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  1. No speaking for Scooby, but there is a balance of "my kid needs 2-3 months off" and "get on the ice for tryouts without having stepped on the ice for 3 months. ". I think having a tune-up or a couple weeks to reacclimate would be useful for some kids. Doesn't really matter when it is likely someone could name the rosters right now with 99% accuracy for every pens team barring them bringing in someone from outside Western PA
  2. Yeah I knew you personally weren't worried. I just meant people who are.
  3. According to someone on here the pens elite kids have been skating for weeks. Actually sounds like almost everyone has been skating for weeks at various privately owned facilities. Also I bet they would take your money to give you a weeklong tune-up leading up to it if you are worried 🙂
  4. Anyone know what that actually means for rinks if anything?
  5. I've heard a couple organizations plan to have some sort of weeklong camp or tune-up. Not sure if they have worked out details about whether that is included in registration for tryouts or if those will be seperate paid fees for anyone interested. I'm pretty sure there will be several people lining up to take all our money for getting kids prepped. I've said in the past that I usually, at least until teenagers, have encouraged my kids to take April-June at a minimum off. I think it is good for them. I guess moving tryouts to fall throws a bit of a wrench in that potentially.
  6. Probably true just throwing it out there for the "science" crowd who only like science when it seemingly benefits their paranoia
  7. This is quite different though. This isn't truly (or shouldn't be if we are talking "science") about kids or their parents at the rinks dying. That's such a small % chance it's laughable. This is about hypothetical risk to others, killing "granny" if you will. There are quite a few equivalents to the idea of driving, going places in flu season, taking children on ATVs, etc. Even though this virus is worse than those as far as risk to others and possibly to self depending on your situation, we make calculated risks every day about what we think are acceptable or unacceptable consequences. No one wants to put out a number of lives that make something acceptable but there is one somewhere. If we are going to make policy and enforce that on others someone needs to come up with a real metric. Originally it was hospital capacity. Now it's "lives". That bar keeps moving and no one is willing to say "here is the measure or here is the metric that makes risk acceptable". We are all lying if we say playing hockey isn't worth risking one life. People die playing sports, driving to sports, etc. So how many lives is it? Or is it hospital capacity? Or is it making people sick? And none of that gets into the tradeoffs involved in "keeping things closed". It's honestly a conversation we need to be having. Or should we just stop playing sports forever? What if a vaccine never comes (WHO says that's possible)? No more school sports or restaurants for the rest of our lives?
  8. I actually agree with you and it's also up to the individual parents. My sarcasm in the last post was a response to King about when "rules" apply. I have not participated in any hockey activities and probably won't until it is officially allowed. At the same time, it isn't my job to go around whining about other people who choose to do so or try to morality shame them or snitch on them or anything else. If someone wants to enforce the rules, be it a government organization or a sporting authority like Mid-Am, PAHL, or USA Hockey, it's easy enough to see who is participating and who isn't and that's their perogative. It's looking more and more as though nothing is going to be enforced and I'm perfectly OK with that.
  9. Rules should always be followed. That's why I always drive 55 on the interstate around the city and never let my kids play knee hockey in a hotel. I also never eat less than 30 minutes before getting in the swimming pool, never litter, always get a building permit when I do home repairs, and never curse in front of my mother. Scouts honor!
  10. Do us all a favor and never drive anywhere ever again. Would hate for you to have an accident and kill Gramma so she misses the hockey game. Eventually, everyone in the world can't stay locked up forever. Lots of people like you want to tell me and everyone else "just a few more weeks" and guess what we've been at this for over two months - supposedly to save hospital capacity. Now even the UPMC docs are telling us to stop this idiocy. Try listening to them instead of a political back. Im glad it seems as though you have not been personally impacted financially but think of those who have. Or those suffering depression, suicide, and substance abuse. Or domestic and sexial violence with no way to escape their home situations. Or unable to seek proper medical care for other conditions. Or unable to exercise and accruing heart disease and other diseases. Until you (or even the governor for gods sake) are willing to give real metrics for opening up, you are simply whining that others are back to living life.
  11. Minding your own business seems hard these days
  12. Honestly, and I've never noticed this on the past so hopefully I'm wrong, but this entire thread stinks of "my kid didn't get invited I'm jealous" or at a minimum "I'm terrified in my house and jealous other people aren't". Let kids play sports and get some exercise. Save the liability bull$ for people who care.
  13. A lot of this depends on what age group the kids are and what area of Pittsburgh you live in. Even within organizations there is a lot of variation from level to level and coach to coach.
  14. WTAE Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania working to pave the return of sporting events. https://www.wtae.com/article/pennsylvania-drafting-guidelines-to-pave-return-of-sports/32619277
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