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  1. Heard the same, coaches are “encouraged” to get tested, I didn’t hear anything about players.
  2. It sounds like PAHL has reversed their decision now, my nieces team is not required to wear them on the ice. Someone needs to tell PIHL, I was told they are going through with it.
  3. No players wearing masks, no refs, nobody involved in the game - PIA today.
  4. Currently at pia, esmark is hosting thier first NAPHL showcase, no teams are wearing masks on the ice. As I stated it’s not a “mandate” or an “order” it is a recommendation. The businesses (rinks) should be making this call, not PAHL or PIHL.
  5. Today, I watched a tier 1 game at pia. no masks on the ice. My point is, this should not be a league decision, it should be the businesses decision. You have teams from all around the country at pia this weekend, no mask “mandate” or “orders” in place on the ice.
  6. Because just like the pa government, they can not force players to wear mask, so for liability reasons they send out an email stating the leagues position. It’s been proven people are getting bacteria infections from wearing a mask to long, hockey players are going to be wearing wet masks.
  7. I Just talked with two old (local) ref buddies. Both are hanging up the skates until covid is over. Neither wants to deal with wearing a mask while trying to communicate with players & coaches. Neither wants it on their hands if someone gets hurt out there. There is a lot of communication between refs and players, Both feel the games are going to get out of control very easily.
  8. @Quinlan2020 thats the head guy for the nfl making that statement, of course the msm isn’t going to report it.
  9. https://www.outkick.com/nfl-chief-medical-officer-no-evidence-of-covid-19-spread-in-play-anywhere-in-world/
  10. It’s not a order, no court stepped in to enforce it. It’s not a mandate, they sit have the power, wolf is already waiting on an appeal for the first case he lost. you do not have to follow it but you have to follow how private business is run. He-she even said they have no way to enforce these things, they are recommendations!
  11. But it’s not an “order” or “mandate”. It’s a recommendation. The problem falls with liability towards personal business (ice rinks). The rinks should be making the call in regards to on ice masks, not any league.
  12. It’s not a rink thing, all players are to wear masks while on the ice. Ludicrous! They are going to kill one of these kids! Just shut it all down at this point, restart in January.
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