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  1. Way.....Too.....Early Do this in December. Then it'll get exciting.
  2. It's a shame how they bamboozled familes on that team. What else is new though with that organization.
  3. I think NC scrimmaged Avonworth at UMPC last night.
  4. See some 16U scores rolling in...I assume group 1? Indiana 1 to 0 win over SCIR SP 3 to 1 win over Lebo Huskies 5 to 4 over Preds Interesting results Any other games?
  5. No way 12 teams end up in 16u AA. My guess is the following based on what I've heard of team makeup from other folks. Allegheny, Lebo, NP, Steel City, Rebellion all get one team in. Huskies, Indiana, Armstrong, Shaha, Preds...at least 2 of these teams will be on the outside looking in. Maybe I'm way off base, it's just my opinion.
  6. With SHAHA 07 AAA folding and the dissolution of the Icemen 07 AA team this year, I do believe alot of kids went to PAHL teams.
  7. 16u AA is going to be competitive. I'd add Steel City and Rebellion to the mix.
  8. Sure doesn't help, worst ice in the league
  9. This is across all ages. What's the solution here? Raise commitment fees so much that people really do care about losing that money? North Pitt I believe automatically cashes commitment fees if you make the top team, you don't even have a chance to decline. Is that a/the solution? It's not going to stop this year, if anything there's going to be so many people pissed off after this year, I think it gets worse next year. And more people will be dipping out of teams at the 11th hour.
  10. I expect this to be a very popular thread this year
  11. Why did they split up? Was there issues within the team? Seemed like a decent team last year. Better than the PV 07 team.
  12. So the team is made already? Tryouts are next week.
  13. So you're saying that as long as the parents are cool, it shouldn't matter how the organization is run?
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