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  1. Due to low participation numbers, most competent 05s Pittsburgh kids have made the jump to Pittsburgh AAA. @Danner27 there are probably more first year midgets (06s) in 16uAA than 05s. Doesn't excuse sloppiness, lack of breakout, etc. but you are watching mostly younger kids. I'd say PAHL should just make a class AAA division, but ...
  2. We'll call it the 71D Hamilton Rivalry game. Teams can even share the same PAT bus. Convenient.
  3. I totally took this as a reference to the Renegades 2010 team.
  4. Yes he does semi-privates in the mornings at Baierl before school.
  5. What will be real interesting is if they put his photo up in the locker room hallways with all the other Hornets success stories. Congrats to Ty and Marc.
  6. 1A 2A 3A is determined by geography and hockey-engagement within geography, and isn't indicative of the quality of a team. Example: last year 16u Tier II Ashburn Xtreme. MHR RANK: #1. Yes that says #1. At the top of Tier II. USA Hockey placed them in tier 2A for nationals. Obviously they could have hung with any of the 3A crowd.
  7. Yeah that's been on the Penguins radar for awhile. Looks like lots of unused property north of UPMC Lemieux for a bigger venue. It might happen some day.
  8. I am glad to hear it. You put a lot of effort into it. But your last report was that you were around 200. You say there are 100 HS programs so you are averaging 2 per program. That's not enough interest to build the movement you want to see.
  9. Right but building UPMC Lemieux is pretty self-serving. Us first, tax deductions second, community third. And by community, I mean only elite portion of the community. You know, the Pens and Friends. So again, very self-serving in many ways.
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