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  1. It was communicated to me the other team this coach coached is considered AAU and not under USA Hockey, the other team no longer wanted to be associated with said coach over the charges and suspension he received.
  2. That WA coach has also been let go by the other team he coached. That should tell everyone enough.
  3. Too many parents and coaches do not understand safe sport. A lot of coaches take the class and seem to forget what they learned. Safe sport is there to protect everyone even the parents. the West Allegheny coach got suspended for a year! During my time watching my kids play over the years I’ve seen coaches do some pretty stupid stuff and only get a week or two suspension. This guy had to do something egregious. PS @Entitled yesterday you wrote a 5 paragraph reply and quickly deleted it. I’m guessing you deleted it because the post made it very obvious you are the former coach at WA. Remember this is the internet nothing gets deleted for good.
  4. I had to re-read your post again because I still am shaking my head about what you wrote. While doing so I realized I missed you said Todd Naylor was from mid am so who really got put in their place now ? Crazy parents such as yourself are who ruin the game for kids. Your attitude only reinforces the side of the story I was told.
  5. wow. Kids suck ? It was explained to me there are a handful of parents who think this coach will get their kids into college hockey. these parents kids play on a second team coached by said coach. Clearly you are one of them. Just read what you wrote. Are you drunk ? this is about high school hockey. You are not in a prep high school. This is not Minnesota high school. I don’t know who Tod Naylor is. If this is one of the board members you are speaking about it sounds like the only person who got put in their place is the guy that got suspended for a year! I’m sorry to break it to you coaches do not get suspended for a year from USA hockey over playing time. Maybe said coach is not telling tell you the truth. Even if the parents I know only told me one side the fact is this guy was suspend for a YEAR. That just doesn’t happen unless there was a serious problem of some sort.
  6. Colorado Springs does not get involved over minor issues. That’s what the district is for. I’m very friendly with three different families that have kids playing on that team. All three have stated to me the same thing. I choose not to repeat the charges. These are minors involved. I’m not starting a fight. The question was asked a month ago above. A coach does not get a year suspension over what you are claiming.
  7. What I was told had nothing to do with playing time or things of that nature. Do you think Colorado Springs would get involved over that ? A year suspension ? If you think so you’re the coach or just crazy.
  8. I’m not comfortable posting the details i was given on a public forum. With that said it was not just one thing. There were many different issues. To have Colorado Springs involved that speaks to how serious the problems were.
  9. West Allegheny’s coach was suspended for a season by usa hockey.
  10. WA played in front of my son’s team Monday. some parents over there I know. I Was told the coach is under investigation by usa hockey (not the district) for multiple safe sport violations that date back a few years. These violations are still occurring. Time will tell these things don’t say secret long.
  11. Yes, they are fantastic. Local college all levels and pihl. Those guys don’t get the credit they deserve. There is no money in it for them, they do it for the love of the game & the kids!
  12. You can’t go by the rankings for any team another 5-6 weeks.
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