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  1. Heard it from RMU HC mouth and from Gentlemen at Pens PITT will have D 1 Hockey Team. AND RMU is raising money for on Campus Ice Rink that is their Plan build A D 1 Ice Rink. When that happens when they get the $$$$
  2. Yes there will be a 05 team Mt Lebo AAA keeping the birth years together can’t do that in AA @ U 15 Heard that 04 Mt Lebo AAA team kids leaving heading towards the Preds organization AAA U 16.
  3. Heard the Icemen let them play for free last year to get them off the teams they were on this year when it came to pay the check they still thought it was for free.
  4. Heard one forward and one goalie left the team. Heard the one forward playing for Renegades AA U 14 team.
  5. Pitt will be Division 1 one day and the Pete was build to flip to ice. ACC will have a D 1 Hockey Conference to go with their TV Network like the Big 10. WVU the same. RMU is raising money to build a rink next to the new Basketball Arena when’s that happens don’t know.
  6. Wow Plum got nothing for leaving the bench Coach from Plum Zero he let his players leave the bench PIHL a JOKE
  7. Heard Moon Coach got 2 games and he controlled his bench.
  8. What did the Plum Coach get should be gone for the rest of the year???
  9. A bunch of Wacko’s out there who knew Neshannock and Guns
  10. That the list PIHL and the special meeting with Presidents of The PIHL Hockey teams went over Plum and Moon hearing with the players involved The Brawl is next Wednesday at Ice Castle.
  11. https://cdn2.sportngin.com/attachments/document/9b62-2051969/PIHL2019DecemberDisciplinaryReport.pdf
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