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  1. It does thanks. Hopefully it resonates with the folks on here. One of my many pet peeves is the lip service people pay to adhering to the lessons amateur sports provide. See lip service is a term few understand anymore because talk with no action is an acceptable form of social behavior these days. For example, the endless “prayers for...” posts when a tragedy occurs. Never a thought of actually doing something to help. So when all of these folks say it’s about the kids on here, they then go and direct the kids entire life. Meddling and disrupting every aspect of it regardless of who it affects. That’s why I say amateur sports is dead as we knew it. Trophy shops are a booming business.
  2. @Eddie Shore serious question, if your son who you admit wasn’t a great player, was in an area that didn’t have a team for everyone, had to make cuts, and didn’t allow him a place to play the sport, would you deem that cruel, exclusive, and discriminatory or accept that this is a learning experience and not everyone is cut out for it? I’m dating myself and I realize I’m at risk of being labeled a monster but with the glut of teams the WPA it seems anyone can do it
  3. If a coach needs to see a kid at 100% of his sport specific abilities at tryouts they have zero intention of developing their abilities throughout the season. And spare me parental opinions on what constitutes the “top players” at tryouts. Each coach needs to evaluate and select players that he or she will be able to properly develop and mold into the team structure. Not everyone values the same thing. But to suggest that a player that goes to play baseball or run track instead of playing 3 on 3, spring league or joining any number of events that rinks put on to keep the lights on in the summer, has any less to offer than a player whose manual dexterity related to puck handling is slightly sharper is moronic and why the sport has such a bad rep at the amateur level. The number of competent coaches within USA hockey is dwindling. But what’s worse is that Joe and Joyce MeddleParent know it all and think it’s always a conspiracy. Good coaches value athleticism, speed, strength, and work ethic. That’s what you look for at a tryout if you have any thoughts of being a good coach in any sport. If a player lacks any one of those attributes, the others better be elite. All sport specific skills can be honed and attained with those attributes in place. What type of skills the coach prefers will always show in their players. With that in mind, these coaches deserve compensation. But you can’t have Joe and Joyce dictating whether or not these guys are competent or not. But what a confounding situation you have when USA hockey has decided that J&J are what matter. That’s why you’ll see coaching competence go south. Nobody wants the hassle and USA hockey prefers controllable assets. Daddy coaches, step right up!
  4. Again that’s what is called a monopoly. When one business has eliminated or actively restricts any other entity from conducting business in any market, that’s monopolization and is against federal law. Look up the Sherman Act. The NCAA was found in violation of aspects of the Sherman Anti-Trust act and I’ve opined that as amateur sports have monetized they have been open to this litigation. The current Jim Smith scandal is a great example of why the government sought to limit monopolies. It’ll take several situations like this to cause reform. But I’m the meantime, be much more cynical about the people you trust with your money and your kids.
  5. They won’t have a conventional payroll. All the affiliates are separate non profits. To understand why I would opine that they do it all for money, look at their National office. The national office has paid positions. Any executive position includes an element of politics in order to land them. These are no different. You may argue that, “He makes approximately $400,000-500,000 a year so why would he do anything for more money?”. But ask yourself this, how do people get the positions in the first place and how could anyone possibly suppress sexual misconduct involving a minor? By keeping people they know and trust around them and doing business on the way up. The rich get richer. Now, you may argue, “well the affiliate execs don’t get paid!”. Right. How did they get their jobs? And if you’re the USA hockey Président, can you afford to have people in positions of authority that would threaten your ability to suppress illegal activities? And how much of a reach would it be to say, solicit donations from parents in exchange for things like district team positions, or a roster spot in the now “USA HOCKEY APPROVED!!!!!” Ushl or NAHL? Maybe a “donor” wants someone to face discipline? What you got in your wallet Mr and Mrs Helicopter Parent? Or, what if someone needs a way to commit crimes and youth sports provides that? What’s it cost to get you to look the other way? Reform is always possible but it will take a major house cleaning nationwide and a major down sizing. That way it would allow for other governing bodies to come have the ability to compete and function side by side. The National Center for SafeSport needs to get federal funding and expand to run amateur athletics to include ncaa sports. They simply cannot continue to be a free enterprise monopolized by 1 entity. The best way I can explain I know so much is that, after decades in and around the sport, in various areas nationally, at multiple levels, you get to know people. You also can learn all you need to by listening when people talk. Do your homework. All of the information is at your fingertips. But the interactions I’ve had with these people have been over many years and it’s the SAME PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. They don’t change because if they did, a lot of illegal activity would be exposed. And again, it’s all my opinion but, prove me wrong.
  6. Not to minimize it but my gut tells me bad PR for hiring a racist is about to be the least of their troubles. Just remember my opinions that we’re looking at Anti-Trust violations (not just for this incident but a pattern nation wide in all affiliates) and I wouldn’t be shocked to see many officials in the affiliates caught violating the conflict of interest clauses that are alleged in the Athletic article. Remember the idiot that claimed in here “parents don’t give a shit about what USA hockey does!” Well that slack jawed yoekel is the exact type of person that they count on either being afraid of them taking away their ability to keep up with the joneses or looking the other way and doing nothing because “it can’t happen here”. Follow the herd sheep. And make sure your kids follow too.
  7. I won’t steal money from the athletic but I absolutely advise everyone to read up on what Katie Strang has been uncovering. Here’s a few points I’d like to make about this that correlate with what I’ve stated on numerous occasions- - the sexual abuse that was covered up or ignored is the crime in this instance. But it is not at all the root of the issue. Sexual abuse is what the Center for Safesport has sought to gain federal funding for in order to protect children from being exploited by pedophiles using the access amateur athletics give them to commit the crimes. However, sexual abuse is a SYMPTOM of the monetization and monopolization of amateur athletics. I’m not talking about skills coaches charging $45 a session or coaches making a stipend befitting their ability and time. I’m talking about the corrupt profiteering people within USA hockey and it’s affiliates described in this article. This type of corruption allows the crimes. Further, while pedophiles and racists have been protected and promoted in the name of profits, hard working people carrying the sport at the ground level have been disciplined in order to serve their agendas, enforce compliance, and create an image that USA hockey is a “world leader” I’m safesport compliance. -From Colorado all the way down to your local leagues, a vague set of bylaws and code of conduct (written by the same corrupt parties and their legal counsel) gives people that have been in their positions for decades the power to decide where your kid plays, who is allowed to coach or officiate any event your kid is in, where your money goes and what happens to the money you blindly hand them. Compliance is required. Non-compliance results in, among other things, being blackballed from the sport, having your constitutional rights violated, and having your ability to earn a living threatened. They will lie, cheat, steal, and call in any favor they can to ensure their will is forced on anyone they want. - this happens in EVERY DISTRICT. There is a reason people have been in their positions for so long. It ensures continuity. expect more of these stories to come out over the next year.
  8. https://theathletic.com/1840291/2020/05/28/usa-hockey-president-jim-smith-under-investigation-for-handling-of-abuse-allegations/?source=user_shared_article You’re welcome. And trust me, this isn’t close to being an isolated incident.
  9. Well put but you can’t talk sense to grandstanders and these idiots that are deaf, dumb and blind. It has zero to do with a pandemic at this point. It’s about how so many have manipulated rules at this point that to attempt to enforce them is useless at this point. The only saving grace here, in my opinion, is that the governing bodies will have a very difficult time defending any disciplinary actions in civil court in the future because they’ve chosen to allow their lack of institutional control show so publicly.
  10. See that’s the point though. You don’t agree with him. You have the same ineffectual attitude toward established and documented structure most do UNTIL, the loose ethics affect you personally. Then folks like you cry about it. But to this point, you’ve done nothing but make unfunny and sarcastic comments regarding rule following. I’m sure that makes you a real rebel there, James Dean Jr. But here’s sarcasm you should take seriously, I bet those home improvements you made without a permit didn’t include fees that hold you to a legal standard only enforceable by a corrupt corporation that controls what your kid does. You don’t even realize that you willingly put your kids’ well being in peril every year and actually pay for the right. Once you let your kid go back to the locker room, you have no right to say or do anything about what happens for the ensuing hours. Yet your here debating the practicality of social distancing and following rules. Please come back here once you have the “rules” applied to you or your kid. Then let’s see how much sarcasm you use then Dangerfield.
  11. The theme of @Jack Handey original post was the fact that rinks and/or coaches are breaking state mandates on conducting business and allowing larger than permitted groups use the facilities. At some point it got twisted by a litany of “but what about...?” Posts that are the weakest form of argument or debate. Even the OP dropped their original argument for a political diatribe that eventually devolved into this boards famous virtue signaling. So I’ll ask this question Of you, @aaaahockey, through the original viewpoint of rule breaking- are you of the belief that rules only apply when it’s convenient? The fact that rinks, coaches, clubs, etc, have decided to eschew any mandates from “governing bodies” or state governments, doesn't in the least bother you at all? Let me give you a scenario and see how you’d handle it. Let’s say a parent of a player on your kids team isn’t playing as much as yours. They decide to accuse your player of bullying. Understand that whether the kid did or not is irrelevant because the simple implication of it is what matters. Now, your kid obviously denies it. However, one of the lawyers that is on the board of directors in your district, reached out to the parents that make the accusations to do an “investigation”. Keep in mind the accusing parent has money to burn and loose morals. All of a sudden your kid is called into a hearing where they are forbidden to defend themselves and only permitted to listen to the accusations. They then are suspended. Obviously the process violates the rights of your son and taking a kickback or “donation” in exchange for a certain ruling would be illegal in any world. But no matter how hard you try, certain social or political voices (similar to this board) determines that your kid bullied and deserved it. Would you then be so obtuse about rule breaking? Just curious.
  12. Without discussing the political divide between the legitimacy of COVID-19 and it’s effects, nobody has the balls to do what’s best for their groups. I’ll say what I’ve said over and over, FOLLOW THE MONEY. The rinks will seek to support their business (I personally believe they should), the parents will keep up with the Jones’. The governing body will distance themselves from any decision made and only take action if it makes them money. Club leaderships will do nothing and hope they are “friends of USA hockey”. Meaning, do I have enough money to grease their palms? Either way, what’s best is far from anyone’s radar.
  13. It’s disgraceful. My criticisms have always been focused on idiot parents, clubs and governing bodies. Never focused on the sport or the participants. Again, I’ve actually fight my battles with them. A lot of these battles go on behind the scenes but need to be made public. My prediction is that they will moving forward. Too much money and control in too few hands. And it’s the general public that pays for it. FYI- this isn’t the only place I spread the message either. This just happens to be the only place these dummies look.
  14. Typical. You try to insert yourself into a conversation to feel relevant then back off and say the post was “innocuous”. You’re clueless. Every post you make proves my points. Get in line sheep.
  15. No kids playing and they certainly didn’t play in WPA. I have extensive experience in the area but haven’t for some time. But I still have lots of colleagues in the area. It’s not the sport. It’s the culture. The sport is great. All sports are. All youth sports used to be a part of the maturing process. Now it’s been exploited for money. And by people that have zero to do with helping the participants. Skills coaches and bench coaches deserve to be paid for what they can do and what they spend their time doing. What’s disgusting is how clubs, teams, governing bodies have exploited the fact that this generation of fathers are lazy pussies and only want to post on Facebook that their kid won a 6th place trophy at a showcase run by Hockeytime productions. These same “men” think making their kid sweat is a Jailable offense. But enough about me.
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