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  1. Hey there, You might get a million opinions but I think North Pittsburgh out of Baerl always has a very strong program. If your child hasn't had actual hockey (as opposed to skating) practices I would start with their house league and it will become a natural progression to "travel" hockey. I would avoid Lemieux as their house program is not very strong or team building oriented (at least from my and others experiences). They have very strong older (U16 and birthyear) teams that you don't need to worry about for a few years, if ever. RMU can also be a good option. I'm not sure w
  2. I assumed it was based on fire code (capacity posted next to every entrance) but maybe I'm nuts. I was wondering if there is an online site to see capacity from place to place.
  3. Wolf decreased the indoor capacity allowed to 10% today. I don't know if that will have any impact on hockey or not? Maybe back to restrictions on spectators?
  4. Lebo closed their rink til at least Dec 8.
  5. What is your point? He asked what relevance wet masks being bad were and I responded. Your mask is going to get wet from water bottles, sweat, and vapor from your breath. If a wet mask is ineffective, it's ineffective. Don't blame me, talk to the CDC - I have no idea.
  6. Once you breathe in the mask long enough during vigorous exercise your mask gets wet. Especially if sweat is added.
  7. I hope you are right. I agree the original PAHL email did say that. It was communicated verbally to our team that the refs would stop the game if masks were not worn. No idea if true.
  8. While that might be true in practice, the email PAHL sent out said referees would be in charge of enforcement. Guess we will see this weekend.
  9. Hey everyone just a heads up - it sounds like the little guards that cover up the breathing holes on helmets count as "masks" in some rinks and not in others, very inconsistent. Better stick with one that attaches to the helmet or just a regular one or at least have one handy in case a ref tried to enforce the new rules.
  10. Did you get an email or see an announcement? Can you share?
  11. They are right, it can be done by any volunteer. In teams my kids have been with the team managers have generally done this.
  12. I've not gotteny skates punched out before but people I know say KoSports does a good job.
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