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  1. The only program Mr. (unbiased) King, a.k.a. Wampa, whatever has not yet bashed over the past season is based in Harmarville. Bashing competitors is a common method to build numbers. My observations indicate each program has it's strengths. Esmark has been hosting tier 1 hockey longer (35+ years) than any program in the USAH Mid-American district. Not implying perfection but Esmark's respect across the Continent indicates a lot of positives have been/are being accomplished. Player and family have to weigh plus/minus if there's multiple choice. Everybody has favorite coaches, teachers, etc. Tough, demanding one's create the most challenges for players and families. Parents (some desperately) want their children to succeed (definition varies) and it's difficult to see their own deal with challenging situations. Coaches are easy scapegoats. I've found allowing a child learn how to deal with it is the most important growth aspect of demanding athletics. If every player in a program doesn't advance beyond midget hockey, doesn't indicate there wasn't opportunity to advance. Many players have multiple opportunities post midget, including strong academic choices or jobs that are going to prove most important in life. Also implied if there's < 100% hockey advancement beyond midget is that players are failures. I find it's quite impressive these boy's transforming into young men are so accomplished playing high tier 1 or tier 2 hockey, high school hockey and other athletic and academic commitments, no matter which club(s) they represent.
  2. Yuri is a great coach to train under if you are willing to work to your fullest and want to succeed at the highest levels of amateur hockey.
  3. Team Pittsburgh defeats Texas 9-2. Back to back champions of America's showcase St. Louis. Congratulations Team Pittsburgh!
  4. not my opinion, these are factual data : http://collegehockeyinc.com/articles/2019/03/study-data-shows-need-for-patience.php The data supports the USA Hockey long-term athletic development model https://www.admkids.com/page/show/910488-long-term-athlete-development Follow this model for your player. It's based upon decades of science. The closer you pay attention to every detail along the way will improve outcomes. It's a sport so keep it fun including for yourself and other family members. Many families have broken apart from obsessions with sports. Great effort and attitude, always. It's a marathon and not a sprint.
  5. BIG shoot out upset by Texas last night...Illinois AHA has six teams (120 players) of their top HS Juniors and Seniors to tryout for their team. Many teams at America's Showcase have highly skilled players. But Pittsburgh has such incredible depth that nobody has been able to match them, so far. We'll see how Texas matches up to our local boys in a few hours. This is a great opportunity for these boys start to finish. Plan to participate in future years tryouts if you have interest!
  6. Pittsburgh in the championship game tomorrow. They have dominated every opponent so far...but Illinois will be a tougher opponent in the championship. https://www.americasshowcasestlouis.com/page/show/4881311-pittsburgh?subseason=596723 Tournament MVP is 19 Oldrich Virag F Export, PA Franklin Regional High Senior 6' 2" 185 Good luck Team Pittsburgh bring home the championship back to back!
  7. WOW! 2 New Champions to add to the list. Congratulations! https://nationals.usahockey.com/news_article/show/1010700
  8. PPE Boys U16 and Girls U14 are in their respective tier 1 national championship games tomorrow! Good luck to both teams! Congratulations to all WPA championship teams on your awesome seasons and representing our area at Nationals!
  9. Minnesota is back this year: https://www.americasshowcasestlouis.com/page/show/3414801-home The scout list was fairly extensive in 2018: https://www.americasshowcasestlouis.com/scouts Many of the boys on the 2018 team were presented with opportunities at the next level from exposure at this showcase.
  10. The addition of the HS tournament to USA Hockey Nationals in 2010 is part of USA Hockey continuing plan to "grow the game." The addition of D1 (pure) and D2 (combined) high school divisions (D1 and D2 is correct, not my erroneous use of HS tier 1 and tier 2 terminology above) started in 2015. It's impossible to expect every recognized High School "state champion" would be willing to bear the significant burden (some $$,$$$'s per team) of participating in this tournament. So they use a system of allowing interested teams consideration. USAH affiliates directors determine who receives a bid to HS nationals. It is what it is. https://nationals.usahockey.com/page/show/718726-champions The USA Hockey national tournament list of champions goes back 81 years to 1938. Check it out.
  11. Thanks in advance for the compliments. I used my genius 3rd grade reading skills to find the answer to your question. Thank you Mrs. Kough...unfortunately the paragraph below is gonna open up another can of whoop ass! https://cdn4.sportngin.com/attachments/document/4d12-1672319/2019_Tournament_Guidebook.pdf High School Varsity and Prep School Varsity Division (male and female teams): Pure teams that are community-based public high schools, private schools drawing their students exclusively from a local metropolitan area (excluding any school that boards players) OR a combined team from a state that has NO pure teams. Representation from each state will be determined by the state affiliate participating in the tournament. Billeted players competing on Youth Tier I, Youth Tier II or any junior teams are not eligible to compete in the High School Varsity national tournament. Participation is restricted to amateurs who are full-time students (grades 9-12), and 19 years old or under as of December 31 of the playing season. Eligibility is not to exceed eight (8) consecutive semesters starting with a player’s freshman year. Clarification: Those high school students graduating mid-year are no longer full-time students and therefore, are not eligible to play on a varsity high school hockey team, effective on their last day of attending classes full-time.
  12. 2019 USA Hockey Americas Showcase St. Louis Team Pittsburgh https://www.americasshowcasestlouis.com/roster/show/4881311?subseason=596723 Good luck defending your 2018 championship!
  13. Following are the definitions to be used for each Division:• High School/Prep School Division 1: Formal high school and prep school teams or non-varsity teams consisting of full-time students attending the same high school or prep school or full time students that are eligible to play sanctioned varsity sports at that school.• High School/Prep School Division 2: Formal high school and prep school teams or non-varsity teams consisting of full-time students attending more than one high school/prep school. https://cdn4.sportngin.com/attachments/document/4d12-1672319/2019_Tournament_Guidebook.pdf
  14. There's HS tier 1 (pure) and HS tier 2 (combined or Co-op). So Burrell was in the correct tier. Not sure why you believe there's a problem...
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