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  1. For Mid-Ams there are 11 teams in this group. Will the top six or top eight advance to the Mid-Am tournament? If six, only Esmark and PPE will be there. Vengeance and the rest are on the outside looking in.
  2. lol Since you are so connected with your finger on the western PA hockey pulse, ask Mars players if they are enjoying HS hockey more this year than last year or years prior. I know many of them personally and that would be a hard "yes." Butler is 3-3 at the A level this season and have already won more games this year than all of last year. My guess is same story here - yes on all accounts.. Or ask your bud CB at Mars..........
  3. Yeah so what - I would have loved to get my ass kicked as a high school kid and go 9-47. Makes total sense Mr. PA Hockey. 🤡 Since you are super genius maybe you should step in and show those schools how to run a program. Based on your computer and web skills I am sure you would have them turned around in no time.
  4. For the record, Butler's record over the past three seasons is 9-47. Mars 17-39. So there's that.
  5. @Wes "If the game is tight, your team will for sure get multiple penalties in the last ~10 minutes to try and even up the game (This is routine at Indiana as well). Happens 100% of the time." It's as if as you were there at the U18 game because that appears to have happened. SCIR up 2-0 mid second period, then the one-sided calls from the refs magically appear to include TWO 5 on 3's. Armstrong then scores two PP goals for the game to end in a tie.
  6. Not wanting to travel to a rink because of the unique smells and the possibility of contracting e-coli does not equate to horrendous reffing. Just sayin’
  7. Penalty shenanigans continue this season at Belmont. Earlier today SCIR U16 AA had 22 penalty minutes compared to four minutes for home team Armstrong. In the U18 AA game it was only a three X differential in favor of the home team - 18 penalty minutes for SCIR compared to six minutes for Armstrong. And people wonder why they don’t want to travel to that barn. I know I know - pure coincidence. https://www.pahockey.com/game/show/40714165?subseason=911580&referrer=8266158
  8. The talent levels for both AAA and AA divisions were not as good as prior years as there were many teams in both divisions that got blown out by the better teams.
  9. I get it, things are different in other states. In MN high school hockey is the holy grail, not amateur hockey. I stand by my original point - here in western PA a MAJORITY of kids play on two teams.
  10. Minority? What percentage of HS kids on school teams do you think also play on amateur teams? Everyone appreciates you promoting the school tournaments, but players playing on two teams is not a minority. You will see a drop off with HS seniors. Other age groups my guess is 80-90% play on two teams. I know a number of team managers from amateur teams that have to schedule around school tournaments because of scheduling conflicts.
  11. That was a comment I made before regarding HS tournaments for WPA teams. St. Marg’s did not conflict with amateur schedules this year as games were scheduled on weekdays. Scheduling HS tournament games on weekends is a problem.
  12. It was a scrimmage with numerous JV players similar to one where NH lost to Mars 9-0. I wouldn't take much of anything from a scrimmage.
  13. Completely nonsensical, especially with only seven teams in A Major Black. The two orgs fielding two teams in 16U AA will have one team at or around the top, and the "second" team will be 15 games under .500. Those same parents excited to see little Johnny at the AA level will be the first ones yelling and screaming when they get boat raced by seven goals a game. Bank on it.
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