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  1. You must be new here. There are a lot of people on this forum that firmly believe western PA rivals other hotbed hockey markets, which clearly it doesn't. Have you looked at a PPE roster lately? More and more kids are imports from out of state and word is with recent PPE tryouts many local kids from last years teams got cut and are looking at other options. Vengeance, Lebo, Preds are all comprised of local players yet those teams can't compete with PPE...........I wonder why? I am not salty about anything, just stating facts.
  2. Of the 49 players named to the USA Hockey National Team Development Evaluation Camp for 05’s, only one is coming from hockey hotbed western PA and played for PPE. https://www.usahockeyntdp.com/news_article/show/1160303?fbclid=IwAR3PXVFKMAc0oYgY7ATLVNF7z3Cfk4V5r_dKeJHStU_4t1tGoANwBkbB6F0
  3. What is wrong with my statement? I simply challenged the format of the tournament and how an 0-3 team could advance while another team couldn't that had a better record and more points while teams in the same division did not play each other in pool play to help determine who in fact should advance. I think it is great the girls program is growing and teams are successful but let's keep things in perspective.
  4. Hmmm, the U16 team advanced after going 0-3 in pool play while Bay State went 1-1-0-1 with four points in a different division and did not advance. Sounds reasonable to me.
  5. Let's not forget PPE teams that do not win Midams usually get an at-large bid to attend Nationals.
  6. https://www.yetisicemen.com/icementryouts
  7. Also of note about Minnesota, the best kids do not play amateur hockey ( AAA, AA, etc ) - they play for their high school. So it is completely different than how it is here, where for some top level kids play HS hockey they play as a supplement to their amateur hockey, whereas in MN it is all about HS hockey. Hell, they televise their HS games on local TV channels.
  8. It is because of how pool play was structured - they did not play any teams in their division which makes zero sense. So all three teams in their division were 0-3 against other teams outside of their division and Steel City advanced only because of goal differential. I am sure the coaches and players of the Bay State Breakers, which went 1-1-0-1 with four points but did not advance were really happy to see an 0-3 team with zero points move on. https://nationals.usahockey.com/2021girlstierii16u2a
  9. The Pens grow the sport locally through the Little Pens Learn to Play program, then through their Lil’ 66’ers teams. PPE teams used to consist mostly of local talent, then they began recruiting out of state for the older kids teams, now it’s a matter of time until they start importing 8-9 year olds and pump the parents up with AAA talk so they can uproot their families from Chicago, FL or other areas and move here to fulfill little Johnny’s NHL dreams.
  10. For the record, after two days at Nationals PAHL teams are a combined 1-5. U18 Preds are 0-2, U16 NP is 1-1 and U14 NP 0-2.
  11. Just my opinion based on past experiences at this level.........If you kid wants to try out for a AAA team, let him but don't treat tryouts as "ice time" leading up to other tryouts as you can spend your $150 in better ways and get a better return for your money. For kids that have played PAHL since U10, kids want to know how they stack up against higher level kids because PAHL is all they have known - just understand with so many AAA teams the talent level is diluted. Also note many AAA teams (depending on age level ) have tryouts at the same time, so you can't send your kid to 3-4 differen
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