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  1. I’ve seen what you’re describing. For better teams it hasn’t made a huge difference. For worse teams the play is more choppy. We’ll see if they adapt or not.
  2. You're probably right. I don't really care too much if he knows who I am but for some reason I struck a nerve with him. I don't have some super secret agenda. I try and be reasonable on here but I guess some people just take it personally when they disagree with an opinion. I've been wrong about things before and I'm sure I'll be wrong about things again.
  3. You sir, are a weird dude. What am advocating exactly? And who is it that you think I am?
  4. I have no axe to grind. I’ve really never had any major issue with placements. PAHL does a nice job imo. All I’m saying is that if an organization has two teams, there could be a wide delta between the top player and the bottom player on each team. Not saying that’s bad at all, just saying that has the potential to make placement more challenging. But they usually get it right. I have no clue what I said to make you think I have an issue with smaller organizations. Your comment makes no sense.
  5. This is a good argument. We'll see how it plays out.
  6. That’s interesting. Placing teams in smaller orgs is challenging because there can be a large talent disparity between the top and bottom of the roster. You see this much less at places that field 5+ teams at each age group.
  7. Surely someone! Org presidents were supposed to receive them last night.
  8. It’s always hilarious when someone tries to make (wrong) assumptions about someone instead of offering solid arguments. 😂 Delayed offsides by definition = non-possession. This new rule change is subtle but it emphasizes skill and decision making under pressure. To me that’s a good thing. I’m not arguing it’s validity based on whether or not it’s easy or difficult for the refs. I’m arguing based on kids development as hockey players. Take away the easy option and actually make them think and be creative. And I didn’t mention anything about the PK.
  9. More continuous play actually. You really think dumping and chasing is skilled hockey with fluid play? That’s the easiest play for the unskilled and robotic player. Look at all those players making it to the next level because they can shove the puck up the boards constantly and dump and chase! So much skill!
  10. It’s because kids are rushing things and wilt under pressure and panic and just get rid of the puck. This change will force the issue. We’ll have more skilled players and better decision makers.
  11. One whistle after another because kids will be continuously offsides? Challenge the kids to make decisions and maintain possession. They may surprise you. Kids are adaptable. We’ll develop players better without them all blasting it into the zone along the boards during regroups. It takes more creativity and skill to play with the new rules. I’m not sure that’s even debatable.
  12. What are the costs associated with playing four independently scheduled games in a weekend vs the cost is playing in a four-game tournament. Ignore hotel and travel costs for this comparison.
  13. Wow. Would you mind sharing some particulars? That’s a pretty drastic change. How did it work out in the end?
  14. My initial reaction to the automatic offsides change is positive. Anything that forces possession and control of the puck at all costs is a good thing. With this new rule kids are going to have to make quicker decisions, be more deceptive with the puck, and maintain possession by passing. In youth hockey there is so much play along the boards and so much dumping and chasing. It’s borderline gross to watch. I think this change could help unleash and develop skill with our kids. But this change certainly goes against the old school “dump and chase” and parents and coaches screaming “use the boards” mentality. Do you want old school hockey or do you want to develop puck skills? That’s what this comes down to.
  15. Anyone have the placements/divisions yet? Association presidents should have those at some point today. I’m guessing there is someone on the placement committee in this forum. PAHL does a surprisingly good job with placements. I do feel like the misplacements are usually the smaller organizations. Their formula which considers where kids played the previous year isn’t as helpful with the small organizations. But then placement games usually sort this out pretty well at least from my experience.
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