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  1. aaaahockey

    Summer Camp recommendations

    I think this is a good point - most of the away camps are going to be an incredibly fun experience but don't get your hopes up for crazy development in one week with a lot of kids. I'd say look at other development opportunities if that is your main concern such as private lessons or skills stuff. If it's about fun go with PSU or Kent State.
  2. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

    U-6ers elite I bet
  3. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

    Any big squirt games this weekend?
  4. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

  5. aaaahockey

    PAHL Rule Question

    Its hard to tell fact from parody sometimes in here but luckily your user name checks out.
  6. aaaahockey

    PAHL Rule Question

    Here is an old but interesting discussion about icing on the pk. Article I think it's an interesting idea to give the kids a limited number of icing chances but hard for refs to keep track.
  7. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

    Only thing I would add is that I have seen a lot of squirt parents who seriously think their kid is going to the pros
  8. aaaahockey

    A new guy question

    I'm not sure anyone said it was your son. Went back and read and no one did. The kid from the other team(and you) learned a lesson. Hopefully the refs are reading and learned one too.
  9. aaaahockey

    A new guy question

    Also what the hell are you playing with a broken stick? Definitely not hockey
  10. aaaahockey

    A new guy question

    Yep always a penalty. Drop the stick and skate away. Surprised if anyone called it at squirt level but a good rule to be aware and teach the kids. Accidents happen it's the hockey equivalent of running with the pencil towards your eye
  11. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

    I wish I had known ahead of time and I would have went even though they are "just squirts" I bet it was a fun game regardless. Hope the parents on both sides behaved themselves as becoming AAA hockey 😁
  12. aaaahockey

    Pens Elite

    I just remembered this thread - according to MyHockeyRankings ppe 08 beat the vengeance this past weekend. Guess they weren't just ranked higher because they "played better teams".
  13. aaaahockey

    Inappropriate coach behavior

    Use the safesport guidelines and report when they violate them.
  14. aaaahockey

    Tier 2 Winter Classic

    You mean hockey?
  15. aaaahockey

    Badgers v Badgers

    That's a great piece of history. Thanks for sharing that.