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  1. I'm pretty sure Mid Am would take the team from Pittsburgh. Alabama being out of district and all. MHR is a pretty reliable resource for comparing teams. The only teams I know that hide games from MHR are the ones who have a chance to get to #1 in their class.
  2. Value-added comment of the day right there. Virtual trophies all around.
  3. Who sells out without star power? Las Vegas, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Nashville. Which of these are saturated with more coaches than development programs? Maybe Minneapolis-St Paul,Toronto, and Boston. Not sure how many active coaches there are in Winnipeg. Which of these can support a bunch of ice rinks? Maybe Minneapolis St Paul, Winnipeg, and Toronto. So I guess these are your hockey towns. Toronto, Boston, Minneapolis, Winnipeg. Throw Chicago in for good measure and maybe add Detroit, New York City, Montreal even though they aren't fully selling out. Maybe Buffalo too. Let's go with that.
  4. ...and that's a very typical problem with spring and summer hockey at every rink, not just Printscape Arena. Island Sports Center is the only rink that gets enough of a critical mass of participants to divide players up by skill level. As they get older, at RMU they do full ice 3v3 - which is kind of a different game. Keep looking into other sports as an avenue for athlete development.
  5. Yes, it sounds a bit much. I've seen kids come up like that, only to despise hockey by age 12-13. Be careful. Spring, summer and fall - his main activities should be outside. Focus on well rounded athletic development.
  6. @HockeyDad23 did you try North Pittsburgh or Butler Valley? How did it go?
  7. Looks like there are 32 possible alternates?
  8. No. Play local. http://www.pahockey.com Let them have fun. Save your money for their college.
  9. 2006 Vengeance? 2007 Vengeance? Maybe you should put something on the Vengeance web site about that.
  10. Good find. Well written. Had a good laugh at hockey directors who oversee 12 teams and make six figure salaries.
  11. https://www.vengeancehockey.com/1920tryouts "We will also field a Tier 1 U15 team if demand allows." Here you go, @PAhockey
  12. Scores are being published on Twitter. Follow @2019WPAStates or click https://twitter.com/2019WPAStates
  13. At 15-32-12, maybe you should only be playing the top line.
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