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  1. You must not be from Pittsburgh........ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagoff
  2. My point is this.......everyone else suffers from other peoples stupidity. If someone drives 100 mph, other people on the highway are at risk. If someone is not wearing a mask and is not 6 ft away, other people are at risk. How often do you hear of the drunk driver that kills others while the driver survives - are you saying we should not have laws against drunk driving since you personally do not drink and drive? Jagoffs do not live in a bubble, and what they do can potentially alter the lives of others. That is why we are a nation of laws. I for one, do give a crap about what others do when it can effect the lives of me and my family or others.
  3. @Danner27 I cannot remember which thread you posted on that the Ivy League cancelled all Fall sports. The Big 10 is planning on a in-conference only schedule for fall sports. I would think the larger conferences such as the Pac 12, SEC and all would do something similar rather than taking the same path as the Ivy League simply because their fall sports generate far more revenue than the Ivy League does and don't want that money tree to lose its leaves. We shall see. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29435295/source-big-ten-moving-conference-only-model-all-sports-fall
  4. Some organizations have their Mite kids graduate later in the season from cross ice to half ice with the placement of temporary boards to run two games simultaneously rather than two cross ice games with the neutral zone used as a skills area during games. I am in favor of this over 7-8 year old playing full ice, as they have plenty of time ahead of them to learn about off sides, icing and line changes on the fly.
  5. The problem is there are a ton of jagoffs in our society and we march to the speed of said jagoffs, not to the smart people. Why do we have speed limits on the highway? Because dumbasses speed, cause accidents or death and rules then need to be applied and enforced to protect others. You exceed the speed limit and get caught, you get a citation. As with masks, the government can suggest wearing them all they want and the Ken’s and Karen’s of the world know more than anyone else (including healthcare professionals and scientists) and will refuse to wear them because it infringes on their rights and freedoms......or it inhibits their breathing due to a bullshit medical condition they say they have. The irresponsible people on this planet ruin things for everyone. And as I have said before, a few minutes of “inconvenience” by wearing a mask so I can go to a restaurant, have a meal and drink a beer or go watch my kid play hockey is a small price to pay than to say I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want while restaurants, bars and ice rinks close down.
  6. I do not see or hear anyone saying wearing a mask is "the best thing since sliced bread" but I hear most health professionals say masks act as a deterrent and help in reducing the spread. Nowhere have I seen any medical professional say it is a 100% deterrent. The only thing I know of that is 100% is you staying home and not interacting or being in a social setting of any kind.
  7. Would you rather have sports, businesses and restaurants opened on a limited basis while wearing a mask when you go out, or have everything closed while not having to wear a mask at all......... Everyone has choices, and if I need to wear a mask when entering / exiting a restaurant or seeing an amateur hockey game, I am OK with it. Those same businesses mandate shoes and a shirt, no?
  8. Allegheny and Butler counties going Green starting next Friday.
  9. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ You angry bro?
  10. Hey cupcake, he misquoted me and I corrected him. But that seems to be the norm around here now - basing arguments on assumptions. That is your forte isn't it, just as you assumed the author that started this thread was kidding in his comment and you calling me out for not recognizing it? And now everyone knows that wasn't the case, he was serious and you were wrong, again. It must be tough being you.
  11. I thought you said Peter the Puck was kidding and I wasn't sharp enough to recognize that. You were adamant in saying so. Now I am confused. The clown show continues.
  12. Thanks for your reply however I did mention above that 75% of the loan goes towards company payroll and the “remaining 25% goes towards company operating expenses” or costs.
  13. First off, my politics don’t really have nothing to do with this so that’s pure gaslighting on your part. Two, I made a reasonable mention of a government program on this hockey thread and your condescending ass responds accordingly. And have you noticed the author of this thread has not confirmed your notion that in his initial comment he was being sarcastic, he seems the beginning of your attack on me? Hmm, interesting and kinda creepy that you stalk me the way you do. Frankly, I don’t give a f&$k what you think. You patronize everyone here that you feel is beneath you and act as if you know everything about someone’s business, someone’s family , their kids and skill level, what their motivation was for leaving a program while always leading with the “your kid got cut and your pissed off” take. That is your MO because you base your enticement argument on assumptions and the fact is you don’t know dick about it. Your assumption that I regurgitated what I read on SM or what I read online about the CARES Act is wrong again - what I wrote about the SBA program is fact - two friends of mine in the same industry that I’m in are experiencing severe hardship from the shutdown and bot applied for the same loans. One was approved and the one that was denied was because most of his workers are IC’s - IC’s have to file for a PPP loan on their own which prevents them from double dipping so his company opted for a low interest loan instead. Before COVID, IC’s we’re not eligible to receive unemployment benefits until now when it was added to the bill. But how would you know about the experiences of those near me? You couldn’t, so you come here, get puffy and try to impress everyone here on your vast knowledge when it’s clear you are clueless. So is this the point where you call me a liar? Probably so, guys like you are very predictable. You are that guy that stands in front of the mirror, flexes and marvels at himself and feels it’s his mission in life to enlighten others. All the while your wife calls you by that cute little nickname you mentioned before - “Captain Inadequacy.” Again, you should keep those cute pet names you have for each other private, but then it gets me thinking - how in the hell can she or anyone else stand you? My advice, kid is to take a lesson on how to respond from your friend @Danner27 above. Reasonable, well thought out responses can come without being a condescending asswipe.
  14. The financial status and impact of COVID on the rink owners may vary depending on whether they qualified, applied and received an SBA loan. Companies must have less than 500 employees to qualify, however many small businesses were left out in the cold once the first SBA loan package ran out of funds. The second wave was approved and I know of three companies that received notification this week that they were approved with funds to follow. Companies that qualify and receive the loan ( it is forgivable and does not need to be paid back ) must use 75% towards employee salaries for those that got laid off, furloughed or those that took a reduction in pay without filing for partial or full unemployment benefits. The remaining 25% goes towards company operating expenses. I would be curious to know if any local rinks applied and those that received loans.
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