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  1. A few things I noticed on the 2019-20 alignments: QV Varsity only with no JV or MS, Knoch went from V last season to now JV this upcoming season, NC Varsity and two MS teams with no JV, Mars MS moved from Tier 2 to 3, Indiana no JV and PR V moving up to AAA ( where they belong ).
  2. I heard PIHL has announced the division / tier structure for all levels - MS through Varsity for the upcoming season but I cannot seem to find anything on their website. Anyone out there have some insight?
  3. @Eddie Shore "the longer you delay the learning process, the worse the effect will be in the older age groups (you are just creating a snowball effect), it will go up and get worse due to larger, stronger players not knowing the correct way to play." That is the best quote on this topic that I have read on this entire thread.
  4. Your son's school needs to be brought up to speed on MS hockey as there is no hitting. It is one of the reasons why some parents with smaller and less skilled players are more open to MS hockey vs PAHL.
  5. Aww, so so cute. You get off by “likes” and people agreeing with you. Being a pompous ass towards others doesn’t make a thread more interesting - genuine thought does. You make some valid points, unfortunately it sometimes gets lost in your hostility and constant marveling at yourself. i would hate to see the mirrors in your home, all crusted with a glaze-type substance.
  6. "Hockey propaganda" - now you have gone full Trump. I see a lot of similarities between you and him - keyboard warrior, always right even when facts stare you in the face, thinks you are smarter than anyone else in the room. SNAP! I will take the word from a family that went through the process and had a kid drafted 5th, rather than angry dad who has admittedly not have one single kid play hockey in western PA. I never knew diarrhea could actually come out of a persons mouth then transformed into words on a thread, as I thought it was medically impossible - congrats for proving me wrong. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... Your filibustering does nothing other than make me laugh. Wake me when it's over.
  7. Aww, how cute. “Grapehead”....you just can’t help yourself by insulting me and others when it comes to challenging anything you say. I provided an actual quote, not opinion or conjecture and this is your comeback? If there is a dissenting opinion different from yours you immediately get on your soap box, insult others and insist you are right. Have you ever thought about just accepting the fact everyone doesn’t agree with you and move on? “Stay in your lane”...........at least you are good for some laughs in between your anger management med treatments.
  8. I think the family of Alex Turcotte, the #5 pick of this years draft has a different opinion of USA Hockey than yours.
  9. Did anyone notice of the 59 American players that were chosen in this years NHL draft, only one player from PA was selected? One? The hockey hotbed that is Orange County, CA had three........the state the size of all Primanti Bros. restaurants combined - RI had the same as PA. Chum is now in the water. Commence feeding.
  10. You gotta love the “you’re pissed off because your kid got cut” response.......... @Hockey4all I know most of what you posted is in fact, true.
  11. Don't tell that to the parents paying ten grand or more for AA type hockey with a cool PPE sticker on their vehicle with sweet warmups and gear bags. It was only this past season when some PAHL teams were beating PPE Black teams.
  12. I have heard the same. One parent I spoke to whose son was cut by PPE said in not so many words that PAHL AA was beneath them and their son would only play for his school. Pretty pompous if you ask me.
  13. I had heard of at least two orgs were short on 05 talent and in lieu of having an 05 BY team they went with an 05/06 mixed team..........anyone know if this is true or not?
  14. "Basic, necessary improvements. Certainly not huge improvements. My understanding is that most of the remaining HS teams can't wait until their contracts expire so they can bolt. BV has been shaken down to what, half of what it was before the purchase? Pretty soon they'll have exactly what they wanted which is a rink all for themselves. Just the two of them. Take it away, Grover Washington.................." HS teams wanting to bolt........bolt to where? Where are they going to find ice time? Baierl? No way. UPMC? If they want 6am practice slots I am sure those are available. Neville? Nada.
  15. Let's not forget a new snack machine was considered an improvement by prior management.
  16. I give credit to MF, DW and the rest of the ownership group as they have made huge improvements there, inside and out. And the ice surface remains one of the better ones in western PA.
  17. Not surprising that you made an assumption that was clearly incorrect.
  18. Where did @PuckHead7 say his kid got cut? I must have missed that part.
  19. I agree to an extent as there will always be a sense of entitlement in any sport, however that may be changing. SCIP, NP and other PAHL organizations are moving away from the parent / coach model on their top level teams in favor of a non-parent hired coach. I’m not saying all non-parent coaches are great, however anyone that I have talked to with kids now having a non-parent coach running their kids team has been well received even with an additional season fee added to their tuition to go as payment to the coach. On the other hand have witnessed firsthand kids making a top PAHL BY team over a kid from said organization simply because of a cute sporting goods company sticker on the players helmet. It happens all the time. Last year there was an uproar amongst PPE Black parents when PAHL 1 and 2 teams were beating them. No wonder they blew the program up and dissolved the so-called “black team” status.
  20. Enough already - you looking in the mirror fawning over yourself because of a vibrant thread? You are clearly lacking something bro - I assume you are the guy at work that after you complete a task you want to be celebrated within the organization in the company newsletter, all the while you are simply doing your job. And for a guy that has admittedly had none of his kids play in this so-called “cesspool” that is western PA hockey, you sure do have lots of opinions on something you nor your kids were ever exposed to. Have you ever coached a team before? All you do is crap on everyone and everything you touch here, you complain about the moderators “censoring” you, you piss and moan about everything yet you continue to return. Or maybe you get off on the turbulence. Why not take my prior advice and start your own web thread, so you can then revel in the so-called activity you create? Then and only then can you look into the mirror and fawn over what you created on your own. I’m sure there will be a line in the tens of tens just waiting for this to happen. please don’t let me down - I’m depending on you. Cheers!
  21. I have attended a few OU games and you are correct - it is a fantastic atmosphere. OU has a rink on campus and a large percentage of the crowd are students. Not many schools have their own rink on campus, especially a school this size and it serves as a great recruiting tool. I have heard two solid local kids that played for PPE and PR are attending OU in the fall. Athens, OH is a wonderful area and a great college town that backs all of its sports teams. The atmosphere at basketball and football games is no different. But lets not forget OU is the only game in town for the residents of Athens and neighboring farm communities.
  22. “It’s not a hockey town if you need stars to be interested.” The growth in youth hockey in western PA speaks for itself as I clearly stated before. Kids gravitate to stars - look to any of the other three sports leagues to support my point and this city is a perfect example of what an NHL franchise with programs like Little Pens et all can do, and no way in hell do we have amateur growing at the present rate without that, along with players being involved in the community. Youth hockey in Vegas is exploding because along with having an NHL team, they are building its youth programs with the help of the VGK’s. Would you consider DC a hockey town? How about Buffalo, Chicago, San Jose, Nashville, Philly, Denver or St. Louis? If so what makes them different from Pittsburgh? ”If locals won’t pay, import them.”........LOL, they are paying. For every one that doesn’t there are three waiting in line.
  23. All good points, especially #1 and #2. On #1, what will happen to youth hockey when 87 and 71 are gone and retired? From a numbers standpoint the sport at the youth level has grown significantly here ( PA is #3 for highest USA Hockey registration growth over the past ten years ) and local PAHL organizations like SHAHA, Foxes, NP and SCIR had record turnouts for this past session of tryouts. Adult leagues are also growing - last I looked UPMC had over 60 adult league teams. Crosby's Little Pens program has been such a success they have added another season session to where there is a fall / early winter session and a late winter / early spring session. Regarding #2, when the program first evolved it was all local talent and to my recollection, was founded on the concept of growing and developing talent throughout western PA. Now, not only are they importing kids at the higher age levels from other cities outside the state but at the U12 level as well? How long will it be until mom and dad wanting little 8- year old Johnny to reach the NHL pack up from another city and move to "further his career"........ #3 - income gap - agree however its more evident in soaring ticket prices for Pens games where a $400-500 night of hockey is not out of the question.
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