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  1. Even if the coach does something wrong and it is a bench minor, a kid has to sit in the box. Not the coach.
  2. 2005 and 2004s are same weekend as MidAm Select 14 and 15 Tryouts
  3. Heard numbers were high at Wildcats, high birth year numbers at aha, low at wha, low BY numbers at Scir, low 18u as usual many places
  4. there was a pens elite goalie at scir squirt skate yesterday
  5. What happened this weekend? Wildcats have 1 FPP for 7 games but heard there was a brawl
  6. Bantam AA-heard that there was an injury to opposing team Sat or Sun
  7. Wildcats have 2 fair play point on 5 games
  8. Mt Lebanon had over 20 min of penalties last weekend-is it the refs or the team
  9. I’ve noticed they have been giving out 10 and 2s a lot more this year as compared to past seasons at all levels
  10. was the child also suspended or just the Dad
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