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Need Recommendation for Skating Coach who understands modern skating mechanics

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On 4/20/2021 at 4:57 AM, nemesis8679 said:

Ben and Bruce Hanus at PIA do a great job. They work them hard and get a lot out of the kids, without making it where the kids dread going there. If you're looking for hard-ass coaching, yelling, being loud, and whatnot, then they aren't the coaches for you. Like I said, they work the kids hard, but are positive and encouraging. They genuinely care about the kids' devolopment. That said, if a kid wants to work at 80% instead of 100%, there's not a lot anyone can do. It's mostly up to the kid as to what they get out of it. 

Agree!  If you want an instructor(s) that care about your kid and their development then Bruce and Ben Hanus are what you are looking for!  My oldest started playing hockey at the age of 11 and after 5 years he was able to play at the AAA level and was invited to tryout at the 17 Boys Select Team for Mid-Ams.  My other boy also plays at the AAA level after 4 years of playing hockey.  They both are always complimented on their skating by all coaches/parents.  I contribute their success to Bruce and Ben Hanus.  Now as the above poster stated, your kid has to be in the effort and WANT to get better to get the maximum amount of growth.  But I firmly believe that Bruce and Ben have the formula to make your boys better.  In saying that, it is a huge financial and time commitment because don't expect your child to get better and grow to their full potential by only attending powerskating lessons one time a month, it won't happen!  You have to have the kid there once a week or at the minimum  3 times a month.  I guarantee your kid will get better and if he/she wants to get better you will see even more growth!   Of course, just my opinion and what I have experienced and learned over these past years.

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