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  1. Rico, Reading your last couple responses indicates to me you’re the one having some mental difficulty with people sharing their thoughts. That someone posts about squirts shouldn’t be viewed as a sign that person thinks their child is the next Crosby. Maybe consider a more reasonable line of thinking, that it’s just people having some fun on a message board. Especially since you seem to post a good bit...or maybe you can start a new chat and tell everyone how you developed your child into a NHL player. It’s not the end of the world if a couple people want to discuss and debate their org or team against others. It’s been a very common topic on this board and when talking with parents and one you’ve probably had many times yourself. If it’s silly to have that discussion for squirts then it’s silly to have it for every amateur level until they pay your kid to play. FYI, I’m not some made up account for Anomily. Just a periodic visitor to the site who decided to weigh in on this one.
  2. I agree Rico that every year parents will want to discuss their “unique experiences”. Why is that a bad thing? You don’t or didn’t do that with you child? Why would you try to stop others from talking about their experiences no matter the level (learn to skate, mite, squirt, peewee, etc.)? Asking questions and sharing and their good and bad experiences is part of these purpose types of message boards. If you feel people can only start talking about hockey at the Bantam level, we’ll I think it should only be at the Miget level. No, you can only talk at the minor professional level. No, just the NHL level. I, like you, have no right to make that decision for anyone and only the board moderator gets to make that call. I personally think it’s great to have dialogue for all levels. And arrogant to discourage others who want to discuss their unique experiences. It’s wonderful that you and others have advice to share but it’s just that advice vs the ultimate voice on any topic. My guess is many of those posting are adults and can make their own decisions. Happy posting.
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