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  1. I’ll just say that I’m in favor of the development of a young athlete. I’m not interested in getting dragged into some debate over when winning becomes the most important thing. Competition is of course one of the key aspects of a player’s development. My loyalties are to God, family and country! It’s not to the Icemen, Ppe, etc. So, in my opinion, people should make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of their children and family. I certainly don’t think it’s fair to judge, ridicule, or blackball those people who leave. People SHOULD BE and ARE held accountable for services rendered, which is up to the point where you leave. Again, far more organizations and coaches have failed to live up to the expectations of what families should receive for their sons and daughters. When have the Icemen, PPE, Esmark Stars, Vengeance, etc etc been held accountable? Should people get a refund when their kid doesn’t play, when promises are broken or when expectations aren’t met? If so, ppe should give those 18u people their money back right now! Look this shit is corrupt as fuck! Last thing I wanna hear is some kiss ass (hockey22) preach his self righteous arrogance about how people should honor their commitment. Fuck that shit!
  2. Get the fuck out of here with your morally superior bullshit! FAR MORE times have kids and families been screwed over and lied to by these organizations and the scum bag coaches that they chose to run their teams! Kids and families are routinely held hostage to these terrible people over their “commitment”. Countless kids ride the bench and get treated like shit at the hands of these money hungry or WIN driven coaches and organizations! Pathetically, it’s not just at the tier 1 level either! There is zero loyalty from organizations as they shamelessly take thousands of dollars out of the hands of families. Families who are paying for a service, for their sons or daughters to be taught the game of hockey and more importantly to be treated with respect! Shut the fuck up and go ahead and be proud of yourself and your family values. But don’t sit here and project your bullshit onto other people for doing what’s best for their family too! Asshole
  3. Yes, there were a few 02 that were a big part of the success. No, I didn’t say he’s a bad coach. He’s a parent coach though, and there in lies the problem. There’s no place for it at the tier 1 level, period! He has famously chosen teams out of loyalty, has threatened to take players to other organizations, has followed through on those threats, has controlled mid am camp selections, has denied more deserving kids the opportunity to develop, and his teams have notoriously underperformed. He’s done it all for his kid and for his own personal agenda. Everything it should not be about! The ppe let it happen
  4. 18u Culver 11 PPE 3 Can you hear the giant sigh of relief now that this debacle is finally over? What started as a colossal fuck up by bringing this coach back, to its embarrassing culmination. Congrats, you got what you deserve with this shit show! Hey, at least his kid got the advancement opportunities he was after. Thankfully some of the others can look back to last year and remember the National championship they got because they were lucky enough to play for Mueller and with some talented 03 teammates
  5. People are confused, and rightfully so! This is not truly prep hockey and people can’t understand why the NC students that make up this team won’t actually represent the school. They don’t have to play PIHL to represent the school either. This “prep” team should be in contention for a national championship and NC should be recognized because it’s their students. Unfortunately, they appear to be more concerned about the money. So, as it is, this is a Pittsburgh Penguins elite team or an excel hockey academy team...a money making gimmick. They have the technicalities figured out, as they always do, and are manipulating their way to more $$$ and NC is coming along for the ride, lucky them! I think we’d all agree that Shattuck St Mary’s has the premiere hockey prep program in the country, right? The prestige, the point, the objective though is to provide a great education while being part of THEIR hockey tradition...TO REPRESENT THE SCHOOL! Imagine if you went to school there and then played for the Minnesota Wild Elite Prep team. It is not the same thing and would absolutely change how people viewed Shattuck hockey! Ppe are doing their thing and this time it gets them an extra 18u team, gets them more Excel $$$ and NC gets to be a serious financial beneficiary with the enrollment of an entire PPE team. Unfortunately, NC and its students will not be acknowledged for the success of the players that attend their school. Call it prep when they’re wearing the NC logo or when the Pittsburgh Penguins open a school, otherwise gimme a break with this prep talk
  6. Can anyone tell me of another “prep” team/school where the hockey is a separate entity from the school? Where kids must go to an actual school in order to play on a particular prep team for some organization? I am familiar with some programs where the kids are in the hockey academy, which have online schooling. They do the excel type of training and then practice with their teams. For example, the northern cyclones have online classes at the academy and have 18u aaa, elite, premier, showcase and prep teams. Are there are other places like this with the ppe and north catholic? I just find it strange! North catholic really looks bad here IMO! Clearly this is about money, which is great, but to be so blatant about it. We already knew the ppe were about the money, so no surprise there. Look I get the partnership helps both but at least put north catholics name on the sweaters, being that they all represent the school...isn’t that the true idea behind PREP? Idk maybe just change the logo to $$$
  7. Prep team Overview... https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/18uprep
  8. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com
  9. Ok, so the Ppe Prep team must attend NC and must do excel though, right? Isn’t representing the school on the ice part of the idea being a prep team? Can they play NC varsity too? I’m just trying to understand this
  10. Btw they should let those kids play high school hockey. That 18u team stinks and none of those seniors will play meaningful junior hockey. They’ve now lost the chance to have some found memories playing for school pride. Sad that it’s set up that way!
  11. They took it down lol. It was described as a new team that would play 55 high level prep and aaa teams. Attending North Catholic and having 4 practices per wk, along w skill development and weight training. Sounded a lot like a PPE team for the Excel 18u kids idk. Maybe high school hockey friendly too, unlike the current ppe teams??
  12. Would like to hear info and thoughts. Who is coaching this? https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/18uprep
  13. Rhetorically speaking... How can the 18u ppe have a tryout with plenty of kids to choose from and then end up with such few kids and such a bad team (by ppe standards)? Didn’t they know or at least have an idea of the kids that would be leaving? Was it even a legitimate tryout (does such a thing even exist)? Who has benefited from this hockey disaster? There are so many more questions to ask, eh?
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