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  1. you wrote - “And I quote - "Peters doesn’t have anyone near this kids pedigree or talent. This kid has played 1.5 seasons in the NAHL - Pihl varsity aaa is going to move so slow compared to what he’s been playing." Proving once again you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You've seen PT play? Seen some of their best players that are two years younger than the NAHL kid on the SHAHA team that is currently ranked in the top 20? Of course you haven't. But keep on keeping on - that is what you do best.” you ARE talking about the nahl kid, you are implying the peters township pihl varsity team has players just as good or better. I’m sorry no kid currently playing in pihl is going to hang with a kid that has played 1.5 years in the nahl. Telling me I have no clue what I’m talking about ? Have you ever watched a nahl game ? If you have you would realize this kid is taking a huge step backwards. Unless this kid is completly burned out, mind fd or doesn’t care anymore (these are real possibilities) their won’t be a player in PIHL that can skate with him. pihl has its place, nothing is a better experience for all these kids (pre covid) to play in front of a packed rink of their peers. This isn’t Minnesota. PIHL is what it is.
  2. Pay an advisor, you will get drafted to the ncdc. Their draft is considered a joke. Look how many rounds it has for 12 teams or whatever. They use the draft for advertising. You ever see how many kids are paying to be at an ncdc teams tryout ?
  3. the kid coming from the nahl is an 04 ? He’s 18, played 50 games in the nahl last year. He would have been 17. Yes, I saw your harolded peters / shaha kid play last year. Nice player.
  4. It’s very obvious you have never watched real junior hockey. Yes, pihl varsity is going to feel so slow for this kid. He will have so much more time to think A 1/2’aecond will feel like 5 minutes to him. he won’t be seeing anyone with the speed he played with and against in the nahl nor the physical play. you should delete that comment, it really shows you know nothing about hockey PERIOD.
  5. I saw the peters kid play last year, he was a nice looking player. He doesn’t have a “pedigree”. He didn’t play for PPE on a top 5-10 ranked team all those years, national team camp along with playing in the nahl at 17 years old.
  6. I don’t know much about the teams, if peters is that much more dominate then everyone else in their class, sure they should still win it. What I am saying - a kid moving all the way down to pihl after 1.5 years of actually playing and contributing in the nahl is going to dominate the ice when he is out there. I still would like to hear why this kid is all sudden going backwards this far. That would be like some u16 ppe top player going down to play u16 Pahl a minor.
  7. Peters doesn’t have anyone near this kids pedigree or talent. This kid has played 1.5 seasons in the NAHL - Pihl varsity aaa is going to move so slow compared to what he’s been playing. There is an 02 that played half a season in the nahl (he’s in the acha now) he averaged something crazy like 4 points a game in PIHL before going into the nahl and producing nothing when he did get in the line up at 19 years old. Now imagine going backwards in a huge way. The NA kid going from the nahl, were has had some production, WAY down to pihl should have his way out there. it’s almost comical to think peters or anyone in pihl will have comparable players. it would be one thing if the kid was like some that Johnstown takes just for the money. gets in a game here and there or yuri gets them in for a look, but this kid last year at 17 years old played 50 games and produced some points on a 4th line in the second best junior league in the states that favors much older kids. Curious why this kid is coming to play for NA - did Johnstown cut him ? Burned out ? He’s still young by nahl standards. Seems odd to leave even though he’s not producing much on the score sheet this year. He’s only 18 years old. He’s got two more seasons there to develop. Would love to hear the story or reasoning behind this.
  8. Chavez is out of the business, guy was really good at what he did.
  9. As many that want to, just have to declare at the start of the season.
  10. How big is he ? Does he have long legs ? Sometimes there is nothing you can do, the kid has to grow into his body. He’s 14, he will be hitting another growth spurt this spring - summer. There are many factors that have to do with skating strides. Not all of the are training. A lot of it is natural athletic ability, family genes etc. there is some guys in the nhl that have terrible strides for that level of play. For whatever scentific reason the smaller kids develop a good stride much earlier than the bigger kids. There is certain local kid in the ushl right now. Scouts knocked him and dismissed him until he was 17 because he didn’t have a “perfect stride”. Now at 19 he’s really smooth.growing into his body was his biggest problem. At 14 he was 6’ he grew pretty fast at a young age. he’s 6’4 now.
  11. Do you need a DIRECT quote ? I said LEAUGE showcase aka the USHL, NAHL etc. I’m not taking about some bs youth tournement that gets a manufacturers name on it and they call it showcase.
  12. Taking a quick look (I’ll save you all the tenders and drafts) - kids that “made it” to a real junior team - stuck and playing. Esmark U18 2021-22 - SIX 2020-21 - FIVE
  13. ok we know your kid plays for shaha or whatever. Keep thinking tournaments get a player noticed, they don’t. Leauge showcases & camps are what does it along with your coaches having contacts watch - push a player, or you can higher an advisor to put your kid in some camps for a look. The only tournament a player not on someone’s radar will have a chance to get a look is the district tournement when scouts and teams are there to see their current recruits. U15 is when it starts to matter - U18 is a players last chance.
  14. Look, I know a lot of Tenders and draft picks never work out. Some are complete bs BUT look how many kids got placed into real junior hockey from last years Esmark U18 team. Last years Vengance ZERO. predators ZERO. Icemen ZERO. So yes, being at esnark matters. Not as much as ppe but it still does. Could that change ? Maybe, but Yuri & Dave have many connections in real junior hockey, they do get their players in front of the right people.
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