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  1. Hey Grumpy, obviously there are exceptions, but I don't think you would deny that there is a connection between top level coaches and a background that included high level playing experience, although I know most dads on here think they know what they're talking about. And specifically with skills and skating coaches, many young kids that are really trying to push their skating and skills are visual learners, and need to see someone demonstrate, not just bark orders like some of these old fat guys like to do. It's really not complicated to see why a group of kids would want a skills/skating coach with high level playing experience, that can still actually move on the ice.
  2. Sorry I've been unclear! I'm looking for a skills or skating coach to work with a small group of kids. Definately not trying to steal a coach away from a team. Separate from this board someone did give me a lead or two. It's amazing how many former players are in the area and under the radar but still active.
  3. Coaching and training. Not sure if I'll get flamed for this or not, but I've found that some of the female coaches with significant playing experience are particularly good communicators.
  4. I didn't realize she was still in the area. Thank you. Anyone else you can think of? Doesn't have to be an olympian!
  5. I don't know any but I'm surprised no one else does either. There has to be some, right?
  6. Are there any female coaches (skating, skill, team, etc.) in the area with high level hockey experience as a player? I'm thinking top end prep school or NCAA D1 playing experience. Maybe even someone who fits that category but isn't currently coaching.
  7. NCAA players get "merit" scholarships all the time, even if they don't have a full athletic scholarship. Usually they are a collection of a lot of random small(ish) scholarships that add up to something significant. Everyone knows why they are receiving the scholarships. And it's also naive to think that athletic departments don't push college applications to the top of the list if it's an athlete they really want. Happens all the time. Admissions departments look at the full picture of the kid and aren't only looking at GPA and SAT scores. Athletics contribute to that overall picture of the kid. I'm glad a lot of the best prospects in the US and Canada are starting to see how good the NCAA development path is. Less games, more practice, more time in the gym, the start of an education, and just a great college experience compared to a kid playing a 68 game regular season schedule in the CHL. They end up playing 90+ games when all is said and done. That's too much for a kid in prime development years. I think we'll start to see more of the best prospects go USHL for two years and then head off to a good college program. I think that's smart.
  8. I started this thread, but in the Preds 09 defence, if they stayed AA, they likely would only have 1 or 2 teams that would give them competitive games out of the ten teams in 12U AA. It looks like they updated their name on MHR to now say "AAA" even though it's the same group of kids for the most part that have played AA PAHL for the past few years. As dumb as it is, adding that extra "A" may make it easier for them to schedule independent games once they made the decision to go that route. I personally don't like it when teams go independent because it weakens PAHL AA, but at the same time, they're a good team. I'm not going to call them "faux" AAA. Looks like in PA they may be bit below the Vengeance 09 team and right there with the Esmark 09 team. Hard to know how it will all shake out. https://myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?y=2021&v=123&v2=124&s=PA And I can't believe I'm giving the Preds any credit at all, but I've heard they generally have decent non-dad coaches for their BY teams. Everyone on here rightfully so preaches development and I think (not always), non-parent coaches who have played at a decently high level are better for kids in terms of development. Again, there are exceptions to this, but at least the Preds have a lot of paid non-parent coaches.
  9. Divisions are up on the PAHL website under the "stats" tab.
  10. Interesting. But they didn't win the division in the playoffs?
  11. But in one scenario you concede possession and then try and win it again. In the other scenario you try and keep possession with deceptive skating and quick puck movement. If you have defenseman that know what they are doing the regroup will not be in traffic. They may occasionally have to evade a good aggressive skating forward but that's hockey. Make a move. Find an open guy. I'm honestly not 100% convinced one way or another about this rule change one way or another, but I am surprised how people are immediately against it like it's a completely cut and dry issue. I think the jury is still out. I like what USA Hockey is trying to accomplish with the rule.
  12. I heard that the South Pgh team was moved up from Major Black to AA after the appeal. I'm surprised a tie would accomplish that. That means the 12U AA division went from 8 teams to 10 teams after placements and appeals. Any other appeals that people know about? There are have to be some.
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