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Exhibit A, B, and C on why officials keep quitting


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People wonder why there’s an official shortage not only in Western PA, but across USA Hockey as a whole. Especially after Pennsylvania Ice Hockey Officiating (PIHO) Officiating Director Zachary Roberts can’t even respect his own officials. An absolute disgrace to youth hockey. Over charging organizations for scheduling services to schedule officials, and then abusing the very guys who skate for him. Amateur hockey Christmas tournament and Roberts goes awol on this young official. Throwing sticks and gloves onto the ice like a 2 year old when mommy doesn’t buy him a pack of gum at the grocery store. To the organizations that have contracts with PIHO, take a look at how your officiating director treats people. Don’t renew those contracts. Find someone within the organization to schedule. It will save you mountains of money, and at you won’t be associated with this disrespect. To the new officials coming on, do you wanna work for this guy? Absolutely not! 



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