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  1. The U16 Vengeance can certainly beat the Syracuse Stars and the Potomac Patriots. Both of which are almost dead last. Heard that they lost a couple more players and have added a couple more A major players. True? Not sure, but it sure is funny how things work out with a run by the seat of your pants organization.
  2. Ahh, the extremely high maintenance U9 & U10 teams. Yes, they are good at the squirt level. I’ll give you that. Maybe the Vengeance will have a good program, in what, six years? Problem is, they’ll keep making bad decisions based on a few people (and their friends) or the amount of money that they pay to other rink tenants and they will alienate the rest.
  3. Dorsey has lost all control of that organization. Tryouts were complete and utter joke! Half of the players quit the U18 team and now it’s made up of mostly West Allegheny kids. A lot of them 2002‘s. I’ll be surprised if they win a fifth of their games. The U16 team is also very weak. The coach cut most of the good players. Why, who knows. “Vengeance Coaches & Friends.” The 2004 is now stealing a goalie from the renegades top bantam team. Didn’t want him at tryouts, but wants him now. Biggest joke in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Vengeance.
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