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  1. And yet another crash and burn comment thread led by the notorious @Wampa1. Seems like you always seem to be the guy throwing the turd in the punchbowl. A meaningful and timely thread develops, then @Wampa1 inserts his genius takes by bad mouthing kids and organizations, name calling others throughout this and other threads, "outing idiots," nothing but negativity with no solutions. We are talking about kids here bro.
  2. Vengeance 06 BY may be an option for you to look into...... https://www.scirhockey.org/tryout-information/tryout-dates/
  3. Here are the dates for Renegades tryouts. https://www.scirhockey.org/tryout-information/tryout-dates/
  4. “Dummy”.........”names don’t hurt me” yet here you are hurling them once again, and doing nothing other than throwing insults while contributing nothing or adding to this thread because you have no effing clue what you are talking about. Then again that is your pattern - keyboard warrior playing tough guy. Put the blocks down son and run along.
  5. Oh here we are again, the five year old genius and his brilliant takes. And the name calling once again shows your maturity level. What took you so long? Elementary school hours weren't shortened due to the cold and snow? Hey son, I named two organizations for the reasons cited above, so stop trying to read into something that isn't there. Does NP, Foxes, BV and other local organizations have an option higher than PAHL AA or did you flunk reading comprehension when the author of the post said he / she was looking for a higher level of hockey? All I did was offer a suggestion and you are triggered, as usual. When I say I don't have any "skin in the game" means exactly that - I have no tethered interest in this as it is not applicable to me or any of my sons that currently play the game. It is truly sad trying to explain things to a kid posing as an adult - just look at the history of your posts - insults, name calling and rambling on without a point. Unfortunately for everyone else here we are subjected to your idiocy once again.
  6. Relax bro, I have no skin in this game and I merely made a suggestion on two organizations this individual should look into. It will be up to them to investigate, then make an educated decision based on what they find. Icemen did not have an 06 team this past season so how do you know what their schedule will look like or what the makeup of the team will be? Seeing you have a strong opinion on two organizations that have yet to form these 2006 teams yet do you have any other insight you could share with us? Or better yet maybe you should be the one with the insider info for the individual that posed the question in the first place.
  7. If you are looking at alternatives to PPE you can start here with Esmark and Icemen. And I would agree with everyone else on this thread on the importance of great coaching...... https://www.esmarkstars.com/tryouts-information https://www.frozenpondarena.com/phateams
  8. Check to see if any of the LEBO coaches are on the PAHL board.........
  9. I think most organizations are posting tryout dates but holding off on registration until on or after April 1st so anyone that registers has to get an updated USA Hockey #. Typically USA Hockey opens up their registration for the upcoming year on April 1st.
  10. What is the driver???? For the most part kids want to play competitive hockey with their friends. I know many instances where Kid A gets on a higher team than his friends and mentions to dear old dad - "I want to play with my buds.".............we all know how that conversation ends. Another driver? Dad and mom can brag to all of their friends that their 9 year old plays AAA level hockey. You see them, wearing their "elite" gear to all of the neighborhood block parties. And at $10K+ a year it is a bargain at any price.
  11. Thankfully the voice of reason, @Wampa1 is here to the rescue to set things straight for us common folk. Problem is he can't help himself from being a pompous jagoff that comments on events he did not see for himself. Guess why? Because he knows everything and bases his genius takes from bit information and a ten second video. For @Wampa1 to call out someone else and say he/she deserve to be embarrassed, ridiculed and doesn't deserve respect sums it all up for this tool. Thankfully he will be here soon as he always gets disturbed when being called out, and like a five year old he has to get the last word in. Tick tock.........tick tock........here it comes........
  12. Great comment, and it is all about kids being placed on teams at a similar skill level and them having fun, especially at that age. Don't let parent ego get in the way of the process - I know parents that change organizations every single year because for some reason, the group of evaluators got it all wrong when assigning little Johnny to the #3 team instead of the #1 AA team. In cases like this, the kid suffers because they are not developing any long lasting friendships when going from one organization to another every single year. Both of my kids that played PAHL and PIHL hockey played with some of the same kids for years, and my oldest has been out of hockey for years and is still friendly with those kids. We all want the best for our kids, so my advice is to manage your expectations.
  13. You are the one calling people "human garbage," yet I am the triggered one? Do yourself a favor, bro. Press eject and move on. I think your anger meds are wearing off.
  14. It’s jagoffs like yourself that bitch, moan and complain about a problem with refs, coaches, parents or even the aggressive player on the ice yet do nothing to fix the problem. “Clown” coaches out there are volunteering their time away from work and their families to help contribute to the system. Seems like Robo-dad has all the answers. Hey, maybe it was you that said “I don’t know how to skate” when I asked someone to take my spot. If that’s true, I can get you a smokin deal on a LTS program and a discount on one of those walkers so you don’t do a face plant. You already have the hickey knowledge as you are an avid Pens watcher. Perfect Being a “clown coach” , I have perks and can get you a deal. You up for it kid?
  15. It is simply a hockey warm up jacket ( usually Bauer or CCM ) that coaches wear on the ice for practices and games, and is issued by the hockey organization with a logo from said organization they are coaching for.
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