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  1. They pride themselves on holding tryouts before PPE to sway any kids that may be on the fence to tryout even though most of their younger teams are picked already for the most part. Pretty much a money grab.
  2. PPE is a great organization, so don't get me wrong. But with all do respect they have the MOST political influences I have every seen in the 8yrs my kid has been playing hockey. 1 is definitely an Execs kid that wouldn't make a low AA travel team, the Pros kids have been placed well, ex pros I don't know and the people with DEEP pockets definitely influence a lot. I have seen 2 parents that would go into the coaches office before and after practices (their kids are good and placed well) but lines would be jacked or kids moved for no reason. Those parents have cronies that leech onto them to try and get their kids ahead. It's kind of funny to watch how desperate some people are to get their kids ahead instead of telling/helping them work harder.
  3. Either way officiating has gone down hill. I witnessed 2 different squirt games/teams today with the same 2 officials and in the 1 game they called 19 minor penalties and 1 10min and then in the other they called 15minor penalties. They actually had these kids crying in the box because they had no idea what they did. My sons team had an experience last weekend with refs where they were putting their arms up as to call a penalty a couple of times and then both teams changed positions a couple of times and then they didn't call anything. There was a time from both teams goalies that they went to leave the ice and almost let up a goal because they didn't realize that there was no penalty. I know the game can be fast, but for them to even butcher who scored goals sometimes when there are 2 of them out there is nuts. They were giving goals and assists to kids that were not even on the ice or even numbers on the team.
  4. Agreed. I like the icing rule but lower level kids that can not skate or stick handle just ice it. I have seen plenty of shorties scored over the few years they have had this rule. I think it would be an awesome NHL rule. And yes the tag up offsides would be great for the younger ages, especially if they are on the other side of the ice trying to get back and someone dumps it in.
  5. This has been a rule for a few years now. The purpose is to make the short handed team PLAY and not just dump it and not take the easy way out. The problem is to do this you need to have a system in place which is a NO NO for USA hockey so some teams just continue to ice it. The 1 rule that wastes a lot of time is the automatic offsides. You want to see a game take forever.
  6. The Championship game was 3x 15min periods but still close to half the game. Unless you have the offensive punch to push back with all of those PK's then you are forced to play defense. Like moj said earlier too PPE blocked a shot on the PK and took advantage of it and scored short handed. That is not much of a system but trying to survive, which they did.
  7. About the no call on the goal, I did not see it from where I was standing. But that is on the refs and they have had quick whistles all year on some plays and no calls on others. Human error is part of the game, it sucks but it is.
  8. The PPE being outshot makes sense since they had to kill off so many penalties over the last 2 periods. Which would put them in a defensive shell. They had the lead and did not press until it was a clear chance. 5 on 5 the Vengeance were out played and out skated. The Vengeance definitely did have some speed, it was matched by some of the D and back checking of the O. The goal scored by the Vengeance was a nice goal, it was to little to late and scored on the back up after the PPE pulled the starter. Not taking anything away from the Vengeance as they have a handful of ELITE kids, but the PPE proved to have more depth (in that game). Best of 3 I could see the Vengeance possibly pulling out a tie, best of 5 1 win.
  9. It was not much of a game either. PPE had to kill about 10 penalties and the Vengeance did not score until a few minutes left in the game. It looked like an old NJ Devils game after the PPE went up by 1.
  10. Looked it up and yes 07's were 4th, 06's were 5th. A combined 08 team this year would be rank top 3 easily also. I see where you come from on the bigger cities, but a lot of the teams from minor are in or near the same position as major as it was with the 06's and 07's. I don't know about the 06's, but I know that the 07's lost a player or 2 and a goalie from minor to major and could be why they slid a bit. Also the 08's lost a good player (injury) and a goalie from last year plus some movement within and that could be the reason for their small slide this season. There is potential and a future for these teams "if" they can get the best kids and keep them. But a player here and there every year has the potential to hurt a team.
  11. You have no clue about the talent around Western PA but you are claiming that some of the older teams at PPE have all the best kids. So which is it, either you know there is talent here or you don't? Yes there is a big difference between PAHL teams and the Toronto Marlies, but that is 2 different leagues. As I'm sure there are high school teams in Canada, a PAHL team would not play the Toronto Marlies. The pay to play is a thing at PPE, if you don't believe that then you must be one of them. I guarantee you could go through each team and find AT LEAST 1 kid on every team that is there because of money or name. If people didn't believe it the tryout numbers wouldn't of been down this year. If they believe in their system so much then why do they have to go out and get players from out of the state and county sometimes. I can say one myth that is not true is about the $$$. If you actually sit and break everything down that you get uniforms, practices, games etc. It is cheaper than most if not all other organizations, even some high school teams are getting in the couple thousands range plus Jersey, pants, jump suits, socks, bags.
  12. So because other teams at the PPE have all the best kids and are not #1, it's impossible for the 07's or the 08's. All because the older teams are supposedly "more deep". It's different birth years and different competition. Would they improve- yes, does it matter- it should for an organization like that, especially with the turnout they had at some of their tryouts this year, scouts- they were at the spring tournament and the Brick tournament recruiting kids, scheduling- yes but they supposedly have trouble scheduling teams because most teams don't want to come to Pittsburgh to play 1 team only, parents eating it up- yes they do, mental health evaluations- yes, paying that much for such a small percentage chance of going somewhere.
  13. The 08's finished what 7th last year with only part of the best players. If ALL of the top 08's from the PPE, Vengeance and maybe 1 or 2 not in those organizations got together they would be the best team in the country. Hands down🙌🙌🙌. If the 07's had all of the best 07's in western PA they would be top 3 easily. The Vengeance lose out a bit because they are so open with their teams and not forcing kids to make them #1 priority. The PPE lose out because at almost every birth year there are kids on Elite that should be on Black or kids on Black that shouldn't be on Black or Elite. But they are because of who they are or who their parents are. There are plenty of great players at most of the birth years in western PA. It's just trying to get them all together that is the problem. "If" there was an organization that could guarantee an unbiased atmosphere and could not be bought by parents. Pittsburgh could be a nuce hub for hockey, especially for how small it is compared to other hockey cities.
  14. Plus the fact that the 08 might not have been the goalie for that game, and they lost to that team 7-1 already this year. The #1 team they beat has 8 losses and 3 ties. There are 2 teams behind that #1 team that beat them twice already this year.
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