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  1. To all the Dad Coaches. What a thankless job!
  2. This should say "starting at" because you then have to start paying regular team fees for ice and other things. And I don't mean just SHAHA, this is true of all the "AAA" teams including Pens. And if you are worried your kid is on the bubble, get ready to pay for every extra workout, skills training, and in the case of Pens even school 😂
  3. Are you including travel? That makes a big difference. I could see 6-8 for all the fees etc without including the travel. Going to be substantially higher depending on game schedules.
  4. https://myhockeyrankings.com/news.php?b=902 Looks like they will stop giving out numerical ranking numbers for first year peewee and under. Thoughts? Does this address some people's concern in here?
  5. Non-profit just means they are supposed to do certain things to benefit the community with their revenues. Look at the billions UPMC rakes in every year and they are non-profit as well. Pens Elite brings in a lot of money and pays some nice salaries to their staff and, like UPMC, are always trying to increase revenue.
  6. As far as I'm concerned it would make it hard to find games to schedule for my teams. I love the rankings. It's a great tool to use to find competitive games. I don't like how people use them to drive the fever craziness though.
  7. https://myhockeyrankings.com/news.php?b=901
  8. Depends on where people live but I would think SHAHA would be closer for people who live in TJ. If you live south of there southpointe across 70 or down to Morgantown?
  9. It improved in that you can drink the water now without dying. Other than that I'm with you
  10. I think in general North Pittsburgh. Renegades I would lump in with SHAHA and some of the other "rougher" places. Lebo has the best parents but as pointed out above they have one of the worst ice situations in Pittsburgh.
  11. I would like to re-emphasize a point that has been made elsewhere here. It really isn't about having dad coaches or not. It's more about how the dad coaches coach. If the coach only or over-focuses on their own kid (lines, play time, special teams, skill development) then it is a problem. If they are able to see the whole team and develop them, it isn't. There are great dad coaches and terrible dad coaches out there. There are great non-dad coaches and terrible non-dad coaches out there. Also, AAA seems hit or miss on which ones have parent coaches and which ones don't (including PPE), not dissimilar to PAHL AA - so much so I'm not even sure it should be a part of the overall AAA conversation.
  12. Talking about 11s we have hit rock bottom. Have some perspective. Someone needs to replicate @Sauceychart and see how many mites had to play elite to make it to the show 🤔
  13. Agreed and thanks for sharing this. Finally some real content 😂
  14. The most shocking thing about that chart to me is that birth month is less important than I expected. Are these scholarship players only?
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