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  1. I love the way they create a rule requiring the presence of someone from the school to go wake up the security personnel and have them do something. Should not the security be acting on their own?
  2. I think we all appreciate your stand with the teams and I agree. I think it’s just frustration coming out because once there was no one off the ice that would stand up for her and say something, maybe that was the time for those on the ice to say/do something, anything. It was unbelievable to me to see this happen so blatantly with no intervention by anyone.
  3. Damned right! If the goalie could hear it, everyone there could hear it. What amazes me is that NO ADULT,, let me say it again, NO ADULT, did anything to stop this. I’m sorry, but no person, minor or adult male or female, should have to deal with what was yelled at her. “You’re a whore” and “Suck my @#$&” what the hell is wrong with these people. What if someone started yelling this at their wife, daughter, mother, I bet they would react then.
  4. Sir, I appreciate you coming on here with an update, but have to take offense at what you term as being “ridiculed.” That was not what happened and I believe you are trying to downplay what any police officer or HR department of any modern company would call Sexual Harassment. This was not a case of boys being boys making fun of the goalie, this is a legally actionable offense. Bullying and sexual harassment should never be allowed, condoned, or tolerated as it was this night. I’m amazed NO ONE, NO ONE, did anything to stop this!
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