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  1. That’s certainly your opinion, and a valid one. I am of the opinion that is it merited based upon what happened. We will see how the season unfolds.
  2. Regardless of whatever opinion you have on the matter, the team itself essentially came out of this with no punishment, aside from the suspension handed down to the player who baseball swung a Mars players head. If they make the finals, you can bet this story will come up again and be all the conversation. Some people will say they shouldn't be there, and others will say they should, but it will 100% be all the talk.
  3. This punishment is obviously a slap on the wrist for Armstrong but not sure what else the PIHL can really do. They could have sent a strong message that this won’t be tolerated and brought the hammer down but chose to take a safe approach and that’s definitely understandable. Armstrong is one of the better teams in AA this year and I for one will be watching closely if they get to the PIHL’s biggest stage in the finals and let the league have to deal with that after letting the team off the hook here. I hope this dies down for the players sake after Monday and thank anyone with true intentions to change this sort of behavior going forward. All of this starts at home.
  4. Crickets after the disciplinary hearing last night. Anyone hear anything at all? Really makes you wonder if anything will be done to not announce anything with all the attention this story has
  5. Check the time, this is late in the third period. That is the captain, son of the president of Armstrong Hockey, clearly egging on the crowd after an ENTIRE GAME OF CHANTING. They really look appalled at what was happening don't they? You're wrong hockey123, they are just as much to blame. LiveBarn-1513686-30000-Belmont_Complex_Rink_1_2021-10-28T212943.mp4
  6. These outlets covering this story is all smoke and mirrors though, the question is what will actually get done here. The PIHL is going to do whatever it takes to make this go away quietly as easily as possible.
  7. I was advised on PM by an Armstrong parent that the photo circulating is actually the team and not the team with fans. So I'll eat crow on that one.
  8. Not sure I'm able to post it, but how they are allowed to take the ice last night is inexcusable.
  9. The Players, Coaches, Game administrators, and Refs were all aware of the chants. The players are seen multiple times, including the captain in the third period, egging the crowd on and telling them to get louder. Watch the game. If you discipline only the fans, nobody learns a thing here and nothing changes. The team is just as culpable as the student section.
  10. All this outrage and news articles, and absolutely nothing mentioned that Armstrong was able to take their entire team and play last night and beat Butler. Not a single player, coach, administrator was punished, it's like nothing happened for them. You watch the league delay this until the outrage dies down and it'll just fade away.
  11. Armstrong was able to take their entire team intact this evening and beat Butler 10-3, but it’s okay because the principal made sure none of the students got into the rink…In Valencia. Go Riverhawks!
  12. Grumpy, you’re way off base here. This has literally nothing to do with the play on the ice. Those two officials were aware of the fans harassing a female player, and they did nothing. If those chants were directed at the officials, they’d have been gone in 2 minutes no question.
  13. Armstrong plays tonight, so far no discipline has been announced. And I’ll guarantee those two officials are doing games this week. disgraceful.
  14. The Mars coaches were going at the officials all game for a variety of reasons, including a student dressed as a ref blowing a whistle during play. In this scenario and everything that happened documented on this thread, If you think any blame lies there, you need your head checked.
  15. Also, Mars didn't even end up with a Power play here. Yep, a chop to the HEAD was a 2 minute slash, any other official throws that player out.
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