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  1. And all these Faux AAA teams besides Pens and possibly Esmark will never be competitive until politics are set aside and the best players are chosen. Obviously, I that will never happen so your best bet to play at a higher level is make Pens/Esmark or leave Pittsburgh and roll the dice.
  2. No, don't fit that scenario at all, especially when you have texts from the head coach at the end of the season praising your son and his play. Sounds like you are might be one of the ones whose involved in the political end there which is fine. People know the truth.
  3. What? The Icemen U18 team will again be in the bottom 10% of the rankings. The goalie is not outstanding, I would say he is solid. The younger goalie is solid as well. Neither are outstanding. Both U16 and U18 teams last year finished in the bottom 5%, maybe 10% of the rankings so not sure what would make you think they will be better this year. Some of the forwards are not bad, most of them small size but can move. Defense is pretty bad. They took 4 of the defensemen that were on the U16 team last year, 2 of which were horrible, one has great skill/hockey IQ and is super tough but lacks quickness and speed. The problem they are going to have when playing any AAA team ranked higher than 80 will not being able to keep up with the skating. Though with the addition of the new head coach from Slippery Rock may help some. Just not enough, this is a game of speed at the higher levels and the Icemen don't have that where they need it.
  4. So true, Icemen teams can't even beat high ranked AA teams so how can you call yourself AAA?
  5. I heard the13U coach last year was really good. I heard parents were pretty satisfied with him. Not so much with the 15U, 16U, and 18U teams from what I hear. Apparently there was not enough discipline carried out. Threats and consequences to players were made but never followed through with. A few dad's mentioned that only the kids that continued to train outside of the organization throughout the year improved. Others did not. The crutch of it, IMO, is that Pittsburgh could be more of a hockey hotspot attracting more scouts if politics were not an issue. In addition to the Pens and sometimes Esmark, Pittsburgh could have probably 2 very competitive AAA teams if the best players were selected for only those couple teams. Obviously this can't happen because there are 5-6 AAA teams in the region. Way to many. Another problem is take for example, the 16U Preds team last year leave the Preds and a coach brings over half that team to the Vengeance, were all those kids better than the ones that tried out? Not so, but those kids make it anyway therefor diluting the talent and weakening the team. Another example is that kids won't make a team because tryouts overlap with anther association and if you miss just ONE of an associations tryout because it was the last day of tryouts at another association, no matter your kids talent, they will not make the team. Apparently this happened on the 18U Icemen team. A dad was told that his kid didn't make it because he missed the first night of tryouts because he was trying out at another association. Really? As the dad said, his kid was never guaranteed a spot on the Icemen team so why should he put his eggs in one basket? You would think that an organization who wants to compete at AAA level, such as the Icemen, would want to take the top players? Apparently not so. That is why organizations like the Icemen will never have a winning program and that is why you always see a large turnover of players at these, as some call it here, faux AAA associations. This will always be a problem and the decision to be made for a kid that really wants to move on to higher levels of hockey after AAA is get out of Pittsburgh. Politics are everywhere but if your kid didn't grow up "in the click" or made a higher level team at a fairly younger age (13 or 14), joining a AAA team at say 15U or 16U and up will not happen unless your kid has skills like Sidney Crosby, and sometimes because of politics even that kid won't make it.
  6. Their numbers were up because they were the LAST organization to hold tryouts, lol.
  7. Yes, I believe 6 or 7 of the better 07 Vengeance players from last year went to Esmark. I believe only 2 Vengeance players from last season stayed. The current 07 Vengeance team for the 2021-2022 season has huge holes to fill. The association is saying the 07 team will play Tier 1 Elite but I can't see it with the current players they have on their roster. They would do better in Tier 2 and their kids will have a chance to win some games.
  8. I think that is possibly a typo mistake, I believe the 16U team listed under Dean (coach) is actually the 15U team. But who knows. I just know the definitely do not have enough qualified AAA players there, possibly a few. More than likely those teams will still be ranked in the bottom 5%-10% of Tier I. I know the 18U team will definitely be down there considering who made the team.
  9. Yes, He even got lots of Powerplay/Penalty Kill time last year and the powerplay gave up more short handed goals than goals scored. It was truly sad. The problem was the skating (especially for this kid) , alot of those kids could not keep up with the speed of the better, or I should say true AAA teams.
  10. Yes! Crazy, his skill set is not at a AAA player. I can understand if he was even an ok player including the politics but that is not the case.
  11. Again, so true. The U18 passed on what would have been one of the best forwards on the team because he went to the call back day for Vengeance tryouts which was the first day of the Icemen tryouts. That association is so petty and care only about making money rather than having competitive teams. Save your money, play on a good AA team that has a chance of winning games. Your kid will have much more fun.
  12. Well, I believe the season fee is around $4,200 PLUS the coaches funds, usually another $500 to $700. Definitely not worth the money.
  13. Very true... The Icemen will never field a competitive team due to the heavy politics. They kept 3 defensemen that can't skate with AA skaters let alone AAA. The one defensemen, he has no business playing on that team but his mom is heavily involved and close to the management at PHA, so he will make the team no matter what. It truly seems that PHA does not care about having good teams, only about taking everyone's money letting them think their kid will be playing competitive AAA hockey.
  14. They should declare Tier II, all the Icemen teams should declare Tier II. Until they actually start beating the better AA teams that end up ranked higher than them in the final rankings, why would you play Tier I? Possibly for a money grab by the ownership? I would think you would want to start with having/creating a solid foundation in Tier II then make a move to Tier I.
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