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  1. I'm guessing you mean the part about Esmark using ice at Printscape is news to you? That does seem kinda wild. Is the second sheet at Printscape happening from what you've been told?
  2. They do own a USHL team, an NAHL team, and maybe even an EHL team. So that's like Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III junior teams. So they certainly have the capability, the question is whether they would devote the time/energy/resources to get it going.
  3. I agree completely. Good program, good coaching, good model, but with an awful location that will always hold them back. Especially with how/where the city has grown and developed the past 10-15 years. If Esmark doesn't move (doubt they will) I think it's almost a foregone conclusion that Black Bear will start a Tier 1 program in a much better location like Southpointe. There's precedent for this with Black Bear. That would put a serious squeeze on SHAHA and Preds.
  4. I see an announcement for both AHF and THF. Looks like some teams will be AHF (Tier II). AHF West Division coming soon to a rink near you.
  5. https://www.tier1hockeyfederation.com/pha-icemen-join-for-the-2023-24-season https://atlantichockeyfederation.com/pha-icemen-join-for-the-2023-24-season Is their rink owned by Black Bear?
  6. Have the Vipers found a new home? Will they be holding tryouts in a few months?
  7. If there ever is a legit competitor to PPE in Pittsburgh it will be at one of these two rinks. But I do agree with some of the other sentiments in this thread; a commitment to local kids is important.
  8. The little hyper-local strategies that are used are always funny. Orgs at competing rinks waiting until the org down the street posts dates, then undercutting those dates by at least 48 hours (commitment fee refund deadline) for each BY. It's a smart strategy that allows some orgs to pickup borderline AA players, who may make a team at an earlier tryout, but aren't confident they'll make the next one. They accept, 48 hours pass, they don't want to eat the commitment fee, so the earlier tryout team gets the player. For non BY or AA teams, the strategy can sometimes work in reverse.
  9. ChiefKeef, tell me how PPE hurt you? There has to be an emotional and personal story behind your endless diatribe. I'm not saying that some of what you are preaching isn't true, but man this is getting exhausting.
  10. I was wondering about this as well. You would think there would've been an announcement. But people in the Rebellion organization are saying that Black Bear has told them to put together teams for next season based on two sheets of ice. They've always had to limit the number of teams in the past because of available ice. I'm sure it will be definitive in the next week or two when tryouts and expected number of teams are announced.
  11. You have to look at each team in every organization on a case-by-case basis, instead of making sweeping generalizations about every team in an organization. There are a decent number of Preds AAA teams ranked higher than their Esmark counterparts. Are those Esmark teams examples of parents doing nothing but chasing that extra A?
  12. But it's not irrelevant. To have a legitimate competitor to PPE you need to tick all the boxes. Vengeance is already missing one of the boxes (location) before we even move on to other boxes. I'm not saying Vengeance is a bad program. But they are certainly not positioned to either compete with or surpass PPE. Believe me, I'm no PPE appologist.
  13. Location is still a major issue with Vengeance. It will never be what it could sitting way up 28 north and east of the city. People don't like to admit this, but there is more hockey talent in the south hills than north of the city. Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Peters Township, Bethel Park, etc. This is the sole reason why there are quite a few SHAHA and Preds teams ranked higher than Vengeance and Esmark. It's certainly not because of the "prestige" of SHAHA and Preds. It's because there is more talent in the south hills, and some families would never dream of driving to Alpha or New Ken. Cranberry is doable, Harmarville is bad, and New Ken is atrocious for anyone coming from the south hills. Vengeance will never be what it could be, because of that location. You need something on the 79 corridor.
  14. Interesting perspective @Deke715, thanks for sharing. In the NAHA talks with Black Bear, was AHF discussed? Did they make it clear they had the intention of moving NAHA out of PAHL and into the AHF? Did you get any sense that Esmark was on the move to a new a new rink (Printscape) like some others have speculated?
  15. Is there anyone in a leadership position with PAHL on this message board? We've been looking at things from the Black Bear perspective and anticipating and speculating their next move. But it's just as valid to look at PAHL and think through ways they can improve and even respond to these coming changes. Does PAHL have a game plan? Or do they feel this takeover is just inevitable, just like the DVHL out east?
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