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  1. The preds u15 team is legit they beat Amherst Knights 5-2 meanwhile Esmark U15 lost to them 3-5
  2. Esmark 15u played the U16 AA arrows and lost 6-0 tonight
  3. The other goalie played north Pittsburgh team 1 last year but he didn’t play because they play palmyra tonight
  4. From what I know 15U viper stars, 05 viper stars and 05 Icemen
  5. Mon valley will definitely not be in that division as they are struggling to have a 14u team in general and the 05 badgers are even weaker then were last year because top players went to westmoreland ,viper stars and Renegades
  6. 05 preds seem to have a strong group after bringing PPE kids over
  7. What happened to the U15 esmark stars team from last year it seems like a lot of them left to play for the barons what would of caused them to do this ?
  8. Esmark announced tryout results what were the numbers like for u15 and u16 ?
  9. Can we have some explanation to what this is instead of a list of names ?
  10. When are u guys going to actually fulfill Your promises you claim AA every year but it never happens
  11. Does anyone know why there isn’t going to be a 04 vengeance ? And where are all those players going?
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