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  1. "Not exactly a riveting thread here" yet you found the time to comment. I always thought this was a place to discuss youth hockey - silly me. I have also heard of this thing called a curser where you are able to click on a topic, read the content and comment or simply move to the next topic. It may not be "riveting" to you as you and @Danner27 don't have a player in this age group but there are readers on this form that may find it interesting. Then again I never knew there needed to be a "riveting scale" for each thread - with your approval maybe we could have one instituted by the administrator, eh?
  2. It's so cute to see @Danner27 and @The King patting each other on the back all of the time and praising each others comments. Almost identical writing styles and opinions. Kinda makes me think.........hmmm, nah. Well, could it be? Yep, same dude. Time to buy a lottery ticket.
  3. I won't rehash what has already been said about season fees, but to your original question about tryout fees they will range between $150-200 with a commitment fee anywhere from $400-600 if your player accepts a position with an organization. But be careful when it comes to commitment fees - some organizations are going the route that if your player is offered a position on their top team, say a PAHL organization with an AA level team. they may keep the commitment fee regardless if your player accepts the position or not. They are doing this to prevent players from trying out with multiple organizations and putting some of them on hold while said player is weighing their options outside of the commitment deadline which creates problems for player placement.
  4. Now that is some red meat. My guess is this thread goes to around five pages. Commence feeding......
  5. You are absolutely right sadboy. Irvine, CA ( Orange County, CA to be exact for the likes of you that can’t find Irvine on a map ) spits out Republican and right winger snowflakes like no other school in the west. We actually agree on something - well done kid.
  6. I am done ( as others have voiced on this and other threads ) wasting my time with a jackass. I came with examples and facts, you came with your bullshit options. Do I have to show you ticket stubs? You don't think it makes a difference to a student when they can drink, walk to a game then walk back to their dorm room safely without ever getting into a car? Many schools don't even allow freshmen to have cars at school. Yes that is a fact not an opinion. F off.
  7. Once again when you try to make a point you assume you know who I am and what my background is. It is an ignorant approach to any argument and you make this mistake all of the time. I graduated college from a west coast school in 1986, came back home to PA and have been going to Pens games ever since. At times you make good points but your ignorance and assumptions you levy at people on this forum because you don't agree with their comment make you look petty and pompous. And it's getting really old.
  8. It has nothing to do with WPA being a “fake hockey town.” That is an absurd comment to make. Look at the factors Pitt and RMU are up against. No rink on campus - students can’t walk from their dorm to the games. Why do you think attendance at Miami, OU and Kent State are higher? Hell, OU sells out almost every home game and had a waiting list to get tickets for when they swept PItt two weekends ago. So by your standard does that make Athens a hockey town? Why does Pitt have horrible attendance during football season? Same thing - students have to take a freaking bus to the games. Are you now going to say due to lack of support for Pitt football that this isn’t a football city?” There are tons of colleges with far less enrollment and success in their program that get better fan support because the facility they play in is on campus.
  9. This was posted yesterday..... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2877843-minnesota-investigating-ex-hockey-coach-thomas-adrahtas-for-alleged-sexual-abuse?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral
  10. "Nothing in fact"......that is the essence of everything you post here, bro. All you do is state opinion, not fact. Sorry I can't produce receipts but as I have said before, if there is a parent out there from a PAHL or PPE Black team, feel free to either validate my claim or dispute it. I will go slow so follow along. As an example, YTD Black 06 has had ten away tournaments so far this year. Hotel costs ( two nights, sometimes three ) plus meals, a conservative estimate of $500 OOP per tournament. 10 X $500 = $5K. This does not include tournament fees that exceed what is allocated and budgeted by the team. Coaches travel and lodging expenses for away tournaments are included in the "team fee," which is an additional cost. So depending on length of away tournaments, frequency etc I will stand by my estimate of $12K-14K per season. And if said player chooses to be part of Excel that is another $4,500 however I don't believe its required at this age. As far as your original question, I answered it long ago......you just didn't like the answer.
  11. Fact - most PAHL teams play in 4-6 tournaments a year, covered by a mandatory team feel anywhere from $200-400, plus tuition fees of around $2,200-2,500. So, roughly $3K plus hotel costs for two away tournaments puts you around $3,500. PPE Black fees are the same as Gold fees from a tuition standpoint, around $5,500. Additional fees for tournaments and travel expenses and you end up spending between $12-14K. And if anyone with a player from a Black team cares to dispute this, please do. Mind reading? No, simply asking a parent the following - "so how much will you end up paying for a full season?" It is not that difficult and it remains the right of any parent wanting to spend what they want on youth hockey. One who agrees with you = one with "an informed position." Thanks for the laughs.
  12. I find it comical that your posts are 100% factual and everyone else's is not ( unless they agree with you of course ). You cannot handle anyone that has a differing opinion or experience from yours. Didn't you say hundreds of times on this site none of your kids participated in WPA hockey? If that is true, all of your so-called "facts" are simply opinions based on what others told you and not from actual experiences. You can disagree with whomever you want whenever you want, that is why this is called a forum. But when someone agrees with you, you ended up praising them. When they don't, you go on a rant saying the reason for their view is because their kid wasn't good enough and got cut in the process, all the while having zero information on that persons actual experience. And to assume I am ridiculing PPE Black players with my comment is ridiculous - again you are going on an assumption of something that isn't there. Exactly what did I say that ridiculed the players? Over the 13+ years my two boys played hockey in WPA I came across many parents with kids on Black teams that looked at people that played PAHL as a second class citizen. That is a known fact, not an opinion just from me. Care to guess why PPE Black teams stopped playing games against PAHL teams? Because of the coaches and parents, not the players. Losing to an organization that pays four times less in tuition and travel fees has a negative feel to it, don't you think? You feed yourself by looking for conflict that sometimes isn't there just so you can get a reaction and look in the mirror to gaze at yourself as the know-all about WPA hockey. Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but you don't. Carry on.
  13. Hundreds of parents with dreams of little Johnny going to the NHL getting crushed just like that.
  14. At this age, the worst thing you can do is turn your nose up to your son playing PAHL. With the right organization and right coaches, your son will develop both from a social and hockey acumen standpoint. There's lots of anabolic parents out there that feel their kid needs to wear the extra A, don't fall into that trap. Convenience, cost and extent of travel are also things you should really consider. Plenty of years ahead to consider AAA hockey as your son develops.
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