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  1. We are all indebted in gratitude to you @Pucks11 Does the same exist for the West team?
  2. @Duster19 could put the drama to rest by providing a link to the team roster he said he had. Yo bro?
  3. Cannot find the rosters - can you provide a link please? Thanks.
  4. Seems @FNFA has a son that got cut from the SCIR U-18 team and is sore about it. Since this team is coming off winning a national championship, I would put my trust in those running this team over you.
  5. Because the disciples from PPE do not feel there is no other program in western PA that exists outside of theirs, let alone be mentioned in the same breath as PPE.
  6. You would think with the way PPE develops players ten or more players from said PPE would have been drafted. Unless I missed something or they are PPE alums coming from a different team, not a single one got drafted.
  7. "the summer sizzler banner." Now that made me laugh and I needed one today. Thanks @muckerandgrinder
  8. I would not read much into anything regarding summer hockey. Most of the stuff I see in summer games, especially in the 3/3 and 4/4 variety would make robo-parents flip their noodle because there are more players rushing the puck from end to end and lack of passing, etc. I was at a game on Saturday and heard a few parents go full Rambo on a ref for not calling a penalty. In general, you see lots of stuff you would not normally see in regular tournaments or games once the season starts because coaches for summer games are letting the kids have fun. And with no checking in some of these summer leagues, that should tell you all you need to know.
  9. I do not recall me calling you names - that is you misreading what I stated. As for your comments directed towards the current board member on this thread and for those that are new board members that are trying to make a difference, you still have an axe to grind with them which makes zero sense, whereas you did nothing to improve the situation while you were there and you bolted years ago. You did not serve on the board nor did you coach while at NHAHA, correct? You clearly did not like the direction the organization was going and left so good for you, yet here you are digging up old bones. You cannot seem to to have the ability to just let it go and be happy where you are now. Everyone knows your feelings towards NHAHA ad nauseam. Move on.
  10. Well said -I have had zero connection with this organization however here you are, trying to make a difference. good on you. Every org has its deadwood douchebags that need to be weeded out - every single one. My guess is thirty years from now @Clonbur will be holding court in a wheel chair boring his grandkids to death with war stories about the misgivings of NHAHA and how he was the prophet and truth-teller of the organization, all the while abandoning it many years ago but talking about it as if he still had skin in the game.
  11. Rather than continuing the downward spiral of the negativity cesspool that can dominate this forum at times, maybe it’s time to celebrate some local kids getting noticed on a national level. @Paul Baxter I don’t know if this violates the Forum policy of publishing players names, so in this instance maybe I can get a free pass? Props to you boys!!!
  12. Sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree. The PAHL teams you referenced did not have paid coaches nor airline travel to tournaments - all were car travel. PAHL team slush funds typically do not exceed $600 per player and paid for all tournament entry fees. Esmark U16 had 45 away games last year ( not counting games against Barons which can be a commute ) with airline trips to MO and MN, so how many nights in hotels is that? If history is any indicator those playing for Esmark will pay through the nose in travel costs this season. Vengeance U15 had 30 away games which included a trip to Nashville while PPE U15 had 35 away games with hotel stays. PPE U16 had 29 non-commute games with trips to CT and RI. Compare that to Allegheny U15 with 24 away games and SCIR U15 with 14. SCIR’s national champion U16 team had 60+ games while 23 were away. NP U16? A total of 11 away games. None of these teams had to board a plane to get to any games. When tuition is lower, team fees are lower and overnight travel is less, top line costs are less. I know of no one that paid roughly the same out of pocket for AAA hockey compared to AA hockey.
  13. That's until parents email the coaches with practice plans because they are not happy with the flow or drills.
  14. That friend of yours is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he will escape loop job parents by getting involved in other sports. Baseball may be the absolute worst, lacrosse and soccer not much better. If you want a real party, hang out with HS football parents. Five practices a week + game day and throw in a bunch of anabolic dads living vicariously through their kids while superstar Johnny is relegated to the punt return or kickoff team.
  15. “If he does have the skill set his parents need to get him to PPE or out of western PA.” Really? He was at PPE along with a solid group of players that were cut and left for greener pastures - some are now on teams that beat PPE handily over the past few years and no longer have to deal with their BS. So much for your beloved PPE for player development. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/roster/show/2134684?subseason=255778
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