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  1. SHUT is the key word. past tense. the rest of the world is NOW opening. Premiere League, Bundesliga have been playing. South Korea opened schools June 8th and have begun allowing spectators at events. Even Spain and Italy that were getting absolutely crushed have eased restrictions and are beginning to get life going again. So why is there a push for the US to go on a 6 week total lockdown? Why did Wolfe suddenly attack fall sports? Especially since the latest reports showed PA had dropped below the concerning benchmark. We are no longer concerned, but we're going to shut things down anyway? why? because it's not about safety anymore. Like i said, but you chose to ignore, in March we didn't have the knowledge, so the shut down made sense, but there comes a point when you have the understanding of how to mitigate risks and you move forward. The rest of the world is doing just that. yes, there will be set backs, especially with nut sacks like Billy Woods in the world, but there comes a time when you have to start to live again, while doing all you can to protect yourself and others. as far as college sports, they aren't losing anything, if anything they stand to make more money by postponing to a point when they can put fans in the stands. they say it's about the safety of the kids, but they will have no qualms about these kids playing from January to June then hitting training camp in early August for next season. so to sum this up, what the world did in the past has nothing to do with what is happening currently in the US. Maybe it's your horizons that could use an expansion.
  2. this information is incorrect. the Detroit Free Press started it, Dan Patrick continued it, even going so far as to name the 2 schools that voted against, but the Big 10 had never held this vote. the vote occurred today and it was determined to POSTPONE the fall sports season. Nebraska and Ohio State football are already looking into playing a non Big 10 schedule. On advice from the chair of their medical advisory group, the ACC is still planning to play starting Sept 12th. Personally i expect her to be removed shortly and replaced with someone who tows the line. all others will fear speaking in favor of playing and quickly follow suit and there will be no fall sports from any conference. what they did wrong was show success in the face of the lock down battle cry. it's not about safety, science or economy. It's about an election campaign that wants everything to stop no matter what damage it causes, so they can say, well, if the pandemic was handled correctly in the first place, little Johnny wouldn't have had to miss his senior season, or you wouldn't have gone bankrupt, etc... so vote for me. covid is dangerous. so is driving to work. we now live in a world where we have to protect ourselves against both. there is no vaccine and there may never be (no matter what Russia claims). in march we didn't have much information and it was spreading like crazy so we had to take drastic measures. we now know the spreading mechanism and how to slow, even possibly prevent, transmission. it's time to start living life again. I mean who here stopped having sex because of AIDS? You put on a condom and plunged forward into the "new normal".
  3. and for those who do not think Wolf was told to tow the party line https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/allegheny-countys-covid-19-positivity-rate-drops-below-states-concerning-benchmark/EYYCLSP4VBEPLHTOCEMPTRFVTA/
  4. not yet https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-ten-says-no-vote-has-been-held-despite-expectations-league-will-cancel-fall-2020-season/ and cancelling the FALL season does not mean they are cancelling THE season. As mentioned the revenue streams will not be passed on and they will most likely attempt some sort of Spring season.
  5. i don't understand this, are you saying that there must certainly be some type of political unfairness because a child that at one point played low level PAHL could never progress enough to deserve a spot on a high level team?
  6. did not know about PIHL, that really does seem, shall we say, preventative.
  7. i think there is some confusion based on the posts referring to these as new teams. They are not new teams, these girls teams currently exist, they just play a partial schedule. So all these girls also play on a PAHL team. I know a good portion of the PPE U12 girls play A Major Gold for Foxes 276. they are 9-2-8. yea i had to double check that, 8 ties, weird. Anyway, IMO this move makes perfect sense. Why have these girls juggle 2 teams? So the PPE created full year teams for them. Was it motivated by some high powered parent? possible, but i don't know and neither does anyone else who wasn't in the PPE board room when the discussions took place. The fact is, this is going to be better for those girls. as far as PAHL, they will gain 17 U12 and 34 U14, probably not going to tip scales much depending on how they spread. i'm surprised by your question about the focus on girls hockey. you seem to have the insider knowledge about USA hockey and i would think any push to promote girls would be coming from them. no? I know i see USA hockey sponsored girl content and advertisements. but as i mentioned, these girls teams already exist, so it's not really registration related per se, but i would be very shocked to not find an increase in girls registration in the area.
  8. for all the reasons this is unlikely, the outdoor rink is of no concern what so ever. and the current situation of filling a 1200 seat rink is really not relevant either. but just for reference, a few years back, when RMU made the tournament, they were doing a pretty good job of filling the rink, but the team is not as good now as then and the top players from those teams did not pan out with their AHL signings. Either injury or ECHL demotion with an eventual exodus to Europe has been the norm. This can't be good for recruiting, as well as mentioned before, the arena is not top notch. BUT the idea of building a new facility, would have to be a driving force to better recruiting, which would most likely correspond with a conference shift. I could see the 7 team big 10 being a fit due to travel proximity of teams and easy rivalry with PSU and OSU. Simply joining the Big 10 would significantly increase attendance (mostly away fans at first) and increase the signing power of RMU. Better recruits, better hockey, better attendance, etc.. as racchi's rug points out above, blowing out the bench side wall and adding seating would make a lot of sense if it is structurally possible. They could then replace the existing bleachers with decent seats and turn the standing room area into a press box/media area. and while this reno would be significantly cheaper than a new rink, it would still require a large amount of donor money, which they couldn't seem to get when they were building a new basketball arena. not fitting that building for hockey pretty much sums it up. i find it extremely difficult to believe that anything will be done for RMU hockey. The mens team will find it harder to compete in the AHC and the womens team will probably suffer the same fate as other universities around the country boost their female athletic budgets. I mean, why would a young girl go to RMU to play at the ISC when they could go to PSU and play at the 'Pegulaworks'?
  9. @Hockeyaintathang find an organization that isn't a hassle to get to LOL, you ARE new to the area. Welcome to PGH where anywhere you go takes between 20 minutes to 2 hours to get to and you can almost never go the same way back as whence you came. and never ever forget the golden rule, You can't get there from here. 🙂
  10. if a set schedule is the most important thing to you, then NP is probably your best bet. from what i have been told from multiple parents who have 08's playing there is that they have 1 practice a week at a set time for the season. then they have a skills session every other week, which is also at a set time. BUT i was also told that any weekend day they do not have a game, the coaches scramble to schedule another practice which usually turns out to be very early. the foxes give out monthly practice schedules. so the times are always different. they usually have 2 or 3 practices a week. i don't really know of anyone that is giving out full ice practices. they usually do the 20-40-20. So one team takes the ice for 20 minutes then a second team comes on for 40 minutes then the first team leaves and the 2nd team has full ice for 20 minutes.
  11. the interesting thing is that PIHL has the 17-0 game on it's disciplinary list, while the trib writes an article applauding the amazing 18 point performance of the three players. so what's a kid to do? no thanks, i don't want interviewed by the trib and all the "benefits" that might bring, i'd rather be a good sport and make sure i don't hurt any feelings. but i guess the coach should step in keep his kids from getting player of the week? if the media is going to glorify this kind of behavior, then the kids are going to go for it. maybe PIHL should put the Trib in the disciplinary report and find out why they think this should be given positive reinforcement? but if this game degenerated into a shit show, you better believe the Trib would be writing about how terrible it was they ran up the score. common sense sportsmanship is over, the media glorifies the side show over the game. if you took someone who never heard of the NFL and showed them a commercial, they would probably ask why all the dancers wear helmets in this show? i don't like it, but i'm not going fault some kids for getting their names in the paper. the media is to blame for glorifying it. where's the "Seniors and leading scorers sit to avoid blowout" articles?
  12. " I wonder if any 8u’s have ever received a match?" yes, i've seen and know a couple. and to put it into perspective what it takes, when my son was like 6 or 7 he got a kid in a head lock and took him down like he was roping a calf. they made him sit the rest of the period then he was back in. 8u's get a lot of leeway, until it comes to stick work. where we did our ADM with my youngest they would split the kids up in practice, so you would meet the parents on the other teams while the kids were working together. I made lots of friends with "opposing" parents and would stand with them when our kids played against each other. last weekend i ran into one of those families. our kids played against each other for 3 years of ADM, never teammates, but we became friends.
  13. i think the video is from livebarn on panzoom and then zoomed in and rotated to focus on the coaches. after watching the video a few times, i think i noticed that coaches left hand pop out as the girl goes down. like an oh shit i knocked her down reflex. my completely speculative opinion from what i saw on that camera angle. the girl came through the line not looking at the coaches, the coach in question gave her a pop on the shoulder probably because he felt disrespected she was staring dead ahead, she went down, and he seemed to have an oh shit reaction. dum dum move by the coach. but really this isn't national, or i guess in this case international news. make the coach write an apology, suspend him, move on. if you've ever sat through a safe sport, you know how much worse it is out there.
  14. i appreciate trying to give people the benefit of the doubt and all, but super dad went on the ice and slowly walked past the Plum stands with his middle finger prominently displayed for all to see. Including the little kids. there were no good intentions. from the perspective of the rink, as an owner or manager, i would ban him for life. that is far to much of an insurance liability. if he slipped and fell he would have a law suit and even though common sense should prevail and the case get kicked out, his lawyer would take the approach of many respondents on this board and blame the refs and coaches and security and say he was trying to help the poor kids who were being let down by the system. end result, he would be rich and Baierl would be closed. just look at the sad ending of the BBT.
  15. exactly, but when something happens the hierarchy of blame goes in reverse order. The officials lost control, the coaches just stood there etc... while sometimes officials do let games go unchecked it's still ultimately on the players to control themselves.
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