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  1. It's clear that it's personal with you. Whatever USA Hockey did to you... it's personal. You've said your peace over and over on this forum. We get it. Now, on behalf of the people who just want to read and talk about local hockey, we'd all wish you'd put it to rest. It's a tired message. Focus on the positive. Focus on local. Please.
  2. Yes, it was a controversial, unsavory decision on that hiring. That same organization has obviously heard the outcry, and strengthened its stance on the issue of discrimination. It increased the severity in disciplinary measures for expressed prejudice. It formed a new outreach program led by a national director of diversity and inclusion. Let's really own our stance though. Well before SafeSport and well before that hiring, and for as long as I can remember, race and gender have been hot topic at every national meeting, every district meeting, and even occasionally at our local meetings. Even as recent as January - the local league executive director outlined a need for a diversity & inclusion committee to assess and act in our market. Numerous match penalties were handed out this season under the new ruling mentioned above. So yeah, one high profile wart vs thousands of people governed and positively guided by national membership policy. But let's burn it all down per the King. And regarding your disciplinary report, it's probably a good thing that you didn't get it. There are summarized discipline reports handed out all the time at district and local level meetings. Why didn't you just work through your local member association to obtain? Was the answer going to be a definitive go-pound-salt? And who the heck asks for this kind of stuff anyway? It seems you've got some more ax to grind, in which case I have to applaud the governing body's position.
  3. yes, and more allegations and more hearsay. And still zero evidence.
  4. Oh no you don't. You're the one alleging corruption and crying foul every day on this forum. So we're all ears, King.
  5. The bylaws say registrar is an appointed position.
  6. Well before we dive into more allegations, could you point out some fraud in the Mid-Am contractor line item expense, or any other Mid-Am expense? Maybe a concerned member could ask about it at the next meeting.
  7. The entire line item for all contractors is $182k. Guessing that covers camp instructors, tournament officials, EMTs, etc. So its unlikely anyone is getting rich or wealthy from Mid-Am. And since it's a 501c3, any member should be able to request a look at the books and ask the questions you're asking. Why not get with your local association membership, show up at the annual meeting, and ask your questions then?
  8. 1. looks like Mid-Am had an independent audit recently. https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5328529-financials unless you are talking about your experience with another affiliate? 2. are you saying state/local should monitor federal or other way around? I could see a need for more accountability at the local level. 3. given the current payment structure, it seems federal can't fund anything as they are already funded by local resources. And in what way are they not already providing a unified objective structure?
  9. I'd say as the only one calling for reform on the message board, you are alone in your principle. So let's have it - what's the top 3 things you would do to eliminate corruption?
  10. From the sound of it, it is member organizations requesting guidance from the district.
  11. I heard there was a PAHL meeting and talk of a league-wide suspension of tryouts. But since the independent programs don't answer to PAHL, there is a need to move the discussion of suspending tryouts further up the chain of authority.
  12. This is surely 100% true. Not in my organization. April decisions are made in April.
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