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  1. The issue with this long-winded post is that the JV division is tight when you look at teams with underclassmen. The NC team is mostly of older players. The only team run the right way from the beginning has been the MS team.
  2. Einstein, I meant that the school and Excel are connected which means the team as well. The school likely dictates how the team is run and the puppets do as they are told. If you think people are happy with the way things are being run then no one in the organization has a clue.
  3. If you believe that Excel and the school are not connected, then your drinking there Kool-Aid.
  4. Clearly you are part of the "in crowd" there. It would help to actually check with the actual people who pay to play.
  5. It does make sense as they have people on the roster who are Excel. They rotate through freshmen who started when they were MS players in order to allow Excel and older kids to play. There is no loyalty to the kids who built the program from the ground up which was the intention of the people who had originally restarted the program. They are planning on fielding a varsity only next year for numerous reasons including because the delusional president of the association is in it for personal reasons instead of the good of the program.
  6. They're about as pure as the people who took over the program.
  7. Hearing rumblings that North Catholic is bagging its "grass roots" program where they developed kids from their middle school team and are moving toward utilizing the Excel players. To the extent that they will only field a varsity team next year. Many players and parents upset over this as kids who began as middle schoolers are being sat out of games to make room for the Excel superstars. I am sure this is not how the program was set up to be run when it was resurrected. Maybe the PIHL will step in and not allow this type of situation.
  8. Since this is the first AA 16U game played, what was the speed like? Are these first year midgets or a mixture? Was it a physical game and how was it called?
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