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  1. 05 preds seem to have a strong group after bringing PPE kids over
  2. What happened to the U15 esmark stars team from last year it seems like a lot of them left to play for the barons what would of caused them to do this ?
  3. Esmark announced tryout results what were the numbers like for u15 and u16 ?
  4. Can we have some explanation to what this is instead of a list of names ?
  5. When are u guys going to actually fulfill Your promises you claim AA every year but it never happens
  6. Does anyone know why there isn’t going to be a 04 vengeance ? And where are all those players going?
  7. I believe Rapone committed to Duquesne and Rossi and Schmitzzi commited to Ohio university
  8. Nobody cares about your giveaway quit self promoting
  9. Look in the “ Mid am district playoffs “ thread
  10. PPE,Esmark,Icemen,Predators,etc.
  11. There’s a couple teams out there announcing that they want to field a U15 AAA team but how many of them will he able to fill rosters ?
  12. I heard about a late clock start that led mt.lebo to score with 5 secounds left
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