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  1. At tier1 even some tier2, the majority of the teams are picked before the tryout starts.
  2. Lol! That rink has a bit of a goose problem on the creek side. They crap on everything.
  3. Looks like the predators are the first two announce tryouts, 3rd week in June. Really surprised that quick. They normally go last.
  4. There is a Facebook group trying to get pihl to allow the graduate players, they want the bylaws re-written, pushing pihl to play the games when Allegheny county goes green Friday. Appears to be parents and Tj school district as the leaders via twitter 🙄
  5. Means everyone that has been open will stay open 🙂
  6. It’s good for kids to be off the ice.my oldest was never on the ice much from May-July kids not being on the ice for two months will not effect them at tryouts as long as they are staying in shape.
  7. I agree but my point is most of the higher skilled kids are moving the puck and playing their positions correctly, d that know when to join the rush etc. the middle of the road kids seem to be the ones that want to play 3 on 3 style and try to score every goal alone, that frustrates the higher skilled kids.
  8. I would agree that pihl teams don’t seem to always play their best players for whatever reason (first you have to get them to join the team). Tier 1 kids get frustrated watching a dman think he’s Paul Coffey leading the rush just to turn the puck over at the opponents blue line or line mates playIng 3 on 3 Superman hockey, but I suppose both of these should be put on coaching. Regardless of skill level and skating ability, kids should be taught to move the puck, use your line mates. The best thing I’ve ever heard a coach yell during a game “you can’t skate the fn thing faster than you can pass it”.
  9. I don’t disagree on the exploitation, my oldest got drafted into the ushl on his own accord. Now, if you are not paying a advisor forget it unless your kid is a generational talent. The landscape has changed a lot just in the last 4 years. I’m watching parents send their kids across the country to play peewee hockey.
  10. FYI my oldest has now skated at 3 different rinks in a week. It appears to me the only rinks not selling Ice are community owned (lebo, beaver, etc ) college owned (rmu), pro owned (upmc) And Pahl hq (Allegheny).
  11. I can’t speak for @The King but mine are now done. Will I still stay active around here ? I don’t know, current circumstances has me still hanging around. What I will say though, after watching my kids play hockey and being involved at times for about 20 years now, it’s hard to completely let go. I’ll probably still attended some games if there is a season. My boys will still want to see some of their younger friends who are still playing. They have younger cousins still playing. The point I’m driving to, the king at some point was obviously deeply involved in hockey. Are his kids aged out like mine ? Was he a coach ? Whatever it was, this is a sport that’s not easy to let go and there is nothing wrong with that. I know some of you get butt hurt easy, personally I don’t agree with everything he says BUT the guy does leave behind valuable information. Maybe it helps one of the younger hockey parents. What I know now compared to what I knew when my oldest started is almost embarrassing to me at times.
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