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  1. Elite mites aren't eligible yet or we would have seen a much higher number.
  2. How many ties are there in reality? Then how many of those ties actually impact seeding? I have no idea the answer but I would think it was pretty rare and ties could be solved by a coin flip. I don't see a better system than myhockeyrankings being created and I have generally found it to be pretty accurate assuming all of a teams games are actually reported.
  3. Yeah actually I'd say if this rule was directed at players angry at calls slamming their sticks it would be focused on all players including those on the ice and not just those on the bench. This just seems like a really poorly worded rule that is going to cause a lot of problems even when teams are cheering positively for their teammates.
  4. That must be some kind of trial balloon they are floating with the 10s. If they did this across the board it would be insane. Can you imagine not knowing for several months after commitment which team you were on? It's unbelievable.
  5. Would make the board much for useful for the 99% of us with no ties
  6. I feel like we have been left a trolls cliffhanger
  7. Probably if anyone is worried about what is being said about them on this message board they need a thicker skin.
  8. I'm not sure about girls but I have heard a lot of people cut from Pens boys teams who have had good things to say. Even on this forum. Also, I'm not sure asking kids who were just cut is going to give you the best answer to how good a program is. I'd be interested in hearing from a girl who has played there for years. That being said, I would agree that if PAHL options exist they are usually stronger than second tier Pens teams.
  9. Yeah I'll believe that they can beat Pens Gold when I see it.
  10. Can you explain this more for the ignorant? Are you saying PPE would have their players play both like the squirt vengeance teams?
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