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  1. @lferg can you do the same for 18u 16u 14u to see if it is consistently off? Does PAHL get it right or "righter" as the kids get older? You might struggle at 14u with what to do with AA Minor teams and where they should fit among the other divisions. AA Minor is such a bad idea and maybe lferg can show it.
  2. Maybe it would help to understand that the scores in MHR are entered not by an official source like a league or tournament organizer, but by registered volunteers. Most of the manipulators will register as a volunteer so they can add their data to the system.
  3. 1. Reporting only those scores that boost your rating. 2.a. Willfully omitting scores that lower your rating. 2.b. (Corollary to 2.a.) Showing up to play in a different jersey or under a different name so that the outcome cannot be recorded against you. 3. Disputing scores that lower your rating so that they are removed from your record. 4. Reporting games where the roster is significantly different. 5. Recording forfeits as real games. 6. Scheduling games against teams with a rating of more than +7 over yours. These are the most common. Yes, the opposing team can make a claim against all of these, but most people don't know enough about MHR to do that.
  4. It's also true that some people who know about MHR will manipulate ratings.
  5. It looks like the A Major Gold division needs some more data for this to be valid.
  6. I would just play local. Save $$$$ and making a local team won't be an issue either. A lot of kids are doing this.
  7. Most weeknight ice and weekend ice is booked between amateur and high school teams. Private lessons are sometimes available immediately after school or before school. In the East, look up Next Level hockey (Delmont), Puckmasters (Harmarville), Grant Springer, and Pittsburgh Hockey Academy (Mike Fritz and Dean Whittingham) at Frozen Pond.
  8. I have it on good faith that the ladies and gentlemen who run the tryouts are already dreading tryouts too. So at least you're in good company.
  9. God bless and thank you for being there for the kids.
  10. Where most local teams are just getting started, the Armstrong Arrows 16u squad has reported no less than 10 (ten) games before the end of the first week of September. At this rate, these kids are on pace to have 50 games in by Christmas and stand a real chance at hitting 80 by the end of the season, maybe 90 with a deep playoff run. They're true Grinders, I tell ya!
  11. Wouldn't that be something if placement were left to public opinion.
  12. Ad hominem attacks, while entertaining, don't add much to the debate. If you are a Pred '04 parent or Iceman '04 parent, maybe just tell us why the program is a good value to you. @jmmartinprov1 explained clearly to @whome87 that his goalie son will see high quality shots and many more shots on this team at this level. Makes perfect sense for his development.
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