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  1. Eddie, nobody is a fan of the Pens here but it’s not just them. The practice of pre forming teams isn’t even restricted to AAA. I would say 99% of teams at all levels in all areas have the core of their roster chosen way before they even announce tryouts. It’s a pre-requisite now. That’s how some determine whether they will have teams or not. But the fact that teams who’s tryouts are highly attended do this is more irresponsible and incompetent than corrupt. They’re using it as a fund raiser sure. But they’re also dumb to pass over a good player to take a friend. I would say the Tier 2 teams that do it are as dumb as you can be. Plus that’s where the competitiveness comes in. Not in playing the game. But if AA team 1 takes players from AA team 2, coaches and parents are pushing that as the competition. And that’s not true competition. That’s just jealousy.
  2. My point is, a thread like this gets the least views and least interaction of any on this board. And quite honestly, if I don’t post my highly respected and intelligent opinions on here, a lot of these threads die a boring death (see recent attempt to make polls). When will hockey return? Come on man. That’s such a boring, homogenized topic. It’s the type of small talk that today’s “man” sits around and asks his wife’s friends husband while he enjoys a grapefruit shandy. Just my opinion but again, thanks for following buddy!
  3. Can’t really argue with @Danner27 on this topic. Not exactly a riveting thread here. So much for the opinion that people just want strictly positive local hockey talk, eh?
  4. Says the guy who has carried out agendas against the PIHL and AAA teams. Looks like @Jack Handey used his Phone a Friend lifeline! Predictable and sad
  5. Again, nice attempt at a dramatic soapbox moment but let’s not forget, you felt the need to jump on my response to the OP in giving my opinion which, like it or not, usually proves to be correct. I don’t see a whole groundswell of support from your alleged followers that want to “read and talk about local hockey”. There’s been more responses agreeing with my comments. Also, what positive were you focusing on except to backpedal when I flushed you out as a MidAm supporter? You seemed pretty negative when you thought you “got me”. And I don’t think you “get it” at all. But I do have hope that the majority is beginning to get it. I hope this doesn’t hurt your status within MidAm. I’d hate to see that cash flow stop for you. By the way, weren’t you followers of mine supposed to stop feeding the animals?
  6. Beautiful speech. Almost like you’re on the payroll! Anyway, having the executive committee talk about inclusion then hand out arbitrary punishments to make a cosmetic correction to its image is hardly a sign that they are a leader in a liberal agenda. They just did what the new culture wants, apologize and beg for mercy. They make you feel good then while you’re in a apologetic embrace, they take your wallet. As far as a disciplinary report, that’s just false. They may hand out player or coach reports but the reason they don’t make a complete report available is because they don’t keep records. These affiliates have violated constitutional rights on so many levels and they can’t afford to keep records. They also routinely protect their friends and those that make them money (anyone remember what Illinois covered up?). Remember what I said, not all income is detailed in the budget. When someone with money has an axe to grind or something to hide, how hard is it to grease some palms? Once someone takes one of these incidents to court or makes it public, what happens? Somebody gets paid. That’s all. Keep applauding your affiliate (which I’m sure you’re a part of). Hopefully more people start to question their business practices.
  7. Derailed is correct with your conductor @Jack Handey. Don’t blame me. I answered the OP with my thoughts. I had to put another admirer to bed.
  8. So I’m curious but is there any more conclusive evidence to corruption than the continued employment of an admitted racist at the national level? I mean national articles have been written about it. Also, have you or anyone else ever attempted to get a list of disciplinary actions form the national office or governing body? I mean, with all the focus being on the safety of kids shouldn’t they be keeping accessible logs detailing the findings of investigations and action taken? Hmmm. Wonder why they don’t? Come on man. Are you seriously going to act like a monitor hasn’t been expended here? Or at least a friend of the leadership? Keep trying brother. Again, prove me wrong. You don’t have the tools.
  9. Who’s we, first of all? And it might help if you were all eyes because you could read the suggestions I’ve made to find this information. If you’re suggesting some kind of “no pic it’s fake” type of scenario, I could care less what you as an individual thinks. But I’ll keep giving relevant suggestions and opinions and eventually, enough people will get it and things will change. And I’m far from the only one that alleges corruption. I just see it as a cultural issue that is the impetus for all the problems this sport has. Especially in your area. I have yet to be proven wrong on that front. Again, I’m curious why you’re so curious to try and get me to give some specific information? Got yourself into some trouble or something? Or is it close to home?
  10. True but I believe he was referring to how one goes about being nominated for appointment. And the Bylaws are loosely followed at all levels of USA hockey. Vanbiesbrouck anyone? He didn’t violate any codes of conduct did he?
  11. Nice try Jack! Any claims I’m privy to anywhere have or will be made in court with an attorney’s blessing. If any concerned members would like to ask questions they’re big boys and girls and can do their homework themselves which is not very intensive. Start with asking for a detail of who the contractors were and if any of them had any conflicts of interest. In any district, it usually doesnt take much deeper digging than that. Just curious why you’re so worried about it? If everyone here doesn’t share my beliefs, then what difference does it make? Is it affecting you somehow?
  12. Well as far as myself I’ve fought my battles. Your district has many to go from what I hear. I know exactly what the rights of the members are and I appreciate you getting it out there for folks to see. I would encourage as many as possible to start questioning the leadership in district. From what I hear, WPA has been oppressed by the district and many that have attempted to run for positions have been blackballed. As far as the budget, not all benefits are included in a budget. Financial or otherwise.
  13. 1. Yes that’s a great audit. Although the opinion of the firm are very subjective and wouldn’t hold up in civil court when asked to explain the huge sub contractor budget with virtually zero explanation as to what that is. Among other vague expenditures. But yes this isn’t exclusive to your area. 2. there needs to be transparency across the board at all levels. All that’s fine is what is required by law. This in no way eliminates the ability of someone to violate rights or break laws. 3. I think you need to study the USA hockey bylaws and see how they match up with federal laws as well as the standards of federal programs they’re exploiting and abusing. Then you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m talking about.
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I do have to say that after the clarification in your first paragraph, the rest seems to be nothing more than filibustering. Couple of questions (and let’s assume that everyone realizes that unqualified and uncertified individuals are the ones that hold almost all pertinent decision making positions within the sport at the local and affiliate level)- are you claiming that all hockey organizations that field teams hold personal injury or liability insurance under the umbrella of a greater policy held by USA hockey? are you claiming that said insurance is granted to and covers all the unqualified individuals that maybe conducting the business of non-profits under the larger umbrella? are you claiming that ice rinks do not carry their own liability insurance and rely on the insurance provided by USA hockey to cover their liability?
  15. I’m not sure I understand. You’re saying the government (State and federal) isn’t deciding the processes regarding COVRID? You think USA hockey makes these decisions on their own?
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