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  1. You win, man. I have no idea why you think that "fact" - if it is truly a fact - is relevant to the question of how much the guy makes.
  2. Sure they do if their "real" home is a $10M mansion somewhere else, and the townhome is just where they're living during the season. You don't think that every single Penguins player has a home somewhere other than Pittsburgh? Lots of Penguins players have rented local homes from former players over the years. And what a shock - alot of those homes are in Mount Lebanon, right next to the rink they used to practice in frequently. That's why Kunitz, Dupuis, and Adams all had kids playing at Mount Lebanon when they played here. Because they lived in rented houses there. Despite the money they mad
  3. I know a few very wealthy people who have apartments in one city and permanent homes elsewhere.
  4. I figure making it to Nationals Quarterfinals is a success in and of itself. We all know how fashionable it is to hate PE, but that's still doing pretty well.
  5. This is one of those ideas that makes sense and doesn't. On the one hand, there are plenty of coaches who will tell you that moving around like that hurts development and makes planning very difficult, and it's hard for organizations to plan for teams for next season if they can't predict who will be where. On the other hand, there are plenty of parents who will say that they should be free to seek the best fit for their players. It's my observation that, for the top players, team shopping seems to be at least occasionally effective, even if it is unappetizingly mercenary. For lower calib
  6. Yeah, this is pretty much entirely true. And that order of priority does make sense.
  7. Girls are definitely allowed to roster on one PAHL coed team and one PAHL girls team. I know of players who play for a coed, a girls, and PPE.
  8. @GrumpyOldPucker, I get it. To be honest I'm not that concerned about the upper level teams because my kids are lifelong JV and A players. Beer league or bust! (just like all the "AAA" players, I suppose.) When I said you were speaking gospel I was referring specifically to having tryouts be closed to spectators. Although I have to say that I thought alot of that post was pretty smart. I can tell you that I have evaluated in both closed and open tryouts and it is absolutely my opinion that kids play better when their parents aren't watching, and when a kid blows a tire once on the ice you
  9. Most of that stuff was about National Bound Teams tryouts and they way they interact with non-National Bound teams tryouts (i.e., the "higher" teams), but this is speaking gospel. Banning parents from tryouts is best for the players and the evaluators. Without a question, hard stop. Parents shoudn't be permitted to observe tryouts at any organization at any level.
  10. I remember when everyone called that region "Mars" because that was the name of the exit you got off at to drive up RT19 to the turnpike. Basically farms there then.
  11. Well said! If I had a quarter for every time I've thought this on this discussion board, well, I'd buy that beer for you, anyway.
  12. This is still more or less prevalent in players, in my experience. While there is much to like about the ADM in terms of skills development, the things you need full ice to practice suffer under it. Like @GrumpyOldPucker, I've noticed that breakouts especially have suffered, not just in terms of creativity as discussed above but also in terms of simple execution. It's a consequence of not being able to really get rolling out of the zone because your ice ends at the red line. Especially for the kids playing for the teams without those extra As - for many of those teams you get breakouts only in
  13. Wow. This is a ton of wisdom in one post. I don't see much to disagree with here.
  14. Yeah, I have to agree with @aaaahockey. Virtually every team I know does something like this at the end of at least some of their practices.
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