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  1. ”None will be in the top 40 by December and are not legit AA in my opinion.” You seem to have pretty strong opinions on teams I am betting you have never seen play.
  2. The sarcasm on this thread is thick and heavy…….I kinda like it.
  3. Never said I cared what local team he was on - reread my comment. I just found the authors reference of “I think he is on that SHAHA team” with an emphasis of “I think” was rather humorous.
  4. “I think he is on that SHAHA team.” Lol Thanks for the recon SHAHA dad.
  5. It appears the bloom is clearly off of the rose for the Pens 06 team which is now 5-6 and got handled yesterday rather easily by NJ 5-1 in one of the many "consolation games" from the USHL tournament. https://myhockeyrankings.com/team_info.php?y=2022&t=3895 In looking at their roster and seeing where the players are from, maybe they should change their 3rd alternate jersey from the current version pictured here to say the following: FL MI AK CA NY NS ONT PA
  6. Many players are opting to play High School hockey only, more so now than any time I can recall.
  7. All good points, which reminds me of this past years March Madness where 15 seed St. Peter’s defeated two seed Kentucky……….
  8. You are correct in that most AA local teams have paid non-parent coaches, but don’t make the mistake of assuming just because they are paid they are good coaches. AA appears to be somewhat of a breeding ground for younger aspiring coaches to earn some money and build their coaching resumes which includes former local players in their 20’s. Nothing wrong with that, just know that going in before committing to a team.
  9. With the results of this past weekend’s games at the 06 level, it appears the PPE apologists and sheep have disappeared.
  10. So good to see Armstrong keeping with their M/O. A total of 58 penalty minutes against USC tonight, and one kid had 34 penalty minutes. How in the hell does this happen and why isn’t this kid suspended? How does any coach allow a player to assess that many penalty minutes in one game? Or maybe that is that way they are coached? Same shit, different day for this team.
  11. So when the 2006 SHAHA team plays PPE twice next weekend maybe they should just give up and forfeit. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/schedule/team_instance/7573456?subseason=819250
  12. Who ever said it was PPE coaches were evaluations at the 07 camp?
  13. “PPE has no say currently in mid-am camps.” Bullshit. .
  14. @Danner27 And I quote - “his “AAA” stats - I’ve seen esmark padded stats twice that. Means nothing. He played 15u at shaha, the top players for his age that will end up in leauges like the ushl played 16u.” This is the kind of garbage that I’m talking about, trashing a now 16 year old kid that you have never seen play. Douchebag move if you ask me Everyone here knows yours and your kids story as you’ve said it here at nauseam on these pages a hundred times. Maybe since your All-Star aged out maybe find a better hobby besides disparaging youth hockey players you know nothing about.
  15. Thanks for providing the links to each showcase - navigating on the website is what I would call "challenging."
  16. Now here we go. Being on this thread for almost four years now, it took this long to finally get to the bottom of what is "ruining hockey" and leading to the demise of the sport in western PA. It's not PPE Black teams, not PPE importing kids from out of state or forcing kids to attend NC and pay another $5K for the Excel program, it's not Esmark adding out of country players to teams while cutting locals just days before the roster deadline, and it's not PAHL teams leaving to play an independent schedule. Nope, none of that is true. Here it is, and I quote - "SHAHA and Preds declaring AAA at all / most birth years is absurd and ruining hockey" in western PA. Props to @Sticktime56 for providing this gem.
  17. Ask those from last year's 06 Vengeance if SHAHA is considered a AAA team, as they were beaten by them all three times they played.
  18. Not necessarily - if you look at the U16 AA division there are teams there on MHR that did not exist or were not PAHL AA last year. Viper Stars were slotted as A Major Black last year and decided to go independent - on the MHR U16 PAHL AA they are there. Rebellion is fielding two U16 AA teams ( or at least trying to ) which includes a BY U15 team and also appear there.
  19. My Hockey has posted initial PAHL divisions with updated team #’s but alignment will likely change. Here are AA for U14, U16 and U18. https://myhockeyrankings.com/division_info.php?y=2022&d=316 https://myhockeyrankings.com/division_info.php?y=2022&d=444 https://myhockeyrankings.com/division_info.php?y=2022&d=443
  20. Why is this event always held in eastern PA? Difficult to lure top WPA talent when it is structured that way year after year after year.
  21. “there are not super talented local kids who pens don’t take because they are local. that is just not true. if you are an asset they want you.” Tell that to the numerous Barons 06 kids that got cut from PPE, then have had their way against PPE teams of late. If you really believe in that I want some of the rope you are smoking.
  22. Private / Catholic schools are not bound by zip code residency restrictions that public schools have. Take a look at St. Joseph's in Philly for football - most kids on that team come from all over the country.
  23. This link has a video of what happened. Dude is a beer league goalie and what is he doing so far away from his goal to hit the ref in the first place? https://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/hockey-referee-speaks-assault-player-222207130.html
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