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  1. Rambo crawls out from under his rock to chime in, what a surprise. Where have you been, Biff? Some facts: SA has 11 skaters and two goalies rostered, not eight. They had eight skaters for last nights game. A coach doesn’t need to have a discussion on whom he chooses to put on the ice or how many players he puts on the ice. And yet you are a self spoken authority of the game? A dumb and clueless one, yes. You no nothing of my background or experience and I don’t owe you anything in providing my detailed resume, other than 13+ years in WP hockey I feel my “opinion” is only that, an opinion based on far more experience you have. Didn’t you admit in a prior post your bambino’s never played hockey here yet you knew everything about said hockey in WP? I know which guy you are, every org has one like you - plenty of opinions offered to the coaching staff and when challenged to lend his time to volunteer and help, the “I can’t skate” response follows. And if you do follow through, the blue jeans on the ice says it all. As far as class goes, don’t try and speak to something you don’t possess yourself. Remember getting banned five times from this site by the administrator and you changing your user name each time so you can get back in the frey with your personal insults, only to be banned again and again and again? How long will it be before you snap again and face another ban? Five times, biff. Five times. You gonna go yard and try for six? My money is on six +, so don’t let me down.
  2. @Bob Loblaw Just an FYI........I am not directing the "And save the butthurt snowflake bullshit" at you. It's meant for the trolls that will be attacking me for making the comment.
  3. I saw that - what a disgrace. SA had eight skaters and were completely outmatched as they haven't won a game all season. It was 12-0 going into the third period. What does the Norwin coaching staff have to say about this? Couldn't the HC have suggested to work on PK by having four skaters? Or say, work on passing? And save the butthurt snowflake bullshit. I have no skin in this game, but class is class and the Norwin coaching staff has zero.
  4. I am out of town next week hanging with the in-laws ..........god help me. I was hoping a 12'er and streaming some tournament hockey at Alpha would get me through it, but then I thought - Alpha is hosting a tournament next week and is the only major Pittsburgh area rink that I know of that does not use Live Barn. WTF? With as many teams as they have over there with in-house, Renegades and Vengeance and no Live Barn?
  5. It works both ways. There's plenty of anabolic coaches and parents out there that want to brag about their kids being in a division where they don't belong. Ask the parents from last years 2007 BY Renegades team how their season went. Going 8-28-3 in PW AA just so they can wear an extra A didn't work out so well for them. And to think there were those within SCIR that felt they should have two, yes two teams in PW AA ( 06 and 07 ) was absolute nonsense.
  6. I always thought jokes were supposed to be funny........”tough guy.”
  7. No, it is what a bloated four time bone spur draft dodger calls “the perfect” scenario. keep the politics out of this son - that’s what Twitter is for.
  8. If a "tenant" backed out of ice time at FP, someone else would step right in within minutes. Not enough ice to meet the current demand.
  9. "Already dreading tryouts" for a U12 player and the season just started. Sorry everyone, but I find this entire thread to be completely absurd.
  10. For those of you following PIHL, burghhockey.com is a decent site to get info on what is going on.
  11. Parents, be careful for what you wish for when it comes to your players team moving up a division or two. Anabolic coaches wanting to don a AA moniker may end up biting off more they can chew just so they can tell everyone their son / team plays at the AA level, or just a higher level than they really should be at. Your player will get more out of a winning season at A Major Black than a disastrous one at AA. Ask the players / parent of last years Renegades 07 team which had no business playing AA. And that was driven by coaches
  12. When I have to do a Google search to find out who won the tournament because the PIHL website had not even updated the game scores from Monday (three days after the games were over), that's a problem. And it's inexcusable.
  13. The PIHL website is a disaster and never updates regularly. I guess more of the same for 2019-20 as I had to go elsewhere to find out who actually won the tournament.
  14. The renovations for bathrooms at Baeirl are completed and outside of UPMC, the mens is a pretty frigging nice bathroom. Cannot attest to the ladies however I assume they are done as well. PAHL placement games just started so from a timing standpoint I am not going to complain about that. Well done boys at Baeirl.
  15. Key word - "barns." Props to the ownership groups at Frozen Pond and Baeirl for making significant improvements in their facilities. Both rinks have gone through major changes while other rinks continue to rake in funds while their owners put nothing back into the rink from an improvement standpoint.
  16. Last night I watched part of the U-14 Icemen vs Charlotte Rush game. Fun game to watch, and Rush were leading 1-0 at the end of the first period when I left. Icemen forwards looked aggressive and fast, however they couldn't sustain a rush as most of the time was spend in their own end. If they have a weakness its their D line. Anyone know the final score? Since Icemen are playing as an Ind. what's the word on PAHL U-14, particularly AA and BY 06.........who looks good so far?
  17. Anyone with some insight on the U18 level, particularly AA? Now that my youngest is no longer playing I’m curious as to who appears to be the strength of the division.
  18. On the opposite side of the spectrum there are local teams that haven’t played a single game yet - no placement games nor scrimmages and won’t play until this coming weekend or the next. When my two sons played both had at least a scrimmage or two before placement games as an act of preparation. However, ten games into the season sounds excessive to me.
  19. Some kids use MS as their intro into ice hockey. Over the years I have seen such a wide disparity of talent from smaller schools that field only one MS team and need all of the bodies they can get, and in many cases you have inline players taking the ice for the first time while you have other players on the same team that have skated since they were five. With schools that have enough players to form two teams like SV and PR, their #1 teams are usually quite good with a relatively solid talent across the board. That is not always the case for some of these smaller schools fighting just to get one goalie and three lines.
  20. I understand that, however let's not dismiss the fact that this is a stupid rule. And playing an "independent" schedule means no playoffs and I heard most kids that were left without a MS team have already moved on............
  21. QV no longer has a MS team and I believe it was more due to the new PIHL rule that first year MS players ( 07's for this year ) cannot occupy more than 25% of the total roster. Stupid rule, as you are telling a quality 07 player that may have a better skill set than a 06 or 05 player that they cannot play because of this.
  22. Wow has BV fallen on hard times or what..........their #1 teams falling to other orgs #3 teams.
  23. If it is at Ice Castle the only way I am going is if they open that bar of theirs for some early bloody's.
  24. They were an 07 BY team, went 8-28 and should have been in a lower division. Sometimes ego gets in the way of sound reasoning, especially if a team gets whacked in placement games by teams in the division they were originally placed and don't petition to move down.
  25. On the list you provided, Allegheny, Renegades, Foxes, NP and Preds have two teams in "Group 1" for U14 however there is no way these organizations will have two teams at the AA level, so the "group 1" moniker is misleading. AA Major will consist of 05 teams (some teams may have a couple of 06 players ) while AA Minor will consist of 06 BY teams. Everything else looks right as at the other levels there doesn't appear to be two teams from the same org in Group 1. Either way there will be shifting based on placement game performance.
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