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  1. I'm always surprised by the negativity on this forum. Many people on here just seem angry and love to point out how terrible the various local organizations are, how everything sucks, Pittsburgh hockey is doomed, parents are all idiots, and the kids have no talent. I guess it makes some people feel good to knock others down a peg or two? Or maybe it makes them feel smart? I can't imagine having that type of outlook.
  2. I know all the grumpy and unhappy people hate MHR, but it's pretty accurate, even with just 5-10 games in the system. Not perfect, but pretty good. It'll change some, but it's much less than you appear to believe. ...old man yells at cloud...
  3. You mean the Esmark teams that are worse than their current SHAHA, Preds, or Vengeance teams? It is kinda crazy that for BY 06-09 SHAHA has better teams than Esmark. SHAHA must be doing something right.
  4. Carl didn't you previously say that it will be interesting when the rankings come out? All people are doing here is getting an initial gauge. Most of these teams have 5-10 games in so there is already some good data. But yes, the rankings will get more accurate over the course of the season. The interesting thing to me is how often Preds and SHAHA teams are ranked higher than Esmark. I'm not saying anything bad about Esmark, but I think this just shows that the talent/depth in the south hills is way stronger than anywhere else in the city. A tier 1 organization in the south would do ridiculously well. Half of the Pens, Esmark, and Vengeance teams are south hills kids driving crazy distances. And then there is still enough talent left in the south hills to field Preds and SHAHA teams that rank higher than Esmark.
  5. Could someone post this? The final one is out there. I know we have a bunch of coaches and org board members in here. I only have bits and pieces from screenshots texted to me. Appeal games are always interesting. I’m sure we’ll see some of those this weekend.
  6. Maybe not the NAHL? That's pretty good hockey where a few of the players do move on to USHL or NCAAD1.
  7. Anyone have the final PAHL division chart? Should be floating around today.
  8. I don't think they would and I don't think it would even be close.
  9. So what should Esmark 09 be doing differently? What should SHAHA 09 be doing differently? I still don’t understand your point with these two teams except your desire to split hairs between teams ranked in the 30s vs teams ranked in the 50s. We all understand that it’s absurd to have a team ranked 120 leave PAHL and call themselves AAA. But that’s not what is happening here. And that’s not what is happening with SHAHA 06.
  10. And this is why "faux" vs "real" AAA is on a team by team and not organization by organization basis. It's early but the SHAHA 09 team is likely a better team than Esmark 09. You could argue that these SHAHA AAA parents are actually the sane ones. They have a lot of AAA kids but decided that driving from the South Hills to New Ken multiple times per week is insane. Same situation as SHAHA 06. They seem less worried about the logo on the jersey and more worried about developing a good team. Along these same lines, there is a huge opportunity out there for someone to start a Tier 1 only organization in the South Hills. The talent is better and deeper in that area of the city IMO but yet the Tier 1 clubs are in Cranberry and then up 28, which is a brutal drive for these families.
  11. My only point is that coming up with some hard and fast rule like 30 is just kind of ridiculous. Teams in the 30s, 40s, and even 50s compete and win against top 25 teams on a fairly regular basis. It's not that uncommon at all. I do agree that some team ranked close to 100 calling themselves AAA is pretty stupid. They just won't be competitive against the top teams at all. It's those teams that are the issue. It's those teams that should still be playing AA PAHL. It's those teams that are hurting hockey in WPA.
  12. That's interesting. As far as a I can tell they haven't taken over any of the amateur organizations at the rinks they own in WPA but it could just be a matter of time. Who knows.
  13. What about 31? Just outside of your magic benchmark so not AAA lol. Fortunately people running things seem to be a little less arbitrary than you.
  14. This is exactly true. Their first priority is increasing the cost of ice time and making sure every single ice slot is filled. They'll also probably add a few new signs and graphics advertising their PAHL alternative league. It's not like they're going to roll in some shiny new Zamboni or improve the lighting. That's just not how they operate. Yes, they'll make sure the barn doesn't collapse and that it's presentable enough to be a legit ice rink, but a year from now it's going to look and feel exactly the same as it does today.
  15. PPE #18 would tear up PIHL AAA division as a freshman, just like SHAHA #15 tore up PIHL AAA division as a freshman.
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