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  1. Here is an update from the PAHL website. Bueller? Bueller?
  2. Although appeal games rarely overturn PAHL's final placement of teams, they are particularly done by teams wanting to be placed in a higher division spurred by the rumblings of anabolic parents and their desire for their kid to play at a higher level.
  3. I believe these are the preseason groupings prior to placement games which ended yesterday, and an announcement from PAHL with an update will come tomorrow with appeal games coming this weekend. https://www.pahockey.com/game-schedules
  4. LOL……..the “off-ice training” fee that is offered to these teams may be the biggest rip off of all time. All I hear is the so-called trainers spend more time on their phones than they do in instruction and getting the kids a solid workout. And if any AA or lower team makes the off-ice training mandatory with a separate fee, run for the hills and look elsewhere.
  5. Not all of the time, but typically BY teams get a paid non-parent coach, more ice time and more full ice time. Most teams at a sub AA level get shared / hybrid ice and if full ice is offered it is usually at O-Dark-30 on Saturdays or Sundays.
  6. Who is "they" ace? I have yet to come across a single parent / player / family that equates anything PPE does to Tier 2 AA hockey. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to recognize the differences in player skill, instruction and player development, cost, travel, etc. Some of that stuff may come from the "faux AAA" teams but certainly not AA teams let alone PAHL AA teams. And what does your comment say to the many, many Tier 2 AA teams that don't have a PPE equivalent? This conversation is getting ridiculous.
  7. "A local trend of wannabe PPE's?" You can't be serious. And to equate AA BY teams to anything related to PPE is absolutely absurd. Sorry, but it is.
  8. I lost count of how many Tier 2 AA U15 and U16 teams there are out there. https://myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?y=2021&v=112&view=alphabetic
  9. Can we please reserve talk about calling ANY U12 or below team a "powerhouse" until they at least reach U14 and checking comes into play?
  10. The Barons 06 team went 2-0-2 against PPE last year going into the final at Mid-Ams before losing in OT while being ranked #16 in the country. Don’t you think a top 16 Tier 1 national ranking would warrant an at-large bid? https://myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?y=2020&a=3&v=116
  11. As an FYI, PPE gets at-large bids to Nationals even if they don't win Mid-Ams. Last year at Mid-Ams the 06 Barons took PPE to overtime in the championship game and lost, and if they had won the Barons would have received the automatic bid and PPE the at-large bid.
  12. Thanks @Saucey where did you find these scores?
  13. Now that the season is moving forward I was curious to see if anyone has game updates on the numerous AAA teams within WPA. Some games have been reported on MHR but there's many that have not. Of particular interest is at the 05 and 06 BY's as there are so many WPA teams at this level. Figured I would be the one to stir the pot and get the conversation going.
  14. I have watched a handful of games this weekend and this rule change is an absolute joke. It's as if the clowns within USA Hockey want the youth game to be unwatchable. Slowly but surely they are succeeding.
  15. I get that, I’m just saying a PAHL rep parusing this thread can shed light on what info or data has / hasn’t been fed to MHR at this point. Anyone? Anyone?
  16. Y'all know we can put this debate to rest if a PAHL rep would post on this topic - every PAHL organization has one so I would assume there is somebody out there so we can move on?
  17. Sad news Preds coach Greg Timmons recently passed away. https://obituaries.post-gazette.com/obituary/gregory-d-timmons-esq-1082924492
  18. The last time I looked this was a hockey thread, yet you two clowns @aaaahockey @dazedandconfusedthink this is the Laura Ingraham Q- power hour. Are the chess tours coming soon? If so make sure you two idiots register your kids and let everyone know that your kids will not wear a mask, and that’s your way to own the libs. Hey @aaaahockey maybe your snowflake kid that has his life ruined by a piece of fabric on his face should quit hockey and pursue the ballet? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, then again this is a hockey thread so maybe you should migrate to a ballet thread with your dumbass takes. What about the theatre? You clowns smoking cigarettes and bong loads in the school parking lot probably contributed to that sub 3.0 GPA and a “no” from the big schools. Don’t blame me, snowflakes. Me? I am standing on the sidelines laughing at you two dumbasses. “Stop the steal?” Have you called the pillow guy or Lin Wood for advice? Still laughing. Now back to hockey.
  19. Wearing a mask is doing damage to our children? Wow, talk about raising a bunch of ❄️ ❄️’s. The reality is nobody had heard about Fauci before because he actually worked with prior administrations that had a brain between their ears and handled it differently than the former guy, re: SARS, H1/N1. None of those Presidents were dumb enough to say it would disappear “like a miracle - by April” like President Dumbass did. As for you being some sort of Nostradamus tell that to the 99% of the people that being admitted to hospitals and / or dying are non-vaxed people. Facts suck sometimes, but they remain facts so I know you tried to make a point but yet again, you swung, missed and whiffed AGAIN. I’m still laughing at your “damage to the children” comment. If your kid is damaged due to wearing a piece of cloth on his / her face, I suggest a different sport from hockey, say chess? There’s too many snowflakes in the world and a few less in youth hockey will serve the sport better. Hey, maybe you can sign your “damaged” kid up for an upcoming battle royale on chess.com!
  20. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, just know EVERY organization has good and bad, and no organization is free of the political bullshit that goes on - no matter what they or anyone else tells you.
  21. Agreed - any AA coach in need of a goalie would have already pulled from a lower team within the organization at this point. And my guess is there are some anabolic goalie parents out there that wouldn't take too kindly to a "late add" kid being placed on a higher team than their kid after tryouts have commenced.
  22. "Stop the steal." And I quote - "If people are foolish enough to keep giving you money you can do what you want." Your guy is still spreading the big lie while asking for money and living in FL. What do you think, Q? Have you sent your donation yet? Order your Trump logo underwear yet? As usual you bringing politics and your warped view into this makes zero sense - a big swing and a miss as always. Your hypocrisy has no boundaries. 🤡 Now, back to the subject at hand.
  23. Agreed - once you are on that particular coach's "bad side" there is no point of return and said player's HS playing days are over.
  24. With relation to NP's U16-1 team, is that considered a BY team because over half the team is made up of 06 players, which then dilutes the talent for a true 06 / U15 BY team. Thus maybe the reason why 06's bolted for elsewhere? If you have a BY model, great but stick to it.
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