. Parents have been well behaved as well. It's pretty refreshing actually. A small sample I know, fingers crossed it will last.
  46. 1 point
    Hey, for what it's worth I heard this morning that Rostraver has ice again. Good news for the local hockey scene.
  47. 1 point
    12U? 5 and a game? Sounds like a kid well on his way getting plenty more of those. With GM, he also is suspended for the next scheduled game.
  48. 1 point
    A penalty always must be served. If the player that committed the infraction is ejected someone has to sit in the box for duration of the penalty. It should deter the player that got the game misconduct from repeat offenses knowing he put himself before his team but we all know how that goes. The coaches have to straighten things out and make sure players are accountable for their actions.
  49. 1 point
    It wasn't updated During the tournament. They just updated it today... Nowhere on the site would you have known who was playing Wednesday.
  50. 0 points
    Sike, you all thought that you’d be looking at the MyHockeyRanking this morning. Thought wrong! Guess they’re having trouble.
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