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  1. Be careful what you ask! And I agree with you about the smaller orgs. The hockey world is small enough for many of us to put things together (and no I don't know who you are but beaver falls might)
  2. Depends on how much Black Bear decide to hike the ice fees 🤣😅🤣
  3. If you do play an appeal do they pick a random team or the expected lowest team or the expected highest team?
  4. Generally, I find the larger the tournament the more likely you will have competitive games. The more teams the better the tournament director can divide teams into tighter skill ranges and the less the teams the more likely you will get someone out of place shoved into a bracket (either someone who beats all the other teams handily or gets beat by everyone).
  5. Based on your reaction I should add in a sane world you would be correct. I'm not arguing that just that I think people don't give up chasing the A even when reality sets in.
  6. I think they might be. Either preds or Esmark depending on where you live. I don't think vengeance take pens cuts or they would be going there too.
  7. I can't believe I'm going down this rabbit hole of peewee hockey talk but what happened to the Southpointe 10 birthyear team? They were pretty good last year. Are they still PAHL or did they go independent too? If PAHL are they slotting AA OR A major?
  8. Seems like they should beat all the PAHL 09/AA teams before trying AAA? This year the size difference shouldn't exist.
  9. Is there actually an election for PAHL??? I've had children in hockey for 10+ years here and literally never seen a ballot or communication directly from PAHL.
  10. For me - doesn't matter if it's B or AAA as long as the games are competitive for my kids. I want them to be in a place where they are frequently challenged but in an environment where they can get puck touches without being steamrolled.
  11. I disagree with this only in and of as much as I have found the rankings REALLY helpful in finding teams + or -30 of mine in the rankings to play for very competitive games.
  12. You are right, it is all just semantics. What you are saying is absolutely what I think minor birthyear teams can do but if PAHL can preserve competition by calling it "AA minor" then who gives a crap?
  13. I don't know anyone to ask but I saw that and thought it was very strange.
  14. If you have a Major AA bracket, a Minor AA bracket and then the rest of the brackets? The problem is many of these teams end up slotting themselves at AA, playing kids majority the birthyear older, and getting hammered all year long. Also - I'm guessing egos won't let them play PAHL even if it was restructured. How could you call yourself AAA then?
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