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  1. AAA - SV AA - SF A - Meadville D2 - Bishop Canevin I don't think any team, but SF has a chance to take states though. Looks like a lot of the younger players have left PIHL for PPE, Esmark, junior teams or AAA out of town teams. Not sure what caused that or just something that is normal.
  2. The reality is that on most teams PPE included 90% of the teams are picked. There are only typically a couple kids that are playing for a 3/4 line positions & that's how it should be. This is why there is A, AA & AA teams.
  3. With the added exposure through the streaming added this year I think showcasing a game if the week is a great idea. I have noticed this year there is more people coming to the games. Would be great addition to what good things already added.
  4. Both great facilities but RMU is a better atmosphere in my opinion. PIHL does a great job & should be praised for the great job they do. It's very hard to understand why they do not get more credit for how well they operate. Anyone that remembers the SHIHL, WHIHL era will agree. It's easy to complain when you have no part in something but nothing productive happens & quite honestly it accomplishes very little.
  5. Now we are getting somewhere. Now take these rules with the facts not being followed & submit the complaint. This is how you make change by referencing the rules with the responsible party & submit the complaint. That is the only thing that gets results. Opinions aside great job now follow it through & you will make be a part of real positive productive change. PIHL should be held accountable to their rules no different than players, teams, parents & referees. Nobody is above the rules.
  6. The process is clear. If someone from PIHL doesn't follow it or cheats, then they need to be held accountable also. The point is the Bi laws also hold them accountable. If PIHL cheated, why didn't you Challege it? Paid or not paid does has no bearing on following clear bi laws. The point is the other teams are responsible to challenge not PIHL. IF PIHL does it's an added benefit if someone is cheating. If someone is riding a bike & is not paying attention & hits a tree, it's not the tress fault. it's the person not paying attention.
  7. PIHL has no fault or responsibility. They are one of the best run organizations in all of youth hockey in the State of PA in my opinion. They post all rules on their website along with have monthly meetings with all School teams. It's the team's responsibility to follow the rules. While I do not agree with some of the rules it doesn't matter, they are clear. It is the team playing the other team's responsibility if they are not following them to challenge them through the process given. At that point PIHL responsibility is to resolve the matter through there rules & follow the penalties provided. PIHL = BI LAWS, HS TEAM = FOLLOW BI LAWS, HS TEAM BREAKS BI LAWS = OPPONENT RESPOSIBLE TO CHALLENGE BI LAW, PIHL = DECIDE PUNISHMENT PER GUILDINES POSTED. Let's let process not opinion drive the topic. Montour & BM made mistakes & PIHL followed the BI laws. Montour defending themselves should not be taken personal. The process played out & now it's over. Personal attacks do nothing productive but cause 700 replies'....
  8. Question - Are you going to rank the top 25 Western & Eastern PA High School players this year like you did last year? Also, would be neat if you could also add amateur players category. I really enjoy your rankings & find it very accurate. 

  9. I go back to PPE is a private organization. Like it or not & I am anything but a fan of PPE for the record. They have a very clear model. We can either complain or be part of the solution. On one hand people complain that BB is coming in & buying all the rinks who will hopefully compete with PPE. On the other hand, we do not like how the PPE does business & it will magically change with 13,000 social media posts..... Ya & the easter bunny is real also! All positions should be heard & respected, but this is getting bat shit crazy. There is no organization that is close to competing with PPE because we have week AAA organizations. The Vengeance has the facility but week board, SHAHA has great board but horrible facility, Preds I think they just forgot to drop the 3rd A for some reason & Esmark needs an entire program but still is a pretty tough location to get to for most even if started at a mite age group. Either solve this issue, support BB coming in to compete with PPE or get off your ass & help build something that can compete with PPE that way kids have another option to play high level AAA hockey in PGH!
  10. Will you be rating the top players in Western PA & Eastern PA like you did last year? I wanted to get your opinion on the all-star format today vs what it was like before when it was the SHIHL & WPIHL leagues. They had both leagues play a (A, AA & AAA) game. Then the best in WPIHL/SHIHL game. Then the (2) leagues would play. I believe they then would recognize a 1st & 2nd team. Would be neat if it was possible to do a similar format. After the PIHL Divisional games pick 2 teams to play another game. You could then pick one team & play an eastern PA final team. I know PIHL is by far the best organization in Western PA & very forward thinking & orginized. I think with the new broadcasting additions this year & something like this would elevate high School hockey another level. These kinds of things build kids moral. The more fun High School is the better competition you will get.
  11. While I agree there are very few organizations that are run very well, I do not think it's very effective bad rapping the organizations. Sure, it might make you feel better & annoy others.... That's about the extent of the progress. In each organization an owner put their time & $ into it along with a board that works for free to manage it. Sure, not everyone can afford to organize a team, but anyone if they have time to be on a site like this would be better justified to join a board & better one of these organizations. BB just like PPE is not going away & they are large organizations with their own Culture & your complaints will change nothing about it. Let's be honest Western PA hockey community is the reason we are not competitive because we run the boards which oversee the teams & set the cost. The organizations & boards are run by this community. Keep complaining or do something about it it's not rocket science!
  12. The PIHL had a team Pittsburgh a couple years ago that did the American showcase. It was only Juniors & Seniors & tryouts to make at the end of each season. I think COVID canceled it, or the PIHL stopped sending a team. I am not aware of this tourney I would imagine PA would have to have tryouts & put something together unless you are permitted to allow a PA HS player tryout for a Michigan HS team & play out of their Jurisdiction.
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