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  1. I'm guessing they want to get the first sheet rented out to capacity with a higher ice price before they go to the second. They haven't even put the second one back in at Printscape yet let alone building a new one at Rostraver.
  2. Not sure but I was shocked they were interested in Rostraver
  3. Ice castle, RMU if they decide to get out of the business. Ice mine or Baierl? That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  4. I remember this now that you mention it but it's a minimal update. Still looks like the 90s
  5. This is a great topic in and of itself. Badgers, SHAHA, Preds all come to mind.
  6. I think AHF and independent schedule would be amazing. Can we get western PA teams stop being afraid of playing each other though?
  7. So you are assuming everyone will run to Black Bear and PAHL will fold up?
  8. Until proven otherwise I'm still of the opinion more choice = better for everyone. PAHL acts like a dinosaur and needs to adapt.
  9. I bet you just gave some websites a bump and a half from the crew that reads this message board.
  10. Depends. Have the best teams already played each other? Are there schools that have played weaker schedules to date and are higher in the standings but still have to have the harder teams? Are there key injuries that, upon their return will be game changers?
  11. To be fair standings aren't an accurate portrait of rankings of teams especially early in the season.
  12. I think there is some perception out there that, like Pens, you get replaced with non-Pittsburgh billeting at the older levels. In this case Russian/Eastern Euro kids. I'm not sure to what extent that is true as I don't have the rosters but I do think most of the teams end up with a number of them.
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