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  1. Insults? Aren't you the one that has been banned three different times by this same board, and now you are on username #4? Pot, meet kettle. As far as me and I am paraphrasing here - "rushing to the board I stubbed upon"........I didn't stumble on this board - if you had been paying attention, I commented on this thread months ago. This is a thread on the NC hockey program. My sons played hockey for both amateur and PIHL teams and yes, they know kids that currently play for NC. I was born and raised here and I care about the program and the direction it is going. Have you ever been to an NA or PR football game to see the alumni and having a vested interest in said program?????? That is my prerogative and if you have a problem with that, I can't help you. Some posters on this thread were not stating facts when saying last season the majority of the players at NC were Excel kids. Read the thread and educate yourself as I am not going to do the work for you. You've done nothing here on this thread than to be a flamethrower on a topic you know nothing about. As to your quote that they are not building the program in the right way, would you care to elaborate on that? Lastly, I don't need to justify myself to you.
  2. Sorry, Wampa, King, whatever your user name is this week. I am an alumni of NC. Your statement was incorrect ( as usual ) as you always jump to assumptions. You are wrong. Fair enough? My questions to you are these - why are you badmouthing the program? What is your motivation? I made a simple statement and surprise, you come here with no knowledge whatsoever of the program and only to talk trash like you always do. That is your MO on everything, regardless of what username you use. Talk about transparency - your ideology comes through regardless of what name you are using. You might want to invest in a mirror and do some soul searching, bro.
  3. My two sons have moved on and are out of high school, bro. Had NC been in the north hills with a hockey team while they went to school, then yes they WOULD have played there. Nice try.
  4. I heard that NC will be fielding a Varsity team in the fall. Congrats to the school and to the program. I don't know if they have enough players for both a JV and a Varsity but it is good to see local school hockey growing in western PA, especially with a program that is going on its 4th year and was dormant for so long.
  5. Which PPE year team would that be?
  6. Word is top teams from the Bantam and Midget level for Foxes, SCIR, NP are going to use paid coaches rather than parent coaches, and in most cases the cost is around an additional $300-350 for the season. In speaking with other parent coaches, they seem to be embracing this direction organizations are taking. NP is even using non-parent coaches for their U10 and U12 top teams as well. But key word is "qualified".........
  7. Don't hate me because I'm right. I have called my shot three times now and each time I went yard. My new username should be Babe Ruth. As to the subject at hand, you have valid points when it comes to PPE, Esmark and Preds. See what happens when you stay focused?
  8. Agreed, and only 3 of the Barons 13 teams from Squirt to U18 had a winning record last year ( and two of the three were from the Squirt level ) https://myhockeyrankings.com/association_info.php?a=99
  9. Could it be the person that is now operating under username #4 due to being banned for insulting others, their families and their kids actually be the one that is obsessed? #Irony
  10. Hi @Wampa1 @The King Could it be you are on user name #4? What is the over / under before you start insulting people, calling them names to ultimately get banned once again?
  11. Just a friendly reminder for anyone attending a SHAHA game at their home ice.......bring a flashlight. The lighting there sucks.
  12. It makes you wonder how often, if at all teams get full ice practices.
  13. I know players that were on last years SCIR 06 team are now trying out for Vengeance 06. That is a fact.
  14. If your question is directed at me I was only inquiring - no obsession. And no, they are not one and the same as it is my understanding Vengeance 06 will be a higher level than SCIR 06 AA.
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