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  1. Hey Stinky Beaver....wanna rephrase this one perhaps? Your analysis of HS hockey squads in WPA stinks as bad as your Beaver.
  2. Ohhhhh yes so lucky, delusional Armstrong dad....you know what you didn't win?? Pens Cup OR States hahahaha! The SF defense held your "vaunted offense" to zero goals peckerwood. Beat you the last two years to knock you out of the playoffs, yet you continue to spout your ass piss all over this forum about "owning" SF. Find a new angle douchebag.
  3. Hey @PUCKCOVID19, who does Armstrong own now?? I can't remember.....
  4. The only thing you own are delusions of grandeur pal. SF split with Armstrong this year, and knocked you out of the playoffs last year.
  5. Oh nooo, shame……who’s nutz u gonna swing off now pal???
  6. Thanks Lou. How was the turnout the last 2 nights?? Ty ;-)
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