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  1. fafa fohi

    Summer Camp recommendations

    If you want your son to attend a camp where he spends the week in a college dorm with a positive hockey experience, good food, camaraderie then Kent State is a good choice. My oldest son attended this camp a few years ago and enjoyed it, but felt he did not improve his game very much and it was more about being away from home for a week and having fun. If you want your son to take part in a more hockey centric camp, there are better choices out there. Yuri has a weekly camp at Baeirl that includes on / off ice training and meals from a local Italian restaurant. Yuri can be a ball buster, but if you want your son to attend a camp that is all about hockey at a competitive pace with skill development etc this may be for you. http://www.interelhockeyacademy.com
  2. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    No, but I hear many of the anabolic dads on this thread are attending a heated contest between super talented U-6's this weekend.
  3. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    This comment here sums it all up. Well done G.O.A.T. You confirmed all that I have said about the anabolic hockey dads out there. Read the entire thread and start at the beginning - you will then see how this discussion has evolved from simple talk about a U10 game to where it is now, that of idiotic proportions. I hear there is a killer U6 game at UPMC this weekend. They cannot tie their own skates yet and just got out of diapers, but the kids are as fast as the wind.........I assume you will be there scouting talent? LOL
  4. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    Nothing for me to add here - well done Saucey.
  5. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    Leave it to a bunch of anabolic dads to spend time here talking about their U10 and who has the best team, who has the speed players, who has the stick handlers........good gravy.
  6. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    The idiocy in this thread talking about Squirt level kids and their "ability level" is astounding. And that scouts attend games at this level? I question the hockey IQ of western Pennsylvanian's but also recognizing most cannot be this ill informed or delusional...........or can they??????
  7. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    08's? Really? I heard there was a killer group of 2014's playing stick time together last weekend and one was nicknamed "mini-Sid."
  8. fafa fohi

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    This way parents can brag to their friends that their little Johnny plays AA hockey. Also, parent / coaches get to do the same thing. Don't fault the players, it is all on the adults.
  9. fafa fohi

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    We need something else to complain about besides SportsEngine. It is kinda boring ripping a website......
  10. fafa fohi

    The new PIHL website

    It’s so great to see games “in progress” or with no scores at all from games played days ago. What a disaster.
  11. fafa fohi

    The new PIHL website

    And I thought Pointstreak sucked........
  12. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    It’s hard to tell if some of the PAHL teams are BY teams.....Vengeance won, NP PW1 tied and NP PW2 won. Didn’t see any of the games so I don’t know outside of the score, who outplayed who. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/game/show/22141012 https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/game/show/22772485 https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/game/show/22141010
  13. fafa fohi

    Pens Elite

    I have noticed some of the Black PPE teams have lost games to PAHL teams - some to team that are not the #1 team from the organization. I have no skin in the game but if I were one of the parents on a Black team losing to a PAHL team I would not be too happy.
  14. fafa fohi


    I believe appeals to PIHL were due this past Sunday.
  15. fafa fohi

    The new PIHL website

    Horrible comes to mind........some games have stats, some zero. The app sucks worse than the website.