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  1. This is true, both in my experience and according to the experts. The best players at 10U and 12U are typically not the best players at 16U. It's not universal but it's a well-known phenomenon.
  2. And yell from the stands about playing certain lines over others.
  3. I've seen several and they've been good ones- close games and exciting.
  4. I thought that Black Bear officially announced that they were going to put in that second sheet shortly after they bought the facility. Maybe I imagined that.
  5. That's right - Cal played there for a decent time before the YMCA bought the building. I assume the single sheet of ice, combined with the number of teams SHAHA has been fielding, Cal playing there would be very unlikely.
  6. For the last couple years the biggest organization has actually been SHAHA based on the number of teams.
  7. This is correct. The boards are part of the retaining system for the soil below the stands. I'm pretty sure that the boards themselves are partly concrete. Anyone who bought that rink and wanted to modernize it would end up having to deal with that issue eventually.
  8. I believe he's also coaching a team in the Girl's league this spring.
  9. Man, every so often I get excited because of all the hockey talk on this site. And then the above happens. Nowadays, and for a long time, it's been a waste of time to click on 90% of new postings because they're all just arguments about who is and isn't a real hockey parent. Why don't you guys just meet in a parking lot somewhere and work it out so that we can all talk about hockey instead?
  10. Well, for what it's worth the renovations and addition are really nice. The lobby renovations look great, too.
  11. The new locker rooms up there are great. HUGE. No doubt. I may be wrong but I think the neutral zone is short there - I don't think it's a regulation sized rink.
  12. It's probably both. Since almost no organizations in the Pittsburgh area take girls hockey seriously, and PAHL definitely doesn't, it's probably good for the girls teams in the city that do take it seriously. Hard to know how it will affect coed hockey, but honestly a little competition for PAHL seems positive. The only worry I have is the possibility that having competing leagues in the city will make both of them worse by diluting talent.
  13. They'll probably claim it's based on actuary tables. Sigh.
  14. Well, it's my understanding that PIHL told member programs that additional security would be required at future games at the last meeting. Prices are going to go up. Also, maybe it's just the rinks that I go to for games, but the PIHL security around my neck of the woods is usually an armed PA State Constable. They are typically not rent-a-cops in my area.
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