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  1. Hockey Parents, We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to further develop your daughters through an individualized training program, specific to hockey. Our professional staff has experience training athletes from 6u developmental teams, high school to division 1 college players, up through pro's active in the NHL. One of our partners if the former director of sports performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins, another is a former Strength and Conditioning coach with the University of Maine, assisting with both Men's and Women's hockey. We recognize all athletes are different, so that is the approach we take. We offer complimentary physical assessments, where we utilize a functional movement screening, speed and agility testing, strength testing, and balance assessments. Based off the results, we provide a custom training program for your son in order to develop him to his full potential. We will share the results of the assessment with you and his coaches, as well as share a copy of the program to ensure transparency and communication. If you are interested in more details about this training program, please reach out to me. I can send you more information through email, or we can speak on the phone and discuses any questions or concerns you may have. If you are interested, Please email patrick.412.quimby@gmail.com
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