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  1. From what I see in the HS game, it is worse there. More individualistic and selfish play there than what I have encountered in the PAHL system.
  2. If I may......imagine the puck being in the middle of this mess.
  3. Fair enough @Paul Baxter Respectfully, the point I want to make is there something to be said for a player / parent to quit a team they were a part of since summer time to join another team for that extra A just weeks before the rosters need to be finalized. If this player was my kid I would have politely said "no" and used it as a teaching moment for him to stay committed to his current teammates and finish the season, and if his desire was to play for that team next season that is what tryouts are for. No venom being thrown here, just an opinion.
  4. I just heard the Vengeance just poached acquired a defenseman from a Renegades team. Word came from a very reliable source - can anyone confirm? It cannot be true because something like this would never happen, especially from such a dignified organization this late into the season. Say it ain't so. Nothing like some fresh chum going into the holidays. Cheers!
  5. PPE is clearly basking in their glory as this is the lead story on their website. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/news_article/show/1199773
  6. Tragic. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/cal-u-hockey-player-dies-unexpectedly/BOIB3MZTEBD3FF2PAXCMWQA7MY/
  7. And for the low bargain price of roughly $57K per year, anyone can send their lovely kids to this fine academic institution.
  8. As an FYI, coaches for this years 06 Vipers AA team are different coaches from last years team.
  9. Anyone notice the empty seats at PPG and how cheap tickets are now on sites like StubHub and Seat Geek for Pens games? I went to last nights game - two seats, lower bowl for under $90. Is it because Sid and Geno are not on the ice? If so, imagine what its gonna look like when they are gone. True hockey towns have high attendance and interest when their teams are good or bad. Not here, and when the boys are retired and gone youth hockey will take a huge hit here. Do I want to see it happen? No, but reality is coming soon. As far as the Pens helping to develop youth hockey in western PA, I recall PPE was founded on that concept. Not anymore, and as many have said on this thread the Pens are all about the dollar and its brand, nothing more. Just look at any of the U14 and above rosters to see how many imports are holding roster spots.
  10. So the goalie can hear the chanting as she was brought to tears during the game........but the Armstrong players can't hear it? Stop bro, just stop. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
  11. I think we all know now what school district @hockey123 resides in. C'mon bro, just come out and say it. Own it.
  12. Wow, just wow. Calling a female goalie, a female period..........a whore is plain wrong. Taunting is one thing, but you said and I quote - "the only reason why this is a story is because it worked." So you are now saying because the taunting got to her she is now mentally weak? Sorry if this gets me banned from this site, but you good sir are a clown. It's called being a human being, pal. Check into it someday. But it is good to see you had the mental fortitude to get through taunting back when you played. Clearly you are the strong one here.
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