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  1. If you take out Pens elite in every one of these brackets, and Pens elite and Esmark in 18U, looks like you would have some pretty competitive local hockey. Especially at 16U and 14U. Also in general tiers don't seem to matter. Sorry - had to use my lunch break.
  2. Most if not all rinks around here make money. No one is running them from the goodness of their hearts.
  3. One week from Wednesday. The 27th.
  4. Seneca in AAA I would put money on now. Shaler has looked very strong at A at least in the preseason tournament.
  5. Canon Mac lost, central Catholic beat lebo, shaler beat Baldwin 5-0. That's all I saw. I think I heard Seneca went undefeated.
  6. It's also hard because many of the larger teams are rotating players for these games. I know Lebo was and I believe TJ was too? Hard to say what players are on for some of these wins and losses.
  7. If you don't think PPE are money grabbers you live in a different reality. Regardless of what they are ranked, their entire model is built around money grabbing.
  8. I know this differs by age but I think the AHF folks have to start fielding a better top to bottom ranked teams for the switch to happen. We thought about it for one of my kids teams but PAHL was better competition so why add the travel? A showcase or two is one thing but what if you have to play a season?
  9. In my opinion this would rely on the coach and price point. The big negative is the travel to make all the league play. Positive might be playing the local THF teams. Preds are already in the THF.
  10. So they bought the rink and dropped it to one sheet? Or is there a maintenance reason it's down to one?
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