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  1. Probably if anyone is worried about what is being said about them on this message board they need a thicker skin.
  2. I'm not sure about girls but I have heard a lot of people cut from Pens boys teams who have had good things to say. Even on this forum. Also, I'm not sure asking kids who were just cut is going to give you the best answer to how good a program is. I'd be interested in hearing from a girl who has played there for years. That being said, I would agree that if PAHL options exist they are usually stronger than second tier Pens teams.
  3. Yeah I'll believe that they can beat Pens Gold when I see it.
  4. Can you explain this more for the ignorant? Are you saying PPE would have their players play both like the squirt vengeance teams?
  5. I guess some cross and some half Ice. It's approximately 120 kids who I assume have 2-3 practices a week on one and a half sheets of ice. Seems like a lot to me but I'm old fashioned haha
  6. First, I hope shaha figures out how to right the financial side if those rumors are true. second, lebo usually has 10 u8 teams which is crazy and 5 u10 teams
  7. I am not sure but I keep hearing rumors that SHAHA is having financial troubles I hope it isn't true and/or an influx of players might help them. Hate to see an organization struggle when hockey numbers are at all time highs in the city.
  8. Just saying the same thing as everyone else but it sounds like he is doing enough hockey already. Try lacrosse, soccer, baseball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, golf, or other activities during the summer.
  9. That's good news for WPA hockey in any case.
  10. Honestly you are best off meeting with someone at the organization to discuss this stuff.
  11. Each birthyear looks like they posted 2 teams and i would guess you can tell "team a" from "team b" by the coaches they just didn't list them black and gold. Why is there just one giant team for the 2010s with no coach? That's the one that threw me.
  12. I've had great experiences with both Barb and Marianne as well.
  13. I have heard multiple people in the past tell me you can contact the organization and they can give you personal feedback based on the assessments
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