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  1. Not enough people care to hold parents accountable. In the end the excuse is to “do what’s best for the kids”. As with everything, it will take a parent doing something irreversible for anyone in the leagues or governing bodies to do anything about it.
  2. This is great. So you are suggesting that simply prove to someone like you, who now is the authority on class, the head coach stops the game, facilitates a discussion with the officials and opposing coach and suggests that his team plays short handed for a whole period in order to save the opposing team from being embarrassed? This type of thinking is what continues to blow my mind and thank God I’m not in the area anymore. How about, if you can only put 8 players together, the adults decide that it might not be beneficial for the players athletically or financially to compete this season? You think Norwin enjoyed it? Do you feel that inadequate that you get this agitated by a high school hockey score? You have no background or experience that would allow you to make any judgement in those coaches. Back to the bleachers snowflake dad.
  3. Ah no dummy. You clearly are being fed some bad info from a person who is your “friend” and are just trying to do what most people do on here and pile on a “hack coach” that cut your kid. I know where your kid plays. He’s at the last resort. But don’t worry. Please keep posting because it’s making a lot of things much easier to figure out.
  4. Another expert. This one claims they have their thumb on the pulse of the local “high level” hockey scene but has no idea hp stands for High Performance. To explain what that means would be a total waste of time. Let me ask you, if all these programs are so bad and wastes of money, why did your kid try out at them all? Now he’s back at the high school. Guess he’s gracing them with his presence. Also, before you start spreading rumors on message boards, or suggest you read up on liable and defamation of character laws. Wouldn’t want to be named in a civil suit, junior.
  5. You can thank me later for making this little mans thread into something interesting.
  6. Now take a lot of my commentary on the thread I started about WPA never being able to be a sustainable hockey product, combine it with all of this and it should start to make a lot of people in Pittsburgh embarrassed and realize what small and insignificant pieces of someone’s much larger financial picture they are. The saddest part of it, they lead their kids right along with their wallets to the slaughter. All while good and decent people that don’t conform to making scumbags money have their reputations at risk.
  7. Granted, we live and thrive in a capitalist society. We all are proud to be Americans and part of that pride is the fact we are allowed to profit off of our hard work and ideas. But 2 things have become increasingly disturbing regarding amateur hockey in the states and the path USA Hockey is taking. First is the oppressive sanctions the national governing body has put in place. The initiatives to protect children were required due to the increasing danger of facilitating predators in the higher levels of the programs under the Olympic committees watch. USA Hockey hasn’t released its stranglehold on the Augusta Country Club type atmosphere in colorado. It’s just figured out that making it more difficult for youth coaches across the country, this allows them the ability to control the cash and talent flow and ensure it gets channeled through Colorado. Don’t play ball? We suspend you on technicalities under SafeSport and sportsmanship initiatives. “We will make you hate coaching” should be the new slogan. But it doesn’t stop there. As the coaches leave the sport, it’s your kids that will suffer. All these parents and admins that are currently abusing the loopholes to drive out the coaches that dont play ball and don’t cater to spoiled brats will get what they want. And the rest of you that don’t speak up will have to take it. The other part of this that I hate is how this has exposed the phony and Weak culture we’ve allowed to develop here. USA Hockey knows that we’re a culture of self absorbed pansies. They’ve exposed it and basically said, come and stop us. Very few of you has the guts to argue. So you have no right to complain when you get your medicine
  8. Try reading the informed and experienced post I made. Try real hard to understand it. Then ask around to some people that have actually experienced the game at a level other than watching their kids play and critiquing the decision makers from a distance. You don’t see anything other than an insult because you don’t have the experience to understand the depth of the post. Be grateful I brought some interest to your otherwise bland and sad thread. Understand, cutting and pasting USA Hockey propaganda will never impress me or anyone that fights for the dying art of developing amateur athletes. You feed the beast by emptying your pockets to rink owners, celebrity camp administrators and friends of your favorite pro athletes. Lots of folks in this area still use the sport as a vehicle to participate in the lost art of human development in the form of amateur coaching. They don’t make a living off fools and they certainly don’t encourage this gross and obscene abuse of human nature that’s become the culture that supports sportsmanship initiatives and sensitivity training. The same people that love hearing a trainer tell them their kid is the next big thing is the same one that crumbles when he’s the butt of a quoted 3 Stooges joke. Again, stay in your lane and learn something.
  9. Ok, in the words of Moe Howard, I’ll try to explain this so even you can understand it Grapehead. Who promoted this quote? Who forces ADM down everyone’s throat? My point is that, USA Hockey is wanting to make sure that any player like Turcotte goes through programs that THEY control and THEY have influence over. Do you see anyone from the USNTP pushing the NAHL, USPHL, or anyone besides USHL affiliates? No it’s because they don’t control the programs and they don’t have a financial stake in it. If a player comes out of any program in WPA, they will have had to go through the USHL or it’s “affiliates” to have a sniff of promotion from Colorado from now on. Remember I said it. Stay in your lane @fafa fohi
  10. USA Hockey has begun the systematic elimination of any high level development out of the reach of their greedy hands via the new SafeSport and sportsmanship initiatives. It’s not dissimilar to how Allegheny County has attempted to eliminate the small contractor by way of their contractor licensing practices. What began as a necessary and immediate response to serial abuse has become a method of control for Colorado. Talk to anyone that has a clue in this area and they will tell you how these initiatives will sooner, rather than later, drive the remaining qualified and motivated coaches out of the sport. The coaching ranks are under attack by out of touch and elitist parents and administrators who can’t cede control of their children for the 2 hours they require to teach the players. USA Hockey has seized the day by ensuring that the talent they deem worthy will be channeled through avenues they control. Money, power, and influence are the motivating factors here. Think about it, if you are a USA Hockey admin in any capacity, you have had a very easy life doing very little work and the bit you did, you love. Then you see an increasing number of American born NHL draft picks who credit everyone but the National Governing body of the sport and paid everyone but said body to get them there. You start to wonder why. Theres a reason Kehller was on TV beaming at the 1st 7 Americans off the board. What program did they come from? Who gets promoted by every national TV outlet? Are there only 25 NHL quality players in the US? Now, back to the plan to eliminate the competition. If you make it impossible for any coach to do their job the right way by keeping them under constant scrutiny and legal action by the general public, you’ve basically narrowed the coaching competition to the ones under Colorado’s immediate control. They’ve put parents the peers of the coaches by way of their SafeSport and Sportsmanship initiatives. So for an area like Pittsburgh, who is short on competent and motivated coaches as it is, and who’s parent situation is one of the worst in the nation, you can get used to a major drop off in any NHL talent coming out of this cesspool
  11. Yeah because people in their right minds always feel the need to tell some version of their story to defend their “very good hockey player”. Give me a break. You couldn’t be more transparent. and you need to read a little closer. My point was, you’ve attacked different organizations on here (all higher level teams) so it’s easy to see you got your kid out before the inevitable happened. Couldn’t have your little baby told he can’t cut it. And whoever DB is, I’m sure he’s a great guy.
  12. Ok so you left because you anticipated him being cut because the coach that took him left. Same thing. The point is, 1 person leaving doesn’t make the club. You called the club a shit show and made the reference that Tim Cook leaving was the reason. He and your son were two peas in a pod remember? Good lord give me a break. The self serving people in this town are the reason it will never progress beyond a niche sport. Dad’s can’t stay out of the way and admit they don’t know what’s best for their kids in regards to hockey. Moms can’t let the kids stop breastfeeding long enough for them to learn something. But I need to get over myself? Please. Again, this board is a very good example of why the sport wont progress. You all think you’re entitled to an opinion. The reason the people in charge don’t care what you have to say is that you know nothing about it. Get out of the way. That’s the best thing any of you can do for the sport to progress.
  13. This is a great example of what I’m talking about. I don’t care which club you choose, the point is making progress. Sometimes that means people move on. What you’re trying to tell us is that, because of one person leaving an organization for whatever reason, said organization is garbage now? They may be garbage but it’s not because 1 person left. But the This again is why this area can’t progress. You take everything as a personal attack. The organization sucks now because a coach left that took your kid and he got cut when he was gone. Grow up. Move on. Why do you want to be in an organization that doesn’t want you? You wonder why so many players from this area fail so quickly after leaving their comfy spot in Pittsburgh. Make them earn it. Let them fail. Most of all, quit letting organizations and coaches dictate your behavior.
  14. There’s plenty to celebrate and I’m in the middle of it. Not here making unsubstantiated and uneducated claims like so many others. I come here to keep any new folks from thinking that’s how things should be run. Anyway, it’s very difficult for anyone with a lick of experience or forward thinking to run a structured program. You’ll have to fight it all the way. Parents have sucked the life out of most qualified coaches in this area. Mid Am helps them. Mid Am’s board is composed mostly of? Hockey parents!
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