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  1. It might not be so bad. Keep the fringe wackos out anyway.
  2. There is an annual meeting and an election every year. Maybe they only send communication to your association presidents.
  3. Well, they do suck at getting information out to the members. Consider the original post. No one understands how their biggest event of the year works. And for as many people as they have involved, why can't they find like one soul who can write a useful web site?
  4. I think most of the board positions are elected. Not sure about registrar? Did you run?
  5. More details on the tournament can be found here: https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5328525-rules-and-regulations
  6. Read this thread below to get an idea on how it all works. Mid-Am will post the scores on its web site, but they do not maintain a public history on their web site. If you need history it's better to scrape results out of MHR . Even the links to last year's tournament scores seem to be broken. Sad, cuz the kids work so hard and should be recognized.
  7. Tier II associations are supposed to declare their interest in the spring prior to the start of the season. In the fall, there is a tournament application mailed to associations. If you still think you are a contender after having played a few games, your head coach / team manager can apply. You fill out the application and mail in your down payment to mid-am to reserve your spot. So it's like an invitation to a party but you asked earlier in the year to be on the invite list.
  8. I don't want to see anyone fail but it seems we already have a local 12u league. Why not just play in the existing league?
  9. Yeah it's possible if you can find an organization to roster the team. The trouble with tournament teams is carryover discipline. Say your tournament has run it's course, but one kid gets a game misconduct and owes one game suspension. Who will he serve it with? It's messy stuff like that that keep organizations from rostering temporary teams. Probably better off just taking a rest while the rest of your in-season team is slow.
  10. Bingo. Hosting all those super spreader events during yellow phase of recovery. Gramma be damned, the rink needed to make money. They needed to sell some ice and fraudster "instructors" preying on the fears of all you NHL bound parents with their scam clinics. Have to get a leg up on everyone right? Remember? Why did they even install Live Barn? They and their shady tenant organizations just continue to operate in the shadows.
  11. NY governor just put Ohio on the quarantine list. They cannot travel to Ohio for awhile. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory
  12. There is a reason for the 25% rule and in between bantam and peewee is where it is needed most - when boys get their growth spurt. Are you sure this is a good idea?
  13. And they wonder why no one wants to be a referee... https://triblive.com/local/valley-news-dispatch/police-hockey-player-assaults-referee-over-holding-penalty-at-new-kensington-skating-rink/
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