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  1. Wow got you all worked up on this one! So the nhl guy was promoted, sorry I do not follow his career. He’s only helping to grow the game by coaching his daughters team, are you this delusional ? Sounds like you are married to him. As for the other guy that runs the place, his daughters don’t play but they are taking skating lessons ? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where this is heading. So I got 90% of the sorry correct, sorry I didn’t realize the nhl guy was promoted.
  2. Maybe you should have quoted my entire post.
  3. I’m going to make this clear, I’m tired of talking about woman’s hockey. All you have to do is look at the prominent names in local hockey, you will soon realize they all have girls that play hockey. Do think the local d1 coach likes sending his daughter to Cleveland to play hockey ? You have a NHL linesman who’s going to coach his daughter. I said there is a new generation with the pro team, it seems nobody picked up on this comment. The worse hockey dad in Pittsburgh that runs the place has daughters. So y’all can stop speculating. Those are all facts!
  4. If I was a troll, that bridge would be my last option to live under. I’d have to Many needles stuck in my feet, more than likely be dead by now from hepatitis.
  5. Here’s the best part, if rmu didn’t buy the rink it was going under. That place loses money every year. It was also built on a nuclear waste dump. The first 2-3 years the building was there you were told not to drink the water or fill water bottles.
  6. Ohio will never field ncaa men’s hockey due to title 9, ten years ago the program was thinking of moving to ncca d3, this decision was halted due to the financial commitment with expanding all the woman’s program.
  7. When my son was there the black teams played in the tier 1 elite league, the elite team played a independent schedule. The reason for this (we were told) was so we didn’t have to play any teams ranked below 20.
  8. Can’t believe that slipped my mind, one of his daughters plays with the nhl ref’s daughter. Both played very low Pahl at one point until getting on the girls PPE team.
  9. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and a few parents with pull. The boys black teams are starting to fall apart, people realized they are paying tier 1 money for AA hockey.
  10. Not trying to jump in this argument just giving the both of you real numbers from a parent they paid the bills. one year that one of my kids played Pahl (Birth year AA) our season fees were $2800 (practiced twice a week) $200 for jerseys along with a $500 team fund for a grand total of $3500. We played 4 independent home games and three tournaments (one was a local hockeytime) along with the Pahl schedule. In comparison PPE (not the black team) cost me 5k in fees, esmark was similar. I can tell you that esmark’s travel cost were by far the highest. PPE with travel cost hit me around 9k esmark was close to 12k. At ppe we had more home games and got to play in the ushl showcase. We had very minimal home games at esmark. Hope this helps you two hash it out!
  11. here comes the next generation but it’s with girls. Two prominent employees of the pro team have younger girls that play hockey, along with the nhl ref who is coaching his own kids girls team next year.
  12. Even if the 16s somehow lose the district, they will get one of the at large bids for nationals. I doubt they are fearing anything. They are just doing what’s best this season for a certain kid.
  13. They are only focusing on development for 16s, why is that ? It’s not hard to figure out. personally, my feelings are PPE 16s will win the district. Maybe culver can beat them but that’s more than likely the only team that has a chance. PPE will win 15s with out any problems. 18s will be a toss up between the top 3.
  14. nobody has updated this topic, I will. The field is set at tier 1, this weeks rankings are the cut off. The district tournament will be held in Pittsburgh this year, March 4th - 8th. 18s 1) Esmark 97.04 2) Culver Academy 96.64 3) Gilmour Academy 96.42 4) Ohio Blue Jackets 95.38 5) PPE 94,98 6) Cleveland Barons 94.56 16s 1) PPE 97.88 2) Culver Academy 95.72 3) Sylvania North Stars 94.59 4) Esmark 94.39 5) Cleveland Barons 93.43 6) Pittsburgh Predators 93.19 15s 1) PPE 96.60 2) Ohio Blue Jackets 94.83 3) Cleveland Barons 92.11 4) Mt Lebanon Hornets 91.73 5) Tri-State Spartans 90.87 6) Esmark 90.51 good luck to all the burgh teams. Enjoy the experience, it goes by fast!
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