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  1. The Central Penn Panthers (EHL Premier team) is looking for two JR forwards (birth years 1999, 2000, 2001). Location: We are located in Lancaster, PA, and are the closest team to 4 Division III NCCA colleges, and in proximity to other NCAA D1 and D3, and Club D1-3, within the region. Goals: Our goal as a JR team is to aid in the players' development (as both a player and a person). One additional key for us is to generate legitimate exposure to the next level of Hockey – as an organization we believe in exposing players to the next level Jrs, and to colleges as early as possible. For the 2018-2019 year we are looking for players 100% committed and willing to make the sacrifices; players that want to BE HOCKEY PLAYERS, not just play hockey. History of Excellence: SEE FLYER ATTACHED. Our history expands throughout 20+ years and the success of our players and organization can been shown by the long list of pro and college athletes. The season is getting closer, if you are interested and capable of playing at the JR level, contact: info@centralpennpanthers.com #CPPfamily #eshow 2018-panther-booklet.pdf
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