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  1. Not sure I agree with this. If they are a AA team, then they should beat teams in A Major Black by 3 to 4 goals on average, which will then keep their MHR score around where it is. If they want to move up in score, they should be the teams by more than 3 or 4 goals. However, if they struggle against say NP and Youngstown or perhaps lose to them, then their score adjusts down appropriately.
  2. Just like Preds AA asked to move down, and they said no. Sounds like that would have been a nice swap.
  3. I will say that 12u AA is very fickle. Everybody is beating everybody. You can do a six degrees kind of thing and make the conclusion that the Predators are better than South Hills (e.g. Preds beat Foxes, Foxes beat South Hills). It's a bit crazy.
  4. I remember my son's squirt team was near the bottom of their division but they never got blown out, they were in every game but only had a few wins. Low and behold they made the championship and lost by only 1 goal.
  5. I still think it's too early to make this assessment. Alot of teams in divisions have played the bottom feeders in their division and haven't yet played the tougher teams (and vice versa). Give it until after the New Year, then I'd like to see this similar analysis done again.
  6. Anybody aware of any in season defense clinics to help a forward transition into a defenseman?
  7. My boys go to Clif Loya (sessions at both Lebo and Baierl) and they love it. They've also done TK I've found that if you want a more dynamic session, lots of movements and techniques thrown together in one drill, then go to TK. If you want a more focused approach, then go to Clif. My older one did UPMC and hated it. He also did Yuri for Interel and absolutely loved it. It's amazing how two camps, that focus on similar things, have an impact on the player.
  8. Looks like placement hearings are today according to the PAHL calendar, I guess finalized placement should come out tonight? Please post if you happen to get a hold of them. Thanks
  9. I think you can stick a fork in Eries chance for AA. Losing 6 to 1 right now to Foxes BY07.
  10. Also saw Lebo 1 beat Vipers 08 6-3 this time (they tied last time) and that Vipers team is with the NP2 team in A Major Black. I guess if Lebo 1 beats Preds 1 tomorrow, and from what I hear the Preds 1 team wants to move down, perhaps they swap NP2 and Preds 1. I guess that's the only way I really see NP2 moving up.
  11. Looks like NP2 tied Lebo 1 2 to 2. I watched the most of it on LiveBarn. Looks like NP2 outplayed them 5 on 5. There was a 5 on 3 where Lebo got 6 or 7 shots and scored a goal. Not sure if any movement comes from this game.
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