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  1. This model is used in Minnesota for high school and the Chicago amateur league kind of works this way. If you don't like your club, you get 1 free hop to another club then that's it. There is no hopping from team to team each year like some west PA families do.
  2. Girls' district playoffs start this coming weekend. Good luck to all local girls making the trip to Cleveland. Tier 1 https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5022913-tier-1-girls-women-s Tier II https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5022916-tier-2-girls-women-s
  3. It's not a pickle. Mt Lebo was ranked 51 out of 118 tier 1 teams. Their losses: #41 (by 1 goal) #1 (by 4 goals) #56 (by 2 goals). Their showing wasn't all that terrible and someone has to lose. This result just shows they are solidly in the middle of tier 1 teams.
  4. Hmm. 16u AA is a pretty weak and watered down group. Mt. Lebo 04s belong at AAA. Kudos to them for finishing in the top 6 in the district at that. They would have dominated PAHL (again). This might be the most delusional comment in the history of this message board.
  5. Yes, for Tier I. Tier II playoffs are a few weeks out yet.
  6. The content might change between now and then but here's what they have as of right now. DATE LEVEL START TIME RINK HOME AWAY 2021-03-04 18U 5:30pm 1 Pittsburgh Pens Elite
  7. The link I posted on the original post takes you to a schedule on the Mid-Am site.
  8. Seeding 18U 16U !5 Only 14U ALL GAMES PLAYED AT 1 Pittsburgh Pens Elite Pittsburgh Pens Elite Pittsburgh Pens Elite Pittsburgh Pens Elite Chiller North 2 Culver Culver Cleveland Barons Cleveland Barons 8144 Highfield Dr 3 Esmark Stars Ohio Blue Jackets
  9. Tier 1 district playoffs are this coming weekend. Good luck to all local teams and players participating in Columbus. https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5022912-tier-1-youth
  10. Commendable! 27 posts in a row not centered on COVID-19. By the way, Cranberry is just as drug infested as New Kensington, they just hide it better. Well except the time that one PPE kid got busted. In the rink. 😕
  11. By the way, for development programming at Baierl: information on in-season programs (August-February) can be found on the Wildcats web site. Information on spring and summer programs (March-July) can be found on the Baierl web site. All programming is operated by Jim Black and friends, regardless of which site you sign up on.
  12. Here is a simple diagram for youth player progression. Please note that your player does not need to make a stop on each stair in the stair case. If she's good enough, she can hop steps as long as she qualifies by age. If she is doing learn to play now at age 6, cross ice ADM is your next step. But only after she's doing really well in learn to play. You can continue in learn to play if you don't think she is competitive yet. Nothing wrong with that as long as she's getting lots of puck touches and developing good skills. If you want to try something different, you can look fo
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