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  1. That’s great and thanks for confirming that but it has nothing to do with the CCM Detroit event in October that @Rancho1 pretends he was at.
  2. Thanks Biff - you got called out and exposed for the liar and clown that you are. Next time? Don’t.
  3. How do I say this politely........you are full of shit. I was there, kid. Played and saw games at Victory, Artic Edge / Coliseum and Novi rinks. All players were wearing masks. Is it now time to confess that you weren’t there?
  4. Really? Cause I was there and watched five games my son played in along with two other games. And every single game prior to my sons, all players were wearing masks on their faces or neck gators pulled up above the nose. Maybe the games I saw were completely different from yours, or were you not even there and commenting on what you heard?
  5. Detroit recently hosted AAA and AA teams at various rinks for the CCM event where all players had to wear masks on the ice. To my knowledge, nobody from that or other events has died from it nor suffered from “bacterial infections” because of a wet mask. My son said this new policy “sucks” but if it means playing vs not playing he will comply so he can play. It could be worse - there are states where teams are completely shut down games for playing games in their home areas and are not permitted to travel at all.
  6. How does this apply to indoor hockey rinks?
  7. That would make for some interesting reading, Benji. Can you post a link supporting your claim that hockey players will be getting bacterial infections for wearing a "wet mask?" Doctors and nurses wear masks for 8-12 hr shifts, a tad more than hockey players do in a 75 minute ice slot. But I am open minded and look forward to reading more about this.
  8. Interesting take, one you might take back had you opened up a history book or had a sense of history and the evolution of both the Republican and Democrat parties and their platforms. Did you ever wonder why clowns like you are against the removal of statues celebrating confederate traitors and generals that actually wanted "Republican" President Lincoln dead? You might want to retake those Civics and US History classes you clearly missed while you were exercising your freedom by smoking fries on the playground at your local high school.
  9. So I am a snowflake, yet you are one one pissing and moaning about wearing a mask? Now that is funny, coming from a a well known MAGAidiot like yourself. Do what you want, Biff. Be a selfish asswipe and attend superspreader events sponsored by your fearless leader that's been hiding in a bunker all the while COVID-related deaths are over 1,500 a day and new cases rising to over 150K a day. Your BFF has mentally checked out and hasn't been seen in weeks while this pandemic reaches epic proportions, both locally and globally. Last time I looked he was still President until January 20th, but
  10. “Commies”........you clowns provide me with the laughs I need to help me get through this disaster.
  11. “MSM”........ “Fake news”..........”Fraud”..............”I won”.........”Millions and millions of ballots were found” The sheep continue to graze.
  12. Next time, pull your head out and read the actual article and since you clearly didn't, there were multiple sources and studies cited while one of them is Dr. Brix, who happens to serve on 45's COVID Task Force. Or is she a partisan Democrat hack in disguise? And a simple Google search would lead you to dozens of studies, pretty graphs and articles supporting this conclusion. And since you didn't bother to read the article - "a study published October 23 in Nature Medicine by IHME’s forecasting team modeled current public health interventions — projecting case numbers based on current
  13. Do yourself a favor and read. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/21546014/mask-mandates-coronavirus-covid-19
  14. With the exception of BC and parts of NB, there are zero games being played by teams in Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes and PEI. I would be curious to see how PPE teams are feeling about this as they typically rely on numerous trips north of the border and Canadian teams also coming here.
  15. My bad - when you click on the “Game Schedules” icons on the middle of their home page it leads to a blank screen whereas if you click on the “Schedules” tab on the top it brings up schedules. https://www.pahockey.com/
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