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Big Earn

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  1. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    You got it pal, I hope you get the most likes for today and win the public forum trophy. Good luck.
  2. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    Again, you suggest parents being hard/critical of their kids, refs, and staff. The stands I sit in, I don’t see this. Like I said, your experiences are different from everyone on this board, at least most. My response comes because I sit here reading advice from you and a few others who are suggesting you have all the answers, and the rest of us know nothing. Call it arrogant, condescending, or whatever you’d like. Again, it appears we can go at this for years, I’m just suggesting that you and the other geniuses on this board don’t have all the answers, and your experiences are not going to be the same as others, much like life, which it appears some may need to look to obtain one. ✌️
  3. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    I don’t see anyone on this thread stating their kid is making any show, do you? If you don’t like the squirt talk and you’ve lived it, maybe it’s time to move on and let these folks gain their own experiences. No one is asking you to read or respond to any of this. Happy posting.....
  4. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    Hoochie, that makes zero sense, and your comment suggests that the vengence are a second choice team. Not sure if you realize that or not.....
  5. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    Isn’t this post board created to discuss hockey? People seem pretty annoyed by the current discussion, but can’t hold back from responding to the “squirt” talk. Parents with older kids seem to forget their kids were once squirts, and this conversation took place then as well. This isn’t new......
  6. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    These two teams play 10 times, PPE wins 7 or 8 of them. Vengence have a nice team, but lack a scoring threat, plain and simple.
  7. Big Earn

    Pens Elite

    PPE played half the game short handed, which could suggest the Vengence had an advantage in terms of skating. Issue is Vengence lacked a scoring punch with 6+ power play chances. Even if the goal that was called off counted, its a 3-2 game. What has to be frustrating for the Vengence is the penalties + shots were in the their favor. Bottom line is game leaned in Vengence favor and it still wasn’t enough. Oh and, the “goalie” that played half the game the Vengence claimed can’t win a game, ended up looking pretty stellar.