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  1. unfortunately also true. another factor in anyone's journey.
  2. No. There are 2 types of advisors. Type #1 will charge a fee now to help you to promote your player to junior and college teams. Type #2 is more like an agent. There is no charge now. They still promote your player to their network of junior and college coaches. And if you become a professional, they expect to represent you. Think Jerry McGuire, show me the money, etc.
  3. Yes. This ^^^ is very true and very important. You can have a great camp or tournament or showcase in front of scouts, but there are a zillion other players in the field as good as you. It is sad to say, but no matter how good you are, to get to the next level, you also need references from connected people. And even then, with good performance and good references, you STILL need a little luck. So, to all these one-off collections of birth-year superstars at PAHL orgs, let me say: if your coach does not have relationships at the tier II level in junior or NCAA D-I, you are already a few steps behind on your path to junior hockey.
  4. This message board could be renamed Western PA Hockey Gossip Queens.
  5. I'm now informed on this, and agree with @GreatDay4Hcky - a transgression fo sho, but not really scandalous or salacious. You are really holding true to your old handle on the previous msg board.
  6. That's a cheap way to inflate your forum user ranking points!
  7. Case in point, a recent Preds 03 worked his way onto a NAHL team this summer. It appears he had been cut, but now picked up by an NCDC team. Best of luck to him as he progresses. That's not bad for coming from one of the faux programs - and further ahead than a lot of his birthyear peers at PPE/Esmark.
  8. My observation is that line 1 on the lower teams is interchangeable with line 3 on the higher teams. There is some talent to be found, but for whatever reason, the kids can't break in to the better squads. So only choices are to leave town or stay and play with other hopefuls. Dream chasing fo sho.
  9. There has been PAHL talk of "catchment" boundaries in the past, especially with harder to find players such as AA players and female-only teams. As someone pointed out - it falls apart in the south hills because of rinks' close proximity. It is noteworthy that the PIHL followed some general geography rules to stand up the inaugural girls league. I'm for free market and believe consumers should go where they are best served. I've seen all angles of this and while I think players should be able to change programs, from the perspective of the board of directors: we have no problem charging high tryout fees to discourage shopping, we have no problem charging high tryout fees to keep the "it's extra ice time" crowd out, we have no problem keeping commitment fees (or more) when players walk away after accepting a spot. and were it up to me, I would make all participant families sign a contract promising to pay the season fees in full.
  10. truth be told, there is mud, but this board isn't nearly as salacious as its predecessor.
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