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  1. This year pretty much yes. Tj in A is one of the best teams in pihl when all their players are there. AA is extremely young outside of Baldwin, Latrobe & WA. AAA has many young players.
  2. 18u PPE is pretty bad this year. They dropped even more since I posted the mid season standings. I know they lost a handful of good 02s to juniors but They've got some kids that make you scratch your head (in a bad way)
  3. I don’t think you understand the intent of the original post.
  4. 12u doesn’t play for nationals. I posted the age groups that do. the top 6 in the mid am district make the district tournament, the winner goes to the national tournament with the other district winners in the country.
  5. Since we are past the half way point of the season, current mid am district tier1 standings 15u-18u 18U 1 Esmark Stars 96.40 2 Gilmour Prep 96.30 3 Culver Prep 95.72 4 PPE 95.11 5 Ohio Blue Jackets 94.78 6 Indy Jr Fuel 93.82 ———————————— 7 Cleveland Barons 93.72 8 Pittsburgh Predators 92.00 9 Tri State Spartans 91.63 16U 1 PPE 98.39 2 Culver Prep 95.58 3 Esmark Stars 94.86 4 Sylvania North Stars 94.36 5 Pittsburgh Predators 94.11 6 Ohio Blue Jackets 93.40 —————————————- 7 Cleveland Barons 93.20 8 Tri State Spartans 93.00 9 Indy Jr Fuel 91.54 10 Pittsburgh Icemen 90.22 11 Gilmour Academy 88.19 15U 1 PPE 97.24 2 Ohio Blue Jackets 94.96 3 Cleveland Barons 92.73 4 Mt Lebanon Hornets 92.07 5 Tri State Spartans 91.49 6 Esmark Stars 90.91 —————————————- 7 Indy Jr Fuel 90.12 8 Pittsburgh Predators 90.07 9 Sylvania North Stars 89.33 10 Team Ohio 89.12 11 Cleveland Wildcats 88.21 12 Pittsburgh Icemen 86.8
  6. If this truly is the case I apologize. Still not sure but to answer your question, after U16 PPE loses most of its top players to prep school, ushl or the nahl. This is why U18 esmark is normally stronger.
  7. You forgot the s as in friends aka half the parents I know at WA. Sorry to say the info can’t be that bad the guy got a year! All 18U hockey is the last stop “resort”, My son is off to college next year (not pay to play juniors) Enjoy the suspension!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I assumed it was “high performance” but high performance term is only used in the NAPHL that I am aware of. If that’s the case this person should be very familiar with esmark. This person is claiming to be from the East so we are not talking about the HPHL. I guess you haven’t paid much attention. Just like @OrrWhat its very obvious my son plays at the preds. Yes he plays hs. LMFAO are you trying to say some hack coach that got a year suspension can hit me with a civil suit ? Dream on.
  9. Still not buying it. At that age, parents know what most programs around the country are about. Like the guy said above at 16 & 18 PPE is top regardless of ranking, after that esmark gets the next best batch of kids. It’s just the way it is. Still doubting your story completely. What’s hp ?
  10. Talked to some West Allegheny friends last night during their montour game, now that this story is out in the open and over some of the parents talked freely about what happened. I Just wanted to bump this up top so this guy is never around kids again. A one year suspension was letting him off easy in my opinion. For those here that were trying to defend this guy, you are nuts! I now understand your selfish reasoning a little. Just a little! This guy was either a great salesman or preyed on uneducated parents trying to follow the college hockey dream. This coach has ZERO experience coaching high level hockey but you fools let him sucker you out of 10k each! I get you lost money and favoritism but how in the hell could you try to defend a guy that manipulated and mentally abused children ????????????? This is the kind of person NO sport needs! Don’t come at me with “two sides to every story” bs! This man was convicted by the governing body after a 6 hour hearing! Never in my years of being involved in hockey have I ever heard of USA hockey bringing attorneys into safe sport issues!
  11. You are talking 9 months from now ? Geeeeezzzzz PPE is always the better choice. With that said esmark is almost always the best alternative for local AAA hockey. making either team “is not a issue” is complete bs. If that was the case you wouldn’t be asking this dumb question. It’s not like you’re a squirt major parent 🙄 not sure what kind of crap you are trying to start.
  12. Unless I missed something, I don’t recall any esmark talk recently in this thread, not sure of your point here. Since you brought it up U15 esmark occupies the 6th (final seed) for the district tournament. U15Preds are a good distance behind by almost 1.5 rating points.
  13. I was not bragging about anything. I ask why the yellow helmets and made a statement.
  14. Spoken like a parent that didn’t get the extra “A”. My question that you ignored - why does your AA team wear yellow helmets ? Only the preds tier 1 teams do that. no, you guys wouldn’t beat the AAA team. There is no “rumor”, the schedule was made long ago. The 18’s did play the 16’s AAA team. just sayin’
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