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  1. A few things I noticed on the 2019-20 alignments: QV Varsity only with no JV or MS, Knoch went from V last season to now JV this upcoming season, NC Varsity and two MS teams with no JV, Mars MS moved from Tier 2 to 3, Indiana no JV and PR V moving up to AAA ( where they belong ).
  2. I heard PIHL has announced the division / tier structure for all levels - MS through Varsity for the upcoming season but I cannot seem to find anything on their website. Anyone out there have some insight?
  3. @Eddie Shore "the longer you delay the learning process, the worse the effect will be in the older age groups (you are just creating a snowball effect), it will go up and get worse due to larger, stronger players not knowing the correct way to play." That is the best quote on this topic that I have read on this entire thread.
  4. Your son's school needs to be brought up to speed on MS hockey as there is no hitting. It is one of the reasons why some parents with smaller and less skilled players are more open to MS hockey vs PAHL.
  5. Aww, so so cute. You get off by “likes” and people agreeing with you. Being a pompous ass towards others doesn’t make a thread more interesting - genuine thought does. You make some valid points, unfortunately it sometimes gets lost in your hostility and constant marveling at yourself. i would hate to see the mirrors in your home, all crusted with a glaze-type substance.
  6. "Hockey propaganda" - now you have gone full Trump. I see a lot of similarities between you and him - keyboard warrior, always right even when facts stare you in the face, thinks you are smarter than anyone else in the room. SNAP! I will take the word from a family that went through the process and had a kid drafted 5th, rather than angry dad who has admittedly not have one single kid play hockey in western PA. I never knew diarrhea could actually come out of a persons mouth then transformed into words on a thread, as I thought it was medically impossible - congrats for proving me wrong. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... Your filibustering does nothing other than make me laugh. Wake me when it's over.
  7. Aww, how cute. “Grapehead”....you just can’t help yourself by insulting me and others when it comes to challenging anything you say. I provided an actual quote, not opinion or conjecture and this is your comeback? If there is a dissenting opinion different from yours you immediately get on your soap box, insult others and insist you are right. Have you ever thought about just accepting the fact everyone doesn’t agree with you and move on? “Stay in your lane”...........at least you are good for some laughs in between your anger management med treatments.
  8. I think the family of Alex Turcotte, the #5 pick of this years draft has a different opinion of USA Hockey than yours.
  9. Did anyone notice of the 59 American players that were chosen in this years NHL draft, only one player from PA was selected? One? The hockey hotbed that is Orange County, CA had three........the state the size of all Primanti Bros. restaurants combined - RI had the same as PA. Chum is now in the water. Commence feeding.
  10. You gotta love the “you’re pissed off because your kid got cut” response.......... @Hockey4all I know most of what you posted is in fact, true.
  11. Don't tell that to the parents paying ten grand or more for AA type hockey with a cool PPE sticker on their vehicle with sweet warmups and gear bags. It was only this past season when some PAHL teams were beating PPE Black teams.
  12. I have heard the same. One parent I spoke to whose son was cut by PPE said in not so many words that PAHL AA was beneath them and their son would only play for his school. Pretty pompous if you ask me.
  13. I had heard of at least two orgs were short on 05 talent and in lieu of having an 05 BY team they went with an 05/06 mixed team..........anyone know if this is true or not?
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