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  1. I think it would be a hard sale to get someone to pay that money and then wait all summer to see which team you played on?
  2. I'd prioritize ice time as well. I'd rather have my kid the only starting goalie for a AA team than trading starts with a goalie at AAA if I could make that choice.
  3. I saw 14u Mt Lebanon beat the Press 9-0. Must have been cheating parents again
  4. Maybe they will go play for lebo so the parents can run the clock
  5. We will call it the Rumble on the rivers.
  6. Wonder why people hesitate to volunteer? It was a mistake but probably not one that changed the outcome of the game. And I'm not that sympathetic. Both teams still had the same amount of ice time. What if shaha had scored, or did lebo cheat to get the goal in as well? Bigger picture we should have independent volunteers where we can and the question about board representation may be legit as to where games are held.
  7. I'd be quick. Tryouts for many triple a programs are usually in March so kids can still figure out what to do afterwards. I agree with Sauce if I was going to spend the $ coaching would be the first thing I would look at.
  8. Forgive me if I missed something simple but is there an online listing of all-time PIHL Records? Wanting to see how records from back in my day look compared to today.
  9. They play ice renegades as pahl and vengeance as "aaa" tournament team. I know the 08s had a couple 09s who played vengeance travel their first year squirt (could not play renegades/ pahl). No clue about the 09 team this year.
  10. So speaking of the vengeance someone told me today that a couple 2011s (lol) were already promised spots on the 2010 vengeance team for next year. Glad I don't have kids that young but that verifies to me the fake tryout process. I guess we will see if it's true once the roster is released.
  11. I also believe the vengeance tryout as fundraiser thing is pretty common knowledge out there - no way I know if it is true or not but that's the major perception.
  12. I think ejecting parents needs to happen more often and, unfortunately sometimes it takes ejecting their kids as well to teach them a lesson.
  13. I can't tell what is going on in the hissy fit video on phone screen. Need a play by play
  14. It really does depend on the individual player. Not knowing you from Adam I would say you need to try out at North Pittsburgh and make making a travel team your benchmark. Be excited and enjoy the ride when he makes one, regardless of level. Treat him to his favorite dinner out even if it is squirt 6.
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