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  1. I heard Altoona lost their best player to Viper Stars 08 , which so happened to win A Major Black by beating a team that should have been in AA (Erie).
  2. I think it's to appease the parents that want a non-parent coach, promising that's what they'll get, but then not delivering on that promise.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if PAHL fees increase more than usual given the influx of players into the open market.
  4. At least that's the word. Should make for interesting PAHL tryouts.
  5. Totally understand, unless your Mite is in an "independent" organization like RMU which only connect to the Foxes via the rink.
  6. Anybody have experience with their child making the transition from a Mite Red team to squirt? Typically where did you see your child shake out during squirt tryouts? I'm guessing the results are going to be all over the place (PPE to Squirt B), but just looking for first hand input. Thanks
  7. And now they can barely field a A major black team. There's quite the gap between their PW independent teams (07SCIR and 08 Veng) and their top PAHL team.
  8. I wonder what that Dad was thinking he was going to do. He went out there with a mission, then probably realized that he done effed up after a couple steps on the ice and then covered it up by making it look like he was saving his kid's helmet.
  9. That was awful. All kinds of people should be embarrassed.
  10. Pretty sure you can't review video beyond a month or two in the past on LiveBarn. Unless I missed something.
  11. Not my quote, you quoted the quote inside my quote
  12. Not always, but I get what you're saying.
  13. You also need to improve AA by picking the best players that can play in AA. Alot of organizations keep their AA (or BY) teams together because the parents are all friends and they just want to keep the team together (which keeping the team together has its merits, if the players are all of high caliber). During tryouts, when you see a kid placed in an A minor team of one organization and make the AA team of another organization, you have to think something is amiss.
  14. Agreed. I've seen competition at this tournament that was just unfair. Normally, this is a pre-season tournament and I've seen AA teams use it as "tune up" and say they are "A" because they technically haven't been placed yet. It gets ugly.
  15. Not sure I agree with this. If they are a AA team, then they should beat teams in A Major Black by 3 to 4 goals on average, which will then keep their MHR score around where it is. If they want to move up in score, they should be the teams by more than 3 or 4 goals. However, if they struggle against say NP and Youngstown or perhaps lose to them, then their score adjusts down appropriately.
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